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2 Million Bikers Take over Washington D.C. – WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER

A Small group of bikers applied for a permit to take a memorial ride through Washington D.C. on 9/11.The group of around 2,000 bikers planned to honor those who were killed during the 2001 terrorist attacks by taking a ride through the nation’s capital.

To the group’s surprise the National Park Service, who issues permits in D.C., denied their request and told the group they were not welcome in the Nation’s Capital. To add insult to injury, the bikers learned that the National Park Service had issued a permit to a radical Muslim group who planned a 9/11 protest called the Million Muslim March.

Shockingly, or probably not so shockingly if you follow what’s been going on in this country, our government seems to have no problem issuing a permit to a bunch of radicals. Organizers of the Million Muslim March include the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC), an organization linked to Islamist radicals; the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, a group with known ties to terrorism; and the American Muslim Task Force.

Bikers Fight Back

While most of the country sits comfortably in their homes allowing the government to dictate when they can and can’t do things, the group of bikers had enough. They told officials in D.C. that they didn’t need a permit to exercise their rights, and then organized the 2 Million Biker Ride.

We Don't Need No Stinking Permit Flyer

Today, Bikers from every State in America will descend into Washington D.C. without the bullshit permit, and without permission from the government officials who forget they receive their power from WE THE PEOPLE!

Land of the Free?

Why the hell do we need their permission for anything? In my opinion, it’s good to see people finally waking up to the realization that the government receives its power from us, not the other way around.

We are all taught as kids that we live in a free country, but then somewhere along the way we start excepting things like needing a permit for a party, or a license to fish, or a million other regulations that tell us what we can and can’t do.

From cameras recording every move we make, to the Militarization of our police forces, to people losing their homes over $40 tax liens, when are people going to finally say enough? Is this the freedom our military fights and dies for?

Here are some pictures of groups from around the country as they head to D.C.

Bikers Getting Ready to Ride

Bikers in D.C.

Bikers Heading to Washington D.C. Ride


Bikers Holding Flags


Bikers in D.C. Streets

Bikers Roling into town

Bikers Getting Ready for Ride

Biker Groups from around the Country Getting Ready to Roll
Bikers form every State in the U.S. have been riding for the last two days to get to D.C. for today’s Ride.

36 Comments on 2 Million Bikers Take over Washington D.C. – WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER

  1. Peter

    We The People seem to finally be standing up for what is right. The Colorado recall elections and the riders in DC are making me proud today.

    • Anne

      This gives me hope that God forbid we have to do what the colonists did against the British we will!! God bless all the hard-working Americans of this nation who believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The communists presently in the White House are already slated to burn in hell.

      • Terry Almond

        It’s the whitehouse AND congress. At anyrate, if I were you, I already be gettin’ ready for a revolution. We The People have had enough!!

  2. Cheryl

    AWESOME, Makes me proud..

    • Jack

      Rebels, Outlaws & Patriots. I love it because these are the people who might actually have the balls to take back our country.

  3. DJ

    Is this really a case of discrimination? Or is it that the bikers didn’t apply for their permit until 2 weeks ago (August 27th) and the Muslim group (Constitutionally protected by the way) Put their application in over 6 months ago? Leaving out important details is a wonderful way to swing opinions in your favor but it isn’t very honest. If a conservative group stands for traditional values, it ought to live by them as well.

    • Rebel Biker

      I guess you missed the last part of the article. Since when do people need a permit to ride their bikes? Where in the Constitution does it say you need a permit to peacefully hold a rally?

      You sir are a tool! You are why the country bends over and takes it! Spineless idiots who think we need some bureaucrats permission to breath.

      These bikers, out of respect for the locals, informed the idiots in D.C. that they planned to ride. They did so so they wouldn’t cause any traffic problems. They DO NOT Need a Permit.

      And if you want to make this about respect for values, where is the respect from the Muslim group who choose 9/11 as the date to hold their rally to purposely start trouble?

      • Sharon Jones

        Here here :)

      • Finn

        Well said.

      • Nancy Yarbrough

        each paragraph of your response is the truth
        plain and simple. the sheep just want to add
        confusion to the scene, because confusion is of the devil and the devil and his comrades are running/ruining our government right now.
        that guy is an idiot.
        and yes your response was well said.

        • Terry Almond

          You said it right when you said sheep. Most people don’t understand real sheep. They’re not like a pack of wolves that have an Alpha and leads the pack, where sheep are so stupid, they follow anything or anybody in front of ’em, so you made a perfect description of the majority of the armchair survivalist who can barely get his fat ass out off the couch to go get another beer and a bag of Doritos because the tv says to consume that junk, then they change the channel to watch Dancing with the(washed up) “Stars”. They’ll be among the first casualties, and so be it.

    • Pfarthing6

      While the details about when they applied, and whatnot may be true, I’ll go with the “don’t need no stinking permits” to exercise Constitutional rights to assembly.

      The purpose of government in a FREE country is not to control everything, know everything, and treat it’s citizens like children who must always first ask permission.

      Respecting the law does not mean one must always obey every law.

      • Think4yourself

        No permit was ever needed to ride through D.C. A permit was needed to have a NO STOP ride through D.C. So, in truth, the bikers only did what anyone else could or would do, and it took no special bravery. The Muslim March was to start to heal the divide between the people of the U.S. that has been started due to the BS from sites like this.

    • SNIPER

      SCREW THE MUSLIMS, AND YOU @##$%^&$$

    • David

      If they received a denial, the the dept did evaluate the application. You’ve made a moot point.

  4. charles kreais

    god bless you all you make usa proud

  5. Brenda

    This makes U proud 2 b American. It is about time to show a group come together & stand up for ALL American rights. The evil ones that committed this crime were instantly killed, Bush should had ordered TOTALLY bombing of Syria, Iran, Afagan backnto desert and let the chips fall where they may. TY Mr Bush & Rudy for your quick action.Under present Powers that e would still be scratching there heads

    • Terry Almond

      Brenda, I think you went WAY overboard to want to kill everybody who live in certain countries. Do you think people choose, while in the womb, where they’d like to be born? Do you really think the killing of innocent children is justified? If you do, you need to find a new site. You seem to find it easy to hate an entire group of people, when it’s NOT the general population that’s bad, it’s factions that the U.S. helped created, and the governments of those countries, not all the people. Screw you head on right girl. Your post is as hateful as what you’re claiming YOU hate. If it was a true SHTF life and we crossed paths, sorry, but I’d have to drop you. You’re mentally dangerous and unstable.

  6. US VET

    GOD Bless you all, and Thank You to my Veteran Brothers and Sisters

  7. Mercenary

    I haven’t met a biker (Real Biker, not crotch rocket jockey) yet who wasn’t the most patriotic SOB on earth. the majority believe whole heartedly Live free or die. God Bless them, I would ride and fight at there sides anytime.

  8. justice

    Congratulations for standing up for the constitution ~! American’s everywhere can be thankful that you stood together on this one. <3

  9. old soldier

    I’m proud of them. What better way to celebrate Sept 11th!!!!

  10. David

    Thank you bikers for doing what i wish i could do to help this great democratic country under a communist leader. Keep up the good work

  11. Kulafarmer

    If that doesnt give you a reason to be a proud American,
    Nothing will.
    God bless!

  12. this is great. happy to hear that these salties didn’t let the piece of paper stand in the way of honoring the fallen (in a pretty special way I might add).

    more people need to give washington the ol 1 finger salute when they try to push crap like that!


  13. carol ann mcculloch

    It is about time, wish I could have participated! I certainly hope the ‘regular news’ finds this important enough to cover!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Erin

    If this doesn’t make you proud! I must say, I got a little choked up.

  15. david

    Why can’t the media or the freaking web get anything right? The Muslims asked for a permit first and all the park service said to the bikers was you can ride when and where you want but we will not have the police to man intersections so the bikes could go straight through. Aren’t things bad enough without t he lies from the different media forms? People, don’t believe anything you hear.

    • Patriot

      WRONG WRONG WRONG! There were groups that got permits after the bikers so nice try with the it’s a timing lie. And as for the bullshit with the muslims they should have never been allowed to purposely go into D.C. and try to incite people into violence.

      The government gave the muslims a permit to protest on 9/11 because they hoped that someone would do something fo they could take even more of our rights form us.

      • Nancy Yarbrough

        To All:
        To give the Muslims a permit via the Parks Service to gather on 9/11 is an insult to
        injury. What mental midget approved that
        Keep in mind these elitist do not like our
        military (thus Benghazi); do not like our
        constitution (thus Sandy Hook) do not like us to be self sufficient in any way, (thus
        endless, ridiculous silly laws that require a permit first for a child to create a lemonade stand on her street.
        This is not the country of the WW2 generation and as the baby boomers of those
        patriots, it is time for all of us to come
        together and boycott the networks that get the most coverage; do not buy gasoline just for 1 day; boycott Walmart, they have stores in China, and bring our troops home, we shouldn’t be fighting their wars anyway.
        too many suicides of military men and women and too much stress, because the administration doesn’t like our military!!
        Let them fight it out for themselves, use satellite imaging to turn Al Quaeda workout camps into glass parking lots and be done with this nonsense.

  16. david

    Most of you posters here say ” Wish I could have helped, I’m so proud of those bikers”. You do nothings are the problem. Get off your sorry asses and help us save the USA. All you side liners are killing us. What is wrong with you? If America falls you deserve it.

  17. Gail F. Dow

    Sorry asses? I have voted in every election since I was old enough & I am 68. I am an Independent & vote the issues and the competency of the candidate!
    I AM proud of the riders and I do feel the Muslim March should have been held at a different date, & perhaps not at all if (IN FACT?)some of the sponsers are associated with terrorist activity.What more do you suggest I do?

  18. Chance Bennett

    Wish I knew about this me and my brother would have went

  19. Kelly strand

    Wish I could of bin there. Here’s one for the red white and blue

  20. Andy Holohan

    I am English, from Yorkshire. I have no problem with true Muslims, they are peace loving. I hate and despise all terrorists. I just wish that we had as many people here in England with the balls to give our government the finger. Amen.

  21. Ldeming

    People always assume that bikers are bad people and that is so untrue! there are a very few out there that are not real good people but the majority of them are great caring people!

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