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I can’t understate the value of being able to store and sanitize water.

In a survival situation, your number one priority is usually finding fresh water. Depending on your situation, you’ll probably need to find water within the first 24 hours. Having a good metal canteen is essential to your survival.

Why I love Stainless Steel Canteens

  • They’re Dual Purpose! A good stainless steel canteen not only gives you the ability to store water, but it also doubles as a cooking vessel to sanitize any water you find.
  • They’re stronger than plastic bottles. The last thing you want to worry about is a leaking plastic bottle. In my opinion, stainless steel bottles are a much better option.
  • They’re Safer. They don’t leach dangerous chemicals into your water like plastic bottles.
  • They Taste Better. In my opinion, water stored in my Stainless Steel Klean Kanteen tastes far better than any other plastic bottles I’ve tried.
  • Water is the key to survival. Without water you die. You need the ability to store, carry  and purify water; a metal canteen can do all three.

Klean Kanteen boiling water in a fire


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  1. Bearclaw361 says:

    This canteen has a personal water purifier capable of quickly turning up to 350 liters (92.46 gallons). I have one myself and have drank out of the lake with this filter. Great product.

  2. Mike says:

    I love my Klean Kanteen’s. I have multiples:
    2 – 27 oz narrow mouth
    1 – 27 oz wide mouth
    2 – 40 oz narrow mouth
    1 – 40 oz wide mouth
    1 – 64 oz wide mouth

    I have had the narrow mouth bottles since they first came out at the local gear store, and when the wide mouth bottles came out, they fit the screw bottom of a popular water filter, the wider opening also accommodates the Steri-pen…
    The company’s customer service has been outstanding on two instances I had to call to get replacement ‘o’-rings… IMHO you cannot go wrong with a Klean Kanteen!

    • Mike says:

      Oh Yeah… these can also be placed in the fire to boil your water!

  3. Bill says:

    I’m looking for a good stainless canteen, but I’d prefer the separate cooking vessel that hold the typical style canteen (one inside the other). If you have to bug out from your camp in a hurry, you can’t wait for your canteen to cool down before snatching it, but you can leave a stainless cup on the fire if needed. I’m just looking at it from a survival standpoint.

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