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DHS Funding Grid that can Track Population of Entire Cities Goes Live

1984 Big Brother SignImagine walking out your front door, only to have your every step monitored, tracked and cataloged by the government. Sound like some 1984 style Sci-Fi movie right? Wrong!

What was once the work of Science Fiction is now becoming reality in Seattle, Washington – which could be the first test city in the Department of Homeland Security’s bid to track every person in the country.

News Station KIRO 7 in Seattle broke the story earlier this week.


Aruba Networks Wireless Mesh Network RoutersSeattle’s new wireless mesh-network project, designed by California-based company Aruba Networks, is able to track and store the last 1,000 places you visited.

The system, which was funded by the Department of Homeland Security, works by tracking your every movement through the electronic devices you’re carrying. Cell phones, tablets and laptop computers all have a unique media access control (MAC) address; this identifier allows the mesh network to literally track your every move. The mesh network includes 160 wireless access points that are mounted to utility poles throughout Seattle.

On the company’s website, they say this system can also tie into existing smart grids, traffic cams and wireless video surveillance systems; giving the government not only the ability to track your every move, but also giving them real-time, broadcast-quality video surveillance at 30 frames per second.

Wireless Mesh Network

This mesh network is part of whole new level of surveillance that’s being put in place across the country. From the federal government’s plan to fill U.S. airspace with drones, to the fusion centers that have popped up in cities around the country, this system is just one more example of the federal government’s attempt to track and catalog every move you make.

18 Comments on DHS Funding Grid that can Track Population of Entire Cities Goes Live

  1. Nick

    This is utterly insane. The price of technology is one day submitting to that technology and letting it rule our lives. Not to incite destruction of government property but by invoking protection from invasion of privacy we should be tearing those devices down and melting them into the piles of molten bullshit they are!


    and that is why it is called OFF THE GRID, no cell phone, no laptop, nothing that leaves a trail….that means people without theese devices will be getting a chip.

    • Joe

      Not carrying a device doesn’t necessarily keep you safe. The fact that they have cameras hooked up to these systems allows them to track you with facial recognition.

    • IronGate

      As “sniper” alluded to,off the grid means exactly that! If your going off-grid even part-time to get started, electronics (if they are a true “MUST HAVE” for certain scenarios) go in a well made Copper mesh bag/case for those moments in time… if you can get out, they will get in…

  3. Draq wraith

    Too bad they will not use it to irradiate drug dealing.

    • SNIPER

      Good idea Draq,,chip the druggies.

      • defenestr8

        pretty sure draq was suggesting microwaving dealers.

  4. coyote

    Technology seems to be like karma, what comes around, goes around. Does anyone realize that the government is monitoring people through Facebook!?!

    • war dog

      I think that’s what Facebook was originally intended for, and who is was built by, from it’s beginning.

  5. lissa

    You can see the network on your phone because the NETWORK IS CONNECTING WITH YOUR PHONE! Waiting for Council to approve?? Sure. And you’ll believe them when they say they won’t use them to track you, will you?

  6. Colt

    If you turn off your phone, and wrap it with a dozen layers of heavy duty foil, even the sneaky stuff will be blocked.

    • dave

      Foil is a hassle. buy some chewing tobacco or pipe tobacco in a flat steel can. Prince Albert comes to mind. Toss the tobacco and wash out the can.

  7. keven

    There are RFID (radio frequency identification) chips embeded in the tires of your car. There placed there by the tire companies to Handel shipping and recieveing. Since these chips have unique numbers. its just as easy for the same tracking equipment to follow. So off the grid means on foot. Oh by they way more and more products are using these chips. Even some boxes of cereal already have an embedded chip.

  8. Henry

    This is the dream of the Communist Dictators. Control of everyone!

  9. Lambert Lorette

    Wow, when I get rich (that would be never) maybe I’ll be able to buy a week of privacy, for a pretty steep price, where no one will be minding my business -I would probably feel a big relief in my personal space (is it time to update the idea of “personal space” i.e. is there any space left?), and a kind of freedom I had forgotten existed…have to remember not to walk around the city munching cereal too. Maybe when I buy that week of privacy, I could splurge, and buy a right or two, just to see what that felt like…

  10. Dr Klatoo

    Easy to fix.

    If they are picked up on the wireless public networks, they are NOT licensed.

    They must accept ANY interference they get.

    2.4 GHZ, public frequency, just happens to be the same frequency that your microwave oven operates on. It is the resonant frequency of water.

    Stupid cops

  11. Robert Björklöv

    Have you noticed that in Russia peoples have de facto more freedom than peoples in Usa?

  12. GridLock

    While most people don’t have anything to hide, I am a privacy advocate. Consider this … (Yup, you don’t need to know if I am going to a place to get a hamburger!)

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