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The coming Economic Collapse: How you can Prepare to Survive the Chaos

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the government shutdown and the possible default on our nation’s debt. While many people in this country remain blissfully oblivious to the actual problems, the fact is, this country has been teetering on the edge of disaster for quite some time.

Our country is currently over 17 trillion dollars in debt; instead of trying to address the problem, we have a government who insists on racking up even more debt, while claiming that raising the debt limit is our only way out.

Whether or not we keep raising the debt ceiling really isn’t even the point anymore. In my opinion, this country is on an unsustainable course, and it’s only a matter of time before the whole system comes to a grinding halt.

Are we facing another Great Depression?

When I look at our current situation, I actually think comparisons to the Great Depression are a little optimistic. Yes, things were bad during the Great Depression; but today, we have far more problems facing this country, problems that could make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

Great Depression Bread Lines

Why is today’s crisis worse than the Great Depression?

From the outside looking in, it might actually be pretty hard to believe this country is in any sort of financial trouble, let alone facing the possibility of an economic collapse. In fact, when you see hundreds of thousands of people lining up in front of Apple Stores all clamoring to buy the newest iPhone, you might actually get the impression that we have a robust economy.

But if you look a little deeper, and ignore the government/media propaganda, you’ll realize you’re witnessing one big illusion – better yet, the biggest Ponzi Scheme of all time.

The only reason this whole system hasn’t collapsed, is because of the 17 trillion dollars in debt this governments rung up. If it wasn’t for the debt, combined with the Federal Reserve who keeps flooding the market with funny money, by running the printing presses 24/7, this country would look a whole lot different.

Bread Lines During the DepressionInstead of the bread lines of the 1920’s, we now have 47 million people on food stamps and half the country counting on at least one government program to pay their bills.

From bank bailouts and corporate welfare, to a never-ending supply of  unemployment checks and government assistance, this country only looks healthy because the government is doing everything they can to maintain the scam. Unfortunately, just like every Ponzi scheme, there comes a time when you just can’t maintain the scam any longer and the whole illusion starts to breakdown.

The only real question is when does this Ponzi scheme start to collapse?

What will an Economic Collapse look like?

To start, I think it will be much worse than the Great Depression; and I think this for a number of reasons.

People oblivious to the world while textingFirst, today’s culture is so much different from the culture that existed during the Great Depression. We have multiple generations of people who have no clue how to live without relying on the system. Should this country face an economic collapse, followed by the inevitable chaos that will follow, I’m afraid most people won’t be able to survive what’s coming.

As we’ve pointed out in the past, 50% of the country readily admits they wouldn’t be able to survive for longer than 2 weeks without electricity.  What do you think happens to these people once the whole system collapses?

During the Great Depression, a huge percentage of the public was still relatively self-sufficient. Today, most people don’t know how to cook a simple homemade meal, unless it comes out of a box or they pick it up from a restaurant.

RiotingThe second thing I think we’ll see is mass chaos on the streets. I hate to say it, but people are nuts. Today’s culture is so morally bankrupt that they riot on the streets over pretty much anything.

Their team wins the Superbowl; let’s riot. The election might not go their way; let’s riot. What do you think these same people will do when the ATM’s stop working and they no longer have a way to buy food?

What can you do to Prepare for the Coming Chaos?

The first thing you need to do is realize how much danger we are really in. Once you see past the illusion, then you can start to take steps to prepare for what’s coming.

Increase your Food Supplies: During a prolonged crisis, food and water are going to be some of the most important commodities you can have. Everyone’s going to want it, and that means there are going to be major shortages and supply chain problems. Now is the time to stock up on long-term food and water.

Start Cutting Expenses: Whatever you can live without now is the time to start cutting it off. From the expensive monthly cable bill, to those $5 lattes you buy on the way to work, you need to really start watching where your money’s going.

The money you save can be used to buy essential things that you can still use 1, 5, 25, even 50 years from now.

Stock up on Firearms: In my opinion, this serves two very important purposes.  First, during any type of crisis situation security is going to be one of your top priorities. Second, firearms and ammo rarely lose value, and will be some of the most sought after items post collapse.

We live in a world that’s really built on top of an illusion, as long as that illusion seems real, we’re ok. But the fact is, our infrastructure cannot maintain a prolonged disaster or economic crisis. In a fairly short amount of time, the trucks would stop running, the grocery stores would be void of almost everything, and the country would be in for one huge shock.

This may sound like fear mongering to some, but I think it’s just good old common sense. Take a look throughout history, and you will see this same pattern taking place time and time again. Just look back at the Great Depression, and how life was for people who lived through that and the dust bowl. For anyone who thinks it can’t happen again, I want to remind you that we’re making the exact same mistakes – only this time the country is far less self-reliant.

For more ideas on how to prepare for financial difficulties, check out our last article on preparing for an economic collapse.

61 Comments on The coming Economic Collapse: How you can Prepare to Survive the Chaos

  1. Jake

    You are so right when you say this has nothing to do with the debt ceiling. THANK YOU for pointing that out. One way or another we are already bankrupt and I agree that it’s only a matter of time before it all falls apart.

    This country can’t continue spending and taking on debt without someday paying the consequences.

    • SNIPER

      Start learning Chineese boys, they hold most of our debt.

      • Dude

        Yeah China would definitely be the first to take over if they do.

      • jack

        In the 1970’s they said to learn Japanese.
        Then It was the Middle East.
        Now it is China?!?

        • J.J.

          Jack, The New Economic Engine that runs the world is China. Here in the USA we fret over polution, we go green. China is one BIG SUPER INDUSTRIAL STATE that polutes and doesn’t care. Soon I think Red Chinese troops in the millions will invade our country when we revolt.

      • Chris

        China actually owns less than 10% of our debt. The majority of our debt is held by our own govt through treasury notes and bonds.

    • SNIPER

      And not let us forget that the cost of food has risen 73.9% in the last ten years, whileour pay has not kept up and we are loosing jobs to overseas workers, then we buy the cheaper products loosing more jobs on the next go round.
      Sooner or later something is going to break,,,,,

    • steve

      I agree Jake. I’m really glad for alternative media. The mainstream is talking about gay marriage, when the half the country is so dependent on the government, and they have no idea how shaky the ground underneath their feet is!!!

  2. Prepdon

    I read the article on CNN this morning about prepping and I really don’t understand how so many of the commentators on the story were so negative.

    How do these people not realize the need to be prepared? Have they looked at our history? Do they really think the government will be there for them during any type of disaster?

    • Josh C.

      Would you mind posting the link to the CNN story?

    • Candy

      They don’t want to believe it because they’re all liberals serving Obama and believe they will be safe when things fall apart, like hogs to the slaughter.

      • Bob

        I am a progressive. This is not an Obama issue or Republican issue. Stop the division, do you not get what is being said. Wall Street and Corporate Greed are deliberately dividing the country while they rob the Treasury. By diverting our attention off the real ball of them stealing pensions, destroying peoples home equity and allowing Corporations to take over our laws through trade agreements (Try looking up the TPP trade and get educated). This has nothing to do with anything other than rich corporate Wall Street America running the government, Treasury and our Country. Like the article said, we are no longer self Sufficient individuals because we are beholden (in debt) to Wall Street.

        • tblount

          You started out good by suggestiong peope stop the division but then you lost me when you started talking about rich corporate wall street taking over and sugested they are stealing all the money…. explain what they will do with all that worthless paper? Even their (and our) money in the bank will not matter when the system goes down. They stand to lose the most…. don’t they? Then how can they be in control?

        • jeremy

          Who is our country’s leader again…oh yeah, king Obama! Progressives, fundamental transforming American. Constitution now and forever! Progress Mexico or somewhere else!

        • john

          Bob if your a progressive who supports Obama your an idiot. You dont know anything so keep your comments to yourself.You probably bob the knob if you know what I mean….

          • chuck

            Nothing matters in the end. Who cares what starts the tidal wave. All that matters is a huge wave is heading your way. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Btw: I don’t like political figures, the government or the increasingly militant police. I don’t trust that their choices are in our best interest.

    • J.J.

      Prepdon, The media in this country is controlled by about 30 guys who are part of the Global Elite of the NWO. You can not trust the media or the US Gov’t in these the Last Days of the USA. The US Gov’t is controlled by the NWO. We The People have no power. The people we elect to office are all puppets put in place by the NWO. International Communism is another word for New World Order.

  3. Cooter davenport

    Our country just got sold out tonight! Behind closed doors! All guilty! Remember their names, in our new socialist Amerika !!!

    • Traitors

      Yep,the Republicans just proved they are no different than the democrats and I will never vote for a Republican again. This country is done, and there’s no going back.

      • jack

        Not voting or not voting Republican, make you a democrat & pro Obama.
        If you are not helping then your hurting.
        I do not care what you do, but do something.

  4. ab

    Your article is true. As far as the media is concerned. These guys work for a living. They may disagree but not going air their opinions. They might loose their jobs. On the other hand some people may think their money will buy their way out, if things collapse. The truth is we are heading for a time where things will fall apart and there is nothing we that we can do will save it. The top money makers will find away to escape at least for awhile.

    • Linda J.

      We are headed for a global economic collapse. People can’t get jobs to pay their debts let alone keep a roof over their head. My priority is to keep the roof over my head and pay for my meds. I have enormous bills that I just can’t pay. You can’t get blood from a stone. It is a wonder that I am still alive. I just don’t know how long this will last. A Greater Depression is coming our way. And I hope to be one of the first to go. Sounds morbid but I would rather die sooner than bear the pain of starving, dehydrating, exposure to the elements and going crazy due to lack of medication. In this coming economic collapse a lot of people will die because they don’t have money to pay for food and other supplies. Soup kitchens are going to be flooded with people soon and soon there won’t be enough food to feed the masses. I think about this all the time because of all the current job losses which makes it harder for anyone to get a job in the first place. Even part time jobs are limited too. You can’t even have a parking ticket to get a job these days. You definitely don’t get a job with a criminal record or a bankruptcy. I am just waiting for the bad news that I have to leave the place I am in due to lack of funds. Waiting, waiting, waiting…It sucks that I know it will happen…I just don’t know when.

  5. Cillendor

    I wish I knew how to do this on part-time, minimum wage jobs that barely pay the bills. As a student, I can’t get full-time work while in classes, but my part-time jobs have me living paycheck to paycheck. And I really have no clue how to provide for myself. I hope this collapse waits long enough for me to be able to afford my solar-powered aquaponics greenhouse that I want to build in the middle of nowhere (I’m talking about a Valhalla Greenhouse—look it up).

    • Runner

      I think can help you a little bit. I’ve squeezed out every penny from my food budget before and I’ve found ways to eat for around $3 a day ($1 per meal). I even ate for $1 a day once, just to prove that I could.
      Buy the largest carton of eggs you can find. Around here that’s 5 dozen. The cost ends up being around 33c per egg. Eat 3 eggs for breakfast. Eat air-popped popcorn for lunch. It’s not fancy, but it’s edible, and if you pair it with beans for supper (buy dried beans for the best price/volume) you get a complete protein. You can also buy a big bag of almonds and have a handful for a meal. You can get enough calories this way, but you may want to supplement with foraging to add more plant-based nutrients (and don’t forget hunting). Peanut butter is another high-calorie, high-nutrition food. Sweet potatoes are fairly inexpensive and they are probably the most nutritious vegetable in existence. I know that ramen is cheap as dirt, but it’s really got nothing nutritious in it. Just calories and salt. I know you probably can’t live indefinitely off of these 6 foods, but they can help you go further on a dollar. I don’t know your travel needs, but if you can bicycle or jog to class/work, you’ll save a lot on gas. I used to bike (super cheap wal-mart bike) and jog to work (13 miles round trip) each day. It takes time and energy, but saves a ton of money, and I was in crazy good shape after doing that for a while. I hope there’s something in here that you can use. Good luck to you.

      • Sean

        Wise words Runner. Folks can also get free donated food from churches and food banks as well. A lot of good food. (so long as you pay it forward when you are able to, I feel there is nothing wrong with getting help). Hard work goes along way to accomplishing you goals. Good luck and God bless

  6. AlaskaGirl

    @ are so right. In Alaska we started years ago..the Valhalla Greenhouse is THE BEST, can use a small wood store also. In Alaska we have 3 months of light & in winter the 4 hours of light is great for growing but w/deep snow I have to keep those baby plants warm too..You have the right idea…I am in the middle of no where..Come Alaska Bound you will LOVE IT…


    America as we know it has ended, we will owe 90 trillion by the end of 2015, look at whats happening when we only owe 17. Health care act has lost jobs and downgraded full time employees to part time, and obumbles croinees dont have to join they get to keep thier plans guess thier to good to live like the rest of us.
    Congres and the house both are full of lieing corupt money stealing sobs and should be arrested for what they along with the white house has done to hard working people in this country, I have been all around the world some places more than once and until latley have allways said america was the best place to live,,,well now i have changed my mind and i am looking for a new home,,,,a new america without all the bs in dc.
    WE THE PEOPLE must stand up,and be counted in the 2014 election,,even if it hurts for awhile we must go the way of the TEA PARTY and take back our country from the ;;;give it to me for free;;;obama clan.

  8. taxpayinghorse

    I am getting older now and with the health issues I have it is very difficult for me to bug out in a remote area. I am also alone with no family which is also a draw back. I am an Army Vet and use too tolerating hardships but I know I can’t fight alone and survive a collapse. I wish I could find others like me that have something to contribute and form a survival group. All the people that I know that are into this have family and got their own plan.

    • Mooselitter

      Where are you located? There has to be some people you can band with, that is what it will take in the long run.

    • bob clementand wife

      we are in the same boat .maybe we can help each other. We live in Oklahoma, email if you are interrested

      • tminAbq

        All interesting replies. Am in Albuquerque, and in the same boat, unable to find like minded people. Am prepared for approx. 3 months but think there’s safety in numbers.

    • Don

      Our situations are very similar sounding. Will be interesting to know your area. Am concerned for grandkids. Navy vet. Don

  9. WTF

    blah,blah,blah…its the republicans its the democrats its the liberals or the conservatives..blah,blah..the fact is man is full of greed and that is what has put us where we are today..the system has been hijacked and made to work for a small few. the closer you can get to independence the freer you are. learn a skill may it be blacksmith,masonry,gun smith?,ac work, mechanic,you will be in demand to a survival group. if you cant provide something then what good will you be when the grid goes down.

  10. the matrix

    When will these political animals ever learn how not to repeat the same thing over & over,you have to take care of home first,not keep playing groundhog day,you folks were elected to do a job,not to take vacations every month
    now you see the mess you have made,come 2014 there will be
    a very good house cleaning.

  11. Sedona2A

    bullets n beans, baby!

    • Jeffinsocal

      Don’t forget your bandaids!!

  12. Mike

    In regards to stocking up on fire arms, I question the long term success of this strategy. I view it as a reliance on technology, same as electricity or gasoline. For short term issues and limited situations this may provide a small measure of security but it fails as a long term strategy. At some point, the weight and supply will fail. To truly prepare yourself for a crisis situation you must think long term. The simple tools, knife, axe, saw, can last a lifetime if cared for and can be used to create the tools you need to hunt or defend yourself. A bow can be crafted from a tree branch and arrows made from available materials. Knowledge is the essential tool, and the more you rely on technology, the sooner you will find yourself vulnerable.

    • Wendell

      You are right I told friends several years ago that the Government wasn’t going to take our guns. They will just buy the ammo up, where there is none for the people, no need to take our guns. Just go and try to buy a box of even 22 shells in a store it is almost impossible and soon will be impossible

    • Eli

      Mike tell you what bring your axe saw or knife to a gunfight and see what happens….I mean really!

    • J.J.

      Surviving off the land won’t work. Drinking water is running out. In these the Last Days the surface water will be polluted. Animals that we can hunt will have disease. The sky is full of death with Chemical Trails being sprayed on us daily. WAKE UP AMERICA

  13. save the USA

    Lets face it. This gov’t is just a tool of the federal reserve(a handful of the extremely wealthy)that controls the world economy. As China buys up as much gold and precious metals as it can along with the mines that produce them with the dollars that we pay them back with our debt.As China steals our industry and big business moves to a better consuming market that China provides, its just a matter of time before China make a play to make it’s dollar the world standard (as its backed with a tangible-gold) while our dollar has no backing it will collapse overnight.Our so called leaders will be spared as Im sure they know the scenario and have a backup plan,slobs like us will be fending for ourselves. Our economy is a huge ponzi scheme that at some point will fail. Unless we can back our currency with something besides our military might this wonderful country I grew up in will cease to exist as we know it.

    • J.J.

      save the USA, You are right but it is even more sinester that you think. Secret Societies control all the worlds governments especially the USA. Count the number of Presidents who have been members of these secret socities. Who is in back of these evil secret socities? The same families that have always controlled us. Read David Icke and find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

  14. Ken

    I am keeping an eye on what is happening, of course, I seem to be the only one around here! lol…everytime I bring it up I get looks like, “you’re one of those people” been told by people in my own family that I was paranoid. I see what is going on and have for sometime now. I have been stocking up on food supplies, water, have some guns and ammo…..been stocking up on medical supplies also. I was in the military for 8 years active duty both Army and Marines. Have knowledge on self defense, survival and weapons. I also just finished taking a 5 month EMT course and became licensed in Missouri and Oklahoma, mostly just learned the basic lifesaving skills, but it’s good knowledge to have. I learned how to can vegetables over the summer, had my first garden this year (didn’t turn out too bad for a rookie)thinking about getting some chickens, I know nothing about them but will learn. I’ve been saving seeds. I just finished putting a wood stove in the house. I’m just doing what I can afford…..a little here a little there. Does anyone know of any prep groups in the Southwest Missouri area? Thanks.

    • Enter your name...

      Iam in sw Missouri, We should chat. Iam in between joplin and Springfield

  15. jack

    In the Great depression only25% where out of work.
    We came though it.
    I have been hearing the sky is fallen for 40 years now & went camping in a great weather, with a beautiful blue sky.
    But you may be right, this time.
    I am ready, but do not believe all my training & storage will be need as soon as you think.

  16. Sean

    Good article, thanks for sharing it. I like what ya said about we have a totally diff. generation of folk than we did during the great depression. They did know how to farm, and hunt back then, today everything is handed to folks and they will indeed riot when they don’t get their free stuff. Then they will try and take mine.

  17. Nunchaku Chic

    Prepared .. Armed and ready! And when I run out if Ammo.. I have some nice steel nunchucks they can suck on! Oh ya!! I know Chinese and of course RUSSIAN!! :/

  18. Netsurfer2

    I purchased a POF P-308 20″ AR-10 and a DPMS Panther AR-15 5.56 16″ (w/ extra 30rnd clips) for protection and have more to do on such! I’m nearly ready protection wise! SHTF I want to be ready! When things get ugly I want to be ready! I purchased 7.62 HP BT bullets and 5.56 HP, Military grade.

  19. Albert Romo

    I’m in Texas, but need feedback on some exodus of Americans leaving to Costa Rica and such, I have a rural pLace 45 miles into mexico that I use as a missionary outpost. I was born in the US and I am a missionary doctor in mexico, speak Spanish fluently, if anyone wants to network let me know at my E mail address. God bless us all.

    • Robert

      God help us all. Things are going to get interesting this year.

  20. timothy berman

    well I think that its time we take control of the problem if every American put forth $37777.77 the debt would be knocked out clear. but not every American has that kind of cash to throw around. but what we have is an obligation given to us by our for fathers we need to stand up and out the government replace the dirty shit heads we elected and start fresh. I served my country I took an oath to protect it from all enemies foreign and domestic. they are now becoming the domestic enemy. no one will own me or my countrymen we need to rally together and take a stand.

  21. Fretjock

    I am not sure that I understand how an economic collapse brings about the total collapse of the electric grid. What are the assumptions in this scenario?

    • SSGT H

      When the dollar becomes worthless, will the folks who work at the power plants go to work? Will the state guards be brought in to run the sewer and water treatment plants? I will be home protecting my wife and children. One of the classes I took in college was economics and we discussed hyperinflation that occurred in Europe after WW1. It literally took a wheel barrel full of money to buy a loaf of bread. The dollar only has the value that we give it. If you’re in the middle of the desert 100 miles from the nearest water source and you have a gallon of water with you. If I offered you 100 pounds of gold for it would you take the gold and die in the desert; or would you keep you water and live on? I hope like hell this doesn’t happen, but when the government is asking for billions of dollars to put down FOOD riots and looting in case of an economic collapse then they know what we know. It’s just a matter of time.

  22. skydancer

    ive been having these thoughts appearing in my mind out the the blue the past few weeks… the past 3 days I just want to leave the country; however, I cant leave my children and grandchild. I think it will happen soon. you wont have to worry about polictical parties and voting issues or whose on what side of the fence! Im getting prepared and feel taking the next 30 days to due so is risky. remember you wont have emenities or stores and you will be under siege should be highly considered. no utilities so no air corn no stock pile refridgerated foods…you should be able to purchase meds and antibiotics from local veterinians… water food fire shelter medical defense books for survival and medical bury your supplies overstock if possible …do you homework

  23. Pete

    The common problem we all share is that we are sailing in “uncharted waters”. There are similarities in history that are good examples (as many have illustrated),but this is all a “new ballgame” for America, and thus difficult to predict the extent of the chaos that is coming down on us.

    I agree with the advise that many of you have put forth on survival techniques, but I see the greatest thing we can do is start forming survival groups for shelter, food ,water, and security. We are really going to need each others help and protection, and a group is much more formidable and survivable that “lone wolfing it”.

    • J.J.

      A grass roots movement will become compromised by moles put in place by the NWO. History is His Story, not your story or my story but his story. History is full of BS put there by these Secret Socities to keep us ignorant of our past. This time we are now in was thought out in detail long ago. History always repeats itself. Except for now, this is the last time…Armageddon is near.

  24. Big Al

    This article was published over a year ago before this comment post. We live in uncertain times. No attemp has been made to even try to slow down this trainwreck. All I can say is folks better do their homework. I have read the end of the book (Bible), it’s all shaping up for the beginning of the end. I am thankful I stayed and raised my family in a rural area, knowing how to live off the land. Pray and Prepare..

    • simba

      you are so right . anyone with the eyes to see and the ears to hear should know what the bible say about these times we are living in. this situation will not get any better it is to only grow worse but goe will take care of his people and you can count on that . common sense can tell you we are in trouble as a nation, this nation has turned away from god the only protector we have and they are truly going to pay a price. Repentance is needed here and this nation pride want let them do that so god has removed his hand from america and she will bite the dust. prepare people prepare. what did joseph do in the good years and how did he survive in the bad years, the bible was written for our admonition.

  25. MGB

    The published debt is now over $18 trillion; however when you add the unfunded debt of Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae, it’s really over $23 trillion. U.S. financial collapse will occur during the summer of 2016—-my prediction based on the elimination of QE by the Fed and the “entitlements” being given (given by those who pay taxes)to those who feel they deserve what others have regardless of whether or not they have made a contribution to the society.

  26. Dr. D Vance

    Proverbs3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge him, And he shall direct your paths. Please know that the LORD is your only hope in these last days!

  27. Mardell Pieper

    We are poor and elderly and will need medicine to survive; How can we stockpile medicine when we can only get enough for immediate use?

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