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All Hell Could Soon Break Loose: Food Stamps May Be completely Cut Off as Early as Next Month

According to report from Fox 13 News in Utah, the Federal Food Stamp Program, known in some areas as SNAP or EBT, could soon be cut off because of the government shutdown.

Whether this is another fear tactic being pushed by the Obama administration, or whether this is real deal, so far isn’t known. But if the report coming out of Utah is correct, we could see some major trouble in the coming months.

Number of Food Stamp Recipients Chart

Over 47 million Americans are currently receiving food stamp benefits, a number that’s almost doubled during the last ten years. According to a letter sent from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, that was sent to the Crossroads Urban Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, those benefits could stop as early as next month.

The letter, which was posted on the groups Facebook page, directed states to “hold their November issuance files and delay transmission to state electronic benefit transfer vendors until further notice.”

Yesterday, we reported on the temporary shutdown of the EBT system, which caused people to ransack stores and take to the internet with threats of violence and rioting. The EBT/SNAP shutdown, which was reportedly caused by a technical glitch, only lasted for 5 hours; but even this short amount of time was more than enough to cause panic and chaos to kick in.

If the EBT system shuts down next month, we could see mass panic sweep over the country as millions of people attempt to hit the grocery stores, only to find out they have no way to pay for their food. If this weekend’s chaos was any indication of what we might see next month, people might want to start seriously thinking about what they’ll do should the chaos spread.

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  1. harry

    well crap…. guess it’s about “that” time

    • Fred

      Just thinking that myself, Harry. Time to get your house in order- Libertarian radio shows have the letter from USDA saying “we are directing States to hold their November issuance files and delay transmission to State electronic benefit transfer (EBT) vendors until further notice.”

      Consider this an upgrade to DEFCON 2

  2. Joann

    I saw that reported this morning on the news (I live here in Utah) and it scared the heck out of me.

    Just think, next month is when everyone is out doing their shopping for the holidays. It’s already chaotic and dangerous this time of year, now add in the food stamps being cut off and the last place I would want to be is near any store.

    • SNIPER

      new checklist for grocery shopping,,escort,gun,bulletproff vest, damn all this for a pack of bologna.

      • cavmedic

        You are fooling yourself, if you think the extremely normal act of shopping for bologna is realistic after this occurs.

        • Comedic Relief

          @cavmedic…lol….look at the play on words…
          Remember when Michelle Obummer said,
          “BLEEP, all this over a flag?”

          @Sniper…lol…I thought that was funny :-)

          • SNIPER

            Just looking for a lighter side of al this BS.

      • Family man

        The people will not be warned to prepare for the upcoming civil unrest by the government but hopefully the media will give warning to most of America. All empires crumble.Gang members, police, military are the only huge groups armed and ready to rumble. Get your friends and family mentally ready for what is soon to happen. Imagine civil unrest, huge power outages due to winter weather all in same time period. We can not deal with all that same time without mass casualties. Comes down to prepared vs unprepared. Makes me sad that I may have to put kindness aside and fight to protect my family from mass looting and empty store shelves.

  3. Robert

    I have seen this coming for awhile. it will go down soon, and this is why I say that. If we raise the Debt Limits again in order to not default, our credit rating drops yet again and food prices will go up and benefits are liable to go down. If we do not raise the limit and DEFAULT on our Debt the dollar crashes and then we see another even greater depression if not all out collapse. Either way benefits will either be reduced or gone completely. I am Praying for Wisdom for all!

    • hixbilly

      Too late for wisdom. We are in waaay too deep. Time to plan for offgrid survival and security. Hope u started brother!!

  4. damian

    learn to hunt

  5. Kt

    Maybe these people should get a job if they don’t have one or learn to grow a garden if they do have a job. Js.

    • Savana.

      You’re a moron. I get EBT, I go to college full time, my significant other has a job, and we have two children. SO what job do we need to get? OH and we live in an apartment complex with no yard because we have no credit to be able to buy a home.

      • K

        Drop out of college and pay your bills like everybody for the past 100 generations were forced to.

        There’s almost 0 excuse to rely on the government for food. I’m not saying you are a bad person for accepting help — just that you always have an option.

        What if the government couldn’t help subsidize your food any more? Would you simply keel over and die?

        • Jen

          She is right you are a moron. College education=good job= no more food stamps.

          • Lynn

            what’s wrong with either going to college part time and working or put off having kids until they can afford them without government assistance… you can have it all if you can’t afford it.

          • For My Liberty

            REALLY? You are about 20 years BEHIND! There are MILLIONS of people that went to college and can’t get a job. Studies have ALSO shown that a college education really does not help you that much anymore.
            And before you comment back, NO, I did not go to college, and my damn TAX bill is more than MOST people make in 10 years…It was called “Start your own business”

          • SNIPER

            Only if she can get a job, not looking to good right now.

          • veronica

            even though if you have an education, it dont matter everything is going to dissapear. quit relying on your strenght and seek for jesus he is the way and the thruth amen! what makes u think u can humiliate someone else without an education. u know if they cut food stamps people are gonna kill those who have… ok jesuschrist already revealed it to me.

        • Brittany

          You are a moron! Having a college education is essential to get a good paying job in today’s society!! My mom and I receive food stamps. My mom is DISABLED! She can NOT work. I am going to college full time. I graduate in May. So you are saying that I should drop out, waste money, my credits, and get a job?
          EBT was created for a reason. To help those who can’t afford to buy food. Oh, and we live in public housing because we can’t afford to live anywhere else right now. Don’t judge anyone before you know their situation!!
          Lynn- Going to college part time affects financial aid. You get less financial aid which you may end up paying out of pocket then. Also, it delays you and you go longer.
          College = bettering yourself!! Since I graduate in May, I hope in September to have my own apartment and be in a much better situation.

          • SNIPER

            ohhhh such a rosie outlook,,keep dreaming.
            What job do you think you are going to get?? We have lost tech jobs and manufactoring jobs and customer service jobs and medical jobs,,notice the trend jobs lost with no change in sight,,,so let us in on your secret.

          • MenaceOne

            Im sorry but for all of those saying a college degree is essential you are wrong. I stated with my current company back in 2004 @ $10 per hour. 10 years later im making more than $50k per year. Hard work and dedication do indeed pay off. Problem is most people dont stay at a job for more than 1-3 years anymore.

            Earn your stripes and quit whinning. I feed a household of 4 on one income and no government assistance. We dont have a lavish life and sometimes money is tight but I pull it off every month.

          • wordtothewise

            Your not going to graduate if someone snipes you over spagettios. College does nothing for you nowadays. Learn how to survive without needing assistance. I have a husband who works hard. I work hard were about have our third child. We do not and refuse to use government assistance. Theres no need. I know what I have to do to take care of my own. And will not hesitate to do what I have to do to protect my own. College isnt going to help you when we go into martial law. College isnt going to do anything for you when companys fpnt exist in 10 years. We need to farm.. to hunt.. to fish to learn how to survive. A piece of paper saying.. hey you graduated college is not going to do all that for you

        • Savana.

          When I had more first child, I was 16. Young and dumb. I decided to go to college to better myself, taking all the right precautions so I wouldn’t have another child. My birth control failed. That’s how I had my second child. AND I REFUSE to “quit college” when I’ve taken out loans to pay for it. With one child, I didn’t get food stamps, I didn’t need it. But my 8 month old needs formula and we live in poverty. So until I graduate and get my new job—however skeptical you are— I will continue to accept help from our government. And no we won’t just keel over and die. Because we don’t live month to month on our EBT. I’m a smart shopper and one hell of a prepper, I’m ready for when SHTF and they tell me my card is declined.

      • Trish

        I agree with K. I don’t know about your specific situation so this isn’t a comment that’s necessarily directed at you but people today are so damn selfish it’s not even funny.

        Never in our history have we had so many people think they “deserve” assistance. If people can’t afford to feed their families, why are they getting pregnant to begin with?

        K is right, past generations got off their butts and did anything they could to survive. Today, they get a government loan for a four year school, apply for food stamps and any other kind of aid they can get ALL THIS WHILE HAVING A HOME FULL OF BABIES. Remember the good old days when people actually went to college before they had kids?

        I realize their are people out there that get in trouble, and I think these systems should be in place to help those that find themselves in an emergency, but 47 million people are not in immediate need. If you have money for cable T.V., new shoes and clothes, an iphone, etc. YOU SHOULDN’T BE ON FOOD STAMPS.

        • Talia

          Since you all have the right to play God and judge one another…

        • For My Liberty

          I TOTALLY agree with you Trish. If they can’t FEED them–Don’t BREED them! Welfare was meant to be a HAND up–Not a HAND OUT…and it was SUPPOSED to be TEMPORARY….too many have made a life taking handouts.

          • Stacy

            My husband and I were ready to have a child, we were poor, but we had enough to welcome a baby into our family. We are two intelligent, hard working individuals that had set aside little by little, each year, until we had enough to raise a baby. Our first sonogram changed our life: We were expecting twins. We could not afford twins. I breastfed for the first two months, but they weren’t gaing enough weight and we had to start supplimenting with formula. To be able to afford the amount of formula we had to get on foodstamps. Both my husband and I have worked since we were sixteen, we have paid into the system for over a decade, so I did not feel shame for reciving money that had been taken out of my and my husbands paychecks.

            So many people are so quick to judge the ones that take assistance. I was a chef when I worked and I know how to make money stretch for food without relying on junkfood or plain beans and rice. I have been criticised by other customers in line about the type of food I was buying. People have this notion that if you need foodstamps, you should malnourish yourself with hamburger helper and no fresh veggies.

            This ignorance has got to stop. THere are no where near the amount of “Wellfare Queens” that people assume there are. The majority of people on assistance don’t want to be there and dream of the day that their paychecks from their 1-3 jobs will finally be enough to live off of.

            I find it frustrating that people complain about helping poor people to get food while turning a blind eye to all of the handouts that go to multi-million dollar corporations. About $59 billion is spent on traditional social welfare programs. $92 billion is spent on corporate subsidies. So, the government spent 50% more on corporate welfare than it did on food stamps and housing assistance. These corporate handouts are killing free trade in America. If a business fails, that means the customers aren’t satisfied with their services and therefore search elsewhere to fulfill their needs. Paying billions of dollars of YOUR Money to help failing corporations keep trudging along should make you mad. You should research the bonus increases of the ceo’s and top employess after they get one of the handouts. Would you rather help a hungry child eat, or would you rather help a CEO that is worth millions be able to afford another yacht? Our priorities are backwards in this country.

      • Barb

        Why did you have children, if you have to depend on someone else to take care of them? Where is RESPONSIBILITY?

        • KH

          When I had my child, I was not disabled and did not need help.

          • DC

            Exactly…when I had my children I was working a good job. My job got sent overseas and now I am working for half of what I made.

        • Barb

          You, apparently can afford the internet. What about phones — do you have an expensive phone? What about an expensive car? You should take care of your needs and not your wants. I am not trying to preach, just stating facts. When my husband died unexpectedly, leaving me with 3 children, I did not WANT NOR GET any government aid. I worked a full-time job during the day and did sewing and baby sitting at nights and week-ends so I could be home with my kids. Neighbors,friends and I traded different things so the children were never left alone. We did without and it DID NOT HURT US, just made us stronger. Said all of this to say this, YOU CAN DO IT IF YOU WANT TO!

          • KH

            Dumbass, free WiFi at McDonalds.

          • kH

            You have 2 legs too.

          • KH

            RESPONSIBILITY? It went out my windshield when hit by a drunk driver. I do not have a car, no legs to drive.

          • Jen

            You are trying to preach you are not anyone’s mother. Maybe when your husband died and left you with three kids you had people in your life that was there to help maybe this person doesn’t. You don’t know people’s situation. Oh and before you assume no I am not on food stamps. You need to pull the plank out of your eye before you pull the splinter out of anyone else’s.

          • damon

            Psalm 69:22
            Let their table become a snare before them: and that which should have been for their welfare, let it become a trap.

            Exodus 23:32-33
            32 Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods.

            33 They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.

            quit coveting thy neighbor’s goods and realize that these men are not your lawgiver or you will continue in bondage to them.

            Peace be with you.

          • ded

            you sound crazy I hope you don’t lose your job that you work on for some many years to get lay off and need help and what job are you going to give someone a job.

          • david

            First, I want to say I’m sorry you are disabled. However, people were disabled prior to the government providing benefits and those people managed to get by. We have many people today that are disabled, but find jobs they can do. Today, people don’t find it shameful to live off the system as people did years ago. Honestly, I am looking forward to the system going broke so people can’t sponge off others anymore.

          • Thinking David Is An Idiot


            You are a moron…
            Not ALL disabled people are able to find jobs.
            Walmart and Co. Do NOT pay these people enough
            To support a family.
            I was a nurse for 20 yrs, went into respiratory arrest due to hundreds of blood clots, then had 4 heart attacks, heart bypass surgery and then cancer in my spine.
            got a smart reply for me?

          • David

            Funny how you insult people for making suggestions. Honestly, that makes it hard to feel bad for you. However, you just stated the other problem I have with people. People keep saying they can’t get a job or that Walmart will not support the family. However, people can work 2 or 3 jobs to make up the difference. I know you will insult me for saying this, but if I lost my job I would work at Subway before I would take government assistance. Jobs are out there, but people are not willing to take less money. People also think lesser jobs are beneath them.

      • riley

        foodstamps isn’t the problem… people getting disability for bogus conditions is the problem. in my neighborhood alone there is a lady who claims to be depressed and illiterate and gets almost $800 a month + all welfare benefits, another lady in her 50’s has her 2 grandkids. she doesn’t work and lives off their mom’s death benefits which are about $1300 a month + food stamps, another family – dad gets a disability check because his has a bad back (but still works on top of that) and all 3 kids get a check for low iq, adhd, bad behavior, another family gets a check because dad has fake back problems but walks all over town all day. mom has a low iq and gets a check, the kdis all 3 kids get checks for low iqs too. wtf is that? they can’t work at a grocery store or something? they all seem pretty normal to me. they aren’t mentally retarded, just dumb.

        • SNIPER

          You meen to tell me you can get a check from the govt, for being sad and stupid. What are death bebefits?
          I hurt all over after working all day, can i get a check?
          Damn if i got acheck for all of the above i would be a millionare.

          • karo

            When a parent dies, the kids get their SS until they are 18 or 21 if they stay in school. Thats called a death benefit. We are in for alot of rioting and violence if they cut off food-stamps. Stock up food people

      • BigDan

        STAY IN SCHOOL! Use my tax dollars for food. Just do not buy processed foods and make your own from scratch.

        • chase

          I’m with you BigDan!

        • Apryl

          Finally, someone with some sense!

      • Pissed in VA

        You tell KT Savana.

      • david paolella

        hey savana…no one owes you anything…remember…you are not deserving of one single morsal of food. nice u want to get ahead, but wht in the hy should taxpayers give you support…the govt money is taxpayers dollars.

    • dedhand

      how can people get a job when there no job out there remember shut own thousand of people out of jobs and that not the ones that was already out of a job

    • HJR

      I am a single mother with 2 children. I have worked full-time since I was 17 (and am now 37). I drive a 22 year old vehicle that I used my tax return to buy for $600. Also we live in a 2 bedroom apartment with no yard, no playground nearby, and next door to a gas station. I do receive food stamps. I do not have cable, though I do obviously pay for internet (about $35.00 a month). As a Pentecostal woman, I do not cut, color or perm my hair, do not wear any jewelry except a watch my brother bought me 9 years ago, and wear absolutely no makeup, ever. Oh, and I didn’t pop out the kids after I was on assistance. We’ve only been receiving food stamps since January of this year… which is good considering my husband walked out on me and his kids almost 5 years ago. But I had siblings to stay with at the time. But now they are married and having kids of their own, so needed their own space, so I had to get my own apartment… ergo, more spent on housing, less to spend on food. But please…tell me how I need to “quit being a drain on society” (even though I spent almost 20 years paying in first).

    • Pissed in VA

      It’s people like you KT, who have helped to make this country go to crap. I wonder what all do you really do KT to be able to feed yourself.

    • kelley

      I get foodstuffs! They are ALL I have. I have no income due to waiting for disability. I have worked, I’m a nurse. I herniated 6 discs and can no longer work due to my injuries. So stop steriotyping that everyone who uses food stamps is a bum!

      • Kelley

        Pardon my typo, I meant food stamps!

  6. J-dawg

    If you’re on EBT and have space to grow you should be forced to have a garden.

    • be ready!!

      But what happens when code enforcement comes in and destroys what you worked so hard to plant its happened before n it will happen again people being self sufficient scares the government because we are not under their thumb


    I find it very troubling when our govt allows such waste and fraud as it has donewith this program, it was intended as a hand up, but the dems found out that they could votes if they just gave food to anyone for as long as they wanted,,,,hmmm on secound thaught i think i’ll sign up.

    • teale

      just like the church i saw up in clarksville tn that was offering free food to any of the college kids willing to come to their thursday evening services.

  8. Rob

    To J-dawg. FORCED to have a garden? Sounds like you’re all for government control. They don’t want people to be self sufficient, they want them dependant!

    • LD

      We live in northern MN and garden through the spring/summer months, which only allows about 4 months to grow and harvest… granted that we don’t have snow on the ground in May or freezing temps. How are people, who live in northern regions like this, supposed to garden??
      And if you don’t have the land or live in an apartment, how are you supposed to have a garden?
      I’m all for the gardening and self-sufficiency thing… but not everyone has the space to do it.

      • LD

        (This was meant towards J-dawg’s comment.)

      • Barb

        You can raise food for a family in pots or straw bales on the patio or porch — it does not have to be in the ground. Many times you can find pots and straw bales free, if you just look. Every state has SOME warm weather and there are many cold weather plants. It ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT A PERSON WANTS TO DO.

      • Heather

        Actually, I live in MN as well, and those four months out of the year completely supply my family with fresh veggies for the rest of the year. We barter for things we can not grow or produce, and we learned to can and dry foods. It is challenging, but not impossible. And for a family that absolutely could be on food assistance, but chooses not to so others can participate, I would encourage to try to find a way around what seems like a limitation. :)

  9. nikki robinson

    Some people are disabled and Can’t work or handle a garden….

    • Hoe


    • magickwmn

      It is OK that they cannot work or they cannot garden. They still have SKILLS that can be bartered with to get the food, etc.

      • Savana.

        My grandmother was born in 1917 and taught me a ton of skills, however she is still alive and incapable of doing said skills. She has the beginning stages of dementia. What do I do about her? How does she barter for food? Currently my aunt takes care of her. But once she passes and we’re talking a take care of yourself not others society, what do we do then? Just let her keel off and die? HELL NO. We help her. Which is what the foodstamps system was based on. HELPING THOSE IN NEED.

        • Greg

          The responsibility of families is taking care of their disabled and elderly!

  10. CWj

    Obama wants the people to riot and start braking into stores. Under the UN arms trade treaty. Foriegn troops will be deployed on US soil. When that happens they will go house to house to take our guns by force

    • From Lubbock, Texas

      They will go door to door and die. Our County Judge Tom Head said so publicly in his efforts to increase our budget for ammo last year. I worked my way through six years of college crammed into six years, worked full time washinng cars, graduated and there were days when I looked forward to a bowl of rice and a cup of tea at the end of the day. Never occured to me to get “food stamps” because that’s what the single moms, the crooks and the losers did. I’m a C level executive now. Just sayin’.

      • SNIPER

        Work hard, play hard and now you get your reward, and you are beholding to anyone or owe i hope. GOOD JOB TEX.

    • SNIPER

      and when that happens i’ll show you cival unrest,,blue helmets make good moving targets,,if they start in the north by the time they get to the south we would have plenty of practice.

  11. CWj

    Obama wants the people to riot and start braking into stores. Under the UN arms trade treaty. Foriegn troops will be deployed on US soil. When that happens they will go house to house to take our guns by force. It falls under civil unrest.

  12. KH

    Such hatred. I am disabled. Your opinions sicken me. Get a job? I can’t even walk you bastards! Been denied SSD after working 20 years and damn well deserve what I’ve paid in. Grow a garden? How can I manage that? You cold hearted people! I’ve lost my home, my husband and so much more. I am thankful for the SNAP program, not for my well being but for my child. Obviously none of you been through hard times. Lose your job, not by fault of your own and become physically disabled and see how fast you run out of money and need assistance!

    • SNIPER

      I don’t think anyone was talking about people like you, some people need help and should get it, while others abuse the program to the point it is in now.
      Remember before the program your family would take care of you,,just saying.

      • LD

        Not everyone has family that would take care of them. Many people are truly alone these days.

      • KH

        Ty Sniper. I don’t have family. They are all gone. Just me and my little girl by the grace of God. I am one of those people who truly need assistance. I have a cell phone but have no other luxury.

        • SNIPER

          I am truly sorry all your family are gone. Make your church and community your new family as was in the past, stick together with ladies in your area, use each other for security and help when needed.

    • Trish

      Nobody is talking about people who are truly in need. I think most of us are talking about the people who are more than able to get out there and fix their situation.

  13. natalie

    At least I won’t see young girls going into the store at 8pm buying her kids a coke and a bag of chips…..not a very good dinner for a little kid….if you use them, use them right!

    • Apryl

      I agree. A lot of natural food stores don’t take food stamps. Isn’t that interesting? Not saying you can’t but from a big chain store but sometimes selection is getting harder to find.

      • Greg

        Alot of the young girls that are mothers feeding their kids chips and soda for dinner are doing that because they dont know any better…or just dont care.

  14. L.S.

    We are going to have to start learning to work together in our comunities. No not everyone can go grow a garden. But many can. We HAVE to learn to be self reliant… We will have no choice.

    • Stacy

      I think you have the right of it. We have lost a sense of community in our society. Neighbors that are like family that will be there if you need them. Community spaces for people to grow food and mingle with eachother. Our society has forced a distance between the members of its populace. We wouldn’t have need for a foodstamp program if there was a strong sense of community left in this country.

  15. JN

    It’s not about being cold hearted, those programs were created to help those in TRUE NEED. Not to put food on your table so you can buy a bigger tv, or get a more expensive car. I work with two people, one of which is on food stamp and brags about how she has more drinking money now. And the other has 2 jobs(one of which is government), but uses them so he can pay for his Mercedes and go out to dinner every night, but doesn’t have a penny saved. Now he’s mad the govt. is shut down, I’m a server and I have over a thousand saved and still buy tons of food to store, ammunition, go out to eat and take care of my daughter comfortably. Stupid people take advantage of the system and to those whole would leech off the system and don’t truly need it….they did this to themselves.

    • SNIPER

      AMEN,,,,can’t add anything to that..

    • HJR

      I agree with you, JN. I get food stamps, but I also work full-time and go to school part-time, with 2 children at home. I didn’t ask my husband to walk out on us for his girlfriend that he only kept for 3 months after we split. Now he’s out of the Army, sitting at home getting disability pay and all kinds of government assistance, while his newest wife also sits around home, with their daughter, their 72″ TV, the girls $200 electric car she got for her birthday… and they “go on vacation” twice a year, while I haven’t been able to afford the gas to go out of town even to stay at a relatives house in almost 5 years. Both of them could find jobs, his mom could keep the baby, then they wouldn’t need government assistance and I wouldn’t give a damn what he does or don’t buy for them, while complaining over every penny for our boys.

  16. KH

    You all have something to say, but none of you getting off your asses and helping the people who truly need it. Its easy to spit those words out when you have no clue of what some people, like me, have gone through and still are going through. If people would just stop bitching and lend a hand to help, and stop thinking of themselves, this would make things better. I am a single mother, and disabled. So, tell me again, to get off my ass.

    • JN

      Did you not read my post? Snap, WIC and food stamps are paid for via taxes. I don’t know you so I’d never know you need help. Me paying taxes is how I can put forth effort to help you. Nobody here has a thing to say about those in need. If you need help you should get it…plain and simple. In a perfect world your neighbor would plant a garden, help with the house, etc. but it isn’t perfect. So we have SNAP and food stamps to try and reach out to those in need, but when others(not you) abuse it for their own selfish gain(al la drinking money) it’s people like you who need it that suffer. Prepping is about taking care of your family, becoming self aware and able to do things on your own. The next step is helping others. We at least on my end do it so I can open the eyes of the people around me and make them aware that life is hard and you can’t ever have all your eggs in one basket. Governments fall all the time. And it’s the people who suck the money out of it so they have extra vacation money that attribute to it. You deserve help. They don’t. You should be outraged with those people who would put your family at risk for the sake of a 65in plasma..

      • KH

        Ty JN. I am outraged by people who receive assistance and don’t really need it. They rely on the help so they can hv such luxuries while I have nothing. My daughter(12yrs old) babysits and does what she can to help me. I just want people to understand that not all who receive SNAP are low life people.

  17. KH

    I have nothing! I don’t drink,smoke or do drugs. No family.

    • Barb

      Just asking — how can you afford the internet? People live by their wants these days, not their needs! CAREER WELFARE PEOPLE are going to get a rude awakening when this all goes down. Then, they are going to try to take it out on the very people that have GIVEN TO THEM FOR YEARS through tax dollars.

      • KH

        I’ve paid taxes for over 20 years before my disability. Internet? Free WiFi at McDonalds. Cell phone, not the bells and whistles, like some of you. But I qualified for cell service for $10 a month. You’re quick to judge, not knowing all the facts.

      • KH

        Cup of ice water costs nothing at McDonalds and free WiFi.

  18. patrioticpotsmoker420

    fuck the foodstamps, people need to get off them any way, they are ment to help people get on thiere feet not live on for the rest of thiere lives

  19. KH

    May God have mercy on your soul BARB!

    • David

      I’m curious, you state you have no legs so you can’t work. However, you can’t work a desk job? I would assume you still have arms since you are typing.

      • teale

        good point. I know plenty of people who are “disabled” doing transcription and data entry and getting paid at least double what walmart employees get.

  20. Victoria

    Wow… you all must be living on another planet Earth
    than I am.I feel a lot of these comments are coming from an outdated reality.I completely agree that for years there have been those who took advantage of the system…but most of the hundreds of thousands who are new recipients of food stamps are middle class who have been layed off.As for “getting a job”, where??Obamacare has screwed up the job market, and thousands of people are being layed off EVERY MONTH.Look it up.I got layed off April 2013 from my job of 16 years. I’m in WA state and I STILL haven’t gotten a job. Looking everyday, sending out resumes, hitting the pavement going into places…NOTHING. I’m receiving unemployment and living with my daughter, don’t receive food stamps, but I can relate to those saying they can’t find a job. There’s a new reality out there, it’s not like it used to be, just sayin…

  21. Daughter-in-law works as a cashier at Walmart. At their store the concern was that they would be mobbed and the store would be destroyed or they had to think of something. Instead they put up big signs and made announcements that EBT was down but they’d honor $40 on each card and charge it through later. That way people still could buy something so it kept the mob mentality panic level away. The store still lost some money but it wasn’t an all out wiping out of everything on the shelves. If it goes down again, I’m sure the mob mentality will hit with a vengeance.

  22. jake

    I have no problem with foodstamps as long as it goes to help someone who needs them or deserves them such as kh . The way i see it i would rather my tax dollars go to help people here at home instead of just being pissed away and given to every other country on earth foodstamp system is a problem because its abused but its not the biggest problem

  23. Thomas

    Strange how last weekend the ebt system goes down for a short time and we see what happens when those who use that system take matters into their own hands. Now they threaten to remove the entire ebt program next month.
    Does anyone else smell a rat?
    I was never a “false flag” believer but this has me wondering.

    • Frugalmomma

      I told my husband the same thing. Very, very strange…

  24. doc03

    Im a disabled veteran I get ebt are you going to tell me Im selfish too?

  25. RAD

    was it really a glitch or was it a test to see the response?

  26. Debby

    Lock N Load ..ready..fricken animals..I say it was done on purpose to show the power they have over those who have been dependent on them all their lives and wont get off of them and work..

  27. Krystania

    I dont think anybody has a right to be judging anyone. Shit happens people need help sometimes, what is it any body elses buisness. Yea some people take advantage but what about people who lose everthing to natural disasters, do the not deserve help? And all the people who keep saying ” well u shldnt hve had kids”, ur pathitic, there are alot of women who were forced and got pregnant, or did yall forget how fucked up the world is. Do they not need help. And how bout people who have tried lookin for jobs day in and out bt cant find anything cuz of the economy. ? Or how bout people with jobs tht cnt provide food forthemselfs because of the cost of living. Everybody has their reason right or wrong. Yall should be ashamed. Are yall perfect? Do yall have everything? I dont beieve so.

  28. Enter your name...

    Hey all just want to say that in the bible it says the government will try to get you to take the mark of the beast we all have to understand why they are taking away food stamps they want you to depend on them but they want to control you and by taking the mark or the chip you can buy food shop and be a human gps by the way this is in the bible if you don’t believe me look up book of revalation. We are in the end times pray for your people and our nation…. God bless America !!!! Home of the Brave!!!!!!

  29. SH

    All I can think of is Thanksgiving. This will be tragic for so many families. If the poorest and most in need of people can look around and ask, who could I help in some small way that is worse off than myself…we will all thrive through this. Age 24 my husband broke both legs in a car accident, wasn’t even suppose to live let alone walk again, which thankfully did walk again. He was in a wheel chair for months and injuries were extensive even to this day. Went back to college and is now a software engineer. But we know first hand how fast a devestating circumstance can befall anyone. But we also know there is always hope. We find single mom’s in our church that we give a little money to that we know need it. Might only be $20 or $50 and give it in secret. Ask within your hearts even the most poor, what can you do to help another in need. We have been on the receiving end and giving end as well. Who can each human being help who needs it worse than yourself?

  30. SH

    When that happens, no matter how much wealth anyone has, it will not buy food! So true. It is crazy watching the past 15 years and the changes and speed of these things happening. Stay strong in the LORD as he is always our ultimate provider. Christians have known these days were coming for over 2000 years. Long before computers or chips or biometric whatnot. Thank you for the reminder! Jesus tells us to watch watch watch and pray pray pray over and over. I am continually drawn to the verse that says if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and repent, I will hear from Heaven and heal their land. (or close to that from memory). Of course food stamps might not be the trigger that brings this about but it’s always possible. We soo have to draw near to him for all wisdom and hope in all things. Hopefully all that are his will be found faithful in obeying his command to love one another.

  31. TLO

    I am so glad I am not reliant on government assistance. That being said, I have been before. I was a widow with 4 young children and no real means to support them. So yep, I was on food stamps…for about 2 years. But I will say this. I did not go to the store and buy candy, potato chips and pop. I bought very basic things, mostly that I could not raise myself. I had a garden. I raised my own chickens for eggs and meat. I canned, froze and dried everything I could. I worked full time at one place, part time at another and relied on family to help watch the kids when school was out. And we made it. Was it easy? NO, but we made it and now I have a college degree, with a good job and totally self supporting. THAT is what the food assistance program is intended for. There are people that really NEED programs like this. But those same people can also try to do things to make their lives better and eventually maybe get off those programs. Now, all of that being said, I am also a huge believer in “families take care of their own”. I have a disabled daughter. I pay all of her bills. I buy all of her groceries. I pay her house taxes. I teach her to cook and clean. I teach her to shop. I do NOT put her on every government assistance program I can find. I do not put her in a facility and let others care for her. I do not encourage her to be dependent on others. Will she every be totally independent? I don’t know. But I will do my best to try to make her that way rather than turn her into just another sad welfare recipient. ( and just for the record, while I am financially stable now, I do still can, freeze, and dry all I can, I still raise as much of my own food as my small piece of land will support, I still use coupons whenever I can, and stockpile things I can find on sale) Old habits die hard, but they are good habits that if more people used, there would be less reliance on government assistance.

  32. SNIPER

    Damn Gridman it would appear that you have hit upon a touchie subject, have not seen so many relpys in awhile,,,must be a lot of people have been seeing and thinking about this for awhile now,,,i know i have been.
    Waste and fraud caused for the purpose of getting votes while the rest of us are trying to make ends meet,,is just plain criminal….

  33. Jewel

    Taxes are just robbery. You have no choice but to pay them under threat of violence, that is involuntary servitude. Makes everyone a slave. Looks really silly when you argue who deserves EBT. Even sillier people think their college degree will save them. Money is not real, people. It was doomed from the start of the federal reserve. We are all going down by design.

  34. cm

    this is NOT an accident. it is by design.

    obama is preparing his THUG ARMY to burn the cities to the ground. then he can declare martial law and cancel the 2016 elections.

    • magickwmn

      At first, I dismissed your comment as being over the top and paranoid. But then I started thinking about the bits and pieces of info I have picked up here and there and read your post again.

      The scariest thing is your scenario is 100% possible. There is even a higher probability rate. Scary!

  35. Just saying

    Healthier food is actually more expensive and harder to find, especially when the only two grocery stores in your town, are a Save a Lot and an IGA.

    • SNIPER

      not so much, depending on where you live. local farmers are most willing to sell you thier crops, grow your own, eat more veggies and less red meat. raise a couple of chickens (do not give them names) food not pets. ask the manager at the iga if he can get you healther versions of what ever you are eating, think outside the box and you can find it, sometimes for much less than you think.

  36. just another person

    My husband worked 31 years for the airline industry and when TWA went belly up he transferred to American for less than half his original salary so he could have a job, at least, since everyone else in his office who voted to transfer got laid off a year after they sold their houses and moved across the country. A year after he transferred they outsourced his job and he ended up going from making over $45K a year to less than $9 an hour with a house payment, car payment, insurance and all those other bills. Though we lived well within our means, I was injured at work and had to have surgery which also cost my income and we barely got by until he found another job. It’s not all about not being willing to work.

    Sometimes depending on where you live there aren’t jobs to be had. My son has been looking for almost a year and can’t find anything. He washes windows but since the big companies have a virtual monopoly on that he can’t make enough to pay the rent, even. The food stamps feed his kids. Most days he doesn’t eat from morning to night.

    None of us know from day to day if our job will still be there tomorrow, if we’ll have an accident, or if the major wage earner in the house will have a heart attack and die. It’s not all about work or don’t eat. We need to have emergency programs for people who truly need them, and, for crying out loud, if you see someone abusing the system, call and report it instead of just sitting and whining about it! The workers for the system are overworked like lots of other people and they don’t catch all the cheaters and liars. Do your part and report someone who’s taking advantage of the system so it’s not as bad tomorrow as it was yesterday.

  37. rb

    Gee where in the Constitution does it guarantee anyone food stamps, free college or any other entitlement. Oh thats right obama and half the country doesn’t believe in the Constitution. Where we lost it was FDR social programs – no they didn’t end the depression World War 2 did, LBJ great society who only kept people in proverty not raise them out and jimmy carter the federal government is supreme ruler- than why in the hell do we have 50 state governments. and along comes barrack who has raised the national debt with $8 TRILLON dollars in five years of socialism programs of hope & change, Really the junior senator couldn’t run a 7-11 store.

  38. WTF

    I make 10, no fed tax and quit. I am able to save a few thousand and thats what I live on until the following year. I can say I have never felt freer than now.

  39. dr

    You people, who are not disabled, and say you can’t find a job: the truck industry is short drivers. My husband has supported a family of 5 quite well. There are jobs so go get one and stop complaining.

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