White House Confirms: Obama & Feinstein Looking to Ban Most Guns

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At a press conference earlier this morning, White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters the president will be actively supporting Senator Dianne Feinstein’s gun control legislation. The legislation is expected to go after all semi-automatic weapons and firearms that can hold over ten rounds of ammunition.

What once seemed highly unlikely may now have a chance of passing through congress after a number of pro-gun lawmakers have signaled their support.

Since the school shooting in Connecticut, a number of lawmakers, including a few Senate Democrats with “A” ratings from the National Rifle Association, have called for immediate action to overhaul gun control laws. The White House and fellow lawmakers have wasted no time exploiting this tragedy, and are growing confident in their ability to pass new stricter gun control legislation.

This goes much farther than the Clinton Era Ban

This time their coming for everything. Feinstein, who is expected to introduce legislation when the House reconvenes in January, said this bill will not only ban the sale and transfer of a huge number of firearms, but it will also make possessing them illegal.

Senator Feinstein told reporter:

“It will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation, and the possession. Not retroactively, but prospectively. It will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets,” she said. “There will be a bill.”


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  1. Runner says:

    Crap. I better buy an AK fast.

    • steve says:

      Doesn’t matter. If this bill passes they will come and take it. They don’t want to just take the right to sell but also to OWN.

      • aaron says:

        Only way they are getting my guns is when they pry them from my cold dead hands.

        • Wombats says:

          They would not hesitate to kill if necessary to take guns. As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts noted in an interview, “You can’t have a police state and an armed population.” Since we already have a police state, the guns have to go and they will do whatever they deem necessary to take them from the population. For them, the ends justify the means.

          • william says:

            actually, if you go to Sen. Feinstein’s website, she makes it pretty clear that the bill will not affect any weapons legally purchased prior to the ban. that means you can keep your AKs and ARs.

          • John Barthule says:

            When you take them in to have them re-registered, any add on or anything military will allow them to be confiscated, she has all the bases covered to not only make them illegal but to confiscate them legally as per her law. Read the bill and don’t be fooled by the grandfather clause, it’s smoke and mirrors, this terroristic birth really did her homework.

          • jesus says:

            you sheep – really protecting feinstein? you prob work for her. its basic government take over – the bill of rights was created to protect americans from GOVERNMENT – not other people. Our for fathers wrote the constitution to avoid just this. we should fear the Government not some gangster shooting and looting. once the us is disarmed, you might as well go live in communist china.

        • Matt says:

          They can have the gun, but they have to take the bullets first ;)

          • dave says:

            they’ll take the bullets, by banning the production of certain caliber – namely .223

        • Libernatus says:

          Treason. Pure and simple.

      • ackston says:

        “Not retroactively, but prospectively.”
        [5:58:18 PM] jeffmetz1: That means guns owned before the bill will be Grandfathered in as I understand the words. – – that’s better than them banned all together.
        [5:59:07 PM] jeffmetz1: But we’ll have to see what is in the launguage of final passed bill.

        • ClarkWS756 says:

          According to a release from the NRA this ban prevents the sale/transfer of grandfathered guns including the passing of them to family on the death of the registered owner. On owner’s death the gun would be forfited to the government. I am trying to find if this is true.

        • ahb1 says:

          But it may be grandfathered in but you can’t sell it or leave it to your heirs. It will be confiscated from them because the grandfather clause stops when you die. I wonder if they will help you reach the die part?

        • daddyvortex says:

          “Not retroactively, but prospectively.”

          For now. When gun violence does not diminish, and the proposed legislation will certainly fail in this, confiscation and bans are next. You didn’t think they would be satisfied with less, did you?

        • BlogMagog says:

          NO bill will be passed that bans any guns. Now you see the danger of all houses being Dems… they end up forcing crap onto us such as Obamacare !!! You better be informed

      • ackston says:

        “Not retroactively, but prospectively.”

        That means guns owned before the bill will be Grandfathered in as I understand the words. – – that’s better than them banned all together.
        [5:59:07 PM] jeffmetz1: But we’ll have to see what is in the launguage of final passed bill.

        • dan says:

          you and your family will perish if you believe these lying politicians..

        • dan says:

          you and your family will perish if you place trust in these lying politicians..

      • Enter your name... says:

        come and take it??? that’s a recepie for a revolution

        • well_duh says:

          No kidding. THEY mixed these cookies, now they are headed for the oven…

      • Warren says:

        In the propsed bill, they stated there will be a grandfather clause::: Like the previous assault weapons ban passed in 1994, Feinstein’s bill will contain a grandfather clause. Gun owners who are in legal possession of a weapon when the new law comes into effect will be allowed to continue to own and use that firearm despite the fact the legislation will make that weapon illegal to buy or possess. And it is the firearm that is grandfathered, not the owner’s right to have an assault weapon. Owners will be free to transfer their grandfathered guns to someone else.

    • shane says:

      This senator does not deserve her position, this will lead to more rapes of our beloved constitution. crime will, double the criminals will have nothing to fear when illegally entering into someones home. Why is it people have to find something to blame other than human action.

    • Zack says:

      Arab news netwrork AL Jazeera already applauding potential US weapons ban. Same network that showed videos of american citizens being beheaded. Only a few short years ago. For those of you with short memories.

      • ahb1 says:

        Let us not forget that Al Gore has the same ideology as Al Jazeera. What are the chances that most liberals have that same mindset?

    • James says:

      remember guns dont kill, people kills,ithink you should be impeached,& be imprisoned your supposed to protect the second amendment not walk all over it,

    • common2cents says:

      We need to get GOA and NRA and whoever to buy some mainstream media time to play videos film clips of what happens to citizens after a gun ban! Some very disturbing footage is out their. It’s time to fight back, Did you know the immigration bull is for closing boarders to keep you in! Mexicans and East Indians are already being trained to replace white America they make much better slaves, McCain and Feinstein will make fortunes imprisoning and exterminating us! Do not trust any of them! Their plan is working so don’t be surprised when Obama does whatever he wants constitution or not! There’s going to be two classes Elite and scum class….

    • justsumguy says:

      NSA has listened to ALL comments here.
      Now you’re on a list. Enjoy
      what I would do is buy a cheap gun registure it when they come to take it let them. you know its a 12 man force coming right?
      Then after they’re gone go in the yard and dig up the good ones.
      Now your a domestic terrorist enjoy.

  2. Victoria says:

    I’m so glad to live in a country that tells me what kind of dog I can own, how many people I can marry, what religion is above-all right, and how I can defend myself. Let’s see how they decide to control the masses…maybe it’ll be where we live next?

    • ANONymous Patriot says:

      FEMA camps will be the new “residence” for many Americans in the upcoming years.

      • Deb says:

        FEMA camps,,,concentration camps ?? huuummm.

    • Ray says:

      Don’t forget Mayor Bloomberg telling you how much soda you can drink

  3. ANONymous Patriot says:

    They will never get my weapons. Remember to claim your guns as stolen or sold before January. Listen to me: IF YOU REGISTER WITH THEM, THEY WILL COME AND TAKE YOUR GUN FROM YOU! Do not fall for the upcoming gun registration, it will lead to the all-out ban of firearms and them coming to your home to get them. I cannot give references but trust me, this is real and it is coming. Do not forget what our government is capable of, do not forgive these atrocities! This is Anonymous warning you one LAST time. Big Brother is coming! Do not give in!

    • Rod says:

      You’re right ANONymous. But WHEN they come and steal our guns away…….let them have them.

      Later, in the dead of night, by whatever means necessary, we will then re-arm by taking THEIRS! and theirs are full-auto. Win-win!

      • Dude says:

        How ya gonna do that

      • Gary says:

        You can’t just go take weapons from trained military personnel, if you want to keep your guns you must stop the people who attempt to change the Bill of rights.
        To truly show these people that guns aren’t what is making America a horrible place then we must act as the free American people. Argue with words and speak from the heart, these people were voted in by someone in America, so they had good intentions they just aren’t going about them the right way.

        Give them support and guidance, if they still attempt to defy the American people after that…well we did create impeachment for a reason.

    • Enter your name... says:

      I agree and ty for the reg info, ill be sure to forget to do that, my guns all sank when my canoe capsized anyway,lol

  4. Flashmiester says:

    You should see the stuff on Facebook with Cheaper Than Dirt and Dick’s Sporting Goods. Nice that they have caved to pressure so soon. Time to go spend some money.

    • Deb says:

      Don’t buy from them, show them how we fill. If you don’t have customers you don’t have a buisness.

      only works if ALL of us stick together.

    • thrasher says:

      They arent the only ones. A friend of mine who owns a shop said he cant even get ARs, AKs, SKSs, or Hi-Cap Mags. Other stores are also “out of stock”.

  5. guest says:

    Take away our guns = take away our defense = take away our freedom

  6. church says:

    It begins my friends……..

  7. Henry says:

    How are they going to take possession of so many guns? 10 to 15% will shot back at them, and all that it will do is start a war. Once it start no one will be able to stop it.

    I think they will change it just like the last one were they baned the sale of all semi-automatic rifes.

    • Simcha says:

      Why do you think those Russian special forces are training at Camp Carson in Colorado?

    • A patriot says:

      I think the whole idea of it is that exactly. they want civil unrest. I think they are looking for civil war. what better way to kill of so many people? There will be two sides. with guns and without. the ones without will have the governments guns and poweer because they just fell to their knees for them. they are the trusted followers, Sheeple if you will. its just sad how so many people dont see what this is just a start of. If they can take away one of our “god given rights” what makes you think they wont go after others next?

  8. desertrat says:

    Remember the words of Santana- George, not Carlos, “Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    Let’s see now, England or Great(?) Britain generally, Australia, New Zealand, Canada- we bailed them out weapon-wise in two world wars, they have several mass shooting ban or make firearm ownership extremely difficult and their crime rates soared!

    We have a choice here and now- write and call your Congress-critters, tell them that if they do not speak out now as NOT agreeing with the proposed or any other gun restrictions NOW, to not bother coming home for the Christmas break- they are not welcome here.

    Urge them to take an affirmative stand on arming willing teachers and students of legal possession age in schools- GET RID OF [Bill’s] LEGAL KILL ZONES NOW!

    • Kevin Reed says:

      I think you mean Santayana

      • lol says:

        did he play guitar too?

  9. JAS says:

    Mid term elections will be coming up. Remember the names of those that vote for any ban and get rid of them. I’m afraid they are going to outright outlaw a large majority of our guns this time. It will be turn them in or hide them for good. If people stand around and due nothing, this will be the end of the 2nd amendment.

  10. Rod says:

    It’s getting REAL close to time to show these asshole tinhorn hitler wannabes what the Founders REAL intent of the 2nd Amendment was.
    Obama, Finkstink and all the rest…..go to HELL

  11. Danmo says:

    It’s called ‘incrementalism’.
    It will lead to ALL GUNS!!

    • Runner says:

      I’m sure that’s their ultimate goal. And they know they can’t just jump out and go from here to an all out gun ban. But several tiny steps, each of which might be made to sound reasonable, will get them there. Just like eating 1 M&M won’t make you fat, and eating 1 more won’t make you fat. You can always say “just one more won’t make any difference”. But eventually, even though no single step (or even group of steps) made you fat, you will become fat.

      No offense intended to people with weight issues. It was just the first example that sprang to mind.

      • Alphamutt00 says:

        I’m a fat guy but I must say, that is a great example.

  12. true patriot says:


  13. church says:

    ok today they ban all assault weapons and take them from the law abiding citizens…..tomorrow a criminal thug that dose not abide by the law walks in to a school and shoots 30 children and teachers with an assault weapon…..WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO…..GIVE US BACK OUR GUNS……I don’t think so…..they are going to try and take the rest of the guns so it dose not happen again….this is they’re warped ass common sense way of thinking….god help us…..

  14. Jim says:

    Did anyone think that the conn. shooting may be a setup.Another false flag operation to get American’s guns.Think about it “Perfect timing” This Lanza kid could have been a Manchurian candidate.

    • john says:

      exactly what i was thinking, plus all the other ones popping up

    • Patsy says:

      I feel for the people in Conn. that lost their children. But one question I ask myself is what kind of security did they have in place obviously not much our schools need better security, they failed those students and parents. I remember hearing the first senate lady for newtown or what ever her title was make the comment it was not our fault we did not fail and I thought there you go trying to cover your ass. They failed to protect those children and they know it. put the blaim on guns and mental illness. Do they or anyone with common sense think this is going to fix anything if someone wants to kill someone its easy to do hell I can get on the internet and learn to make a bomb I dont need a gun. The government spends money like poring piss out of a boot on stupid shit every day. Let them put some of that money to better security in our schools, put security officers in the school and hell yes give them a gun they would be there to protect our children. If the American people allow them to take our guns were fucked we may as lay down and die. We are no longer in the land of the free our freedoms are slowly being taken away by the very people we put in offices that are suppose to be standing up for our rights. Come on America wake up before its to late.

  15. TicToc says:

    Everyone needs to make a run on ammunition. That’s where “Big Brother” is gonna get us.Guns are useless without the bullets.

    • tex may says:

      You’re right. Going after 300 million guns would take a 100 years.

      Instead they will go after the ammunition and powder. Expendables are much, much easier to control. Limit ammunition purchases to a box of 5 shells. One to a customer. Permit please. Sorry we are out of stock in that caliber.

      The 2nd amendment may guarantee the right to bear arms, but it doesn’t guarantee you the right to buy shells. Good luck with that.

      Personally, I’d bury a 22 Ruger, a 12 gauge Remington, 5000 shells for the former and 500 for the latter and aim true. For real survival purposes after the SHTF of course.

      • jesse james says:

        Dude my local gun shop is empty….really every one has been stocking up…they said seince obamas speech their bussiness has gone up 1000 percent..22ammo the most readily avail ammo on earth…not even one box…big five..not even one box…all obama did was make people go out and buy more guns..talk about backfire…lol..feinstein is a dyke…god bless america…

  16. Steve says:

    Key in her proposal–which STILL has an uphill climb in the House, and it takes BOTH sections of Congress to pass a Bill–is her as of today claim that the Bill would NOT be retroactive, meaning they aren’t coming after what you already have. There can be no registration of firearms in America, and if it has to go to the Supreme Court for confirmation as has the 2nd Amendment, then someone has to take it that far. Registering guns is an infringement on our rights to own. Period.
    What worries me is that so many manufacturers are already ceasing production, meaning that once the current inventory is gone, there won’t be new ones available. They are doing this so they don’t get caught with millions of guns they can’t sell to anybody–because they can’t sell them overseas either. I have been trying to buy a Mini-14 in 6.8 SPC or a Mini-30, but already there are none as far west as Dallas. I’m in Alabama.
    I have been working on building a fair stockpile, but this happened before I got anything near like to stand up to the dark days coming.

    • dann says:

      actually, there can be registration, since all of our guns will be reclassifie as NFA

  17. Rick E. says:

    Friends, for those of us that have guns, get out there and buy as much ammo as you can! Get it while we still can.
    If you don’t have them already, buy crossbows and regular bows. A good crossbow is oh so silent and deadly when used skillfully! Also grab extra strings and arrows and bolts for them. In this manner, one is prepared from different angles.

    • Patsy says:

      I agree with you I have been around guns all my life. And resently decided I needed to add to my skills in protecting myself and a good crossbow is on my list.

  18. Adel Pryor says:

    This is just the start, read up on Agenda 21 because that ill make your hair stand on end..

  19. SheepDog says:

    When one patriot is killed defending the 2nd Amendment
    and more and more patriots are killed standing in defense
    of the Constitution; hundreds, perhaps thousands
    of U.S. citizens – hopefully, they will get it.

    Many before us have given all. Are you not willing
    or are you too good to make the sacrifice. Man up.

    • Semper_fi says:

      They’ll tell the ignorant masses we’re domestic terrorists and the ignorant masses will buy it

  20. ROBERT says:


  21. ROBERT says:


  22. Mike says:

    will they take them away and send them to drug lords in Mexico???

    • bigM says:

      They want to take all freedom and control are every move lets Stand together on this we need to dark days coming protect your family first

  23. al perez says:

    Molon labe.

  24. Regina says:

    Don’t understand why the ban, criminals will get what they want because they don’t do it legally, hence the word criminals!!!!! Why punish law abiding citizens because we can’t seem to punish the criminals enough to deter them from breaking the laws. The government is leaving the citizens of this country without means to defend themselves. But I guess that is the first step to getting rid of a democracy and creating a dictatorship!!!!! Create a war within ourselves and leave us open to whom ever wants to invade. We all know the President and his family will be protected but I guess that is what the majority of the American people wanted since they voted for him!!

  25. Anonymous Rebel says:

    The day is now in sight when we the people shall be called upon to defend this great nation just as the millions that have done so before us. In this matter not from a foreing threat but one extremely close to home. When guns are banned our freedoms are taken. Government was meant to be run by the people for the people and sadly enough, the government has much more control now adays than most of us would like it to have. Now the best thing you can do is give pro-gun enthusists a voice. Be peacful yet firm, strong and proud, and dont give an inch until the tough times put forth unto us desperse and the great power of this Nation prevails. They can take a mans guns and they can take a mans freedoms but they can never take a freemans guns.

  26. Jeremiah says:

    Oh my goodness, I am a Conservative, Constitutional voting prepper and law enforcement officer. I used to listen to Alex Jones until he I heard him say way to many things that were just flat wrong- LOOK UP HIS Y2K broadcast if you want some proof.
    Anyway I have heard way to much of these internet commandos talking all this tough guy crap… Here is a novel idea internet bad boys- have you called ALL of your government representatives? Most crap talkers have not, they just sit behind their computers thinking when the collapse comes they are going to form the the real ‘Wolverine’ squad when Red Dawn happens… How about taking less macho steps and I don’t know, maybe prevent this legislation before it happens…

    • JJ bean says:

      Well said. But I am all up for standing against them if they do try to take away my rights. I will do so in defense. I will not actively seek out them but only defend myself and my family if they come. I will fire on who ever comes through that door.

      • Jim says:

        Why do you think they have been preparing for this so long….they’ve stock piled thousands and thousands of .40 cal & 223 rds.in all departments of government…oh and body bags and plans and locations for mass graves….they are fully prepared to slaughter American citizens who show any resistance what so ever…..no warning shots….shoot to kill….just like in New Orleans. WE WON’T REALLY HAVE A CHANCE ONCE THE VIOLENCE STARTS…LOOK HOW THEY “ENJOYED” BEATING AND MASING PEOPLE DURING OCCUPYS !!

  27. bert says:

    Look at oklahoma city,9/11, & as far as killings there are more stabbings,bombings than mass murders hell one could have done the same thing as conn. With a baseball bat if the will was there to do such a thing our government is working toward dictatorship.they need to look at the violence displayed in video games and on tv. And put god back in our schools and nation kids have no guidance now what can you expect to come from exposure to all the blood and gore and top it off with bad parenting guns are just a scapegoat for our government to push their agenda and focus on what they need to like stricter penalties on gun crime and more accountability for non law abiding citizens why punish us.my point is drugs are illegal yet millions get them everyday so criminals dont obey laws so all that will be restricted is law abiding citizens that do not plan on commiting a crime.

  28. Jennie says:

    Feinstein’s gun ban bill REQUIRES THE REGISTRATION OF THOSE GRANDFAUTHERED GUNS that you will get to keep temporarily. Read the bill on Feinstein’s site. You will have to register all your guns, be photographed and finger printed. Apparently there will be a national registry.

    • JJ bean says:

      I will not register my already legal firearms. I would suggest you to do the same. Don’t even respond to them. throw the letter away. Ignore it. If they come to your home ilegally then take action towards that ilegal action on to you.

      • veteran says:

        Hell yeah

  29. dan says:

    contact YOUR senator and rep..and demand that they do not support ANY type of gun ban or registration..NONE..and make it clear that if they do they will be voted out of office…or just removed by your state s legislature… they only fear losing their jobs..nothing else…yet

  30. ny gun toting patriot says:

    I am so pleased to see all of you awake and standing up for Our Constition. Sometimes I feel alone living in liberal- anti- gun NY. I have many friends that have purchased firearms and many friends who have become “Preppers” because of the complete lack of common sense in the government and of many U.S. citizens. It is disturbing, but I still have faith the the most powerful people on earth… (PATRIOTS) will once again rise up and protect OUR Country and OUR Constition so our children will have a Future to be proud of. I do see very dark days and suffering ahead however. God bless all of you!

  31. Angela says:

    If you want to be taken seriously, use spell check. I’m appalled at how many of those commenting can’t even use proper english and it makes us gun owners look like uneducated hicks.

  32. Chad says:

    It’s all part of the un small arms treaty, also part of agenda 21, 1 world govt. stuff. Look it up. Dig deep and you just keep finding more on it . it is scary. America wake the f**k up. One day your guns, little over time. Next freedom of speech, little at a time , and on. Until the big picture falls into play and you can’t do a Dang thing bout it because OH, …. You gave em your guns

  33. David Winchell says:

    In California we already have a Gun Ban. Why are all the other states free ? How is this freedom ? Ban Dianne !!

  34. rob says:

    England has a gun ban so i guess that is where were heading since we elected this guy again. We wanted him so this is what we deserve!

  35. Dan says:

    Well Iam in NY state. They just passed a large gun ban law. I will soon be a criminal. I have handguns that have large capacity mags. Over 10 rounds. Law says I have 1 year to turn them in or iam a criminal.10 round ones are grandfathered but higher ones are not. I have had a pistol permit in NY since early 80’s. Now suddenly iam the criminal. I sure hope this law doesn’t stand the law suits that will surely follow. Cuomo has effectively also stopped new pistol permits by adding that pistol permits must be renewed every 5 years.Well it takes about 1 year to get a pistol permit in Erie county mainly because they have a very small staff. Now with the renewal part in law they will be over whelmed and effectively keep them so busy with renewals (over 130,000 in Erie county) they will never get around to issuing new permits. Effective gun ban, simple as that.

    Keep in mind theses gun bans will have no effect on any future school shootings. Crazys will steal weapons as did the Sandy school shooter did. Plus he didn’t even use the Bushmaster rifle but used the handguns he stole from his mother (rifle was left in car).

    Instead money should be spent on training any school teacher that wants gun training so they can be armed at school or if no teacher wants to do this then hire at least 2 armed security people for each school. BUT oh no that would cost money. Plus spend money on better doors with wire mesh glass type security door so as to slow down possible shooter to give time for police to arrive and stop shooter. this is what government SHOULD DO. But that cost more money than to ban a weapon.

  36. lee roy says:

    The headline is misleading by saying theyre seeeking bans on most guns but yet the article says something different. Why doesnt the media try to tell the truth for once. Theyre telling you what they think you need to or want to hear. For any of those who look to buy a AK-47 you cannot own them in the US without being modified to where you pull the trigger to shoot one bullet.

  37. BlogMagog says:

    Do you see how the FEDS treated the people ( and children) at Waco ? Yeah, they murder people over guns. You could be next.

  38. bill says:

    Watch film of the Nazis confiscztihg property and rounding up Jews. We all say we will resist but whenthey come to your neighborhood severely beat or even kill your neighbor it will be difficult to resist. Alot depends on whether the army would do the confiscations or some Obama national Police ala the Brown shirts. An officer more interested in career than right and wrong would kill you without hesitation.

  39. web hosting says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is a great post post.Much thanks again.

  40. justsumguy says:

    ?…. NSA has listened to ALL comments here and other outlets.
    So you’re on a list now. Like it or not. Me to Damn!
    Just know for every Constitutionalist talking here there’s a thousand
    more standing behind him. Please contact every Representative not just your state ALL of them! Them time is coming. How long would you let an employee lie and steal from you before you fired the bastard? They work for us but I’m thinking
    they forgot that? Treason anyone?
    How about a 10million armed man march on D.C.
    Think they listen then huh….

  41. OldMarine says:

    Our rights are in danger with this president. He has an agenda to complete and taking our weapons are on the list. The healthcare grab was on the list also to have more control over us. This gun ban has absolutely nothing to do with crime. NOTHING. To understand the media’s part in all of this go to tvmediamanipulation.com .
    God Bless

  42. anonymous says:

    Then after you process that, look up the drug scopolamine and pay close attention to its effects on will power, memory, and the power of suggestion.

  43. Lexie says:

    You people sound like KKK Rednecks. It is NOT banning all guns. Who needs a gun that shoots more than 10 bullets? If you can’t hit what you are aiming at by then, you shouldn’t even have a gun.

  44. DEB says:

    Works every time.

  45. jon smith says:

    Lexie…you are a special kind of stupid aren’t you…

  46. church says:

    Lexie baby..
    the KKK protected the white woman from her abusive husband as well…look up your history…besides it hard to kill 20 commies with a bolt action rifle when they are shooting at you with automatic weapons this is the problem…..heres your sign…

  47. fullholster says:

    lexie you must stop hugging trees head first its making you stupid

  48. Patsy says:

    Lexie do you own a gun, I would guess not. I was raised in a family were owning a gun was not just for protection, but for hunting to feed our family, and its my right to own one and own one that shoots more than 10 bullets what are you going to do when you have more than 10 people coming at you wanting to take what you have to survive beat them with the damn thing. Not me Im going to give them 10 more and then some and make everyone of them count. And hell yes Im an Appalachian Hillbilly Redneck Bitch and PROUD OF It.

  49. ..... says:

    Your some kind of stupid aren´t you? Can´t wait till you need them to defend yourself from a mugger.

  50. DEB says:

    Lexie its BASIC math if the robber,rapist,murderers gun has 20 bullets,your gun needs to have 21. Get it ?

  51. anthony says:

    You people sound like KKK Rednecks. It is NOT banning all guns. Who needs a gun that shoots more than 10 bullets? If you can’t hit what you are aiming at by then, you shouldn’t even have a gun.

    I have to say that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. before you comment on something know what it is you are talking about….

  52. Angela says:

    Sweetheart, the 2nd Amendment gives American citizens (or militia in the event that the police or military are unable to protect us) the ability to protect ourselves and fellow citizens with weapons equivalent to those being used against us, whether by foreign powers or domestic. You will be one of the sheople that will be standing there wondering why the government isn’t giving you your ration of food when things get bad and angry at those of us who thought ahead are eating.

  53. NRA says:


  54. Will says:

    If three people high on meth were kicking in your door, would you rather have 10 rounds or 30 in your magazine? Would you rather have a cell phone?

  55. Sense says:


  56. Libernatus says:

    Your comment says quite a bit about your intelligence. Poor fool, you’ve spent too much time in front of video games.

  57. Read Hayak says:

    Anthony – You are a prime example of the continued hubris of projecting your limited understanding and experience onto others. How could you (or anyone) possibly understand and detail all the uses of firearms and their magazine round count?

    Also, who will even consider abiding by the legislation to limit the guns and magazines? Surely you don’t expect the criminals to read and follow the legislation?

    It’s ok Anthony, no need to worry, let those that are willing to fight for freedom once again step up and carry your water. We understand the expectation and what is required of us and will continue to deliver on the needs of America.

  58. Buck says:

    lEXIE SURE SOUNDS LIKE A special kind of stupid all right ,,,, must be a Democrat too …

  59. Herb Smith says:

    I’d rather have my pump shotgun because I won’t miss with that on the first shot. Also, it will stop any intruder without going through my walls and risking shooting the neighbors.

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