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46 Senators Voted to Give your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the U.N.

Over the weekend, we came four votes away from the United States Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations. In a 53-46 vote, the senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

The Statement of Purpose from the bill read:

To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S., and had language that would have implemented an international gun registry on all private guns and ammo.

Astonishingly, 46 of our United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power.

Here are the 46 senators that voted to give your rights to the U.N.

Baldwin (D-WI)
Baucus (D-MT)
Bennet (D-CO)
Blumenthal (D-CT)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Coons (D-DE)
Cowan (D-MA)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Franken (D-MN)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Harkin (D-IA)
Hirono (D-HI)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kaine (D-VA)
King (I-ME)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Leahy (D-VT)
Levin (D-MI)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Merkley (D-OR)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murphy (D-CT)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Reed (D-RI)
Reid (D-NV)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Sanders (I-VT)
Schatz (D-HI)
Schumer (D-NY)
Shaheen (D-NH)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Udall (D-CO)
Udall (D-NM)
Warner (D-VA)
Warren (D-MA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wyden (D-OR)

135 Comments on 46 Senators Voted to Give your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the U.N.

  1. Josh

    Most of those on that list don’t surprise me, but what does surprise me is how little media coverage this received. Thank God it didn’t pass but it’s scary to think how easily it could have.

    • dingdong


      • anne

        I totally agree and the should be tried for it right now and locked away for the rest of their lives.

        • mad redneck

          No prison death by firing squads that’s what should happen to those who commit treason and try to give our 2nd amendment away to the UN or any infringement.

        • danny

          im pissed off also. but when you get an ass hole pres, and congress this is what happens.

        • Michael

          Lock them up, you have to feed them. Hang them. Dont think you’ve heard the last from them.

      • L. Reece

        I agree. And the “D” must stand for dumbass!!!!!!!!! Of course the “I” is really a “D”. What has happened to American pride and patriotism?

      • TJ

        Harkin – IA . Hope your life turns to CRAP !!!!

    • Robert C. Whittaker

      I have not seen nor heard anything about this from the news media. As a Virginia citizen I wrote a number of letters to Senator Warner and Kaine and was led to believe they were not in favor of this and Warner assured me that the treaty could not supersede the Constitution. As usual all were Democrats and VA senators leid to me. I will be sure to remind the voters the next time.

      • Bobby

        You are correct Robert, the treaty would not supersede our Constitution. I think the treaty is actually well intended, but I still think it is something we should avoid. I know my State has a Senator on the list of “supporters” who is a very pro gun Senator. I understand the fear of this treaty, I don’t think the fear is completely founded however, but, imo, why take a chance. I can’t speak to your Senators, but I will say that Senator Baucus from my state would not intentionally put gun 2nd amendment rights in jeopardy.

        • David

          Actually our Constitution declares a treaty to be the law of the land. It is, consequently, to be regarded in courts of justice as equivalent to an act of the legislature, whenever it operates of itself, without the aid of any legislative provision.

          To sum up…if enacted it becomes law & like the healthcare law, its fate rests in the rulings of our court system.

          • Veritas

            No treaty can overide the Constitution. You’d have to amend the Constitution first. It would take a Kagan or Sotomayor to agree with your assertion.

          • Steve

            Yes, but there is a hierarchy of what makes up the law of the land. The Constitution is supreme. State Laws are next. Treaties are of lesser stature. Nothing supersedes or violates the Constitution. Except for our infinitely corrupt government. The Supreme Court already addressed this issue. In Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 (1957) the Supreme Court made it crystal clear that the Constitution supersedes any and all treaties ratified by the Senate, and that the court had “…regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty”. If the treaty violates the Constitution it has no more enforceability than any other illegal action.

        • Jo Beckstead

          How can you say that when he just did with his vote. Wake up America! Politics super cede the health of the American Constitution in today’s world.

          • Dustin G

            Thank God for the courageous patriots who wrote our Constitution.

      • Treaties that are ratified do supersede the Constitution. The Constitution itself codifies this. If your Senator told you otherwise then your Senator is a liar, because your Senator could not possibly be ignorant of this.

        • From Article 6: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

          • Steve

            Wrong. You are reading that as though it says that only treaties shall be the supreme law of the land. It says the Constitution, the laws, and treaties, and treaties DO NOT supersede the Constitution. Nothing does. Well, except for our infinitely corrupt government. The Supreme Court already addressed this issue. In Reid v. Covert, 354 U.S. 1 (1957) the Supreme Court made it crystal clear that the Constitution supersedes any and all treaties ratified by the Senate, and that the court had “…regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty”.

          • Steve

            The founding fathers chose their words very carefully. The reason that passage from Article 6 reads: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States” is because that is the hierarchy in order of importance or enforceability. The Constitution is first because it is supreme over all else. The laws of the states (United States in that time, often written with a small “u”, did not mean the federal government, it meant exactly what it says, the states united) second, and treaties subordinate to them both. Case law on the supremacy of the Constitution over treaties is uniform, as the Supreme Court said. Case law on the effect of treaties on State legislation is more cloudy, with cases going both ways based on the particulars of the case and whether either the State law or the treaty was more in conflict with the body of laws as a whole.

    • patriot

      Can’t believe how the media was quiet on this issue. How fragile and how easily our freedoms can be taken away. Scary.

    • patriot

      Im ashamed both my senators in mi. Voted for this.

    • FRED

      ” 46 Senators that Voted to Give your 2nd Amendment Constitutional Rights to the U.N. ” SHOULD BE JAILED + FOR TREASON!!!

  2. Obamanation

    Just goes to show how liberal the media really is

  3. Karen

    Scary how close we really are to losing all our rights at the drop of a hat!

  4. Irene

    No more email petitions. We must literally “paper” the offices of these senators and tie up their phone lines for a week.

    • H. Amador

      Petitions and demonstrations aren’t going to stop this. What one must do is find out what corporations sponser each and everyone of these represenetives, then start boycotting the products from these sponsors on a Nationl basis until the Represenitive begins voting a differnt direction.

      • Smart Lady

        Not just corporations need to be contacted, but the financial backers of these scumbags. If the financial backers are individuals, corporations, or associations, they need to receive phone calls, emails and protests.

  5. Mike

    How is it that these idiots, that have sworn oaths to protect and defend The Constitution of The United States can vote against it and remain in office… it is time for an up-rise insisting on mass impeachments.

    • buttermilk

      They lied, just like they have done for years..
      All they care about is getting into a political office and getting what THEY COVET!..Once you understand this about a person, then you understand the person.

      They are sick broken/damaged people who covet power and control. That’s it! It’s just that simple. You dont have to try to make more out of their psychological damage than that.

      • church

        I like cold butter milk………….

      • Mike

        Well… they are politicians, which by default means if their lips are moving they are lying

  6. Kristy

    All 46 need seperate trials for treason. I would gladly donate some of my tax money for that cause.

  7. Scott

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. All but 2 are Democrats. 2 supposedly “Independants”. Just proves which party doesn’t believe the Constutution acknowledged our natural rights. Didn’t give us our rights, but acknowledged those rights were God given rights.

  8. 6 gun Pete

    Only watering the tree of Liberty will fix this.

  9. Frank95054

    This is evidence that the Democratic Party is working to overthrow the Republic. These 46 are traitors! Make no mistake that they are Communist. Show them no quarter.

    • Jim Gunslinger

      Damn straight. The revolution is coming…

  10. Sam

    The ratification of a treaty requires 2/3 of the Senate voting in favor of it, not just a bear majority. It fell 14 votes short, not 4.

    • Lou

      THANK YOU for pointing that out. The fact that these 46 voted for it is bad…and their lack of support for the principles that have made our country both unique and great.

      However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the vast majority if the Democratic party, especially their leader, do not want to see our country to online on the path that has made us what we te. They want the fundamental change that will put us on the same path as the failed experiment that is modern Euope.

  11. Ronnie

    This proves everyone should get out and vote those dumb asses out of office .

  12. Alan

    They get one term and one term only. Maybe then they will not end up being Public Enemy #1

  13. jerry

    the problem here is that not one of the 46 sees anything wrong with what they are doing. fire them all. they all thrive in a fantasy world on our dime and there are never consequences for anything they do. this time there must be consequences for their UNAMERICAN ACTIVITIES. fire them all through your vote. they have forgotten who they work for. they have no honor, their oaths were nothing but empty words, they are bad investments, they have forgotten THIS Country, and they have forgotten that OUR Cost of FREEDOM is buried under the ground they walk. otherwise, they would not so easily and freely want to outsource our Constitution to the control of a foreign entity. that would qualify as a treasonous act – 46 times. Particularly cause they all know what the next steps would be along with the occupation. Oh,and lets not forget we also need the UN to monitor our elections.

  14. joe

    Everyone talks big now about how slimy these politicians are, but when it comes time to vote for “your” slimy politician, 97% of encumbants are voted back into office. Pay attention next time “your” slimball comes up for re-election.

    • LT

      they need to be arrested and not just voted out of office. these are the same assholes that are keeping obama in office. he also needs to be arrested since he isnt impeachable. He has a dual citizenship which makes him unable to be the POTUS. he is usurping his power and our rights. stand tall and fight for our counry!

  15. joe

    There don’t seem to be any moderate Democrats left. They all are Socialists or Communists. As voters, we let these people get away with murder for decades. Now I’m not even sure any of them believe in the Constitution anymore.

  16. Longarm

    this is not over yet…BEWARE!

  17. Jacob

    In the last elections, beginning when slimeball Clinton ran for reelection, I Began to vote AGAINST the incumbents who voted to endorse laws and treaties that harmed the American citizen. If there was a third party candidate running they got my vote. I did everything possible to educate family, friends, and co-workers regarding the issues as well as the voting choices that serving representatives had made. For the first time in my adult life I began to vote NOT BASED UPON PARTY. I encouraged people to look long and hard at specific issues and to make their voting choice based upon the PREPONDERANCE of voting EVIDENCE.
    I found that most people were really not aware of the ramifications of various laws passed and that hey were willing to simply trust THEIR FAVORED PARTY to do the right thing.
    However, when asked to define what mattered most to them and when encouraged, from a respectful and earnest attitude, it became apparent to me, as well as m any of the people I spoke with that their beliefs about their party and their favored candidate were seriously flawed.
    A respectful approach, along with a sincere desire to TEACH, to explore, to DIALOGUE peacefully is what I found to work the best.
    It did require that I compile quite a bit of information regarding a variety of issues. I tried to devote the bulk of my time to issues that really were harmful to us as tax payers and as a nation of citizens with rights and responsibilities.
    I also tried to get these people to look at national elections as closely as they looked at local and state elections.
    I found that while many people did focus upon local and state issues, they had a lack of knowledge and understanding of how national issues were being decided. They were not aware of the deception used and or that the mainstream media was complicit in this.
    I provided ample evidence to demonstrate that the mainstream media is owned by people who do NOT have the interests of working Americans at heart, but rather they endorse the greed of those who least need additional government support. Again, people simply were not aware of the connections. T requires much time and effort to sort all this stuff out and most people simply feel overwhelmed by it.
    This is why I chose to do the footwork. I have the time and I understand the consequences. I also understand that there are alternatives to what has been handed to us.
    So, please, everyone reading this, I encourage you to begin making three ring binders of information related to specific issues. Copy off well reasoned and accurate Analyses of laws passed with the ramifications of these laws. Go to thoughtful websites to look for articles that are accurate!!!! Stay away from the stuff tjat is obviously propaganda. If you use that stuff in trying to educate others they will immediately find you non credible. If you begin to do this today, and add to your binders every time you find credible honest valuable information, you will have a very good library.
    You can then go to kinko’s or some other place and have a dozen copies made. You can loan these out to people to read. Sign them out like library books. Ask these people to make their own copies.
    You may be delightfully surprised how people respond.
    Truth seekers and truth tellers can have a tremendous impact if the process you use has integrity, respect, is low key and educational.
    Stay away from being angry and confrontative. You will simply icrease the defensiveness of the person you are trying to educate. A much better approach is to always ask questions and get them to say out loud what they believe and to clarify the evidence with which they are making their decisions. If you can provide information that honestly and accurately shows them that they perhaps do not have the entire picture they may just be likely to listen.

    • Jack Bacon

      Very well written Jacob. The two major parties are controlling our elections. It’s virtually impossible to get elected today without becoming a “Yes Man” to the party. Voting out incumbents requires voting for the opposing party (scary).

      An excellent book on what’s been happening in the U.S. for over a century is “None Dare Call it Treason”. The book came out in a second edition “None Dare Call it Treason – 25 Years Later”. About a buck on Amazon. Well worth it!

      • Jim Gunslinger

        Well thanks for voting third party, you just helped put in Obama.

        • Mike

          If more people voted “3rd party” we would have had Gary Johnson

  18. Steve d

    Its sad….really sad. Why is that nobody seems to realize that its not only the pesidential elections that are fixed, but its now also at the state level. Its hard for me to continue on just talking about these issues. while we all take “political action” believeing that one vote makes a difference, these people are continuing to rape us! Like the comment above. The tree of liberty is lookin like it needs a good watering

  19. donald br

    There should be 46 articles of IMPEACHMENT filed ASAP NONE of these senators are representing we the people! Send a message for violating their oath of office!

  20. Mike

    I have written both of my Senators on the list advising that they are traitors and do not represent me and need to be removed from office. That I will do what I can to get them removed, or at least not reelected.
    No surprise… no reply other than the canned ‘thank you for your comment’ and their phone lines are only going to recording… no human interaction.

  21. Larry

    Most people don’t realize that everyone of these politicians have been doing insider trading for years with government Sachs (Goldman) They have put millions of dollars in their accounts from wall street and big bankers, They don’t give a rats ass about anyone, other than their own elite group, and think they are God like. They truly feel they have the power to ram anything down our poor pathetic asses and will continue to do so, the next 4 years and beyond. They truly believe we are as dumb as dirt, because they keep screwing us from all ends and all we do is reelect. Obviously, elections aren’t working…What would our fore fathers do ???

  22. Keith

    46 articles of impeachment…

  23. daniel lindgren

    is it any surprise they are all democrat?

  24. Sandra

    These Bozo’s are all entrenched in their self serving lives. Senators should have term limits!
    The power they wield as time goes on is indidious.
    I wish I could award my own pay raise as they do.
    Hmmmmmmmmm…balance the budget? Care about OUR rights. Not in their vocabulary!!!!!

  25. Kat

    no such thing as a democrat or republican …it’s just a ploy to divide the people. regardless, definitely time for 46 articles of impeachment.

  26. Exjetter

    Contempt of the Constitution should should be a real crime.

  27. Bruce

    Obama and his minions have and continue to commit so many impeachable crimes againts our country,and all these senators just continue to rubber stamp these crimes,I feel a big burst of Obamas bubble.

  28. Domenic

    For any American senator to vote in favor of this is tantamount to treason! Absolutely unbelievable! May karma follow all 46 of them wherever they go…..

  29. Aman

    All these traitors need to be tried and convicted and be strung up on a rope on National television and the public needs to watch each one Hang !Vote them out!

  30. Carol

    They need to be removed from office immdeiately, and a ban put on them that they can never run for an office in this USA. People must read and study the Constitution of the United States so they know what is in there, and not let all these undercover communists control our lives. The Constitution is all the law we need. GET US OUT!! an organisation out there trying hard to get us out of the UN. Take that money that the USA is using to keep the UN alfloat and let it be used to pay down some of this debt. Without the US money the UN will have a hard time not folding up their tent and slithering back to the hole they crawled out of. We must fight to keep them out of our lives, or we will have no lives.

  31. Jack Bacon

    If it had been voted down, would that mean the U.S. could no longer sell small arms to our Allies? Everyone that believes in the 2nd Amendment needs to join the NRA so these subversive jackasses don’t get re-elected.

  32. sTevo

    They need to all be arrested and charged with treason.

  33. rayra

    pssst. Treaty ratification takes a 2/3 vote, not a simple majority.

  34. No one from Alaska would dare vote for something that stupid and think they could come home again.

    • Appalachian Momma

      LOL,Evidently the same goes for Kentucky!

  35. Mark

    The Militia Act of 1903 (32 Stat. 775), also known as the Dick Act, forbids any infringement on the second amendment, and cannot be repealed until the national debt is paid off,
    Don’t believe “snopes” it’s owned by George Soros. a communist.

  36. bikerdogred1

    Almost all are yankees selling their own people out.

  37. Eileen Söderström

    Send an email to these 46 Senators thanking them for voting to support sensible UN. Resolutions. If your Senator was one of the 53 who voted against it, shame on them!!!

    • Craig

      Spoken like someone without a clue, who has never had to sacrifice anything for her Freedom… Don’t worry, people like me paid the price for your freedom to be an imbecile. Once the 2nd Amendment is gone you can kiss the 1st and 4th goodbye fairly quickly.

  38. Dianna Alaniz

    Do I need permission to post this list of Senators from this site? I just want to make sure everyone knows who voted for it so that they don’t get re-elected. If I need permission, will you give it just for the list of names only? I can certainly give you the credit that you deserve for the information.

  39. Nancy Bruce

    When will the American people wake up and realize that Obama wants to turn America into a third world country? He wants to be a dictator over us and wants to carry out his fathers dreams. America Obama wants to take our freedoms away from us. Take our guns so we cannot defend ourselves against our own government. Change our constitution. This is treason. We as Americans need to come together and fight for our rights a legal citizens . We need to put God back in where they have taken God out and I know God will help us to stop this government from changing America, the one we love and care about, we need to do this for the children and young people so they can still live in a beautiful America. I believe that our troops will protect us and will not let our government fire on the American people , bring home the troops now. We are going to need each and every one of them. Unite the American People and lets protect our freedom. We need to pay attention to whom we have in office and get them out now. Come on America wake up as we are being run over and we can not let this happen. God bless America you have read above these comments are right on so lets do this, get these communist out of our government. America is worth fighting for I think.


      amazing-not one republican or one from texas. if these so called senators would come to texas we can explain what “constitutional rights” are! these “46” need to understand these admendments made america & they need to resign from their gravy train if they can not follow them.

    • RAY


  40. Michael J. Brabender

    All those who voted for the U.N . Bill should be tried for treason for not upholding and attempting to subvert the constitution .

  41. John latsch

    Taking away the right to bear arms is the first step. Next will be freedom of speech . And before you know it the USA will be a dictatorship. We need to stop this now. Impeach Obama and vote out the congressmen that voted for this!

  42. john hinkle

    Why does Hitler come to mind so often lately when we learn what Obama and the Senate are doing to our rights?

  43. john hinkle

    The Democrats are now nothing more than Fascists intent on imposing their personal agenda on the citizens of America.

  44. Bill Prohs

    How much of this are we going to put up with before we are willing to stand up and fight like our forefathers did? Enough is enough! Obama Augustus.

  45. Don Behrens





    Now, if they will simply do another right thing or two. Block Feinkensteins gun grab and IMPEACH THE COMMUNIST BASTARD IN THE WHITEHOUSE! And while they are at it they might appoint their own special prosecutor and charge certain state Governors and legislators with treason. Semper Fidelis!

    • Joe Geer

      Since we Veterans are all mentally ill according to that C@@T Feinstein we have a good excuse to act out. I’m elated that our very own Government or lack thereof is having multi millions of rounds produced to declare war on its own citizens as they fear us ! F—-ing damn straight you traitor SOB’s ! This old First Sergeant has no issue in joining those who have gone before me. But I can promise that these these traitors will be engaged and all the MRAP,s, body armor, drones and so on will not overcome the will of the people. The militias will deal with these bastards in a profound manner.

      • oahugunner

        AMAN!!!!!! I’m a vet as well I am a first class gunner. I will also stand next to my fellow Americans who will support and defend the constitution, against foreign or domestic. I also agree that everyone of those traitors need to be lined up on national television and shot.

  48. Cindy

    All you people who believe in the right to bear arms are welcome to come to KY and TX. Those that want to bear arms and stay in their own states need to do something about the fools they have elected!

  49. Roy Faria

    The scum has risen to the top of the pond.

  50. Tom Franklin

    I think all these SOB’s that want to give our gun rights away need to move to another country. Better yet why don’t we gve them a free trip to the interior of Mexico (say 250 miles inside the border)supply them with a total of 35 pistols and see who makes it back.

  51. Jack Markle

    We conservatives in CA have long been abandoned by the liberal majority. I feel absolutely sunk and forgotten. Internally, we are now trying to embark on the bullet train that has already far exceeded its budget just in the planning stage. By the time it’s finished (hopefully never), it will have gone embarassing above budget, will not be used to the extent projected and will never turn a profit. Instead, it will be eternally mired in red ink to the detriment of other more useful projects. You know, like educating our kids.

  52. shirley medema


  53. Barnslayer

    Yes they suck but so do the American gun owners that voted for oblamer or did not vote at all. Romney may have been a crappy alternative but too many conservative voters sat this one out.

  54. RAY


  55. jose torres

    is the right to own a firearm, to defend and protect oneself.

  56. Wally Lind

    I don’t know! Not favoring this bill is not the same as voting to ratify the UN treaty. Franken, especially, is taking a risk voting for this bill. I think he might explain it by saying he intended to confront the matter head on with a vote on the treaty ratification, which this apparently was not?

  57. Patriot2013

    It is already toooooo late. The Dumbing-Down of Americans has created amerikans. The apathy and mental cowardice of the masses-r-asses is beyond repair. History has shown, and proven, that all governments have failed because the people become lazy and allowed their (un)public (dis) servants to take control – as you can see has occurred in the united States of America, now known as the corporate, socialist, liberal United States!

  58. Joe Geer

    Treason ! We are at war and the penalty for treason is too obvious ! I hope they are marked and dealt with appropriately !

  59. Robert Merkel

    Just wonder if “OUR” goverment knows what revolution is, they are going in that direction, stupid, just plain, “STUPID”. Man, what a mess they are making. On top of that, a lot of voters just don’t get it!!!!!!

  60. Chris S.

    Come and get em I dare you.

  61. Jack Adams, Sr.

    This is what we get when no one has to serve there Country. I am 77 years old, served in USAF. I do not think any of those that voted for this had to serve their country. As far as I am concerned ALL Dem. are not worthy are should hold any office. I have some Rep. that I would put in the same category.
    Jack Adams

  62. Gary Boehler

    Since these senators choose to ignore the second amendment to our constitution, I suggest they be deemed traitors of the United States and put away forever in a small dark dungeon until they croak.

  63. Bruce Clough

    I guess they don’t like being our senators!! This is our country, not theirs!!!!

  64. Jim

    These Senators should be arrested and tried for Treason against the citizens of the United States.

  65. James Jones


  66. tex

    i know who i will vote for. the ones that help my 2nd amend. rigthts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Charles Gladle

    The performance of the US Senate is in a word UNDERWHELMING to say the least. How dare the dim whits of the Democratic Party strip away yet another piece of our 2nd Amendment rights.

    Every one MUST have their feet held to the fire and make them answer for this form of treason. We must all resist and stop the “BLUE HELMETS” from having any say as to how we conduct our lives.

    Damn them all and damn the the President and anyone who would surrender our rights to a foul, corrupt and socialist international group of mindless idiots.

    Thank you,

    Charles Gladle

  68. Paul Mewborn

    ‘FROM MY COLD DEAD HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    p(And empty)

  69. Richard Hague

    I will work my butt off to see the two from Maryland lose their jobs in the coming election. We are way over due for new blood that understands our constitution and rights provided by our founding Fathers. As for our Governor, he can forget any ideas about the White House or any other future elected political position.

  70. Virgil Chewning

    I am glad My Senators did not vote for the Bill. We should make sure that ALL who voted yes do Not Make it past election day!!!

  71. Mark

    TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS, TERM LIMITS. Our house, senate and White House are over loaded with Anti-American idiots. Just like the people who voted them in. Hi IQ’s do not necessarily mean smart and most of the time it do mean NO PEOPLE SKILLS AND ZERO COMMON SENSE.

  72. lynn

    How can so many Senators be so deluded. Louisiana must defeat Mary Landrieu. The UN should have no control over US citizens.

  73. Don

    Just try it……

  74. Norman Bone

    Once again we see the Dems ready to sell our country out to the UN, They are all traitors and should never call themselves Americans. Thanks once again SEN. Nelson for standing with your fellow Socialist. How you ever got reelected is beyond my comprehension I guess Fl. is heading to the socialist camp Good Luck Fools

  75. Roger

    As much as I hate it…we are coming closer to the one world order,one world money, one world religion,and the one world leader.

  76. Then we all be dead. Know one is to take our FREEDOM away from us. We are not the killers.

  77. Marvin Heeter

    First of all i think that the hedquarters for the UN should be required to move to another Country. ALL thoes senators should be recalled for their faliure to protect our rights under our Constiution. Seems like History is repeating itself Germany>>>United States, One crazed man tried another is atempting it again…Take the Rights from the people and the Government roles over us all.We the people have become so complacent with the status quo and the way the Government works that we now have to start thinking like some of the other nations feed up with the way their government runs their contry and take to the streets in protest. OH that was tried before occupy Wall Street ended well. we have more laws that are not enforced but lets make new ones just so you senators can have you name on them. sorry I started rambeling THIS COUNTRY IS REALLY IN TROUBLE with not much real help on the horizon.

    • Pat McGuire

      Wow! I’m a Viet Nam era Vet. You folks need too get back on your meds.

  78. Lois A Carlson

    What our parents and grandparents fought for..our government is giving away.

  79. edward coon

    all of these people should be tried for treason! where’s joe McCarthy when you need him?

  80. Rod Rigby

    Who are the 7 Republicans who voted to give away our rights.

  81. Barbara K

    Who wrote this bill? Who is the author of it?? Thanks

  82. Don Cartmill

    “If gun laws in fact worked, the sponsors of this type of legislation should have no difficulty drawing upon long lists of examples of crime rates reduced by such legislation. That they cannot do so after a century and a half of trying — that they must sweep under the rug the southern attempts at gun control in the 1870-1910 period, the northeastern attempts in the 1920-1939 period, the attempts at both Federal and State levels in 1965-1976 — establishes the repeated, complete and inevitable failure of gun laws to control serious crime.” – Orrin Hatch, “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms”

  83. Howard Sommer

    If guns are the problem for people getting murdered then how come we go after the drivers for DUI’s and not the alcohol and after the bombers and not the bomb making materials manufacturer? Besides it being against 2nd Amendment it has absolutely no sense. Enforce the laws we have and punish the people quickly and appropriately for crimes committed.

  84. Gordon

    Guns do not walk around cocked looking for a theater to walk into and start shooting. People did that. It could have been with baseball bats, knives or tossing trash cans. People did it.
    Over 50,000 people were killed or maimed in car accidents in one year. Do we ban automobiles for it? NO! people did that . We need more chlorine in the gene pool.

  85. Gayle Hoffman

    I think it is passed time for this old man to be retired. He has certainly lost my vote. These people should be tried for treason.

  86. gg roy

    Forty-six Benedict Arnolds. Hang’em.
    They are anti-American. Remember this in next election.

  87. Gini

    These forty-six anti-Americans should be tarred and feathered and put on a slow boat to the farthest place from the United States of America. They have proven that their hearts are not for their country. I have another punishment for them before they get on the boat! Tar and feather them.

  88. keith

    right on Gini.

  89. Enter your name...

    Could anyone please post the procedure for filing charges of treason against them in court.

  90. Lilya

    We have been betrayed. Our Country is going to be sold out piece-by-piece to Arab Emirates/UN/Russia… It’s so obvious today. Look who settles here. The Indians were the last one who loved and protected this Land…

  91. Judy

    What was the bill number on this bill that almost passed?

  92. Dave

    I am 65 years old. The destruction of our country and lack of regard for our constitution convinces me that our gun rights will without doubt be taken from us one day. The NEA works hard at dumbing down children from a very young age. Tests that were given to sixth graders 75 years ago could not be passed even by today’s college students. Ever watch Jay Leno walking the streets asking incredibly easy questions to college students? Dumb answers and deer in the headlights looks. The left has purposefully not educated our students as to what once was done. There is power in knowledge and they do not want young people educated properly. Our second Amendment will one day be thrown out. It is simply a matter of time until it happens. Voting has become a popularity contest. He’s so nice or she’s so nice. I’m sick in my stomach to see what has happened in this once great country. Our country is great no more. We’re on the quick path to a socialized state, and the ACA is the crown jewel into making that happen. Wake up people!

  93. Deb

    I am a firm advocate of – they can write all the laws they want but only WE The People can vote on them. With the internet, tv access available today, we can get involved in the areas that are important to us and if the law doesn’t get enough votes, then evidently we don’t need it.

  94. Gordon wothe

    PEOPLE, we have to take our nation back. We have rights, the 2nd admentment. We have to stop this type of govenment. The senate is a bunch of goof balls, filling their pockets with the TAX PAYERS money.

  95. Cheryl Fournier

    Wtf! and their all democrat idiots minus two independents! How can they do this to their families?! Don’t tell me they have no children/grandchildren. How in God’s name can they do it to them?!
    Plus, (I just found out) Obama wants to give a lifetime appt to a federal judge named Boggs who is against guns, choice, etc. I have a sick feeling that Obama will still have something to do with our country even when he’s not President! I mean, why would he want this guy to have a LIFETIME appt as a federal judge?! That will be like Obama having a voice even though he’s not in charge wouldn’t it? It is so scary to see what he’s done to our country thus far and know that he’s not done yet! I’m more upset with Congress and House for letting him and Holder get away with breaking as many laws as they have! What is up with that??!!

  96. mark laventure

    execute the list more will surface.our whole gov. is new world order.we have a dangerous enemy running our country. we the people are the law of the land.they pissed on us. and doing what they want with the power of the goverment.good luck cost of freedom blood

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