U.S. China Showdown: China Tries to force U.S. warship to stop in international waters

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In China’s latest attempt to exert their military power over the United States, news broke this morning that a Chinese naval vessel tried to force a U.S. guided missile warship to stop in international waters earlier this month.

The USS Cowpens, a guided missile cruiser that was helping with disaster relief efforts in the Philippines, was challenged by Chinese warships in international waters in the South China Sea.

USS Cowpens in International Waters

The USS Cowpens was forced to take evasive maneuvers after the Chinese warships boxed in the cruiser and ordered it to stop. According to officials, a Chinese naval vessel sailed right in front of the Cowpens and stopped, forcing the Cowpens to abruptly change course to avoid a collision.

This is just the latest in a long string of Chinese military provocations that have received very little mainstream media attention. In fact, last month the Chinese military released, through their State run media, detailed plans on how they can attack the entire United States with strategic nuclear weapons.

The State controlled Chinese news agencies broadcast over 30 graphics that detailed the People’s Liberation Army navy’s ability to strategically nuke Seattle, Los Angeles and the entire Northeastern Coast of the United States.

Chinese Nuclear Fallout Projections

This image shows the Chinese damage projections and radiation fallout after a nuclear strike on the West coast of America. The radiation fallout stretches all the way to Chicago.

In spite of a large number of recent provocations from the Chinese military, the Obama administration is still allowing the Chinese Navy to take part in joint U.S. naval war game exercises early next year.

As part of the Rim of the Pacific Exercise, the world’s largest international maritime warfare exercise, the Chinese military will be allowed to get a bird’s eye view of U.S. military tactics when they take part in the naval exercise of the coast of Hawaii in 2014.

As we pointed out earlier this month, the Chinese have all but declared financial war on the United States, so why our government is allowing them to train with our military – especially after this latest bit of news -  is puzzling to say the least.


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  1. Donna Hardesty says:

    Sadly Mr. Obama is taking our country down a path of no return. My husband spent 23 years in the Navy defending our freedom & there seems to be no respect for this gift from the Oval Office. May The Lord God Almighty hold us in His hands & keep us from harm.

    • Raymond says:

      Short memory? It was the Bush Admin that borrowed billions of dollars to fund our two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are stuck in Trade Agreements with China as a condition. But, this is Obama’s fault? People like you are amazingly oblivious.

      • Ed says:

        What does a trade agreement have to do with joint military exercises with an enemy of the USA

      • Tp says:

        No fan of bush here, but if you’re going to make a comment then it should at least be based in fact. It was Clinton who signed the first free trade agreement with China and really kicked this all off

        • SS says:

          Actually that was Nixon.

          • Drum says:

            R u sure it was not George Washington

      • 91b4s says:

        And obama and the democrats have continue the practice…with an unprecedented zeal…What is your point?

      • Tim says:

        Obama is the one letting the Chinese and everyone else know everything about us and our military. He has been on a path of destruction since he took office in 2008 and it’s getting worse by the day. I agree that George W Bush had a lot to do with it, but he didn’t try and take all of our rights and freedom away. At least not a bluntly as that Muslim radical foreigner Obama is doing, and he is about to succeed because of ignorant people like you Raymond that is obviously one of those Obama freaks that want to see this country and it’s citizens broke, enslaved, and done away with if you don’t abide by his dictatorship. If you like Obama, Then you are a traitor to this once great nation and deserve whatever you get when he finally brings it completely down. And God bless your husband Donna for protecting this nation against tyranny.

        • John Smith says:

          Bush didnt try and take our rights and freedoms away, Tim? Are you serious?? Does the patriot act ring a bell? Have you flown on an airplane in the last dozen years? Obama is no good. Neither was bush, or clinton, or reagan, or nixon, or jfk, etc etc. They’re all puppets put into place, or if that’s too paranoid for you, they’re idiots elected by bigger idiots. Obama sucks, but this country has “elected” shit presidents for its entire history pretty much. So it’s obviously not any one presidents fault, its the fault of how the government is run. Presidents change every 4-8 years, other positions are held for long times, sometimes lifetimes. Those people have a lot of influence over the president’s behavior and keeping “old traditions” alive. It’s nobody’s fault but OUR OWN for letting people like Bush/Obama/Clinton walk all over us and our country.

          You’re all idiots.

          • Mark says:

            Reading the post everyone pointing fingers. Clinton, Bush and Obama and many more before. The way I see it. I could care less who made the mess. It now belongs to Obama no matter how many times he says or anyone say it’s Bushes fault. Bush isn’t going to fix any of it. The people elected Obama and it is now up to him to fix it or make it worse. As of right now I see it getting worse as he really isn’t in control of anything. Washington is bought and paid for and war is good for the pockets of the rich world wide.We the people of the world need to stand up to our governments corruption is in every country.

          • Jr. says:

            You mean like Obama extending and expanding the patriot act? Let’s not forget that little fact idiot.

          • Jim says:

            I completely agree! TPTB want us all to disagree, fight amongst one another. They work hard at dividing us. All of us need to realize that we can disagree on the details, but we need to all agree that there really isn’t/hasn’t been a politician any of can trust. We patriots need to stand united, or we are all screwed.

          • Lisa says:

            John Smith… word. Pointing fingers does no good. We the People are losing our rights. We are losing control of our government and we’ve mostly handed them over out of fear. It is OUR DUTIES to not comment stupid comments about whose fault it may be and DO SOMETHING. Support American mase products. Stop buying (especially) from China and funding their government. MOST IMPORTANTLY – LEARN YOUR RIGHTS… KNOW THEM so you know when you are losing them/giving them up. STAND UP for yourselves as well as your children. Remember money is the ONLY thing that talks to the real ppl in charge. And it is NOT our presidents. They are a face put into a position to distract us. So instead of talking about what should be done, we sit around and argue points we saw on some internet meme or on fox news. It all of your faults. Not the presidents’ – past, current, or future.

        • David says:

          Well stated Tim.

        • SONNYB3 says:

          This my 1st comment on this site. I smiled when one of you stated it’s ‘OUR FAULT’ ,that is 100% TRUE. In fact last year when I got so PISSED how (us) American’s BITCH ABOUT THE GOVERMENT. Then the LIGHT of TRUTH BLINDED ME. We have sat on our ass watch that ‘STUPID BOX’ aka: TV listen for decade of the STUPIDEST CRAP from basket ball, foot ball and the KARDASHINS just to keep out of POLICTICS . Because we don’t do that BULL SHIT ,they’re ALL liars and two faced. YES THEY ARE and if WE weren’t so DAMN LAZY to shut that BOOB TUBE OFF! THE TRADTORS that spent their life in law school (where they received the tools to make ‘SHIT look just like GOLD) cheating on tests finding out NEW WAYS to keep us AMUSED so we could just watch the GAME, KNOW ALL the stats of ALL the “PLAYERS” as they make up laws on top of laws. BUT if it doesn’t the game it’s NO BIG DEAL. The cure is no mater how used you are to eating ‘SHIT SANDWICKES on LIE-RYE” YOU not your friend, NOT your BOSS, NOT your wife or girl friend or both.IT IS YOU. YOU that BLAME ALL THIS CRAP on SOMEONE ELSE NOW because the games are over. Stand up like you had a PAIR or at least a SPINE so you keep YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SANDWICH MAKER. I AM-YOU ARE AMERICAN’s PERIOD.

      • Billy says:

        Raymond , are you really that stupid ? Trade agreements was in place way before Bush was in office.Plus I don,t give a dam if it was 10 wars , those SOB attack us and killed over 3 thousand people just going to work. I know you f up liberals can care less about other Americans , hell you people enjoy killing unborn babies. Now back to the money, When Bush left office we was alittle over 8 trillion dollars in the hole , now under Obama we are over 17 trillion dollars in the hole and f-ing yes its all on Obama

      • todd says:

        Listen to yourself, you still think it’s Bush”s fault. Guess you think the earth is still flat. Borrowing billions is just pennies to our dept. Obama is the reason he continues to make history (in this case the worst president in history) by getting our country in more debt than all presidents combined. Short memory to yourself: Trading with China has been long before Bush. And lets not forget, war was brought to us!

      • Bill says:

        Hmmm. Seems like I’ve heard that one from all the liberals, progressives, and the pitiful drones that want to give the “LIC”/liar in chief a free pass! I hope you wake up or you will end up in a FEMA camp buddy! Come on over from the dark side and help our Republic!

    • crockett says:

      hold fast…..is there any credible source behind this story?

      • Aj Dooley says:

        Yes… it was reported to happen on the 5th of this month…. you can google it…. MSM & “alternative” news sites both reported on this.

  2. Dave says:

    Next time sink that motherf*&er. See if it happens again.

  3. tobanski says:

    take No shit from china,and people,please boycott china goods(I know it is dam near impossible seeing as we make very little here anymore!)

    • pooh says:

      Better dump your keyboard right now if you’d stay true to what you just said.

  4. ron says:

    There is no chance of china nuking any usa city as long as usa nuclear submarines can strike back instantly without detection, and wipe out their major cities.

  5. Haddicus says:

    Please, why would China nuke the US? They don’t need to, they own a large portion of it already, and profit greatly from US consumers.

  6. Charlie says:

    Idc what’s going on between offices yet I tell you one thing, no other country would be able to stop my vessel under any circumstances. As a commander I am in charge if that vessel and my balls of a us citizen are behind it as well.. I’d be damn if another country would try to shut me down and board my vessel. I would ask my comrads their opinion and go into battle mode… Duty, honor, respect, values, and the balls to complete any objective given to me.. The hell with China and anybody else for that matter.. Sink me with my vessel.

    • jesse says:

      let them run into it, its bath built, Chinese built ship would probably crumble

  7. vern says:

    should just go there an blow them motherfuckers out of the water

  8. bater says:

    If that Chinese ship is built like all the rest of the Chinese goods we purchase…..it’s probly the biggest metal piece of shit ever to grace the pacific…..I am in a state of shock that it even floats

  9. Tim says:

    We are going to let them have ships off the coast of Hawaii? After these provocations? Scary…. Seems like we’re inviting them to attack us in our waters.

  10. Persister says:

    I have seen some thoughtful comments on this website over time. Some are not so well thought out. But one thing everyone needs to keep in mind. The entire left right scenario, in Washington D.C. is a scam. The two major parties, although they have used slightly different methods, are two sides of the same coin.

    This march toward a one world government, basically Communism, has been going on from the founding of our nation. It’s a very long and complex story.

    People who don’t believe that there are groups of very powerful people who manipulate governments for their ends are misguided. I was a staunch Republican until a few years ago. There is just too much to information to share. But this story must be told. It is being told, but you won’t hear it from Zionist controlled media.

    Start your own investigations. It will certainly take some effort and time. I wish more people could understand that Washington D.C. is lost. The courts are lost. The House and Senate are lost. We are, for all practical purposes, already living in a totalitarian police state. Some of you just don’t see it yet. You’ll understand when this government begins to take people from their homes and put them into the many FEMA camps that have been constructed across this country.

    • Steve says:

      Persister that has to be the best description of what is truly going on in our nation, thank you.

  11. Big D says:

    This could be a net gain for America. Wipe out several if the most liberal cities in America. Dear China, go for it. Please.

  12. Dani says:

    We often easily make our judgements on things through the eyes of the media, but we lack to question ourselves if we are fooled by just hearing from one side of the story.

  13. ST says:

    Reading through most of the comments makes me feel depressed… Hope for humanity lost.

  14. Brian carrier says:

    Why do we believe our government is even controlled by america anymore.somthings wrong and its like no one gives a shit.ignore the problems, and they sure as hell not going away.people believe im schizophrenic but somthing is not right. We advertise for wefare as if we want everyone on it.foodstamps all the same.illegal aliens live better than we do.hell I work two jobs and people on welfare live better than me.we treat the enemy of america better than our allies. Muslims have more rights than christians in the usa.our government wants seperation og good morals and replace with extremeism wtf.wake up america I could go all day pointing out problems we are ignoreing thats gonna bring this country to its knees.God forbid

  15. This is what happens when our adversaries around the world smell weakness in the White House. The fact the mainstream media hide this to protect their left wing president amounts to journalistic dereliction of duty.

  16. Tiago says:

    China is provoking… lol all other countries have territorial waters… usa seems to think all seas are their territorial waters!! Stop pretending to be the policeman of the world!! And get the fuck of my country (Azores Islands Base)
    I imagine if russia decided to put missile batteries near us border in Mexico, you would not find it as natural as the us has near the russian border just as an example!!

  17. Fred says:

    Liberals blame Bush because they have no other defense of Obama. The traitor in office is allowing the Chinese to participate in the PACrim exercises knowing tgat will place them in perfect position to launch their missiles. If they don’t do that, they will take other important knowledge willfully given to them by the traitor, sympathizer, American hater and socialist in chief.

  18. James says:

    All of you fail to remember, the president just pushes for what he wants. Congress has to vote on it. All of the people in Washington need to be removed from their thrones if the don’t follow what the citizens want. It was Clinton that provided the Chinese government with the missile guidance systems in order for them to launch weather satellites into orbit. It was about 6 months later that he Chinese launched a missile into the water toward Taiwan. Coincidence? Obama is the worst president in my opinion. Reagan was the best for the military and the economy of the US. At least in my lifetime. The entire government is feeding the animals so they will no longer want to work for themselves. Slowly our rights as American citizens are being eroded. China’s coming and I feel lots of Middle Eastern countries will line up on their side to try and bring down the USA. History repeats itself. Just read up on Hitler and Mussolini and how they came to power by he people believing them.

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