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Bug Out Vehicles

  1. Never let your gas tank fall under half a tank. If the Shit hits the Fan, and you need to get out of dodge quickly, the last thing you want to do is get stuck in a long line at the gas station.
  2. Having an emergency evacuation plan is critical in any survival situation. Use Google Maps to print out evacuation routes, and then laminate the papers so they hold up when you need them.
  3. Have a couple of ways to communicate and get information while on the road. Make sure to keep a spare cell phone charger in your car or truck, and think about installing a C.B. or Ham Radio in your vehicle.
  4. Put together an emergency vehicle survival kit. Having the right kit can mean the difference between getting back on the road in one piece or being stuck in a situation that could turn ugly quick.
  5. Keep up on your vehicle maintenance. Check your oil, fluids, air pressure and your spare at least once a month. The last thing you need is a break down during an emergency.
  6. Bug Out Bag – In addition to your of your emergency kit, you should think about having a dedicated BOB that stays with your vehicle at all times.
  7. Tools – Invest in a good emergency toolkit and make sure you know how to do basic vehicle repairs.

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  1. Joe says:

    Great list; simple but effective. Thanks!

    I particularly like the distinction you make in the emergency kit and the bug out bag.


  2. kloathis says:

    Couple things I like to make sure that is in my vehicle’s emergency kit is 2 quarts of oil, gallon of antifreeze and a couple of quarts of transmission fluid. Oh and never forget the duct tape, bailing wire, and JB Weld or Quicksilver 2 part machineable epoxy. The epoxy has saved my rear more than once when I have had an issue in the middle of nowhere.

    • Off Grid Survival says:

      Good tip on the JB Weld, I will be adding that to my kit.

    • Joe Smith says:

      maybe a bottle or two of bar’s no leak also

  3. church says:

    don’t forget water; i keep a couple gallons in the truck at all time …always need to drink…

  4. KCarns says:

    a tow cable is a good idea, for being a good samaritan or in case you need someone to be one for you.

  5. r.a.danny says:

    Since most vehicles these days use serpentine belts, it is always a good idea to have a spare. Just hang on to the old one when putting a new on on, and you’re set. Obviously the wrench needed to move the tensioner is a must as well. Oddly enough the only time I have had a belt fail was when I put on a defective brand new one that failed within minutes of being installed.

  6. Stevie P says:

    There’s probably a very high chance that when TSHFT all major highways and other roads will be gridlocked with numerous panicking, ill equipped and desperate individuals in there motor vehicles. Not to mention any possible military/police road blocks/check points to try and get through. Maybe there is another solution to getting your ass outta town? Or maybe evaluate your environment/geography and move on foot to safety near by?

  7. Jax says:

    The car BOB is great, but in the summer our car gets so hot it can melt plastic, so keeping some stuff in there is not feasible. Water bottles get so hot you can’t drink them & food spoils or melts. Aside from blankets, a roadside kit, maps, etc., what do you recommend for food & water in this situation with the heat? Thanks!

  8. Lonnie Smith says:

    Jax I have ideal for your problem a cooler in a cooler
    put a cooler inside and put ice around it the ice can be used
    as drink water I know its not a leave and for get but if really in to this you should be rotating your supplies anyway

  9. Aaron says:

    My bug out vehicle is my feet. I hike all the time, and did the Appalachian Trail last year. I will use my car as much as possible, but it is a beater Taurus wagon, so it isn’t going off road or anything. Wouldn’t think twice about abandoning it if I had to and walking hundreds of miles.

  10. frank sherman says:

    find a used gama goat they will go anywhere,get great milage,are easily repaired,are street legal,float,and will haul all your needed stuff plus some.

  11. J3 says:

    I was wondering why no one ever puts outside spigot handles on their lists? Most building have outside spigot but may people remove the handles. It seems if you had a handle you could obtain water without leaving any trace as you might if you use a pair of pliers to open the spogit.

  12. BanditZeroThree says:


    There is a tool called a skill-cock, $8 at Home Depot. It’s a baseball sized wrench configured like a miniature tire iron X. It is designed to open spigots wherein the handles have been removed. It will open the four most common sized found.

    I have one attached to my backpack.

    Carry on,,

  13. WildTX says:

    Jax. You can purchase a cooler that plugs into a 12v outlet and will cool while you are driving around and remain cool enough when your engine is off. Just remember to keep your battery serviced otherwise it could drain your battery. Also, it is best to have a manual transmission that will start without a charged battery.

  14. Vi with Emergency Preparedness says:

    Great list. Simple, easy to read and understand. Keeping the gas tank full is really a mind over matter thing. So many of us ride on half empty and it doesn’t cost any more to ride with it full.

  15. Patriots Knight says:

    I have horses, quads, a 4×4 all ready at all times. I know some of you in major cities probably don’t have any of that but there is always the option of a place on the outskirts that will board a horse for you. A storage unit can hold a quad or 2 for cheap. Don’t always rely on a vehicle to get you mobile in a SHTF situation. Also exercise is important.

  16. Don says:

    Depending on govt. involvement/stance when SHTF. All cars equipped with Northstar or similar devices. Can be shutdown remotely.

  17. Hi You seem to have thought of most all the stuff I have on my site. It is great to get the message out before it is really needed.

  18. Dale says:

    Also consider always having a firearm in your vehicle, concealed and locked in a theft resistant container.

  19. Jay says:

    Just make sure it’s not a Toyota or Mitsubishi.

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