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Survival Kit Item – Water Filters & Purifiers

Guy Filtering water from a river

In extreme situations, people have been able to live for months without food. The same cannot be said about water. Without water your body can start to feel the effects of dehydration in as little as one day.

Having a good backcountry filter is absolutely essential to your survival.

In my opinion, a water filter is one of the most important items you can have in your survival kit or bug out bag. To put it in the simplest of survival terms, without water YOU DIE!

Top Water Filters:

4 Comments on Survival Kit Item – Water Filters & Purifiers

  1. Kevin

    I use a couple of different methods, depending on how much time I’ll be on the trail, and how ultralight I pack. For kayaking and weekend hikes, I usually stick with the MSR MiniWorks EX filter. It’s been great, and requires very little maintenance. On ultralight hikes or fastpacking, I either use chemical purification like Polar Pure. Or I use a ULA Equipment Amigo Pro gravity filter, which works really nice as well. Lightweight and no moving parts means less trouble in the backcountry.

    • Manton

      I also like to carry coffee filters in my packs;If you filter the water through a coffee filter 1st before you filter it through your water purification system it will make the filters on your system last longer.

    • David Post

      Me and a few others are going yo be hiking the The Apalachain Trail any advice for us on which filters we should buy.

  2. kaela

    i like water because without water you can

    die in hours

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