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180,000 Still Without Water in West Virginia: Toxic water heading towards Ohio

180,000 People are still without water, five days after a chemical spill caused a quarter of the State’s water supply to become undrinkable. In areas where the ban was lifted, residents say the water is anything but safe.

Early today West Virginian water officials started partially lifting the water ban for some residents. Despite reassurances from authorities that some of the local tap water is safe, locals aren’t so convinced – especially after you see what’s coming out of their taps.

Here are some of the images, and messages that angry residents have been posting on Twitter:


Even more troubling, is according to local news reports a number of people have fallen ill after drinking water that was deemed safe by water officials. Patients started again showing up at local hospitals with bright red rashes, peeling skin, eye irritation, and stomach problems.

Toxic water heading towards Ohio

Officials in Ohio are starting to monitor their water supply, as the chemical that caused the water ban in West Virginia makes its way downstream via the Ohio River. Cincinnati started taking steps to protect residents and shut down the city’s water intake valves –  hoping to protect the city’s water supply as the chemical passed along the Ohio river.

Path of toxic water flow

24 Comments on 180,000 Still Without Water in West Virginia: Toxic water heading towards Ohio

    • Richard

      Yes I remember that . And some people fuss about too yes many regulations.

      • Jason

        You mean like the regulations that said the water is safe now? Or the regulations that were in place when this happened?

        All the regulations will not save you from all the things.

        • Mickey

          Thank you, Jason. That needed to be said. Anyone who believes the government protects through massive regulation is naive. In this corrupt government, regulations, or lack of, are bought in the back rooms or hammered down apon enemies.

          • Rich

            Remember that the EPA = Employment Prevention Agency. Too many regulations = too few jobs.

        • Mister Fu

          You mean the regulations we needed and didn’t have…

        • Frakture

          You mean the regulations we needed and didn’t have…

  1. Kirkn

    Sheeeeeeeeeeee-it. But don’t panic.
    Be still and just do the next right-indicated thing. Love thy neighbor. -Memphis Kirkn

  2. bryan

    I bet all these people will think twice about the crazy ass preppers..

  3. Josh

    First of all I want to express my disgust with the fact that this even happens.

    One thing I can tell you from being a water heater expert is that the “sludge” that hubs drained from their water heater is COMPLETELY NORMAL for all water heaters. It’s simply sediment build up. That’s why professionals will tell you to flush your heater for 5 minutes once a year.

    To the admin that put a jar of sludge on this page in an effort to dramatize people – please do your research before passing stuff like this along.

    • Roxanne

      It was not an admin that posted that and this is a serious situation. Continued Ignorance by people like you is the problem. If I told you that was the only water you could ever drink again…what would your response be to that???????

      • chet rickels

        My response would be go find some water, you dimwit.

      • Nick

        As he explained (as his profession is being a water heater expert) The picture of the jar with sludge is NOT CAUSE FOR ALARM. It is just feeding the currently bad situation. It is called false information. If you were an expert at your job how would you react to someone posting false information to terrorize the public even more about an already bad situation. It wouldnt b the only water u could ever drink go to a damn store water is cheap. God people like you make me want to punch a baby Roxanne

    • Dirp

      Actually the picture is not just normal hot water tank build up. If you did about a minute of research you would have realized that the water is White because of the chemical and the shit that’s flowing through the system right now.

  4. Brendan

    Im interested to know precisely what sort of chemical was released, does anyone know?

  5. CM

    4-methylcyclohexene methanol

    From another article on this site

  6. Sgt.Raven

    Two questions. One when was this report posted? and two. What is the eta of it hitting Louisville water supply?

    • Stephanie

      Looks like it will hit Louisville by Friday. Fill every container you can with water now. I believe everyone should have many of those 5 gallon camping water containers for emergencies just like this. Gook luck people. Wish there was something I could do to help you all.

      • Sgt.Raven

        i have and still am.i have water for two for a week at the moment

  7. Yelena

    Welcome back to Russia’s yellow-brown water. No, I don’t want it.

  8. jeff in KY

    This will be used against us in the as major coal users and providers, in Kentucky. The “Gas Frackers” will eat this up! When, they are destroying our earth under the ground, hidden. Until it leeches into the water tables, where ever they do it. It always does. I have seen “Fracking” close complete small towns because of the seepage into everything in the ground. This is not an accident, it is business as usual to big oil! People need to study this “Fracking” process. It’s obvious it’s not safe, and proven, where they have employed this process. The best way to create more energy, is to become more efficient! If we use less power, we will not need new power plants, etc. We can focus on maintaining current power plants and renewable energy! Just saying…

    • Sgt.Raven

      i hear you brother. what part of ky are u in/? i am in is the water there.hope all is well there.

  9. Cheryl

    So this chemical will eventually hit every state?

  10. lilbear68

    lookin back at this im seeing that there was a time when these storage tanks all up and down the river could have been subjected to EPA safety standards like many other states but this was sacrificed for keeping jobs instead. well WVA you got the jobs and took the risk and this is what you got. drink up

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