16 shot in Mass Shooting in Chicago at Funeral

As the maniac mayor of Chicago pushes forced quarantines, business shutdowns and unconstitutional mask policies, she has allowed her city to slip into chaos as BLM thugs and criminal street gangs are allowed to roam the city unchecked.

As many as 16 people are in serious condition after gunfire erupted outside of a funeral home on Chicago’s South Side this afternoon.

Arnita Geder and Kenneth Hughes said they heard gunshots while in their home watching television, adding that they came outside to find bodies that were shot up and “laying everywhere.”

“We thought it was a war out here,” Geder told the Chicago Sun-Times. “It’s ridiculous all the shooting that’s going on out here, it really has to stop.”

The shooting comes as the Department of Homeland Security is planning to deploy dozens of federal agents to Chicago to deal with mass amounts of violent crime in the city.

Despite her residents being terrorized, and the fact that over 1,900 people have been shot this year in Chicago, the Mayor decided to overlook the latest shooting and instead threaten the President.

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  1. If the feds are smart, they should “assist” the local police and NOT take charge of the situation. But you know how this will end.

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