Nation Grounded for Another 30 Days! Feds Extend National ‘social distancing’ Guidelines Through April 30th

It’s starting to look like life will not return to normal for quite a while. Today, President Trump announced the federal government has extended the national social distancing guidelines to April 30th.

The guidelines, designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, were originally set for 15 days and were set to expire Tuesday. The president said the peak of COVID-19 death rates is “likely to hit in two weeks.”

Many suggesting Lockdowns could last until June or Longer

In the UK, Professor Neil Ferguson is calling for the entire population to stay at home for three months to stop the spread of COVID-19. Prof Ferguson told The Times: “We’re going to have to keep these measures [the full lockdown] in place, in my view, for a significant period of time — probably until the end of May, maybe even early June. May is optimistic.”

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo warned that the coronavirus’ spread could last as long as 9 months. Cuomo says New Yorkers should be prepared for widespread business closings and stay-at-home orders to last months to combat the surge in coronavirus cases.

“This is not a short-term situation,” he said in a Sunday briefing with reporters. “This is not a long weekend. This is not a week.”

“It is going to be four months, six months, nine months,” he continued.

“The timeline — nobody can tell you, it depends on how we handle it — but 40%, up to 80% of the population will wind up getting this virus,” Cuomo said. “All we’re trying to do is slow the spread. But it will spread — it is that contagious.”

The Nightmare and Crackdown on Civil Liberties Continues

As this never-ending nightmare continues, one of the most troubling things is the unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties. Never before has a so-called public health emergency caused these type of world-wide lockdowns and suspensions of civil liberties. We’ve seen things like:

Several experts actually think we may be doing more harm than good with these lockdowns. Researchers at Stanford University have been saying the virus isn’t as deadly as some claim. Stanford Health Policy’s Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya say current estimates about the COVID-19 fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude.

“If it’s true that the novel coronavirus would kill millions without shelter-in-place orders and quarantines, then the extraordinary measures being carried out in cities and states around the country are surely justified. But there’s little evidence to confirm that premise—and projections of the death toll could plausibly be orders of magnitude too high.

“Fear of Covid-19 is based on its high estimated case fatality rate — 2% to 4% of people with confirmed Covid-19 have died, according to the World Health Organization and others. So if 100 million Americans ultimately get the disease, 2 million to 4 million could die. We believe that estimate is deeply flawed. The true fatality rate is the portion of those infected who die, not the deaths from identified positive cases.”

“The latter rate is misleading because of selection bias in testing. The degree of bias is uncertainbecause available data are limited. But it could make the difference between an epidemic that kills 20,000 and one that kills 2 million. If the number of actual infections is much larger than the number of cases—orders of magnitude larger—then the true fatality rate is much lower as well. That’s not only plausible but likely based on what we know so far.”

Coronavirus Preparedness Resources:

Please read our article from last week about Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Actual Numbers — Panic and hysteria are starting to do far more damage than the actual coronavirus!

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