4th Train Derailment: Is it Terrorism? Hazardous materials Train derails outside Detroit

This morning, another train derailment carrying toxic chemicals outside of Detroit in Van Buren Township Michigan. This makes the 4th major train derailment in the last couple of weeks.

“We are also in touch with the relevant federal authorities, including the EPA,” Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., said in a statement. At least 6 rail cars are off the track.

The derailment comes less than two weeks after a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed in East Palestine, Ohio and contaminated the Ohio River. The explosive train derailment that recently led to the evacuation of East Palestine, Ohio town was among more than a dozen reported rail wrecks in the U.S. since the year began.

Trains are a known target of terrorism. Back around 2017, Al-Qaeda published a magazine dedicated to the construction of tools to derail trains and which ones to derail. It was published in “inspire” magazine.

Why is the Biden Administration ignoring the Environmental Disaster?

Earlier today, Senator J.D. Vance was attempting to raise awareness of the contaminated water and land around the East Palestine, Ohio disaster. Vance says in the video, ““This is disgusting, and the fact that we have not cleaned up the train crash, the fact that these chemicals are still seeping in ground is an insult to the people.”

Many are growing impatient, as the Biden administration and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are still refusing to talk about train derailment, explosion & toxic ecological disaster in East Palestine, Ohio. Instead, Buttigieg took time to complain about too many white people working construction.

Biden admin turns down Ohio’s request for disaster assistance after toxic derailment

Today we learned that the Biden administration turned down a request for federal disaster assistance from Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) told Ohio’s state government that it was not eligible for disaster assistance to help the community recover from the toxic spill, Dan Tierney, a spokesperson for DeWine, told Fox News Digital on Thursday.

“The DeWine Administration has been in daily contact with FEMA to discuss the need for federal support, however FEMA continues to tell Governor DeWine that Ohio is not eligible for assistance at this time,” DeWine’s office said in a statement earlier in the day. “Governor DeWine will continue working with FEMA to determine what assistance can be provided.”

This is why you need a bugout plan!

Not only will the government not be able to protect you, but they will actively lie to you about the threat and suppress as much information as they can — these people don’t care about saving lives, they care about covering their own asses!

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