56 shot, 12 killed in violent Memorial Day weekend in Chicago

The summer of Chaos has started in Chicago as at least 56 people were reported shot over the weekend — 12 of them dying from their injuries.

Downtown Chicago

As the media focuses on manufactured stories like the so-called injustices in Ferguson, they have conveniently ignored the epidemic levels of violence taking place in Chicago. Over the holiday weekend at least 56 people were reproted shot, with 12 of them dying from their injuries.

Chicago is a Warzone

Sadly, this is a problem that’s been ignored for some time now. What happened over the weekend in Chicago is actually a pretty common occurrence. Last year, during the 4th of July holiday weekend, 82 people were shot in Chicago.

You won’t see this on MSNBC or Your Favorite Cable News Channel

Why should we care about Chicago?

Because what’s happening in Chicago has been spilling over into urban and rural areas of the country for years now. The riots we witnessed in New York, Ferguson and Baltimore are all symptoms of a larger problem.

Over the same holiday weekend, 29 people were shot and 9 died from gunshot wounds in Baltimore, Maryland. Amazingly there was no press release from the White House, no mainstream media pouring into Chicago or Baltimore, and no comments from our President who seems to comment on every other perceived injustice. I guess the violence in Chicago and Baltimore doesn’t fit their narrative.

What’s happening in Chicago highlights what is happening throughout the country, epidemic levels of gang related violence that is being ignored by the mainstream media, politicians, and the federal government.

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  1. This is the Bleeding Heart Liberals concept of crime prevention. Unfortunately it always ends with a lot of bleeding hearts, on the streets. Today’s Liberals are a plague on the land of every country they touch and should never hold office, since today’s Liberals are primarily Socialists and Communists. They and their media collaborators keep the dull-witted calm by calling them Liberals and Progressives. Of course I doubt whether most Americans even understand what a Communist really is nowadays. We have become a nation of easily manipulated idiots that now have the government we elected and therefore deserve.

  2. wonder how the FBI statistics will be this year.. cause according to previous reports crime has been going down nationally for the last several years. while Chicago and Baltimore might be attributing to increasing the numbers for the areas, other surrounding areas may be decreasing..

    but either narrative isn’t exactly correct.

    • although I will say, why are they upset about Django unchained when they say the word they are all mad about in the above video over 3x more then what was in the movie.

  3. Where are ALL those marching with signs that say “Black lives Matter….”, oh, just not when it’s black on black, thug-on-thug, thugette-on-thugette violence.
    It’s the dirty little secret of Prog-Marxist-Socialist-Democrat-controlled cities.
    Wonder how HizzonerRahm is going to handle his “people” when the EBT cards stop working for his constituency? Maybe Margaret Sanger had the right idea after all? After all she IS a “hero” of the Marxist-Prog-Democrats….

  4. We’re just patiently waiting here in the hood for the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton to come here and offer us some hope.

  5. This looks Like the middle east. All control and government is now absent creating a state of anarchy. This will achieve several goals; 1) drastically reduce the numbers of the enemy by letting them kill each other. 2) Retard the education of the indigenous people to a primitive state. 3) Inhibit the enemy’s ability to maintain its population by depleting the number of males in the area. 4) Create conditions severe enough to cause the remaining population to beg to give up their rights, freedom, and property for security. 5) Create public opinion of the group or race which is so bad it will be socially acceptable to send in the military to commit genocide and restore peace. ( think Hitler and the Jews as well as New Orleans during Katrina) It is amazing this is going on in an area which should be a gun free zone. Also this will never happen in areas where the population is armed and allowed by law to protect life and property with deadly force.

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