9th US Court of Appeals Says You Have NO RIGHT to Carry a Firearm!

The 9th US Court of Appeals just ruled today that Americans have no 2nd amendment right to bear arms. The court, which previously ruled that citizens had no right to conceal carry, today ruled that there is no right to open carry, essentially ruling that the 2nd amendment is null and void.

In the ruling, the court wrote:
After careful review of the history of early English and American regulation of carrying arms openly in the public square, the en banc court concluded that Hawai‘i’s restrictions on the open carrying of firearms reflect longstanding prohibitions, and therefore, the conduct they regulate is outside the historical scope of the Second Amendment.

“The en banc court held that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an unfettered, general right to openly carry arms in public for individual self-defense. Accordingly, Hawai‘i’s firearms-carry scheme is lawful.”

Dissenting, Judge O’Scannlain, joined by Judges Callahan, Ikuta, and R. Nelson, would hold that both HRS § 134-9 and the 1997 County regulation destroy the core right to carry a gun for self-defense outside the home and are unconstitutional under any level of scrutiny. Judge O’Scannlain stated that the majority holds that while the Second Amendment may guarantee the right to keep a firearm for self-defense within one’s home, it provides no right whatsoever to bear—i.e., to carry—that same firearm for self-defense in any other place. In his view, the majority’s decision undermines not only the Constitution’s text, but also half a millennium of Anglo-American legal history, the Supreme Court’s decisions in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), and McDonald v. City of Chicago, 561 U.S. 742 (2010), and the foundational principles of American popular sovereignty itself.

Dissenting, Judge R. Nelson, joined by Judges Callahan and Ikuta, concurred with Judge O’Scannlain’s dissent concluding that Hawaii Revised Statute 134-9 violates the Second Amendment. Judge R. Nelson wrote that the majority erred not only in holding the statute facially constitutional, but also in rejecting Young’s as-applied challenge. He also wrote separately to highlight the brazenly unconstitutional County of Hawaii Regulations applying HRS § 134-9, stating that there should be no dispute that any law or regulation that restricts gun ownership only to security guards violates the Second Amendment.

While the ruling is sure to head to the Supreme Court, it is a troubling ruling in light of this current administration attack on the second amendment.

Biden calls for a ban on ‘assault weapons’ and ‘high-capacity magazines’

Yesterday, President Biden, while trying to use the Boulder mass-shooting as propaganda in his war on guns, announced that he is calling for a complete ban on so-called “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines”.

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  1. It looks like the communists got another ( legal ?? ) ruling. Hmm, it looks like old Nikkta K is right again when he said they would bury us and it looks like it is happening.

  2. If we have no right to carry, how long before we don’t have any rights to even have it in our house, how long before we won’t be allowed to defend our house and home and family, how long before we will be forced to go to re-education camps ? How long before everyone will have to join the ” party ” in order to survive ?

  3. I think we all have a right to pertect oure home and familys.Just becouse ppl want to go out and be stupid i dont feel every person that has to lose there right and therefirearmse for what some one eles did it just not far to all the other american to lose are gun right.. I will not give mine up for no one. i bought them im safe with them and for some one to take them away well not happing.. and as for biden he needs to pull his head out of is ass for taking are rights..we do need to defend are self,s some how.

  4. they must not understand basic english and the definition of “KEEP and BEAR ARMS.”

    remember, GOVERNMENT does NOT five you these rights, it was tasked with DEFENDING them, as they are obviously NOT defending them, then it is our duty to OPPOSE such unjust rulings, as FREE MEN AND WOMEN!

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