Obama to Target Home Owners: Federal Government to Decide who Lives in Your Neighborhood

Earlier this month, the Obama administration quietly issued new rules to the Fair Housing Act that will radically alter the way your neighborhood looks. The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule (AFFH) will change zoning laws, redefine neighborhoods, control transportation and business development, and remove the authority of state and local governments in the areas of zoning, transportation and education.

President Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation will redefine the American landscape, forcing radical changes to suburban and rural cities around the United States, as the federal government gets ready to take over and redefine the American Suburb. Under the guise of equality, the Obama administration is yet again using racial animosity to push their agenda, this time by annexing American Suburbs and filling them with low-income housing projects.

Suburbs to become one Large Social Experiment filled with Subsidized Housing Projects

Government Housing Projects

Under the AFFH regulations, the Obama administration has given the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) the task of remaking America.

Any local jurisdiction that receives HUD funding must now conduct a detailed analysis of its housing occupancy by race, ethnicity, national origin, English proficiency, class, and a whole slew of government data points that will be housed in a national database. These data points will be used by HUD to map every US neighborhood by four racial groups — white, Asian, black or African-American, and Hispanic/Latino — and publish “geospatial data” pinpointing racial imbalances.

Grantees must then identify factors (such as zoning laws, public-housing admissions criteria, and “lack of regional collaboration”) that account for any imbalance in living patterns. Localities must also list “community assets” (such as quality schools, transportation hubs, parks, and jobs) and explain any disparities in access to such assets by race, ethnicity, national origin, English proficiency, class, and more.

Once these localities complete the demographic studies, they must then submit a plan of action that addresses any demographic imbalances in the region. Federally funded cities deemed overly segregated will be forced to change zoning laws, provide subsidized housing in affluent areas, and change the makeup of racial distribution or density in residential areas.

Suburbs and small towns will literally be forced to import minority and low-income populations into their localities in the name of equality and social engineering. New “high-density housing developments” will need to be built to house these people, and soon the suburbs will look exactly like the cities suburban residents tried to flee.

Government’s Giant Race Database


Perhaps one of the most disturbing parts of the AFFH is the fact that the federal government will use this data to literally blackmail cities into submission.

All of the data collected as part of these equality assessments will be housed in a giant government database, and President Obama intends on making that database available to lawyers and civil rights groups. These groups will have direct access to the agency’s sophisticated mapping software, and will participate in city plans to re-engineer neighborhoods under new community outreach requirements.

“By opening this data to everybody, everyone in a community can weigh in,” Obama said. “If you want affordable housing nearby, now you’ll have the data you need to make your case.”

Through the AFFH rule, HUD will force suburbs to import low-income populations and build new high-density housing developments. National Review’s Stanley Kurtz explains:

[B]y obligating all localities receiving HUD funding to compare their demographics to the region as a whole, AFFH effectively nullifies municipal boundaries. Even with no allegation or evidence of intentional discrimination, the mere existence of a demographic imbalance in the region as a whole must be remedied by a given suburb. Suburbs will literally be forced to import population from elsewhere, at their own expense and in violation of their own laws. In effect, suburbs will have been annexed by a city-dominated region, their laws suspended and their tax money transferred to erstwhile non-residents. And to make sure the new high-density housing developments are close to “community assets” such as schools, transportation, parks, and jobs, bedroom suburbs will be forced to develop mini-downtowns. In effect, they will become more like the cities their residents chose to leave in the first place.

A Ban on Home Ownership and Single Family Homes?

Private Single Family Home in Seattle

If you live in a nice single family home neighborhood, you may soon find yourself in a neighborhood you barely recognize; even worse, you may soon find yourself homeless because HUD just rezoned your land to build a whole block of Section 8 apartment buildings.

Sound farfetched? Well it’s already happening across the country. In fact, this is exactly what has been going on in liberal cities like Seattle for decades.

Last week, I wrote an article about how Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s advisory committee on housing was drafting a set of rules that would ban single-family zoning in Seattle. In the name of “equality”, Seattle is taking this Obama administration’s fair housing framework and is actually trying to ban single family homes because they are somehow racist.

As I’ve noted numerous times in the past, this is not a conspiracy theory; these things are happening, and they are happening at an increasing pace.

Story after story, of people being regulated out of their homes by government thugs:

From giant corporations using eminent domain to steal people’s homes, to the federal government using the Department of Homeland Security and the EPA to muscle people off their land, it seems freedom loving Americans are under attack from every direction.

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  1. The bastards already own all of it, we just rent it by paying the taxes. I also want to add, the people in the County Appraisal Districts are not Muslim Terrorists. They are for the most part, Lily White Christian people who don’t give a damn about anyone or anything so long as they get their top tier salaries, benefits, and retirements. I’m sure Jesus is so proud when they stand up in Church on Sunday and tell everyone how much the Lord has blessed them. To be blunt, if Jesus must break it off in my ass to bless someone else then I would prefer that the other party live without their blessings. Have any of you ever stopped to consider that a tax notice of any kind is an actual death certificate warranted for the owner of the property. If you think this is an exaggeration, then call the tax office, local, state, or federal and tell them you are through paying taxes, but will not give up your property for a tax auction. See how long you live after that. If you don’t pay the taxes, they will auction off the property: If you refuse to move off the property, then they will shoot your ass dead, including your spouse, family, and dog. You don’t mess with taxing authorities. You will end up with no end to hold up, if you do. It’s that simple. Deal with it. Or you can be like me, don’t own nothing. And that is Biblical, the Apostle Paul said, “Own nothing, yet possess all things.” You either understand that verse or you don’t, because no one can explain it to you. Well, enjoy paying taxes and feeling patriotic. thanks always

    • they can first try to arrest your for criminal trespass, if you give no deadly resistance, they have no legal reason to shoot you, however if they bring about deadly force without cause, then you can return in kind under the consideration of tyrannical act… and civilians can still legally buy bullet proof vests from what I remember.

  2. Taxes or crummy laws cannot change the fact that a home owner has greater financial security over a lifetime than renters. Get real. Your landlord can and will evict you for nonpayment or for any reason. The Sheriff shows up and you are locked out. Easily happens every day in every city across America. Home owners although not immune to outside intervention, experience much more autonomy and control over their personal affairs. Having an ethical real estate agent who can help you to find a home within your economic limitations with a good contract at a low fixed interest rate is now and probably always will be the most important and most beneficial financial decision an individual or family can make. Take that to the bank and tell them I sent you.

    • “Your landlord can and will evict you for nonpayment or for any reason. The Sheriff shows up and you are locked out. Easily happens every day in every city across America.”

      No different from a bank repossession, foreclosure, civil forfeiture or eminent domain seizure. Plus you have to pay more taxes directly to the government. Keep deluding yourself into thinking you have more autonomy as a ‘home owner’…it’s what the crooked bankers are counting on…

      • We are not in disagreement. I simply refer to the degree of autonomy. The City for example may have zoning laws forbidding the homeowner from having more than three dogs. The Renter next door is forbidden to have even one. The Government gets taxes regardless, so I don’t get your point there. If you are anti-banks, lower your expectations and pay cash. People do. I’m still of the mindset that with all the drawbacks, I prefer owning to barrowing/(renting). With this said, let me assure you, I am alarmed by the growing abuses and intrusions and the loss of our rights as citizens and homeowners.

  3. You just have to make them not want to live in that area. We bought in a new area that then got hit hard during the 2008 housing collapse. It didn’t take long for investors to move in buying the foreclosed home and turning them into rentals. For some reason though, they just can’t keep renters in them. There seems to be a rash of snakes and other critters keep taking up residence in them along with a slew of electrical and plumbing problems. In the last year several of them have been put back on the market for sale and investors seem to be shying away from buying here.

  4. well.. looks like I mgith get that drone for air surveillance security.. know where they are coming from, easier to take them down. take my house? I think not, it will require deadly force to do so, and I will resist in kind.

  5. This is already occurring in Richardson , Texas . Even though there are H.O.A. Regulations restricting the number of occupants per house holds , the Federal Government is buying up for sale homes . then , the U. S. government under H.U.D. is placing four individuals per bedroom in each home . The last five bedroom house sold in our housing development , homes going for $ 400k to $600 K , had TWENTY Mexican REFUGE children housed in the house . That did not include the two individuals in the house to oversee the children ! Scene from movie Dr. Zhivago during the Bolshevik Revolution
    Same Bolsheviks are running America today !

    • Ain’t it the shits! I don’t know any other way to say it. I am so damned well fed up with supporting people that won’t work, and not only won’t work, but won’t take care of one f’n thing they get free from the taxpayers. There was a day, now long gone, when I had a conscience towards those less fortunate. Not anymore, I am saying with a clear conscience, let them die in place, rather on the border, underwater in the Rio Grande, or with a parched tongue in the middle of the desert. I just don’t care. To have one day to not pay for someone’s child, housing, food, clothes, free school lunches,and all the medical necessities they claim they need would be such a great, great day. Please, if there are any poor people listening, put your index finger under your tongue and push it back over your windpipe. PS: Throw the phone out the window first so you can’t call 911. You can’t breathe, so you can’t talk anyway, so calling wouldn’t do you any good (I hope). Again wait at least 30 minutes before calling 911. Happy breath holding contest (May you win the blue ribbon).

  6. “Any local jurisdiction that receives HUD funding must now conduct a detailed analysis of its housing occupancy…..” (fourth paragraph)

    Simple fix… stop taking federal money.

    One great example of the results of NOT taking federal/state/local government money is Hillsdale College. Never went there myself but it serves as a great example of what can be accomplished and what good can be served without Big Brother being involved.

  7. I wonder if this is going to be enforced in the neighborhoods that our Congressmen and movie stars live in. Nah, they’ll be somehow exempted.

  8. What’s the point other than to destroy America completely. The reason the ghettos are the way they are is because of the people in them. It doesn’t matter where you move them. They will destroy whatever area they are moved to.

      • “Any local jurisdiction that receives HUD funding must now conduct a detailed analysis of its housing occupancy by race, ethnicity, national origin, English proficiency, class, and a whole slew of government data points that will be housed in a national database.”

        So then the secret would be to find & move to jurisdictions that don’t receive ANY HUD funding, so that the local area can tell the Feds to go F@#$ themselves.

  9. A good reminder to all of us about the ECONOMIC bienfet of pre-planning. I have a few acquaintances who have helped their families through over 2 YEARS of joblessness with their long-term home food storage. Check out !

  10. LMAO!!! Yeah moron! He is also coming for your guns, releasing terrorists onto main st and addicting the country to crack. Idiot

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