Alaska to Stockpile Food & Emergency Supplies

Alaska WildernessThe Governor of Alaska, Sean Parnell, is worried about how the state would respond to a major earthquake or volcanic eruption. He told local Alaskan reporters that should a major disaster happen, the state’s residents could become cut off from air and water supply lines for an extended period of time.

Alaska is one of the most seismically active places in the world, with anywhere from 50-100 earthquakes happening everyday. Three of the seven largest U.S. earthquakes have happened in Alaska, including the 9.2 magnitude 1964 Good Friday Earthquake that killed 132 people. The quake was the second largest recorded earthquake.

In order to be prepared for such an event, the Governor has asked for proposals from contractors to build two mega food storage warehouses, in or near Fairbanks and Anchorage. The proposal, which has a budget of around $4 million, asks for enough room to hold enough food and supplies to take care of 40,000 people for up to a week.

Governor Parnell is making preparedness one of the key priorities of his administration.

His spokeswoman said he has experienced firsthand the devastation of natural disasters, including heavy flooding that knocked some buildings off foundations in Eagle in 2009, when he was lieutenant governor, and the Joplin, Mo., tornado last year…. Madden said Alaska’s readiness is better than it once was and it continues to improve.

In fact, Alaska has been kicking their preparedness efforts into overdrive. Over the last year, Alaska has purchased numerous water purification units and high power generators designed to work in the States extreme climate. They also have a statewide disaster drill planned on October 18 at 10:18 a.m., and have been working to encourage state residents to take personal preparedness responsibility.

Here is the official Flyer that is being distributed in Alaska for the October 18 Readiness Drill:

Shake Out Drill Flyer

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  1. well then…. by all definitions according to the us. govt. …..they are all terrorist….subject to law and locked up in FEMA camps indefinitely……LOL…….

  2. This is great, however, people need to prepare themselves. Remember supplies will run out, or, you may be cut off from relief efforts.

  3. Preparation only goes so far and the food store will run out. At that point most have not done the preparations to create a “sustainable” food supply. Stockpile vegi seeds to be planted alongside a food supply.

  4. It’s interesting that Utah, Oregon and Alaska have been trying to promote preparedness amongst their citizens, but some many other states haven’t.

    I say bravo to all those states encouraging their populations to be more prepared for disasters. We need to encourage this as a cultural tradition.

    • … promote preparedness amongst their citizens, but some many other states haven’t.

      Well, its gotta be one of two things–
      some states have a populace with a mindset thats self sufficient already and know how to take care of them selves….
      the populace of those other states seem to believe that the government should come in and save their sorry asses.

  5. It’s great to know that Alaska is taking steps in emergency preparedness. A community that is one in prepping will have a good chance in surviving disasters they will encounter. It is also important that every individual should be prepared – and that includes having their own supplies in their homes.

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