Half of all Americans Won’t Survive 2 Weeks without Electricity

A new study conducted by World Net Daily, looked into the overall preparedness level of the American public; what they found is pretty troubling. Almost 50% of the people who were polled said they would not be able to survive for more than 2 weeks without the electricity. An astonishing 75% of them said they would be dead within two months.

What’s most shocking about the survey, is the fact that most Americans realize how unprepared they are, but are still not willing to take the steps they need to take to ensure their survival. If you know you would be dead in a matter of weeks, doesn’t it make sense to do something to safeguard yourself from that threat?

The threat is very real, and experts are growing concerned over the possible failure of our infrastructure.

nuclear power plant

Our grid is becoming increasingly dependent on cyber technologies; but according to Cyber Security expert Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder of the Kaspersky Lab, that dependence has left us extremely vulnerable. In fact, he’s recently warned that our infrastructure is extremely vulnerable to cyber threats that could spell “the end of the world as we know it”.

That may sound a little extreme, but keep in mind, Kaspersky is one of the world’s top cyber security experts and the threat he’s talking in only just beginning. In fact, the U.S. government has been war gaming these cyber warfare scenarios for a number of years. The first target in almost every one of these scenarios is always the power grid.

Not everyone will survive; sadly, most have already given up!

The sad reality is that most Americans have already decided they would simply give up during a major catastrophic emergency. Even before the event has ever occurred, they have already sealed their fate. They’ve become so reliant on the grid, that few of them are willing to learn how to live without it.

Should America’s electrical grid collapse, it won’t take long for the country to break down into chaos. Over the next couple of weeks, we have a lineup of experts who will be talking about what the situation looks like, and how you can prepare to survive the chaos.

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  1. Blizzard on United States East Coast has been intentionally produced by use of Man made Weather Weapon from HAARP. This So called Storm that blankets the eastern seaborg is nothing other than a mirror or a rouse if you will to mask the true intention(s) of USA Govt in an effort to try and confuse, disarm, and or deflect a test by North Korea who earlier had mentioned had planned on testing firing a missile. Weather Weapons fill the air 130- 150+ miles above to create artificial storms that we on mainland earth feel in terms of heavy rains, snow and low visibility conditions. This Blizzard has been manufactured at this very convienient time with the help of russian officials as well. Do not trust and believe what you see in the media as this is NOT A NATURAL PHENOMINA. It is widely known and public information that the use of weather weapons have been used since the early 40s and as knowledge of how it worked deepened it was refined. Russia in 2011 threatened to use it if they were not allowed into WTO. What is going on in atmosphere above is completely different than what is going on in terra firma Eastern Seaborg. IONS have filled the air and the earth magnetic filled has been excited to such a degree in an effort to experiment and or use Weather Weapon as a form of “Shield” against any possible threats. I come forth with this public information to let all know that it is what it is.. this is public information and is FACT. I come in peace to educate and inform the public. THis is not a conspiracy in any way shape or form. Thanks.

    • Whoa… Trippy. Yeah, I used to smoke that stuff too, but now the haze is gone. You should flush your stash, that stuffs not good for your mind bro.

  2. I used to deliver mail in a southern state (Nightmare!)- the majority of usless eaters live on Gov. handouts,reproduce and do crack all day. They will be eating each other in a week! Most folks are unaware of the severity of what is to come. People have nothing prepaired and will become roving gangs. A person can walk 25 miles a day, city folks will be coming! Gas with ethinol spoils quickly(90 days max)it is part of the plan. Grocery store food supplies will last only 3 days max. Money-gold-silver will be useless. Drinking water will be very precious. Drones will look for those who are prepared and have supplies,and then the Gov. will come calling. The Gov. will try to control the masses for awhile. It will be a very ugly very quickly. All of the south, all large cities and suburbs will perish as they are predominently filled with people who contribute nothing to society and breed uncontrollably. If your unfortunate enough to have to want or need for anything you are TOAST!!!!

    • Smack is whack, bro. Flush your stash and clear your head, that stuff is messing with your mind. You’re giving the govt too much credit. They’re conspiring, yes, but not to kill everybody, just to line their own pockets and cram their agendas down each others throats. Not saying none of them are bad or a threat, just that your most imminent danger is what’s burning in your hash pipe right now…

  3. I totally agree. We are only 9 meals (3 days) away from this Chaos at any given time. People need to be more self sufficient and self reliant, so that if this does happen, it’s only a minor inconvenience and not a change or threat to their life.

    People need to start growing their own food or bartering their own products and services for food i their local communities again.

    The government won’t like that because they want us all reliant on them and their services so they can control us!

  4. I have survived twice without any power for a week. Once in December a few years back, and once since for Sandy. I just bundle up in layers of clothes, use my lanterns at night (opens shades during the day), and eat non-perishable food including salads.

    I also listen to my battery operated radio-preferably with Christmas music.

    Last time I didn’t have a car because it was being repaired so my house was quite literally like Gilligan’s Island.

  5. i would easily survive without electrisity because i can entertain my self and my family by playing bored games , drawing , playing with toys or just chating

    • I think you’re going to have way more to worry about than getting bored! Do you have supplies of food, water etc.? Can you cook without electric or gas? Do you have an alternate form of transportation if the gas stations are down? Can you stay warm or cool without electric? Do you have enough non electric lights so you will be able to see to do the things you want to do? I sincerely hope that you are so prepared that all you’d have to think about is not being bored.

  6. This is some serious stuff. Both my wife and I are disabled, over 65, “fatties”, however, I do have BOBs ready, and about 60-90 days of food, 30 on water so far. I also have survival skills learned from 15 years in the service. I’m not sure if we will make it past 90 days but we will do our best. I’m still gathering supplies as were able each month. Hopefully it is all for naught but indicators don’t look good long term. If we expire so be it, I’ve had a good life and really don’t want to live like the Clan of the Cave Bear the rest of my days.

  7. I can’t believe how dependent people are on electricity! We need to prepare now so that if something happens we are already ready. About 22 years ago I lived with 3 kids in a 16 x 32 cabin with no electric, running water or phone. That was in northern Minnesota too. We had a wood cook stove, an outhouse, and a hand pump outside. We used kerosene lamps for light. Now I live in southern Missouri. I do have electricity but I know that AC is a luxury, as is central heat, the dishwasher, T.V., cell phones, computers, gaming stuff, washer, dryer, kitchen appliances, flush toilet, refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, hair dryer etc, basically anything that is electric. I try to be prepared for whatever happens. I have a lot of inflatable solar charged lights which I use on a daily basis. I also heat with wood. I use a composting toilet daily. I usually hang my clothes out on the clothesline. I have a non electric washing machine like they have at Lehman’s. I have a gas kitchen stove that doesn’t even have an electric cord! I don’t use T.V., cell phones, gaming contrivances, hair dryer, microwave oven or a lot of other things that people believe are necessary. I have a one year supply of food on hand at all times, as well as supplies of other needed supplies like TP, shampoo, laundry detergent, soap, deodorant, conditioner, canning supplies, spices, matches etc. I also have a root cellar and garden area, as well as pressure cookers, a vacuum sealer and the skills to preserve food without refrigeration. I also want to buy a gas refrigerator and freezer and a solar generator when I can afford it. I have about 70 gallons of potable water available. I like to walk through my house and ask myself how I would do without whatever item I’m looking at. If it is something that I think is really important then I want 2 backups. I think it is all about your mindset as to whether you can make it or not without electricity. People lived without it for thousands of years so obviously it isn’t necessary for life. It is good to think now about what we would do if the power went out. With all the recent disasters there is ample proof that it can happen. I read that MILLIONS are without power! I am sure that the ones that are still in their homes wish they would have been prepared if they weren’t already. I’m sure even a few non electric lights and a way to cook without electric or gas would be a major help. When the disaster strikes it will be too late to start stocking up because all the other unprepared people will be trying to do the same thing. Also if you are stocking up and trying to get prepared you should try out your supplies and see if you actually want to live on that in a crisis. There are people who say you can live on 3 foods – wheat, powdered milk and salt or there are people who say you can buy 100 pounds of white rice and you’re set. If that is your plan you should try living on it and see how long you last. Same thing for people who are wasting thousands of dollars on MRE’s and freeze dried food. In a crisis you aren’t going to want to start eating a bunch of weird food that you aren’t used to. You will probably want at least what you are eating now and probably more comfort foods too. Also your family members aren’t going to be happy if you start serving strange stuff. Another thing is that many people don’t know how to cook now days either. Could you cook a meal in a solar oven? Can you live without fast food? Can you go even a week without going to the grocery store? Are you in debt up to your ears and beyond? I think that if a person is totally debt free they can weather any crisis so much easier. When you have no credit card payments, house payment, vehicle payment, student loan debt etc. you have more options and you don’t have to be so stressed if you are out of work due to some disaster; natural or personal. Then if you go beyond that and have one year of living expenses saved up things are so much easier. I read that half of all Americans don’t even have $1,000 saved. That is crazy! So people put stuff on credit cards. They spend money they don’t have on things that they may not even need and they pay an exorbitant price for it with all the interest charges. People have so much junk that they are still making payments on when maybe they don’t even use the thing or maybe they’ve even gotten rid of it. I am so glad that I got out of the credit card trap. It is NOT Free Money! People tell me they use cards because they get points or cash back. I read that if people had to pay cash they would spend 20% less. Is anyone getting 20% back on their credit card? Say you only saved a measly 5% by not using a credit card. If you are getting 1% back on your card then you would basically be losing out on the 4% you could have saved by not using the card. Better to start preparing for a disaster now instead of waiting for the disaster to hit and then being unprepared. Why be part of the 75% that feel that they wouldn’t make it when you could prepare for it now and have a better chance of being one that does make it?

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