America’s Obsession with Violence: It’s not a Gun Problem; it’s a Culture Problem

Violence: the new American Pastime.  As the media pundits use this morning’s tragedy in Connecticut to further promote their Anti-Gun Agenda, one really has to wonder how these two-faced hypocrites can even look at the public with a straight face.

I’m really getting sick and tired of hearing how guns are the problem. If guns are the problem, why were schools so much safer only a couple decades ago? During the 1950’s rifle clubs were a pretty common thing to have in public schools. In fact, teachers even taught kids how to shoot and how to safely use their rifles. You didn’t hear about mass shootings back then.

A Culture of Violence: The celebration of everything that’s wrong with America

When are we going to stop blaming guns and start blaming our sick culture? I find it pretty ironic that the same idiots in the media who yell the loudest about gun control legislation, are the same people who can’t stop fawning over every bit of filth pushed out of Hollywood. These people are obsessed with violence, and they promote it every chance they get.

Violence is Celebrated in this Country.

From the daughter of Mafia boss John Gotti getting her own reality T.V. show, to the countless number of violent criminal rappers who have become mainstream millionaires, it seems violence and crime are celebrated in this country. The more trouble these celebrities get into, the more the media seems to hold them up on a pedestal.

Even the President of the United States has promoted this sick culture of violence and filth. During his re-election campaign, President Obama asked a known drug dealer and criminal to perform at his campaign rallies. In fact, the President even invited the criminal rapper Jay-Z to the White House. This is a man who is an admitted crack dealer that was convicted of repeatedly stabbing a man; yet he is glorified by the President of the United States.

Jay-Z at the White House
President Barrack Obama with the Violent Convicted Felon and Criminal Drug Dealing Rapper, Jay-Z.

In my opinion, that says everything that needs to be said about our culture. When a violent criminal drug dealer is allowed to hang out with the President of the United States, what does that say to the youth of America? Instead of blaming guns, maybe it’s about time we look at the real problem.

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  1. Really should try to separate the drug issues from the rest. You mention how rifle clubs were the norm back in the day and you didn’t hear much about mass shootings, etc. Well, drugs were legal back in the day and the same logic applies.

    You are absolutely right that our culture is sick. But one of the illnesses is the propensity to cast blame rather than take responsibility, and your doing the same.

    And it’s not violence that’s the issue. Our country was born out of violence. It’s FEAR that’s the issue. Fear of guns, fear of failure, fear of what other people think, fear of living a lonely and miserable existence, fear of asking for help, and fear of our hand being bitten when we offer help.

    Fear is the Mind Killer.

    • Sorry but it’s the glorification of drugs and violence that is largely responsible for this mess. It’s our current culture that glorifies and pushes it into the minds of our children.

      • i hardly think its drugs and violence being glorified. first of all, portugal completely legalized all drugs and the use has gone down. drugs arent bad, people do stupid things on drugs. second, violence is hardly as glorified as it was when people used to gather at the town square to watch hangings and executions. our culture is always going to be crude and dirty, it always was and it will continue to be that way. the problem isnt the guns, its the people who have guns. people kill people. taking away the gun is only going to produce a different method of killing. it may be harder to kill, but it wont be impossible

  2. I 100% agree with everything you said. Take a look at kids today. They are drugged up robots (often medicated into stupidity by their parents) who sit in front of a screen watching and playing in some violent fantasy for 12 – 15 hours a day.

    Now they say this kid was Autistic. Who wouldn’t be autistic if exposed to what these kids are exposed to. Drugs, mind-numbing music, violence, pharmaceuticals, debauchery. Of course they’re crazy. They’ve been slowly programmed by this garbage without even knowing it. Their minds are warped!

    • There’s been crazy people doing crazy things for a long long time. it’s only our modern society that has decided that we can group together large numbers of people. Leave them helpless and put a sign saying don’t do anything bad to keep them secure.

      The gun control people are already screaming to get rid of all guns. Great sure if you’re a god and make every gun go away and stay gone then do it. If not you’ll never get rid of them all.

      Others are arguing that the mental health system has failed. Sorry but sometimes people are OK and then they’re not. You’re not going to diagnose every psycho before they snap.

      Bad things happen and will continue to happen.
      People have to be allowed the chance to protect themselves. I’m a firm believer that Israel’s plain clothed, government trained and sponsored, armed school volunteers is the way to go. No one is going to do what it takes to defend a room full of kids from a gunman like one of the kids parents would. I’d happily adjust my work schedule to spend 1 day a week at the school. Of course I’m not allowed to even take my handguns out of the house without a piece of paper saying I can take it to the range so we’ve got a long long ways to go up here in Canada.



  3. The gun did it …it grew legs an ran over there and uncontrollably started wasting those people with no remorse…….it was the gun…….good GOD people are stupid……..this kid need they’re ass blistered instead the govt. has taught them they can get away with thing like this with no repercussion…ok lets just spell it out…D F A C S….tell you how you can’t whip your child….

    • but instead it give the gun controllers one more brick in they’re cube on why they should remove all gun from the citizens …so that only the govt.and thugs , thieves,criminals that DO NOT obey the laws anyway will be the ones armed…leaving the rest of US to be meat on the plate serve it up…….

  4. I agree with what the article is saying, but Jay-Z is not someone to use as an example. Listen to the lyrics of his music and what he raps about and look at what he’s done for his community.

    It seems like a similar situation to when Common came to the White House earlier this year:

    Also, are we going to judge people for mistakes they made over a decade ago? That seem un-American, or maybe it’s yet another part of our culture problem.

    • What he’s done for his community? You mean perpetuating a stereotype that encourages youth in urban areas to grow up to be drug dealers? I took a look at his lyrics before I wrote this and really didn’t see anything positive about songs called crack game that promote dealing crack and go into detail on how to do it correctly.

      It’s one thing to make a mistake, it’s another to promote those mistakes to the youth of America in your music. Songs that promote violence, constantly call women the B word, and promote an atmosphere of hatred are not my idea of songs that do anything positive for the world.

      I used Jayz as an example because I think the fact that he was invited to the White House was a great example of how low this country and culture has sunk. But to be fair, there are thousands upon thousands who are just as bad, if not worse than Jayz and unfortunately they are all being pushed on the most vulnerable and impressionable people in this country.

      Just look at what passes for entertainment today. You can’t even take your kids to a G rated movie with out constantly being on guard for what might be said. It’s ridiculous. I’m all for freedom of speech, and I’m the last person to say something should be censored, but at some point people need to say enough is enough and stop giving these people our money. It shouldn’t be ok to market adult content to people who are not adults.

      • as i was raised a the older people around me would lead by example not telling or dictating,,,,look at what the president is showing the world about our example.

      • Just do a web search for “Jay Z philanthropy” and you’ll get plenty of information.

        Straight out of his lyrics: “Like I told you sell drugs, no Hov [another name for Jay z] did that So hopefully you wouldn’t have to go through that”

        Yes, Jay Z sold drugs as a way of escaping the poverty of the projects and going legit as an entrepreneur which he has clearly succeeded in doing, and it would be difficult not to call him a “job creator.”

        Yes you can self righteously denounce him for the fact that he sold drugs to escape poverty, but if you truly understand the odds and challenges facing a child in a housing project in a major city in the United States I’m sure you’ll be lenient considering his business and philanthropic record. Once again, straight out of Jay Z’s lyrics: “Since I know what i’m up against We as rappers must decide what’s most impor-tant And i can’t help the poor if i’m one of them So i got rich and gave back To me that’s the win, win.”

        You see that he raps about drug dealing and violence but you didn’t take the time to understand his lyrics which is a common mistake. Many parents of suburban white kids freaked out when they heard their children listening to such things and still do. But most of the original rappers from the 80’s and 90’s had positive messages and lessons with their lyrics but you have to not just listen but also UNDERSTAND them. From these socially conscious roots formed gangster rap and the pop trash that you hear today that does glorify violence, drugs, and misogyny but it is a disservice to everyone when people lump all rappers together.

        The problem is that by lumping all rappers together, or in this case wrongly villainising a socially conscious rapper only serves to further alienate people who are actually on our side. And I’m sure that almost all people who appreciate good rap would agree with me that this article wrongly lumps Jay Z in the on the negative side of things.

        As I said originally, I AGREE with the article but disagree with the use of Jay Z as an example of this especially given the positive things he has done for society and the length of time it has been since the stabbing referred to in the article. Nelson Mandela took part in wrongful violence but would you say he is unfit to visit the White House given what he has done since? Especially given the fact that more than a few members of our government past and present could easily be judged possibly even indicted as being part of wrongful and unjust violence.

    • I really do enjoy your website, and I like to share this information w/my kameraden; however, some have no access to computers. I have attempted several times to print the articles to share with them, but, for some reason the number two (2) page always comes up missing. Any suggestions? Sure would appreciate them….Thanx much!

  5. Anyone that advocates legalizing drugs needs to be placed on clean up of shooting scenes like these. That’s as close to what they subject mexician citizens to everyday because of their habits.
    They advocate that no one died smoking weed well give them the pictures of the beheaded mexicians. The acid flushed corpses, the shot up cops. See if they evenknow where their drugs come from. Most think it comes from some local warehouse. Wake them up if you can I doubt you can. As for glorification of gun violence it goes back a long way.
    Wyatt Earp we glorify this murder in our history books. He shot and killed Clayton’s and others through out the years he lived and make him out as some sort of hero. If he lived today he would be arrested and tried for murder. So lets not forget the origins of these obsessions with deadly footings and more.

  6. How do ya solve problems like these? Any action that is taken will only anger one side or another. Its politically correct America. Many things that are common sence will be over turned because someone, some organization will yell discrimination. Parents need to be more involved with their children. Ass whoopin’s need to be handed out more often with out big brother being involved. Yes there is a differnce between discipline and abuse. Kids now a days are out of control. No remorse for who they may hurt. We as a country need a real leader not a damn good salesman who can throw a pitch. How many ppl does obama have working for him? Why couldn’t someone else adress the nation? Na he would rather do some piss poor acting instead of worring about the fiscal cliff that hangs above our head. As far as jay-z.. I was a kid once and listened to rap music ( don’t ask me why) and I played socom (violent PlayStation game) have I or will I go shoot innocence? Hell no. Now I do enjoy shooting up some targets but now we are at risk of losing our 2nd amendment right because of these morons. Being politically correct damn near took away Our

  7. Took away our first amendment. Anyways what do ya do? Our thoughts and prayers go out to the innocence that were lost.

  8. Why do we have these issues in the USA? Lets see where our culture has gone:

    In the recent POTUS Election more of the media and celebrity were concerned with “the Mormon” than the guy who admitted to weed and cocaine use in college.

    In the NFL a dog-killer is immediately given a pass, any kind of offensive behavior is forgiven because, “he’s good” but there is concern if the guy who says a quiet prayer of thanks is offensive. Perhaps he needs to do a silly dance?

    And best of all, when a bunch of terrorists attack our embassy and rape and kill our ambassador our leaders apologize to THEM.

    Seriously, we have 90% of the USA afraid to just tell people “hey, you are behaving badly.” Why do we get suprised? You plant seeds of a crop and that crop grows.

    • Everyone might want to take a look at what a certain senator from cal. is proposing ASAP. Banning high capacity mags, certain ammo, and of course “assault weapons” with no grandfathering clause. So you’re just supposed to take your guns and give them to , well I was going to say Uncle Sam, but these people are worse then that. Keep your eyes and ears tuned to the news folks.

  9. There are as many, if not more, Americans killed in cars every year as there are killed by guns, even counting when they shoot themselves in a suicide. Implication? WE NEED TO OUTLAW CARS! NOBODY NEEDS MORE THAN TWO CYLINDERS FOR SPORT DRIVING! AND WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DRIVE ANYWAY?

  10. Cigarettes kill more people than guns every year, but they are still legal. Tanning beds cause deadly cancer in thousands of people every year but they are still legal. Someone explain the rules as to how the government decides what can be deadly and legal and what can’t be!

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