And it Begins! New York to Require mandatory COVID-19 testing for out-of-state travelers

Today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that people who visit New York will have to quarantine for three days and then prove they are negative for COVID-19 before they are “free to go about their business.” 

All visitors must show proof of a negative test taken within three days of arriving in the State, and must also quarantine for three more days — and get a new COVID-19 test on the fourth.

Anyone who refuses to be tested must quarantine for 14 days.

New Yorkers who return home within a day of leaving must take a test within four days of their arrival, Cuomo said. But if they are gone longer for 24 hours, then the new rules apply.

You will soon not be able to move freely without your COVID Pass!

Since January we have warned that none of this was ever about the virus, but instead a plan to scare the public into submission and implement the complete lockdown and tracking of every single person in the country.

The mask were just a test. The public failed!

The moment they realized they would not face resistant, the real plan was put in place — you will soon not be able to travel or go about your life freely without having digital papers. In fact, in Las Vegas, Nevada casinos are already building labs and implementing a COVID Pass plan to assign digital barcodes to anyone who is attending conventions, events or doing business in Las Vegas.

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  1. “Where are your papers citizens? SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!”

    get ready for a wild 2021 boys, cause the mobs of “urban utopia” are once again dictating the outcome for the rest of the country.

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