Another Brutal BLM Terror attack on Innocent Man Ignored by Cable Media

Texas police are searching for a group of Black Lives Matters terrorists who brutally attacked a white man outside a convenience store in Harris County, Texas.

The victim says he was specifically targeted because he was white and told local reporters that the thugs screamed black lives matter at him throughout the brutal beating. You won’t find this story on FOX, MSNBC or CNN and most of the local outlets that covered it failed to report that the group was part of the BLM organization and taunted the man with BLM slogans as they beat him.

This is just the latest in a series of brutal BLM and Antifa attacks that have been ignored by the mainstream media. We cover some of them in our social unrest page and in the following articles:

Social Unrest is one of the Top Preparedness Threats You Face!

As I’ve pointed out in my bookThe Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, and as we constantly warn our readers on OFFGRID Survival, these attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence in this country.

These are not isolated incidents, and they did not just start during the latest round of left-wing inspired rioting! We have been compiling a list of some of these attacks our social unrest page and in our story from earlier in the year about how these urban mob attacks happen on a daily basis.

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    • Obviously you’re one of those simple minded people who fail to recognize the reality of why these men of colour act like “animals”!!!!!

      When you take an animal from it’s home, cage it to an area, then mistreat that animal, how do you think that animal will react with other animals? After being disregarded and treated poorly. It’s going to act out it’s aggression and hatred on anything and anyone. So for you to be so ignorant & along with sounding extremely uneducated is a shame. You should take the time to look into the reality of the history of the United States. Then maybe, you might have something intelligent to say. Not just spew bigoted comments. I imagine your asshole is jealous with the shit that comes out of your mouth.

      • When an animal attacks people, we put it down. No animosity, just a precaution for public safety. I love grizzlies and wolves, but if one appears to be coming for my family I would put them down as fast as possible.
        Treat others with respect and you shall receive the same in return. Do otherwise and response will be appropriate for your behavior. I am not racist and do not consider the people shown in video to be animals for that would be an insult to animals. Human life is precious, but my families and my life are more precious to me than anyone else’s. I do not have much capacity for violence, as the saying goes – Don’t pick a fight with an old Texan, too fat to run and too old to fight, he may just have to kill you.

      • That is classical left propoganda.
        Im not American (or native english speaker( so forgive my english)) and when seeing whats going on in the US i cant help asking myself: are you whites insane?! You are helping the sub-humens that are trying day and night to kill you! And it is no secret! They announce it openly and proudly, and yet whites deny that and claim that they (the Niggers) are “freedom fighters”
        The blacks are the best treated people in the US. dont believe me?
        they got and are getting the largest funds, charities, tax reductions, opportunity zones, free schooling, free buissnes zones, anti discrimination laws ( which are basicly discrimination laws against whites) etc etc. What else do they want? I’ll tell you: they want a pure black country. Why are the whites so blind?!

  1. Time to start fighting back. Hate to say it, but can’t feel sorry for a pussy who allows this and sits there and takes it like a little bitch. White people need to stop being such scared pussies and rise up! Send them back to Wakanda.

    • And you need to stop being such an asshole, how many black men does it take to beat up one white man sphincter face?

  2. The common thread is to provoke racial tensions and division. The guys were punks, there are also white punks doing these things so it doesn’t matter that they are black. Tim, you comment was out of line-don’t take the bait.

    Southern Comfort, do think things would have gone better if the guy attempted to fight off 5 guys? Granted, he should have covered his face and neck and maybe attempted to get inside but the whole thing was pretty shocking so, he may have been in shock.

    We need to acknowledge the truth, there is a terrorist group attacking our nation, attempting to disguise themselves as average citizens – they are not. They are agitators. (Yes, there are some low lifes – who are always ne’re do wells who are taking advantage of the circumstances).

  3. Just curious… did any of you actually WATCH the video? They were not screaming BLM at the victim and the guy did not think it was racially motivated. You tell us libs to stop believing the “lamestream” media… Fine. Do the same thing and start checking things out for yourselves. Walk the walk and stop relaying shit before checking it out.

    • The guy is a retarded sissified self-hating typical white liberal. Even after getting his ass beat by a pack of wild animals he is still to brainwashed with white guilt to admit who the real animals are.

  4. I agree with Don’tpostwithoutchecking. These were just black punks, they were NOT BLM members, even the victim said it wasn’t racially motivated. He didn’t deserve to be beat up and the blacks being lynched don’t deserve it either. Too many bad actors including this garbage site wrongly placing blame on BLM and Antifa because trying to cause more division and violence!

  5. this might explain the endless stream of Texas license plates I’ve been seeing for the last 3 years here in WA state half a country away…..

  6. WAKE UP…go with your girlfriend and buy hand guns and take lessons on shooting and get carry permit. or next time you may wide up dead. And i’m sorry this is the new world we live in.

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