Another Gun Control Executive Order: Obama Targeting Social Security recipients with Gun Ban

President Obama is getting ready to sign executive order that could ban millions of social security recipients from owning a gun.

UN Gun Control Gun

The order will ban anyone whose monthly disability payments are handled by a third party, similar to what the Obama administration has done to Veterans who can’t handle their own financial affairs.

In 2013, the Obama administration began targeting returning vets who the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) deemed unable to manage their own benefits. As part of this program, vets who were appointed a fiduciary to manage their VA benefits – because of being diagnosed with things like post-traumatic stress disorder, brain injuries that affect memory, and other cognitive disorders – could have their firearms seized and their right to own a gun taken away.

According to a 2013 Senate report, the Department of Veteran Affairs is responsible for reporting more than 143,000 beneficiaries, including about 83,000 veterans, to the “mental defective” category of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Unfortunately, most of these people were put on the gun ban list for nothing more than needing financial assistance to manage their VA benefits.

The Obama administration now wants to extend that program towards social security recipients, stripping the 2nd amendment right to own a firearm from anyone who has been declared incompetent to manage pension or disability payments.

The system will not consider whether the social security recipient is a danger to himself, herself, or others, which is the federal standard for denying someone a gun, it will only look at whether a third party has been assigned to manage that person’s financial benefits.

4.2 Million Could be banned from owning a gun!

According to the LA Time:

If Social Security, which has never participated in the background check system, uses the same standard as the VA, millions of its beneficiaries would be affected. About 4.2 million adults receive monthly benefits that are managed by “representative payees.”

While this ban may keep guns out of the hands of some people who pose a danger to themselves, the widespread application will put millions of unsuspecting Americans, whose only problems include slight memory problems or the inability to balance a checkbook, in a category that deems them mentally unable to won a firearm.

“Someone can be incapable of managing their funds but not be dangerous, violent or unsafe,” said Dr. Marc Rosen, a Yale psychiatrist who has studied how veterans with mental health problems manage their money. “They are very different determinations.”


  1. When they start taking guns from us the worth of a firearm will go up 1000 times. You will be able to get your weight in gold. We have about 18 months and all our lives are going to change in that time and not for the good. Think of it as you have about a year to get prepared. When you go to buy something ask yourself how would this help me survive or protect me? Good luck to everyone! We are going to need it.

    • Excellent advice Aj, excellent advice indeed. I sincerely hope people will heed what you have said and react accordingly. We shall see. God bless.

    • taxedn2poverty Who are you to say whom should or should not carry a gun. You were in the Army. That explains everything, couldn’t get in a good military outfit! There,s a guy in our town claim she was a Seal, Special Forces and was actually in the Air Force Band. Probably where you were.When I was in Vietnam the Calvary hid behind the Marines. Vote for Hillary you retard. She’ll ban weapon ownership by banning the sale of Ammo and you can go hunting with a club. Water is disappearing? YUP! It evaporates here in the desert.

      • Nope, I don’t play musical instruments, never was in the Air Force, and never claimed to be a seal. Just straight leg infantry. Did my job and came home. That’s all.

  2. Does anyone really want a ptsd veteran walking around the neighborhood with a gun? I don’t! Gun ownership belongs to responsible individuals, not people claiming to be ‘mentally troubled’ so they can receive a handout every month from the taxpayers. PTSD veterans are everywhere and they are milking the system for all it’s worth. You need to know that once a vet is diagnosed with ptsd they can never, repeat never, be reevaluated. It is there welfare check forever, at your expense. If they receive 100% disability, in Texas at least, then they don’t have to pay property taxes either. Is that ridiculous or what? If they are mentally disturbed, which is highly doubtful, then take their guns away, 2nd amendment or not. If they are not mentally disturbed, which is closer to reality, then give them a job application, tell them to go to the end of the line and take their turn when it comes. Here’s the point: Veterans have ptsd because they get paid to have it: How many would have it if they had to pay to keep it: Just Exactly Zero, that’s how many. Let’s take care of amputees, those badly burned, or missing part of their face instead of the ones that want nothing more than have us provide them with a welfare check and free medical benefits for as long as they live. Those are the facts, people, deal with it. PS: For the record, I’m a Veteran. One tour with C Troop, 1st Squadron 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment and another with B Troop 2/17th Cav. 101 Airborne. All I ever asked my Country for was a plane ticket home in 1971, a job application, and my turn when it came. I haven’t done too bad making my own living, thanks be to Christ. That’s the role model Veterans should be setting for the Civilian Population. Yes it is! Blessings.


    • You are right a person that is unstable should not be armed but who decides who is and who’s not. This is a way to get around the law and disarm as many people as possibly. This president decides what laws to Enforce and which ones to ignore. Obama’s favorite president was Abe Lincoln. Did you read the story about marshal law on the website? get what you can now the price for everything is going to sky rocket. Ammo for a 22 is over double in price and climbing. Anything in large quantities are disappearing fast. Food water and ammo get it and keep it to yourself. You do not want to be a target. Good luck and thank you for your service!

      • Your points are true and well taken, except one. Who decides who is and who is not. Let’s take it from the top: If a veteran for any reason whatsoever applies for PTSD benefits then they are admitting they have PTSD and at that point should be forever denied the right to own a gun. Sincerely, if they apply by filling out all the government paperwork then it is nothing less than self incrimination. Pardon the pun, but the ‘smoking gun evidence’ is the application in their hands. In closing let me say nothing is going to cure ptsd if one really has it. I haven’t been in a combat zone for 44 years and I still wake up and see things that are not their. There is a hole in the wall next to my bed that I put my fist through last year. This stuff went on every night for years and years, decades, if you will. I took a nap on an airliner once in 1975 and a flight attendant shook me to wake me up to tell me to put on my seat belt. Before I was fully awake, I grabbed her arm so tight it left a bad bruise. In a post 911 environ I would probably have been arrested. I’m not telling a sob story here, all veterans that have looked it in the eye have bad days and nights. But depositing money in our bank accounts every month at taxpayer’s expense is not the answer. Every veteran has to build a life and take it as it comes. That’s just our row to hoe. No one owes me anything. I’m thankful just to be alive. Blessings.

        • I am curious about your thought of the drafted.
          For example drafted and a double amputee, AK and BK leg, has 100% disability.
          Should that person pay ANY taxes at all?
          Additional info; Did work for 27 years before retiring.

          • No, under no circumstance should a person that made such a monumental sacrifice be burdened with taxes of any kind. They have paid enough already, more than enough. Conversely there is a ‘veteran’ who lives just four houses down from me who lost a leg in a motor cycle accident (drunk driving)and he has received va disability since 1983. 32 years he has pilfered the taxpayers to pay for his lack of judgement. Those and the ptsd guys/girls are the ones that should be taken off the welfare rolls. thanks

    • I would rather my tax dollars go a vet than the lazy fat baby breeding lived on the govt. their sorry entire lives.

    • PSD veterans are NOT the point. Besides who diagnoses this condition? It is a blanket removal of citizens rights with NO trial, examination & no recourse. It is a quick & easy way to enslave more citizens & take more power until we are all like communist slaves who have NO recourse from the exploitation of government elites. This is a tactic to remove all power from citizens bit by bit so that it does not spark a rebellion until most are disarmed.
      There are other ways to deal with people who should not possess fire arms & those are being ignored so that we still have mass murders by people who should have been kept where they & we would be safe. None of those have been vets or senior citizens BTW. This is a bogus argument to obscure the actual aim. Wake up while it still counts.

    • Cannot argue about a person with PTSD not having a firearm. However there are many whose mind and ability are far better than teenagers. Also keep in mind that PTSD is not restricted to military personnel. Anyone can have PTSD who has experience a traumatic event. Such events can even be failure to get an “A” in a course.

    • You’ve got to be kidding me. Hand out? Taxpayers money? Social Security benefits are calculated on the money the citizen paid into the system along with what their previous employers paid into the system. It is a forced savings account to be slowly given back to the citizen when they retire or become disabled and unable to work. This is not a welfare check. No one penny that a SSDI recipient receives comes from another taxpayer. Please don’t sprew hatred without being informed.

      • Oh and by the way in the State of Texas you can have your property taxes deferred to be paid if you sale your property or you die then your estate had 6 months to pay the back taxes or lose the property. Educate yourself.

  3. If all that is required in order to loose your 2nd ammendment Rights is not to be able to balance your checkbook, then every politician in the country should hand over their guns! Posession of a firearm is the only way the weak and frail elderly can protect themselves from muggers now. Leave it to the Liberals to “care about the elderly”.

  4. Let’s take this to the next level and suppose that you have your 401k managed by a broker. Could that imply the state of your mental health and result in gun confiscation? Come on people, get active and call your Representative and Senator in Washington DC!

    • Thomas Jefferson said, concerning the 2nd amendment, “The only time we will ever need it is when they try to take it away from us.” Funny how the liberals always quote his separation of church and state comment, but never mention the one about the good ole second amendment.

    • Er, that would be the same ones that just voted that GMO foods don’t have to be labeled…I get your point, but it’s hopeless to carry on an intelligent conversation with a politician.

  5. I’m thinking I should call Charles Schwab and ask him to invest some of my money in the gun and ammunition industry. If I do, and I’m deemed unfit to carry a weapon, can I still buy bullets??? I may be crazy but I’m not stupid. By the way, a little tip I got from The Crisis Report/Stansberry Research, sanctions against Iran may be lifted allowing American citizens to invest on the ground floor of what will be the greatest investment opportunity since China opened to Western investment. Apparently those Iranians aren’t nearly as interested in killing us as the main stream press led us to believe. Check out the article. It’s quite interesting. Have a fantastic life and don’t get too serious, ain’t none of us getting out of all this madness. We all got to die sometime. Relax, you’ll live longer and happier. God Bless and the creek don’t rise. Good Bye!!!

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