25 People Shot in One Night in Chicago – So how are those anti-gun laws working?

What happens when a city bans law-abiding citizens from owning firearms?

Well, to answer that question all you have to do is look at the city of Chicago.

Chicago is one of the most anti-gun cities in America and severely restricts it’s law abiding citizens from owning self-defense weapons. Despite the fact that the city has pretty much banned citizens from owning guns, it has one of the highest crime rates in the country. Things are so bad that earlier this week 25 people were gunned down in one night on the streets of Chicago.

shooting map

More than two dozen people, including a 6-year old girl, were shot in one night throughout the city.

How much longer can politicians push the lie that they’re trying to protect the public?

One of the arguments you often hear from those who are against gun ownership, is that there’s an epidemic of people dying from gun violence due to the lack of gun control. You often hear them use buzz words like “high-powered assault weapons” “cop killers” or “large capacity clips” to scare the public into thinking we need more gun laws. But if these gun laws work, why is the city of Chicago starting to look like a war zone?

If gun bans actually protected the public, cities like Chicago should be utopias where crime has been wiped out and everyone skips through the streets giving each other high fives. But obviously that isn’t happening. Chicago has some of the most draconian gun laws on the books, yet the average citizens put his life on the line by just walking out the door in Chicago.

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  1. That’s what they wanted as a Mayor. They got it and now they are dying off. Maybe the people will wake up and leave any area that has such laws that doesn’t allow it own citizens to protect themselves. With the crazy laws in different states and what the cops can do to a non-native person, told my wife ,the other day, I am not leaving this state or area for anything. stay-cations for ever.

    • yeah because u wouldn’t be able to live thru the things that happen here that happens here, banning guns isn’t going to help 100% right away the police can’t do anything but patrol and i don’t blame them, u can’t blame anybody except for the shooters , any city could have been named most dangerous city in the country, a city can’t decide on the people who live in it who’s there is there and they can stay there if they want.

    • Curious statement Ty. Where in the bill of rights does it say children aren’t covered?

      There haven’t been many arrests of the perperators of these assults. How is it that you know who committed these crimes when the police don’t?

      The victoms of these crimes don’t care where the shooter is an adult or minor. They only care that they were shot.

  2. Ty – you’re kind if a dumbass aren’t ya. It doesn’t matter who had the gun. If lawful citizens carried handguns, they could hav killed the perp and no incident people would’ve died.

  3. Read the 2nd amendment, Ty. It says “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”, it does not say anything about minors or age limits, it says “the people” and last I checked, even young people are still people.

    • And at the time the 2nd amendment was drafted 10, 11, 12 year olds and up were fighting our wars and hunting to put food on our tables!

  4. so you’re saying if EVERYBODY packed heat, there would be no violent crimes in Chicago? St. Louis has conceal and carry, and guess what? People still get shot out here. A preteen shot a cop not to long ago out this way… or some craziness like that. Either way, just cause you carry don’t mean your safe. Someone pulls on you, then you pull on them, then since everybody around you is packin, everybody pulls. Then you got 25 dead people, on the same block. Tip 1 – Stay outta the hood. Tip 2 – That’s really it.

    • So, what you really are saying is that law abiding citizens should just cower in their homes and all will be well? That is the “Blame the Victim and Crack Down on the Law Abiding” mentality that seems to be the new lib norm. What part of “Shall not be infringed..” do you not understand?

  5. Anyone with a lick of sense knows if everyone carry’s firearms, nothing good will come of it. However that never has and never would happen. ONe thing is for sure, if I were going to rob someone’s house, or mug someone, it would not be one who is armed. I find it amazing that any time someone is shot it makes national headline news. What is not told is malpractice, cancer, and heart disease are the three top causes of death. Hundreds of thousands of lives are saved yearly because someone did have access to firearms. How often do you read that? Government control is the number one problem in this country. Once they have our guns, they really control everything.

  6. How much longer can politicians push the lie that they’re trying to protect the public?

    I live in germany, same story here. There trying to set up a Global Government

  7. The global “One World” government is a bad joke played on the people. I am not for it and no one from another country will tell me what I can and can’t do!

  8. When we take the guns away from law abiding citizens the only people left with the guns are the thugs. Well and the police, but I’m not sure that wasn’t already covered in thugs. I guess we could just pay more taxes and we could all have our own personal police officer to keep us safe.

  9. if everyone who lawful can owe a gun carried one then yes at first there would be alot of shootings because the innocent will be defending them selfs but guess what once those bad guys are either dead or in police custody crime rates will drop. Take guns away and guess what one only ones with guns are bad guys who dont care about laws and police. I dont know about you but I can pull a gun and defend my self WAY faster than any cop of any police department can arrive at my house to defend me. last time I called the Sherrifs department it was cause my neighbor threated to kill me. my wife called the sheriff immediately. I walked in the house got my gun and stood and waited another 36 mins for the cops to get there. If my neighbor wasnt a shit talker and actually attempted something my whole family could have been dead before the cops ever arrived.

  10. I live in CA. and the gun laws are awful. Criminals have the guns. I do own guns but I cant buy the ones I want. 8 years to go before I can retire and move to the midwest

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