Apartment Complex Tells Tenants They Have to Get Rid of Their Guns – or They’ll be Forcibly Removed

The next step in the battle against guns seems to be limiting where you can and can’t carry a gun, and this may include your own home. From Gun free zones, to businesses who don’t allow people to carry a gun in their stores, it’s becoming harder and harder to protect yourself in this country.

The latest in a long line of craziness comes out of Colorado, where an apartment complex is telling residents that they need to get rid of their guns, or they will be forcibly evicted from the premises.

According to KUSA-TV in Colorado, The Oakwood Apartments in Castle Rock, Colorado, run by Ross Management Company, sent out a notice to all residents saying they will be enacting a new policy that would ban residents from owning and storing a firearm in their own apartments. The new policy, which is set to take effect on October 1st, would ban residents from keeping any type of firearm in their own residence.

Retired Marine VetThe news hit 77-year-old retired Marine Corps veteran Art Dorsh especially hard. Dorsch, who honorably served his country and is now living on a fixed income, has been told by management that he has three options: get rid of his guns and stay, keep his guns and move out voluntarily, or keep his guns and be forced out.

These are not criminals; these are not people who own weapons that are banned under Colorado’s draconian gun control laws; they are average everyday Americans who are exercising their second amendment rights. In Dorsch’s case, he’s a hunter and has a concealed carry permit holder – not to mention the fact that he served and defended this country with weaponry that was much more powerful than what he keeps safely stored in his gun safe.

They Seek to turn us all into Criminals

This should be a word of warning to anyone who owns gun in an apartment complex – hell, it should be a word of warning for all of us – these gun grabbing bastards are going to do everything they can to turn us into second-class citizens.


  1. while i live in a an apart, i hate it. since we already have absurd laws in the country if these annoying SOBs know I have guns, they can make this sort of shit.

    buy your house, and be it’s king. if this happens in America, imagine what’s going on in other places…

    • I think it is a good idea,get rid of all guns,,lets make President Obama the first one that will get rid of all guns in the White House from any person (included guards and police and service men) he should show us by getting rid of every gun in Washington D.C.,,,,what dont you think that would be fair? the apartment owner is breaking the second amendment,,the apartment owner should have to go to court and if found guilty of breaking the second amendment he will have to go to prison,,,,,,, YOU CAN TAKE MY GUN FROM MY COLD DEAD FINGERS

      • This ‘rule’ violates the Colorado Landlord Tenant law. This management company is playing with the fire of a lawsuit. I hope they get their asses sued off…

      • I agree. We have our rights. This company that owns these apartments should stop right now. Are they going to provide protection for all the people that live in those apartments? Can they say that no one will ever be robbed, assaulted or killed in these apartments? If not, then they should leave these poor people alone.

  2. The letter from a legal standpoint isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on…toss it in the trash. Landlords have very limited rights to what’s allowed in a rented property…this is one of those things the owner cannot enforce.

  3. The apartment owner is a private company making rules for tenants who CHOOSE to live on its private property. It’s not public property, it’s not his property, it is someone else’s private property and that owner can make conditions that visitors have to abide by (or they can leave). The vet in the video is good at illiciting sympathy, but he doesn’t HAVE to give up his guns – he can move. That seems like the obvious choice here actually – just move somewhere else that doesn’t have stupid policies. Why would you want to live in a neighborhood that has been on TV announcing to every criminal who cares to watch that the neighborhood is now defenseless?

    Regardless, his right to bear arms has to be balanced with private property rights. Although he lives here, making it a little more tricky, it is not his property. It is similar to a restaurant that “bans guns” from its premises. If you choose to bring your sidearm in, they can ask you to leave, if you don’t comply, they can have you charged with criminal trespass. The correct choice is to simply not give them your business any longer.

    • It’s his apartment, the rental company has no right telling these people that they can’t have a gun in their own home. It’s beyond unconstitutional and has nothing to do with property rights. If we go with your reasoning pretty soon we won’t be able to carry a gun anywhere.

      So should this old man have to keep moving every time some liberal idiot in Colorado decides to do this in their property? This old guy is a hero and has done nothing wrong and for you to come down on him is just sad.Some people don’t have the money to move, and if you read the article you would see this guy is on a fixed income and can’t move.

      • That is right. Sometimes the articles don’t give enough details. Perhaps his fixed income also means he’s on Section 8. Landlords that accept Section 8 are hard to find and fill up fast. Either way if they do find a way to make this happen perhaps they can do some sort of grandfather clause and he can stay with his guns too since he was there before it all took affect. Problem is probably when it’s time to sign an new lease. I never take an article as the whole word. Much gets left out so no point in judging. Research instead.

      • It’s not his apartment, he’s signed an agreement to occupy it in return for a fixed fee for fixed amount of time. It’s not unconsitutional either.

        By my logic, he shouldn’t live in a place like Colorado – I sure wouldn’t. I’m in a very gun-friendly state.

        btw, the apartment was forced to reverse their decision because it is public housing. That makes it a completely different story. This is not a solely privately owned apartment building, but one that is receiving public money and therefore it can NOT create provisions that are contrary to state or local ordinances.

        • So, by your logic, Dark Space… leasing a car for example would mean that the car is not yours. So you are saying that the car dealer could send you a letter in the mail saying you are not allowed to carry firearms in your vehicle to the range, because its not the persons vehicle? I am a district manager for an large apartment complex in NY. I have been to many tenants rights and fair housing meetings. I can assure you, this will never be legal. They knew the ramifications of what they tried to enforce.

  4. I hear what you are saying about not being able to enforce this rule, but it sounds like this may be a low income state funded housing and if so they can get away with it. It happened a few years ago in Portland, ME. Firearms were banned in state funded low income housing units and it was upheld. Even if it is upheld, I hope they do sue them though and cost them as much time and money as they can. As for me, I would be looking for a new home.

  5. How would the know if you owned a gun or not? What are they going to do, enter and search your apartment? Unless you’re letting everyone know that you own guns there is no way for them to know if you keep a gun in your house.


    (1 number is the apts and the other is the headquarters)
    4251 Kipling St., Suite 405
    Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

  7. This is all Bull shit. what the government is trying to do is Create Caos within the People. by takin away our guns, releasing criminals from jail and prisons. Which is only going to allow Obama to Obtain Martial Law Faster. We all need to fight for our rights and if we have to go to War with our own Government and Military personal. There will be lots more bloodshed then WWII. Right here on our homefront. do us all a favor Obama, save urself and shut the front door so we cant get you. because you will be overthrown next voting season. Keep the fight OffGrid.

  8. This is the property management companies mission statement:

    We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marketing program which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin.

    What a joke.

  9. First the management company breeches a contract and then they threaten eviction with force…..they who start the aggression…will be met by citizens that are required to forcibly resist…..seems fair to me if the management weenies step forward to do their own dirty work…but the management weenies will send the useful fools of the LEO under weenie control…..imho

  10. The local government had so many people call in and voice their frustrations that they had no choice but to step in make this management company reverse the policy. We are looking into the same thing happening in Denver from the same management company. It looks like they are targeting retirement communities that they manage for the state.

  11. This not a second amendment issue. The landlord has every right to ban guns off his property. The issue is he may have rented to these individuals knowing they had guns. If this is the case, then he can refuse to rent to them once the lease has expired. Now what I would do as a tenant is deny I have guns and insist on a proper written notice of inspection. The other issue is that tenants are now disarmed and may sue the LL in the event of a home invasion. The problem Colorado has been over-run by Liberals who refuse to accept the fact that most crime take place is cities with sever gun restrictions. In Alaska where you only have to be 21yrs old to carry, people think twice about breaking into someones home or attacking someone.

  12. I can understand not carrying guns into a store (Unless you’re an Employee) but the apartment thing is unconstitutional. I’m not even on the Right Wing and this bothers me.

  13. The apartment management company/owners need to be sued regardless if they changed their policy or not. They created a hostile living environment and countless cases of unwanted emotional stress for elderly citizens, which isn’t good for their health. They need to be sued to made an example out of so this never happens again.

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