DHS Arming Even More Agents: TSA Next to Be Armed?

Thousands of MRAP vehicles for homeland operations, Billions of Rounds of Ammo, a fleet of Predator B Drones that will be deployed throughout the United States, and now Armed TSA Agents?

What exactly is DHS Preparing for?

TSA Invasive SearchIn the latest escalation of the Department of Homeland Security’s lust for weaponry, it looks like the Transportation Security Agency is being prepared for their chance to get in on the action. According to a solicitation posted to the FedBizOpps website yesterday, DHS is looking for a firing range to train TSA workers.

That’s right; the agency that has been groping crippled children, harassing old ladies, and expanding into bus and train stations is now going to be armed – because that’s just what we need, a bunch of uneducated people waving guns around while harassing the public.

Are these really the People we want Armed?

TSA Agents Now on Interstate Highways conducting Warrantless Searches:


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  1. Doesn’t anyone get it…they are seeing how much we will tolerate in a police state and have been doing it slowly over time. So far we have shown them we will tolerate all of it. We have not once risen up as one to protest as they are in other countries….we are the sheep of the world.

    • I completely agree with you it is time for us to start shouting!!! If a revolution doesn’t happen soon we’re all screwed! Wake Up America!!! Do it for yourselves and our children’s lives. FEMA IS COMING TO GET U!

  2. Oh yeah, this is going to work. If they can’t hit the broad side of a barn they can run over it with the MRAP or target you with drones.
    reneger congress ok’ed using drones to target Americans. And they didn’t system where.

  3. The government is nothing but a bunch of bullies trying to controll us,we need to start standing up for our rights.

  4. Just how many of you have the balls to really do any thing but bitch about it on line? A few of us are doing what needs to be done. We get called a lot of bad names in the press and will some day have to pay the price for it but at least we are doing some thing. Try to grow a set and right a few wrongs befor it,s to late!!!!!

  5. Just a search on a truck, lol. A lot of there “retards” are american’s trying to feed their families and trying to help, yes not all are great but some mean to help. Most of these “Uneducated” are also military vets and retired police officers. cut some slack, I’m pretty sure most of you piss people off at your jobs but don’t end up on the news, cut them slack they’re human beings.

    also remember our FAMS are TSA and they’re armed, and highly trained, and educated.

    oh and don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the militarizing of our police or the fact that, the government is trying to take our guns. It just doesn’t make sense, as if the criminals follow these laws, out president is a joke.

  6. I just discovered “off grid survival” and read with great interest comments of Victoria,Star,Draq wraith ,redbear762,Jasper & Sherman.I would like to be in touch with them for further exchange of views.I so agree with all their views.Thought I was alone in such opinions,great to know others have the same views. Wish they all would get in touch with me (im on facebook “Bruce Morrison”) in L.A.area.As a Vietnam Marine vet with a total of 24 years service Marines,Air Force,and Army,I am totally dedicated to freedom and worried we are loosing it! (Also a NRA Life member). I hope all the above can contact me, especially the astute Victoria,and Jasper.

    • I’d like to talk with you , No one believes me when i have been telling them the same thing you have . We have to stick together and make some plans .

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