Government Builds Fake U.S. City to train for future combat scenarios. Martial Law Training?

According to the UK Telegraph, the U.S. Army just finished building a 300 acre mock town to be used during combat training exercises that looks strangely like a replica of a U.S. City.

The fake city, located in Virginia, cost somewhere around $96 million and is designed to help the army train for future combat scenarios. The scary thing is, the town looks an awful lot like a rural American city – which becomes even more troubling when you consider last year’s U.S. Army report about the future use of the military as a police force within the United States.

The fake city includes what the army is calling a five story embassy, a bank, a school, an underground subway and train station, a mosque (that I think looks more like a traditional Christian church), a football stadium, and a helicopter landing zone.

Although they claim the city is meant to train the troops for overseas operations, as the Telegraph reports, the city signage is all very American looking. In fact, the mock train station uses the same logo as the trains in Washington DC.

Hospuital in Fake Town
Building in Fake Town
Railroad in Fake Town

The U.S. army’s Army Asymmetric Warfare Group opened the training center last month. Colonel John P. Petkosek, the commander of the group said of the new training city:

“This is the place where we can be creative, where we can come up with solutions for problems that we don’t even know we have yet.”

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  1. Couldn’t they just have bought a few square miles of Detroit or Gary, Indiana? It would have been VASTLY cheaper and it is already there and looks like a war zone.

  2. This is nothing new, the government has been building fake towns since the 1950s to test A bombs. It’s clear they are gearing up for domestic problems and like every government on Earth they want to remain in power and will do (and kill) whatever needed to keep that power.

    Want to survive? fly under the radar. The nail that’s sticking up gets pounded down, don’t stick up…

    • that’s scary.You think theyre gonna go after those who are critical of their policies especially when they are critical of them online?

  3. The Marine Corps has been doing this since 1992.
    In our cities. They already know how to cut you off from everything and wait you out. Retired in 2007. 21 years in and was in combat arms. The Army is just playing catch up.

  4. This is not all they got going on. Brother in law helped them build holding camps in the NM desert. One way rail line in and out. Wired fences to keep you in, barrack type buildings

  5. More government waste of course. There are housing projects in Detroit and Chicago where the it’s too dangerous for the police to patrol. They respond to 911 calls in armored trucks and 8 man teams. Perfect places for uban warfare schools. Gangs are domestic terrorist and should be treated as such. But if we kill gang bangers and criminals what would we do with all the food stamps and welfare checks? The government is not training to fight crime or terrorism, they are training to fight citizens. Government officials support immigration not because they care about immigrants, but because they want to fill the country with voters that don’t understand the Constitution, and don’t understand how many freedoms have been stripped from us already.

  6. Well serving our country for 20 did my husband no good. So this is where my street smarts & common sense comes along with God into play. Guessing I will go out in a blaze of glory!!! An sorry but if you are in the military an come to get my family I WILL TAKE OUT AS MANY AS I CAN!!But on the other hand some of them don’t have knowledge of the streets or hide and seek very well either combined with common sense could very well be one my side! So which shall I do?? HUMM.. All the above. An our gov’t is out of luck when it comes to the street’s & no of them have any common sense!!!

    • Well sorry for the angry reply!!!! But I don’t want to see that all our Vets fought for go in vain. This is a great Country we just have people that don’t understand the blood on other people’s hands to keep our freedom. I’m 100% a American & I believe in my fellow American’s are for the good not the evil. But we are being ran into the ground. I got a feeling that it won’t be long before the train will derail. It’s like a sniper you have to have a good memory & know your surroundings. In time of chaos you have to stay together an not fall apart. It’s going to get really bad out there. Thank you all who has served. God Bless you all & God Bless America. Stay safe & be ready.

  7. I guess some like me have more faith in our service men and women. If it were to hit the fan, how many do you think would follow such orders, not to mention how many would make the decision to pull the trigger on American citizens. Last I was informed, our vets were not wearing towels on their heads, praying to Allah or involved with a Jihad of any sort

  8. This is small compared to the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center operated under the control of Camp Atterbury in southern Indiana. MUTC was a 1000 acre state hospital complex that was converted by the Military Dept of Indiana into the what the Rand Corporation deemed as far and away the best urban warfare training facility in the entire country. It’s been in operation for almost 10 years and it along with Camp Atterbury received $112 million for upgrades and improvements 5-6 years ago. MUTC is a wonderful facility complete with collapsed buildings and structures to train fire rescue, swat teams, fire fighters and prepped a lot of soldiers before deploying to Iraq with simulated markets streets etc. Google it and look it up. These facilities are not as sinister as some want folks to believe.

    • If they have so many supposedly training centers why another one and why internment facilities….seems obvious

  9. This is a MOUT facility. (Military Operations in Urbanized Terrain) In adherence with US military doctrine service members regularly conduct training exercises at the various MOUT facilities spread throughout the United States. Most military installations have such facilities. In the past ten years there has been a need for increased MOUT training. The United States, or at least the United States military, has been at war since Sep 11, 2001. A significant number of operations have occurred in urban environments. Tikrit, Ramadi, Tal Afar, etc etc. In order to prepare ones men for conducting COMBAT operations, it is the responsibility of the command to ensure the men/women have been adequately trained. This is why the US has used MOUT facilities for over 30 years. Students of History will also note that we trained for jungle warfare at Fort Polk during the 1960s prior to deployment. It appears that there is a definitive disconnect between the American public and what the US military actually does in its day to day training/operations. Of course, I think today “average joe American” would have trouble finding Herat on a map and discussing why this particular location is pivotal in Shia’-Sunni relations within South Central Asia.

  10. Or maybe the military and government realize that today’s modern battlefield is not the battlefield of Vietnam or WWII or Korea. It almost exclusively an urban environment and the military needs to train for that environment. Nothing like some fear mongering backwoods rednecks to go to the extreme of what the facility might be used for.

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