Top Army General Says Army not Prepared for Battle: Feds Suspend Training for last 6 Months

Army TrainingAs the Federal government builds their own private military force through the Department of Homeland Security, it seems it has at the same time suspended training exercises for the U.S. Army.

The shocking revelation comes from Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, who this week revealed the military has only two Army brigades that are actually combat-ready. Gen. Odierno, who was speaking at the Association of the U.S. Army conference, said that after the sequester kicked in, “we had to stop training basically” in the last six months of the year.

He went on to say that the whole system had become “dysfunctional” and warned the lack of training will have serious consequences for America’s fighting forces. He then revealed that troops being shipped into Afghanistan have little actual combat training, and were themselves not combat ready.

Is our military being systematically disassembled?

While the Department of Homeland Security spends billions upon billion of dollars on ammunition, drones, military grade equipment, and fusion centers to spy on the American public; very little is being spent to support our actual troops. In fact, the military is being forced to cut over $500 billion from its budget, most of which will come from firing members of the military.

During the last year, nine senior commanding generals have been fired by the Obama administration. At the same time, the Obama administration has begun its purge of all military branches, with the Marines being especially hit hard. Over a four-year period, the Marines are being forced to cut over 20,000 Active Duty Marines from its ranks.

Are the Patriots being Purged?

As the Marines prepare to cut over 20,000 troops, they are being forced to expand opportunities for women. So while on one hand they are being forced to get rid of men, they’re at the same time increasing recruitment efforts to bring women into combat roles within the Marines.

If the government doesn’t have enough money to keep these Marines, why increase recruitment efforts for women? Or are they systematically getting rid of anyone who disagrees with their policies, and replacing them with people who will toe the line?

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  1. Does this remind you of president Carter yet?
    Does me. The special forces counted even carry out the basic hostage rescue due to him.

    • I think it’s actually far worse than Carter. At least carter wasn’t building himself his own private homeland military force. I think this reminds me more of a certain German from the 30’s & 40’s

  2. Sounds like our government is getting ready to take the Us people for a ride that we may not make it back from obama is getting ready to forcibly hand the Chinese the us and there is nothing we can do to stop him if we as a people don’tdo something and NOW not soon this is supposed to be a nation by the people for the people and we need to remind our government

  3. You are all correct,but it is worse than you think.
    To control people of any country the invading party will have to control,,,media,water,power,medicine,arms and food now let us look at who ownes or contols theese items.
    most of the media is far left owned and DHS will shut down any oyher.
    water and power will fall under DHS before long.
    obamcare will take care of our healthcare on its own.
    you all see what’s happening to our guns.
    and the allmighty monsanto is well on it’s way to controling all of our food, either they own the fieds or the seeds they have modified.

  4. You need to review the US Army Internment and Resettlement Manual (google it). This manual talks of international forces disarming US military personnel etc.

  5. This systematic destruction of our Armed Services by elimination and disbanding Constitutionally Loyal Military is in fact a process deemed necessary by the Communists directing our US Government.
    All of what has been going on, with what seems to be this rapid shift to a Totalitarian Communist State, is the culmination of a hundred years of subversive planning, maneuvering, indoctrination through PC ideals bastardizing our true history, discrediting patriots and the humiliation of any anti-communist thinking individuals, through the Communist owned and run Main Stream Media.
    The Communists have implemented the structure of the Saul Alinsky Rules to over take the USA and are now in the lead while America sleeps on.

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