Roaming Packs of Thugs Beat, Rob and Terrorize Tourists on Streets of Los Angeles

Things seem to be going from bad to worse in Los Angeles as roaming bands of young people took to the streets last night to rob, assault, and commit acts of vandalism. The trouble was in an area where many tourists visit, making the situation especially dangerous to innocent bystanders.

Los Angeles Police report being inundated by calls starting around 9 p.m. last night. Callers reported packs of youths who were roaming along Hollywood Boulevard attacking innocent people. The groups, who were in multiple packs of around 40 people, splintered into even smaller groups of around 10 – 15 and spread throughout the area robbing and assaulting anyone they could get their hands on.

Police say the crimes don’t appear to be related to the George Zimmerman acquittal, but as we pointed out yesterday, the riots over the last couple of days had very little to do with the trail to begin with. These actions seem to be people taking advantage of a bad situation in order to spread chaos throughout the country.

Police believe the packs of thugs were organized groups who definitely knew each other. Although some arrests were made, a majority of the criminals remain at large and could hit the streets yet again tonight.

There are people who are looking to take advantage of this tension, and push this situation into overdrive. We advise anyone who lives in one of these large populated urban areas, or is visiting one on vacation, to be extremely cautious and to stay vigilant over the next couple of weeks.

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  1. I wonder if Feinstein, Bloomberg, Obama, Holder, piers morgan, or any of the other anti gun zealots would like to take a casual, unarmed and unprotected by security stroll through these neighborhoods?

    • “Would like?” They should be REQUIRED.

      Holder complained just yesterday that he was once stopped by the police. After listening to Holder, the police were probably afraid to stop the thugs. You know: These thugs have “civil rights” too.

  2. I love it. I hope that everyone of those mugged are antigun liberals. I am not surprised though, as most people in CA are unarmed and it is a sure bet the tourists are not carrying. I am only surprised it hasn’t started in Orlando, FL since it is packed with unarmed tourists walking the streets at night.

    • Great comment. Thanks for the laugh.

      The LIBERAL LEADERS do not need a weapon – they have bodyguards. The Liberal FOLLOWERS just “eat up” the pablum from the Liberal LEADERS, whose only real concern is the Liberal FOLLOWERS vote. (For some reason, “pablum” is showing up as if it is misspelled.)

    • And, I’d be willing to bet that many of those liberals who get mugged will instantly convert to become members of a large and ever-increasing group: Neoconservatives!

  3. Reportedly, most arrested are under “18.”

    After listening about “holy innocence,” 17 year old Trayvon Martin for the last 1 1/2 years, how can that be? This report MUST BE a mistake.

    Under 18? The Jackson/Sharpton types and the Liberal Press had me believing “under 18 year olds” could do no wrong.

    • I was under 18 once,upon time,and I was perfect.A perfect a-hole, I just never got caught Some people just can,t remember their own faults or past.

  4. If you follow the link “the riots over the last couple of days” from this article. the article that it directs you to has a few more links. If you click on the link that says “largest threat to your safety during crisis situations” it will take you to another article talking about various types of people. One of which is the fake police/military. This got me thinking and I just wanted to put my two cents in. I am curently in the National Guard. Have been for a few years now and one thing i’ve both noticed and been told by older and wiser people is that movies and tv shows always have at least one thing off/incorrect on a uniform this is to help with poeple trying to fake the uniform. I personaly recommend that you really do your homework on what these uniforms consist of. like possible unit patches and badge #’s. This may make the diference on if the guy is fakeing or not. as a soldier i was told that the enemy could try to take a uniform and fake being a soldier to get in to our base. and to pay close attention to the uniform for any defects. i.e. incorect sizes, missing name tapes/patches, missing rank, and even to look for how they carry them selves. anyone who is or knows a soldier or cop knows that they hold themselves and even tend to walk a certain way. Also be informed on the local national guard units patches and unit IDs like 125th infantry or 119th artillery. the local N.G. would be the most likely soldiers to be at a local crisis for help, not active army. so knowing these things would help to identify any fakes. like i said this is just my two cents hope it helps.


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