Attack on Freedom Continues: Arizona Forces Bars, Gyms and Theaters to Close again

The tyranny continues as patriotic hard-working Americans are being targeted by traitorous scum on both sides of the political aisle.

Despite the fact that death totals are the lowest in states that never imposed draconian business shutdowns and stay at home orders, Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona just joined the treasonous governors of California, Florida and Texas and unconstitutionally ordered bars, movie theaters and gyms to close down for another 30 days, all but ensuring the destruction of these small businesses and giving more power to the corporate overlords that have made out like bandits during these lockdowns.

Even though he has zero power to order these businesses to close, the closures go into effect today, Monday, June 29, at 8 p.m.

Oddly, riots, looting and left-wing funded protests seem to be perfectly acceptable — apparently, anti-American hatting psychos are immune!

The Republican governor also ordered public schools to delay the start of the classes at least until Aug. 17 which makes zero sense since study after study has shown children are at zero risk of being harmed from the virus. In fact, in places like the Netherlands schools are now fully open after government officials looked at actual research instead of theoretical models and determined that children play a minor role in the spread of the novel coronavirus and concluded that only 0.6% of the reported hospitalizations involved children under the age of 18.

Independence Day Cancelled

Fourth of July festivities have also been essentially banned, as gatherings of over 50 people have been deemed unlawful. But is this really a surprise, we knew it was coming and it proves what the agenda really is!

As I’ve pointed out numerous times, there is a specific reason they are targeting bars and taverns.

One look at our history tells you exactly why; the seeds of our American Revolution were planted in the bars and taverns where patriotic, freedom lovers gathered and shared ideas. They are terrified that like-minded people will get together and start fighting back.

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