Berlin Terror Attack: Truck Plows Through Christmas Marketplace

At least nine are dead and another fifty injured after a large semi-truck plowed through a crowded Christmas marketplace in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin Terror Attack

Witnesses say the truck sped through a crowd of shoppers at the market on Breitscheidplatz Square near the Kurfuerstendamm Avenue in West Berlin. According to local police, all signs pointed to a terrorist attack on the market.

ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Iraqi sources and reported by the Washington Times.

The attack is reminiscent of the July 2016 Terror attack in Nice, France where an Islamic terrorist used a large truck to mow down hundreds of people who were gathered to watch the fireworks on Bastille Day. That attack killed 86 people and injured another 150.

The truck entered the Berlin market at what would have been one of the most crowded times for the Christmas market.

“I heard a big noise and then I moved on the Christmas market and saw much chaos…many injured people,” Jan Hollitzer, deputy editor in chief of Berliner Morgenpost, told CNN. “It was really traumatic.”

ISIS Calls for Mass Vehicle Attacks

Over the last month, ISIS has increased calls on their followers to commit these types of vehicle attacks, as they are incredibly hard to detect or stop. Rumiyah magazine, an ISIS run publication, wrote, “… a vehicle is plunged at a high speed into a large congregation of [unbelievers]…leaving behind a trail of carnage.”

Late last month, an Islamic terrorist committed one of these vehicle attacks in Ohio, running down and injuring nine people at Ohio State University. He then sprung from his car and continued to attack people with a large knife, before being shot and killed by an OSU police officer.

Last month, before that attack, we warned our readers that these types of attacks were coming and that the mainstream media was covering them up. In fact, even before the Ohio State University attacks, the mainstream media was ignoring numerous warnings from FBI officials and police departments from around the country who were acutely aware of the threat.

In November, John Miller, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner for intelligence and counterterrorism, confirmed that the NYPD was preparing for vehicle-borne attacks.

“The intelligence bureau identified 181 locations that rent trucks to the public in the metropolitan area. Of that, we went to 135 of those locations that rent vehicles under 26,000 pounds, where you wouldn’t require the possession of a commercial driver’s license to operate that. Our incident prevention unit provided them with very useful guidance on how to identify suspicious behavior and characteristics among people who are potential renters of those vehicles,” he told reporters.

That same week the FBI warned that ISIS was looking at potential targets over the holidays including shopping malls, special events, and crowded venues.

US state department warned about attacks

On November 21, the State Department warned Americans traveling to Europe to be aware of possible terrorist attacks on Christmas markets.

They wrote:

U.S. citizens should exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets.  This Travel Alert expires on February 20, 2017.

Credible information indicates the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or Da’esh), al-Qa’ida, and their affiliates continue to plan terrorist attacks in Europe, with a focus on the upcoming holiday season and associated events.  

U.S. citizens should also be alert to the possibility that extremist sympathizers or self-radicalized extremists may conduct attacks during this period with little or no warning. Terrorists may employ a wide variety of tactics, using both conventional and non-conventional weapons and targeting both official and private interests.

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  2. Here we go again. I honestly hope that the NYPD is prepared because I have a sinking feeling that ISIS might attempt something like this on New Year’s eve at Times Square. I hope like hell that I am just worrying but given this past year’s events.

  3. I think they should ban all trucks on the road. Take away everyone’s truck and make it illegal to own a truck. Anyone can see this is a mass killing machine when it gets in the wrong hands. Lmao, sounds like the 2nd amendment argument to ban all firearms.

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