Bernie Sanders Campaign Team Caught talking About Killing Dissidents — Violence is Coming in 2020

For some this will come as a shock, but for anyone who follows this website you know that I have been warning about this type of threat from factions of the extreme left for years!

Today, Project Veritas started releasing shocking videos from an undercover sting inside the Bernie Sanders Campaign. In the videos, members of the Bernie Sanders campaign are caught on tape talking about starting revolutions, beating police officers, and killing their political enemies.

Their plans seem to be aimed to start around the DNC convention in Milwaukee later this year, where Sanders’ Iowa Field Organizer Kyle Jurek warns that if Sanders doesn’t get the nomination cities will burn and the revolution will begin.

He tells the undercover reporter, “Be ready to be in Milwaukee for the DNC Convention. We’re gonna make 1978(1968) look like a fucking girl scout fucking cookout…cops are gonna be the ones that are getting fucking beaten in Milwaukee.”

Later, he goes on to say they will target liberals first saying, “liberals get the fucking wall first” following that up by talking about shooting dissidents.

He then talks about targeting Clinton followers, who oddly they believe are not far-left enough to belong to this new Socialist revolution, saying they will bring them a reign of terror…

And here he is talking about dragging left-wing MSNBC media pundits out into the street and lighting them on fire because they are not left-wing enough for the socialist wing of the party!

After talking about targeting other liberals, who aren’t far enough to the left, in another video the Bernie Sanders campaign staffer goes on to talk about using Antifa (something we have been warning about for years – couple of examples here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) to target Trump supporters.

And here is the Full Release of their undercover investigation into the Sanders Campaign. This should be a wake up call to what is coming!!!

One of the scarier parts was Jurek’s odd love for the benefits of Soviet gulags. “There’s a reason Josef Stalin had gulags,” he said. “And actually, gulags were a lot better than what the CIA has told us that they were. Like, people were actually paid a living wage in gulags, they had conjugal visits in gulags. Gulags were actually meant for, like, reeducation.”

Pay close attention to how they talk about putting Americans in gulags, and how they plan to shoot Americans who don’t fight for the “revolution.”

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    • He’s actually a socialist who hates liberalism, well classical liberalism. Today’s liberals are actually socialists, fascists, or communists who in no way resemble classical liberalism! It used to be that liberals were the ones who would defend speech at all costs; today’s liberal hates free speech!

    • Why isn’t this guy locked up for terroristic threats? He’s a domestic terrorist! WTH are they doing, waiting until he actually DOES burn Milwaukee to the ground killing God knows how many people? Our governments is one screwed up company!

  1. I can’t wait until the shooting starts. These mf’ers will shit themselves when they figure out what they’re up against.

      • Yeah, your grammar says your intellect is severely lacking. Ill go with barett 50 or 308 over your supposed superiority, cause your brain, it cant stop bullets and those are great rounds to reach out and touch somebody.

        And fyi offgrid.. Bernie might not get the chance to run if virginia kicks off the boogalo. And ralph is definitely looking like he has a lot of pissed off people.

  2. Are we really hearing Americans threatening to kill other Americans over POLITICS? What is this, the freakin Bolshevik revolution?

    • there will be another civil war in the united states I do not wish it I do not want it but unfortunately it is coming too many have had everything given to them all their young lives and now expect it as adults unfortunately it doesn’t work like that

  3. Yawwwwwwn. These people are all talk. However, if their testicles fall out of their vagina and they decide to try anything, it will be a slaughter.

    • have fun with your bigoted attacks on our gender just know that we have the numbers and history on our side you Nazis will not win

      • Nazi’s were defeated in 1945,so you want to change an economic system that has been in place for over 200 years here? no I don’t think so that is why we as American law abiding responsible citizens we have the right to bear arms if you would like to have a conversation about ideology please do so

  4. This ass clown needs arrested. He’s threatening to burn a city down, beat cops and beat Trump supporters. Basically anyone who doesn’t go along with their bullshit. Why is this asshole not locked up? Why is he not all over the news? Why is no one asking Bernie Sanders about this ass clown? It’s bullshit!

  5. Who’s the “f***ing fascist here? Does Bernie and his minions think they will get away with it? This is America,and we are a free people. If they want to promote their social agenda, they should move to Cuba or China.

  6. We will win and the revolution will begin! We are Anti Fascists and we will no longer sit by quietly by while the 1% continues to beat us down, discriminate against our lqbtq+ allies, and kill our planet. Get with the program before it’s to late because we have the numbers and your redneck merica crap is done.

    • You do realize gender dysphoria is a mental illness, right? And gun owners and patriots arent the 1% your financial backer bloomberg is, bill gates is, the rothschilds and rockefellers are. The 1% are the people who hold 90% of american currency.

      And redneck?? Farmers feed your stupid ass, without them your grocery stores have no affordable food like potatoes, corn, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, grapes, onions etc etc .. Have fun feeding yourself without them… Oh and those rednecks you hate.. They drive the fucking semis that distribute the fucking products, they fix your cars and keep the economy rolling. Without rednecks your ability to live as you currently do would be unobtainable.

      Piss them off and i look forward to watching you starve, and your gene donors starve cause obviously the pool is needing some darwin brand chlorine for cleaning out the slime.

      • I am with Moman on this! This guy doesn’t have the right to call himself a redneck, but he might be inbred. Most of the so call rednecks your talking about would have this guy beaten and strung up before you could get to him. So if your going to label someone make sure you know what side everyone is on or you might find yourself on the wrong side and we wouldn’t want that. Shoot first ask questions later.

        • Paul, considering he/she says hes anti fascists calls out the 1% and says things regarding lgbtq and such, im pretty sure hes an antifa troll. Like the wearing black masks and beating up little old ladies antifa, and im pretty sure their statements are against the general blanket covering of the word “patriot”

          Ie im sure they are saying against us they’ll win the revolution cause “they is smrtr” and can win it “without da pew pew sticks” cause their “brains is so betterer” then ours.. Like they are neo and li e in the freaking matrix and cant stop bullets with their minds by manipulating the code..

          Reality of course doesn’t work that way

    • You’re weak and easily manipulated and definitley easy to beat up lol. Quit pretending to be hard ypu soft little bitch!

    • Punch a nazi? What kind of nut job are you? Blue hair, bull rings through you nose, plugs in your ears, walking around in nasty rags preaching hate, in my country! Nuts like you are the problem!!! If you don’t like this country, LEAVE? Bernie is nothing but a old hard core communist!!! Try and educated yourself? Punch a nazi You are pitiful? You need help!!!!

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