Biden Admin Considering Ban on Gas Stoves: Feds say Gas Stoves Racist & Hurt Minorities!

Gas Stove

I wish I could tell you this was a parody article, but sadly this is how out of control our government has gone and yet another example of how “racism” is being used to push ridiculous democrat climate policies.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says a ban on gas stoves is on the table amid so-called concerns about harmful indoor air pollutants emitted by the appliances. The federal agency plans to take action to address the so-called pollution, which they say can cause health and respiratory problems, and get this disproportionately affects people of color.

The CPSC has been considering action on gas stoves for months.

“This is a hidden hazard,” Richard Trumka Jr., an agency commissioner, said in an interview. “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

Natural gas stoves, which are used in about 40% of homes in the U.S., are the latest target for radical democrats who seek to use climate change to ban everything that offends them.


Well, according to democrats, gas stoves are the latest symbol of racist white America!

Democrat lawmakers have also signaled that they are ready to go after gas stoves, asking the commission to consider requiring warning labels, range hoods, and performance standards. In a letter to the agency in December, lawmakers including Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey,  Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Representative Don Beyer of Virginia, both Democrats, urged action and called gas-stove emissions a “cumulative burden” on Black, Latino , and low-income households that disproportionately experience air pollution.

Democrat-run cities and counties already banning gas stoves!

Almost 100 democrat-run cities and counties have already adopted policies that require or encourage a move away from fossil fuel-powered buildings. For example, the New York City Council voted in 2021 to ban natural gas hookups in new buildings smaller than seven stories by the end of this year. In addition, the California Air Resources Board unanimously voted in September to ban the sale of natural gas-fired furnaces and water heaters by 2030.

Yes, they are even using COVID to push the ban

Last year, democrats started pushing the theory that gas stoves can somehow make COVID even worse. Seriously, again this isn’t a parody! The media actually started running articles with titles like “If This Is in Your Kitchen, Your COVID Death Risk May Be Even Higher”

According to the mainstream medis, Two reports, published by the Rocky Mountain Institute and the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, suggest that the presence of a gas range or furnace in your home may be very dangerous. They suggest that a recent study found that nitrogen dioxide, one of the so-called dangerous pollutants a gas range gives off, “may enhance population susceptibility to death from COVID-19.”

The latest attack on your freedom and your wallet!

Natural gas distributors, whose business is threatened by the growing push to electrify homes, argue that banning natural gas stoves would drive up costs for homeowners and restaurants with little environmental gain. The American Gas Association, which represents utilities such as Dominion Energy Inc. and DTE Energy Co., said in a statement that regulatory and advisory agencies responsible for protecting residential consumer health and safety had presented no documented risks from gas stoves.

“The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and EPA do not present gas ranges as a significant contributor to adverse air quality or health hazard in their technical or public information literature, guidance, or requirements,” said Karen Harbert, the group’s president. “The most practical, realistic way to achieve a sustainable future where energy is clean, as well as safe, reliable and affordable, is to ensure it includes natural gas and the infrastructure that transports it.”

“A ban on gas cooking appliances would remove an affordable and preferred technology used in more than 40% of home across the country,” Jill Notini, industry spokesperson, said in a statement. ” A ban of gas cooking would fail to address the overall concern of indoor air quality while cooking, because all forms of cooking, regardless of heat source, generate air pollutants, especially at high temperatures.”

The American Gas Assocaition said in a blog post, In America, one in four young adults now lives with their parents. One cause for this shift is clear; adjusted for inflation, home prices increased 118 percent between 1965 and 2021, while median household income increased only 15 percent. For the average young person in America, renting is expensive, while buying outright has become significantly more difficult than it used to be. Proposals for bans on natural gas in new construction are poised to worsen this problem.

Natural gas bans can make housing more expensive. All electric homes require expensive retrofits, potentially driving up the overall cost of housing significantly.  According to the National Association of Home Builders, for every thousand dollars the cost to construct a unit of housing increases, 117,932 families are priced out of being able to afford that unit. Young people and low-income households would be the first to be priced out – and their costs would not end there.

Seems like a case could be made that democrats are actually targeting low-income minorities and making their lives even harder – then again, we are pretty sure it is hard-working taxpayers that will end up paying the bill on this one!

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  1. Propane for cooking and heating is the way to go. It’s portable, fairly cheep and off-grid if needed. Our home has an electric range but we can switch over to LP in less than a day…cook and heat off grid if needed.

    This insanity will be our downfall.

    This push to end fossil fuels is NOT going to end…so it’s best to prepare for it.

  2. We are building an off grid cabin and if they want to come for my gas cooktop they’ll have to battle Mama Bear! No one’s gonna take my cook top! How about those who live in hurricane areas and lose power? Let’s call our congressmen today!BTW both my husband and I grew up with gas stoves and no health problems here. This is a baloney excuse for more government overreach.

    • No problem for those in hurricane areas, they can evacuate to an safer area with utilities in their electric cars. hahahahaa

    • At 79, my family has always used gas &/or propane for cooking !! That is from before I was even born! NO ONE in my family has ever had Asthma!!! The way I see it, the “Guvment” is doing everything to kill as many people as possible ! Banning fireplaces, wood burning stoves (no heat during storms) , Gas/propane cook stoves (no food during storms) or any possibility of heat what-so-ever in the most dangerous times of the year!! If we have to use electric for cooking, our food will will not be as good & with the condition of our power grid, we will have more brown & rolling blackouts !! Now Tell Me They Thy Are Not Trying To Kill Us Off!!!

  3. Electric stoves are not as efficient as gas. Turn on an electric stove and electricity is sent to a high resistance coil. Until the coil, by being a poor conductor, builds heat up to the desired temperature it is a waste of energy and money.

    Gas on the other hand instantaneously provides the desired heat.

    What do professional chefs prefer?

  4. Agreed with all other comments here. Something else to consider: gas stoves today, gas water heaters and gas furnaces next? The tyrannical minority in this country has painfully proven when given an inch … they’ll take your Freedom.

  5. Amazing. Virtually every impoverished black person in the city I live in uses gas stoves. I can’t imagine how much it would hurt them to have their stove taken away. They would have to get a portable propane stove because they could never afford a new stove. Talk about picking on already impoverished people!!

  6. Well, let’s think about it.
    They could just give every low income family of color a brand new top of the line electric stove. And install it, of course.
    Everyone that wants a job get hired….Yay, lower unemployment. Only people of color, of course.
    Bidens friends in China sell the US millions of stoves. Yay, big win for CCP and the Biden crime family.
    And, cherry on top, you can jail any of those “white devils” that refuse to give up their gas stove….for disobedience and racism….no, a hate crime.
    See, win, win,win!
    More money flowing in the economy.

  7. more reliance on an already taxed infrastructure. and you can srtill get wood burnign stoves here, i plan to have one as backup, just in case. fuck gov and their desires, if i want the ability to heat a house, and cook, when the grid is down, i will do so without their permission, hell i can go collect rocks and make a fire pit and do the same thing under much less efficient means..

  8. I live in the upper mid west and there are times in the winter when I / we have lost power / electricity and were without power for sometimes up 4 1/2 days ( the ice cream was running across the floor when we came home ) , what do I do if the current is out for longer than 4 1/2 day to a week ? Well, Mr Biden, what is your answer ?

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