Biden Declares Republicans extremists, MSNBC declares opposition evil, says we are at war!


After President Biden declared more than half the country a threat to the republic, the media has jumped on board the “all republicans are extremists” bandwagon and are now saying we are at war.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross used the network to help Biden plunge us into another civil war, claiming, “Obviously, Republicans are, I think, the biggest threat to democracy. We don’t separate right-wing extremists and Republican Party anymore.” Cross said, “mainstream, establishment Republicans are echoing these calls for violence. All but threatening it.”

During the same segment, Cross AGREED when pundit Roland Martin declared “We are at war with these people. These folks are evil.”

“They have allowed evil into their house with Donald Trump. He has now dominated the party. This evil is spreading. And when you are in a war footing, you have to respond accordingly,” Martin continued.

“When the enemy is coming at you you, can’t fall down, you can’t break down. This means war,” he added.

Martin further asserted that “It’s about time President Joe Biden decided to get tough. It’s about time his advisers stopped being weak, and stopped being impotent, and not fighting back.”

“You keep hitting! You keep pounding,” Martin proclaimed, further labelling conservatives as “crazed, deranged folks who want to import evil in every facet of our society.”

What’s happening is exactly what the White house intended with Biden’s speech, declaring half of the country an enemy of the state.

They, the real extremists, have declared war on you, the American Dream, and our way of life. Like we said during the fake COVID crisis; this was never about a virus or saving lives, it was the setup for something larger, a pretext to declare you the enemy and kill the America we once knew and loved!

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  1. Two paragraphs out of my security plans (an overview)…”Security is very important to our survival. Neighborhood watch/security in cooperation with our trusted neighbors is absolutely necessary. There are approximately ~20 people in our so called immediate neighborhood (across State Highway ??). 24/7 armed roving security teams (2 men per team) and home/building watchers equipped with portable CB/FRS/GMRS/Ham radios with firearms available will be established soon after the grid-down begins. The folks with military experience and/or civilian equivalent will be charged with this mission and appropriate firearms training and security protocol training is required.”

    “Martial Law will be ordered shortly within a few days or in a week or so after a significant grid-down event. We will work this into our security plans and act accordingly. In any case, we will be forced to work in concert with the local Sheriff’s office and City/State Police authorities if available (they will want our food, weapons and ammo…this cannot happen!!!).”

  2. The pedophiles in the Whitehouse are acusing the republican party of being the biggest threat to our society, yet the hand-written testimony from the victim of his unspeakable evil,acts against his own daughter, go unpunished because he is president. Any other person would be arrested and dealt with by the prisoners for these crimes against a child,his daughter. He deserves no quarter and should be run through with a tree branch for his unspeakable crimes against a minor,a child,and his own family member. When will this country wake up and see the evil that is at their own doorstep, permiating this entire country and do something about it? I have had enough of this discusting PEDOPHILE’s putrid words and actions. Save the children,hang a PEDOPHILE!

    • Why else would the Left push for lowering the “age of majority” from 18 to 14? It’s so these pedophiles and perverts can legally molest the pre-teens the schools are grooming!

    • The “weak brained” people in D.C. are so damn SCARED OF DJT that they are willing to call their neighbors traitors or anarchists. That is like the BULLY on the playground that is soooo afraid he will lose control of the playground that he starts calling everyone else nasty names.

      Yes, that’s what biddyboy Biden is doing, but he didn’t come up with this on his own — remember he is incompetent and can barely spit out a sentence without stumbling over his words. This man does NOT have a full processing brain any more, so to get everyone off his incompetencies, he is name calling to defer attention someplace else — to Republicans!

      If you have taken any Psyche Classes in College, you can see exactly what someone is manipulating him to do! That someone is hiding behind the curtains but everyone should know who it is — Georgy Soros, Hungarian born that has a Warrant for his arrest from his birthplace BUT lives in the outskirts of New York City! Why? The Warrant is for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! So why is Joe Biden listening to him? Because they were friends when obamalama was in office and Biddyboy was V.P. and it continues afterwards.

      Biden is nothing but a weak old scared man who, like the bully, thinks if he cries loud enough and tries to put the blame on Republicans, everyone will forget about him being totally INCOMPETENT! But Americans know who he really is — THE HIGHEST DANGER TO WORLD PEACE AND TO EVERY AMERICAN MAN, WOMAN. AND CHILD! Biddy must go now before he destroys our Nation completely!! What are you going to do about this????

      • Democrats do NOT research their actions BEFORE they make them and when everything falls apart, they always blame someone else!
        Democrats wear their emotions on their sleeves and make their decisions via emotional channels = DISASTER!
        Democrats are basically ignorant and dumb as dirt, do they are incapable of being in any leadership position!
        Most Countries that democrat leaders ran, failed. Because they tried to incorporate Socialism into their nation which bankrupted their nation! Remember, Dems NEVER RESEARCH THEIR ACTION’S OUTCOMES BEFORE MAKING THEM! They are Pitiful leaders… VOTE THEM ALL OUT NOW!

  3. Republicans fought and died for America’s Freedom,not Demo-rats. DEMOCRATS kept people in shackles & chains,then committed a Treasonous Act with a confederacy which lead to a civil war.democrats are know different today,than they were back then.Trump 2024!MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!DOWN WITH DEMO-RATS!

    • Did ya ever notice whenever war is declared, it’s a Democrat president who institutes the Draft? The Drafts instituted during Korea and Vietnam were technically illegal, because the Draft is only to be invoked during wartime, and only to defend the Nation! Neither conflict was declared a war, neither threatened the Nation, yet Democrat presidents drafted young men to fight and die in someone else’s war!

  4. A stolen,and rigged election, and the republicans, are the threat to our democracy.Listen u idiots,the FBI and M.Zuckerburg admitted they interfered in the 2020 election.Hidenbiden is just a pawn, for the deep state,now that this corrupt,bias has taken over,all these nuts with TDS. We want that fake,phony,puppet, president out of office, that belongs to DJT. Were going to replace him,with a new election. U are right, there will be a civil war, if hidenbiden doesn’t shut his pie hole,instigating, for a fight,u can’t win.

  5. We are not a united nation when half of
    The country allowed themselves to be led
    By the most unlikely leader whose only aim
    Is clearly for his and family benefit and not
    The American people. His followers simply
    Cannot accept that America has become
    A great and powerful nation from the
    Contributions of the many different people
    Who have called this their home and
    Country, who fought for this country. I
    Don’t believe all Republicans want war
    against Democrats, and vice versa. There
    are Democrats who are not all sold with
    The agenda promoted by the Democrats.
    We just need leaders in both parties
    to really think of the welfare of all citizens
    and work together to that end. We will
    Be weakened if we continue this course
    Of action and become vulnerable by
    Our enemies. United we win, divided
    We fall!

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