Biden Masks Up Again: Prelude to Another Round of Freedom-Crushing Mandates?

Biden Masking Up

As America braces for the upcoming election season, President Joe Biden made headlines by strapping on a mask again, a day after four-time vaccinated First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19. As we have been warning for weeks, moves are being made throughout the country to push another round of COVID lockdowns and this seems to be the latest signal that our government is gearing up for another oppressive round of COVID mandates.

Masked President Making Way for Freedom-Killing Mandates?

The President, who tested negative for the virus – yeah, they are still pushing the testing scam —  said he would be masking indoors in line with CDC guidelines. Today’s news is already fueling speculation that federal officials are getting ready for another round of draconian “public health” measures, as White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that they are in a “very good position” to deal with COVID-19 this fall.

The Return of Mask Mandates Across the Country

Mask mandates are cropping up all over the nation again. In New York City, officials have advised residents to wear masks in public as they claim the so-called latest new strain of COVID-19 threatens to spread. Even schools are reintroducing these mandates, with an elementary school in Maryland requiring third-graders to wear N95 masks.

n states like Kentucky and Texas, school districts are canceling classes after so-called outbreaks of COVID, the flu, and strep have been reported, sending students and staff home. Officials are claiming an intense uptick in COVID cases, while others cite additional concerns like strep throat, RSV, and stomach viruses

In Atlanta, Morris Brown College has implemented a two-week mask mandate, and California-based healthcare facility Kaiser Permanente has reinstated its mandate as well “amid an uptick in patients testing positive.” It’s as if we are back in 2020 and have already forgotten how destructive the government mandates were for regular people.

Last month, the White House started making a huge push to promote COVID boosters.

The Relentless Fear-Mongering

masked with shield

As if the situation isn’t bad enough, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the “High Priest of COVID cult,” has already started making his media rounds saying that masking might become more prevalent in the coming months, especially if there’s a surge in cases. Meanwhile, the media morons are seizing on the so-called “Pirola” variant, a new strain of COVID, to instill further fear and compliance among the public.

As election season looms, one can’t help but think that this is a politically convenient time for the Biden administration to clamp down again. The President’s latest actions and the renewed mask mandates around the country could very well be the precursor to another set of overreaching mandates that infringe upon our freedoms. And it’s not just about masks; it’s about the looming threat of lockdowns, business closures, and the economic destruction that comes with it.

And for those that think it can’t happen again, just look around to lemmings are already starting to mask up. The continuous brain washing is so bad, an people have been so beaten down, that as we reported earlier this week people have actually fled into the wilderness trying to escape COVID — unfortunately one family was just found dead in the mountains from malnutrition and hypothermia after they let the fear drive them deep into the mountains of Colorado.

So, as President Biden puts his mask back on, the American people must ask themselves: is this just the beginning of another round of freedom-killing mandates? Given the past actions of this administration and the growing calls for more restrictions, it’s a question we can’t afford to ignore.

I Hope You’re Prepared for the Return of COVID Chaos!

Back in May we started to report on how this was far from over. Back then, the World Health Organization and Bill Gates feverishly attempted to push the media to start reporting that the Next Pandemic would be ‘More Deadly’ than COVID.

Last week, FEMA announced plans to test the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts on October 4th, sending a message to virtually every cellphone, TV, and radio in the United States. The test message will be sent to your phone as long as it’s switched on and within range of an active cell tower. One can’t help but wonder if this nationwide alert is a precursor to another round of economy-killing COVID lockdowns or election season chaos.

This never-ending cycle of alarm bells and restrictions is not just an attack on our freedom but a betrayal of everything this country once stood for. Whether it’s the never-ending push for the next pandemic or trying to convince the world that global warming is going to kill everyone, it’s time people wake the hell up and start to question the narratives being fed to us and demand that our liberties are respected. Since we know that isn’t going to happen, I guess it’s time to double check the preparedness stocks and get ready for another round of idiocy and media-induced chaos!

Preparedness Resources:

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  1. You’re correct…it’s not about covid and saving lives it’s about retaining power. Power over the populous. Keeping political power to push their Marxist agenda. There are no plans for them to abide by their oath to the US Constitution and to promote American values: Personal freedom to choose, freedom of expression, live our lives the way we want to live. These Marxist A-holes are bent on transforming our country into their version of Communism (a copy of the CCP) and plan on following the Communist Manifesto to the letter… No property ownership, the “state” owns everything, progressive income tax, abolition of inheritances, state controlled public education, nationalized transportation system, nationalized banking system…one bank only, expansion of public land, a food distribution system ruled by the commies just to name a few. There goal is a stateless classless society which is impossible to obtain.

  2. Oh, I forgot: No firearm ownership. Your firearms, ammunition and loading equipment is gone. If you don’t turn them in, you will go to prison.

  3. As I recall, the Republican hero Donald Trump is the one who’s banned bump stocks. It would seem it’s not just the Democrats who want to restrict guns.

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