Bill Gates Foundation Conducts New Pandemic Simulation – Are You Ready for Next of Pandemic Lockdowns?

In late 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosted a pandemic exercise titled “Event 201” pandemic that simulated a global coronavirus outbreak. As we all now know, weeks later, the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak spread throughout the world and was used as a justification to suspend civil liberties and push the Great Reset. But, of course, the media and our corrupt politicians insist this was all one big coincidence.

Well, hold on because we may be in for another wild ride!

Bill Gates Seers Virus

Did you know that almost three years from the date from the Event 201 “simulation”, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with WHO and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, began to run another pandemic “simulation”?

On October 23, 2022, the architects of the global shutdowns ran a simulation titled Catastrophic Contagion. The latest globalist wet dream “simulated” an enterovirus outbreak with a higher fatality rate than COVID and this time disproportionately affecting children – hey, they learned from last time, they need more parents to panic!

During the “exercise,” these sick bastards put together disturbing mock news footage and played out their next pandemic cosplay while getting their jollies off at the possibility of a pandemic that went after children.

Here is some of the disturbing videos put together for the Bill Gates Simulations…

The “simulation” was ran the same week that Boston University announced they created a COVID strain with an 80% kill rate.

Preparedness Resources:

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  1. I think everyone, like this site has said, better start preparing for another more severe pandemic and lock downs! If my suspicions are correct Oni-S has already been released. What better place to release then a WORLD event, you know like world cup. I would speculate the death of Grant Wahl will be known as one of the first deaths. I know he tested negative for covid 19, but I am sure all those tests will not test for new variant. Also, I might warn to staying away from the vaccines for covid I know of people have had medical problems related to the shots and boosters. Life altering problems. I know sounds like conspiracy but what do you have to gain if what your reading is correct? Life?

    • Hi I think you’re so right, this time last year I was a fit active 47 yr old working in construction the weeks and months earlier I had x3 Pfizer vaccine although not 100% sure I did it for my job, elderly parents,in January I started getting out of breath really easily I was signed off work over the months I have been diagnosed with COPD and having further tests to investigate my heart valves not allowing enough blood,yes it could of been a coincidence but from being a fit active healthy man to never working again and my life completely changed and finished after the vaccine and so many other people with similar symptoms it’s hard not to worry and feel so fucking angry and absolutely devastated,I’m not after sympathy and some will say I wasn’t forced that’s true I’m just being honest about what’s happened

  2. We can not allow another so called pandemic.
    Bill gates and his buddies should be jabbed 100 times in one hour each every day until all the vaccines are gone.
    That includes WEF.

  3. Clearly there is something sinister going on with these killer virus’! It is the responsibility of your government to protect you from foreign and domestic enemies. Who in your government has played down this virus?

  4. OMFG, at what point are we going to say enough and start putting lead in some heads. starting with Bill, and Fauci. Bio warfare is the most horrific method of slaughtering billions.

    not to mention the Epstein client list, anyone on it also needs lead therapy.

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