New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces Snitch Line to Tell on Social Distance Rule Breakers

It looks like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is living out his Gestapo Wet Dream. This week, the de facto socialist mayor of New York, who has threatened he will not reopen the city until July or August, announced a way for citizens to become mini members of the New age New York Gestapo!

In a video released on his Twitter account, the Mayor encouraged residents to turn in anyone they felt was not observing his dictatorial social distancing guidelines.   

Maybe someone should send this picture from last night to the new snitch line, hell he isn’t even wearing the COVID Fear mask…

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio not following his own social distancing rules
I thought thousands of people were dying in New York? He doesn’t seem to concerned for his own health, he isn’t even following his own draconian edicts! It’s almost as if this whole pandemic thing is really about taking control and pushing socialist policies on the country!

Many states and cities, run in large part by Democrats, have been turned into de facto police states where citizens are being threatened with arrest and fines for simply standing to close to another human being.It’s appalling and frankly very un-American.

Here are just a few articles where we document the crackdown on freedom over the last couple of months:

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Please check out our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Infection Numbers — Since the very beginning, we have been warning that panic and hysteria were going to do more damage to the public than the actual COVID-19 virus itself!

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  1. It’s a foolish thing to think freedoms given away will just be returned and a dangerous thing to assume freedoms taken will not have to be taken back.we need to be careful not only of the health of our self and neighbors but that of our rights and freedoms.

    • Agreed. There’s only so long a lockdown can be plausible effective without unwinding everything else even with us all complying.

      Besides, when the rights of a few override the rights of the majority, then democracy isn’t at play.

      The government isn’t formed to decide for the majority of citizens, it is there to facilitate the rights & the constitution for those citizens in which it embodies.

      Citizens aren’t kids, they’re adults that are capable & have to ultimately deal with their own lives & be responsible for it – not the state.

      The point of the lockdown wasn’t to STOP the infection, (that’s impossible without testing kits), it was to SLOW it down to avoid the hospitals being overwhelmed if we all got it in unison.

      Also Billionaires are loving this lockdown.. Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Bill Gates (Vaccines), Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Corporations swallowing up small business, & more.

      The constitution must NEVER be deemed non-essential even in an pandemic. It is the only thing that protects citizens from an overreach of government! This is more dangerous than the virus. And we can isolate the vulnerable without forcing the entire society in a sinking Titanic! Different models are needed in unison for the various levels of society.

      My concern is the other aspects this is having in skyrocketing statistics – domestic violence, opioid increases, depression, suicide, child abuse, homelessness, addiction relapses, increased poverty & more! This is collective suicide!

      So I think the hospital unpreparedness is an issue among a sea of others, and this is collective suicide! Let alone the over-reach of government when you switch off the mainstream corporate media & look at things through independent media.

      Also there have been nurses & doctors discuss publicly how the deaths are wrongfully being classified as corona deaths, and in so many presumed to have corona virus.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there is no virus or anything like that. I’m just saying we have a huge inaccuracies with the figures & even the website admits that the cases are presumed. Don’t rely on the corporate media, they have a set agenda by the billionaires that own them, and they is divide & rule. Unite people. The world is watching. Look past the smoke & mirrors & think critically…

  2. New Yorkers flooded the line with middle fingers & dick pics to him. They temporarily shut down that dumb line. Such an horrible idea at such a heightened time.

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