Billionaire Bill Gates Pushing For Large Gatherings To Not Come Back Without Mass Vaccination Program

Bill Gates

I guess billionaires get to push wild ass conspiracy theories without consequences! Had an alternative media site said anything like this, they would have been bashed by the dipshits at PolitiFact (The group that helps Facebook’s quasi-censorship program) and been charged with pushing false news.

As it is, I know I will likely incur the wrath of Facebook watchdogs and a bunch of fucking Karen’s who have nothing better to do with their life than report things that go against the one world government wet dream, but here is the Fuckhead Bill Gates himself suggesting that public gatherings will be banned until the world is widely vaccinated for COVID-19.

Until large numbers of people can be vaccinated against the virus “those may not come back at all,” Gates said.

But I know, suggesting this dipshit who runs a company that pushes vaccines is involved in anything like this is a wild conspiracy theory, right?

Here is the full interview where he:

  • Calls for strong “isolation measures” on a national basis. Basically, a complete lockdown of the entire country.
  • Calls for a nationwide shutdown of at least 6-10 weeks.
  • Praises China and says he believes their numbers. Keep in mind this is the country who lied to the world and helped this spread to the rest of the world because of their lies. They literally imprisoned doctors who tried to warn the world, yet Gates seems to love what China did. These people are about as corrupt as it gets!
  • Suggests the economic problems are not as big of a problem as the virus. Yet, later in the interview says it will take years for the economy to come back, and then ties it to a mass vaccination program to help it come back. Keep in mind this is a virus that so far has killed fewer people worldwide than an average flu season. It must be nice to be a billionaire and not have to worry about how you are going to feed your family during a worldwide shutdown where you have been deemed non-essential and can no longer work.

Don’t forget, this guy is spending billions of dollars making these vaccines. It seems to us he has a vested economic interest in these “mass vaccinations” that he now claims we have to do to get back to normal. I don’t know about you, but should we at least maybe be asking what he has to gain financially by doing this? We know that the liberal media would be going bat shit crazy if this was a Trump organization doing and saying the same things.

But of course, don’t take my word for it here is Bill’s own words as he laid them out on the Daily Show – yes, on a show where the host is a comic pretending to do the news, because that is what passes as real news today.

Panic, Hysteria and the Crackdown on Civil Liberties and the Suspension of Constitutional Rights

Keep in mind; a majority of the “scientists” who are saying millions of people could die are the same scientists who have been telling us global warming was going to kill us all for the last 40 years!

Never have we seen a so-called public health emergency cause this type of world-wide freak out, panic. and suspension of civil freedoms. Here are just a few examples that we have documented:

Coronavirus Preparedness Resources:

Please read our article on Media Hysteria, Global Panic, and a Rational Look at the Actual Numbers — At his point, panic and hysteria are doing more damage to the public than the actual coronavirus itself! While the number may have went up a bit since we wrote the article, the main point still stands. There seem to be a whole lot of people pushing agendas and profiting off spreading fear and hysteria.

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  1. Bill Gates is a globalist piece of shit…not too wise to hop on his train. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was behind all the Covid-19 pandemic in the first place….

  2. And, if it isn’t, how do they know when this virus is going to peter out…? Trudeau, let it slip, before anyone was talking about the virus longevity, he knew exactly how long he would be giving financial assistance to the Canadian’s who lost their jobs in the early going. He said, all those people would be getting the Covid-19 relief monies for four months. Make no mistake, this is a test for something much worse….

  3. Counting on someone who delivered a piece of shit called Windows Vista and the most penetrable email system in the world is not the best guarantee to preserve the human race. After Steve jobs, Elon Musk, we got to digest this idiot too.
    Where are the intellectuals?

  4. Gates,Turner,Soros,Clinton,Obama ,the Corrupt Media, Corrupt Virologists …are they part of the same Orchestra? Could Bill Gates be the Director of the Orchestra?What is the truth behind the Corona Orchestra. The Symphony which they are playing seems to be out of tune with reality !!

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