More Bizzare Mass Animal Deaths, Millions of Dead Fish wash up on the Shores of Norway

January 2, 2012
herring shorelineIt appears that 2012 is kicking off the same way last year started, with more bizarre animal deaths. Yesterday we told you about the thousands of birds that fell out of the sky for the second New Years Eve in a row in Bebee Arkansas.

Well this morning Norwegians woke up to find millions of dead fish on the shores of Kvaenes, in Nordreisa. The school of Herring are literally blanketing the entire shoreline.

It looks like part of same pattern of  bizarre animal deaths that all started last year in BeBee Arkasas. (check out last years article for more info). Let’s hope this isn’t the beginning of something bigger.

dead fish shoes of Norway

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  1. Please check for Volcanic activity in Iceland or Greenland… the poison gas released into the water and then into the atmosphere can kill like this. It can be a fisure on the ocean floor, both in the Gulf of Mexico where the air currents will carry it northward towards Land but at about 5 – 9,000 feet above sea level… thus the bird kill… and near Norway… in the sea… where the fish were straved of oxygen… Check the earths crust for a fissure. That is my take on this… Now get the fish and dry them out and turn them into ferterlizer… don’t waste this resource….

  2. Maybe a coincidence? I’ve read about mass quantities of birds dying after fireworks showings. As for the fish I’m not really sure. Maybe someone dumped something in large quantities. I’d imagine New Year parties would be one of the best times for people to do something illegal like that considering the number of ppl worldwide that are distracted during that 24 hour period.

    • Take an hour and do a dead fish, dead bird, dead animal google search. What you will find is a ALL YEAR LONG incident after incident. Ranging from 8000 turtledoves falling from the sky in Italy to millions of dead fish on the east coast of the usa, millions of dead fish on the west coast of the usa, a couple of weeks ago 4.2 million dead fish in the gulf by Texas. After you see all of these events that continue into 2012, then look up Zephaniah 1 in the Bible. Let the blind see.

      • I just got to off the grid a few mins ago…then i got here…this scares me from canada…some call it little we r all wondering why these animals are dying..all around the world…what about the particile accelerators…there is more than one on this planet…there looking for the god particle…the size of these machines is unimagineable..the cost to the enviorment..death…also they are fracking..weird word…what does that not shure but its used in the oil industry..enormous amounts of water and sand.are forced at high pressure down the wells..and gasses come to the is not captured…results from this..a planet in peril…and earthquakes…i read a lot..and it scares me also doctor pescribed the water..everywhere.we the regular people never sanctioned that these enviormental experiments should be allowed..we pay for it both ends..taxes..and this is where it gets us..our governments are not thinking about the health and wealth of us all..they want money..not life..

        • It is the fulfillment of the prophecy you can read it in the Bible. Hosea 4:3, Zephaniah 1:3 and Revelation 6:7,8 let us repent from our sins because Jesus is at the door don’t be sleeping like the 10 virgins in the parable. Let us be serious with our worship to God. We are going to have a Sunday Law very soon and they are going to force everybody to worship on Sunday but that is not the True Sabbath of the Lord. Please read your bible Exodus 20 the fourth commandment. Please study the book of Revelation they are all there of what is going on. God bless you all God wants us to keep his commandments as he wrote it on the tablet of Stone but people will try to change it but at the end God will win. Please repent and worship God John 14:15 If you love me keep my commandments Jesus said.

  3. I don’t think this is a coincidence. There is definitely something going on, but what – who knows.

    The first time I heard of birds dying en masse after fireworks was when this incident happened last year. And I have the same comment… if birds die because of fireworks then why aren’t there mass die off every July? The streets of NYC should be filled with dead pigeons.

    As for the fishkill – if someone dumped something in the water wouldn’t there be a lot of dead things. Why only one species of fish? When oil was dumped in the mississippi you saw all types of fish, birds, etc affected.

  4. This is the prophecy of Hosea 4:3 happening. If it was by the reasons you guys are saying it wouldnt be restricted to one kind of fish or bird for that matter.

    • Agreed, the fish and effected animals are mainly scavengers or bottom feeders. Shrimp, Cod, Seagulls, Pigeons. Agree that it may be a gas kill off from volcanic gas underwater; if we have 3 minutes of air in our lungs until death, what do microorganisms , shrimp, and birds-canaries in the coal mine?); then it bioaccumulates in the flesh of the scavengers, ending in mass kill offs. Most higher level animals don’t eat dead, but most scavengers and lower level are canabals.

    • The newest animal deaths are the pod of dolphins that washed up on the beaches of Cape Cod. They are saying that these highly intelligent mammals were trapped in the hooked shaped harbor of Cape Cod, but there has been no definatives on why they died. Some were saved, others were beached and died there, but the majority died in the water and washed up dead. The powers that be are definatly messing with the electro-magnetosphere.

      • sks56guy,
        there have been more dolhin strandings besides cape cod. On the news they showed a whole school of dolphins come up to shore on a croded beach and just strand themselves. I believe it happened a week and a half ago. And then in claifornia over 300 dolphins were spotted together in a school swimming really fast away from something. People on a whale watching boat said they were going nuts and such masss schools of dolphins have nevver been heard of!

  5. yes Lynn they are ‘fracking’ everywhere in Arkansas (which is where I live) and we’ve had many mini earthquakes – which have never really happend until now. scares me. you’ll never convince me that they aren’t effecting the enviroment in a big way…and I think people are scared to voice their opinions. A lot of farmers have contracts with these big gas companies for renting their farms for drills, pipelines ect… some of the contracts were for over 100 yrs + and in these small towns these hick-a-fied country boys run the towns in the plains of Arkansas hell they’ll never know or in other words dont give a shit. Just like when it comes to getting their crops out nothing will stop them even if they have to spray us all from overhead with chemicals from their crop dusters and give us all cancer. I’ll quote the rice farmer which farms right next to my pecan orchard. He went to burn his field and did not take the wind into consideration and it (for the 3rd time) burned 10 of my pecan trees. He lookd me dead in the eye and said ‘look lady i’m gonna get my crop out if it burns down all your trees including your home if that what it takes to get my crop out”. end quote. ignorant and proud. bad combo. They just collect their checks $ from the gas companies and tell the rest of us how much good they are doing for the public. God help us.
    and yes Lissa…if all the birds are due to fireworks in Beebe Ark why aren’t they dying in droves everywhere come July 4th and new years? wasn’t a good enuff explaination then …nor is it now. and I want answers. I live 40 miies from Beebe. I hunt/fish/garden for most of the food for my family. I’m not eating packaged meat from brazil from walmart. if something is going on in the local enviroment I’m directly putting it in my famililes mouthes…we deserve to know what is happening!

  6. i read somewhere that the co2 levels in the oceans are rising due to global warming and emissions there have several times been mass extinctions thousands or millions of years ago due to co2 levels in the oceans and the co2 levels in the oceans today apparently already far exceed those in those mass extinctions the oceans are the main producers of oxygen on the planet due to microorganisms they harbour which produce it those turtle doves last year all had blue stains on their beaks which was taken as a sign that they may have died from hypoxia which is lack of oxygen and it would get the birds first as they are a lot higher when flying and all the birds died in mid flight so what i’m saying is basicly if the co2 kills everything in the ocean everything on land will go at some point too but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world just the end of humans because nature will recover humans may not (could be wrong i’m not an expert on the subject and only briefly read about that co2 thing) but maybe a million years from now there’ll be some other species and maybe they won’t be as dumb and greedy as us

  7. Latest happenings with these mass deaths of animals. Whales beached in NZ, Dolphins beached in UK, forest animals (moose etc) in Finland, fish or alike in Southern Sweden.

  8. i think the probelm is the north and south poles are moving. It explains everything. It has been proven that the north pole is now over northern siberia which explains the freezing cold in europe and the warmest winter in america as well. Also gravitaional poles affect animals such as birds, mammals and fish that use them to migrate which explains why animals might be going crazy and killing themselves.

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