Black Lives Matter Rioters Attempt to Kill White Business Owner for Protecting his Business

Remember when the left-wing wackos pretending these “protests” were about fighting racism – we all knew the story was bullshit, but here is more disturbing proof of the real agenda…

These people are Terrorists!

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  1. They have to do something about these people come on.. two wrong do not make a right..and what they are doing s not any rioting its call crime!!!!!! You are no better then the cops who killed that man!

  2. Sick people!! My god what is wrong with people none of this has anything to do with FLOYD. Burning buildings, looting, trying to kill people, this is called TERRORISM! NONE OF THIS IS BLACK LIVES MATTER ANYMORE IT’S SICK PEOPLE THAT ARE CARELESS AND THIS NEEDS TO STOP OR CALL THE DAMN SWAT IN TO HANDLE THIS CRAP!

  3. What’s going on here is wrong indeed just as how the Police departments and justice departments work and the wider government hand in hand to Exterminate black people in America without consequence . It’s unfortunate this has happened but apparently peaceful black protests puts your life in danger, so if the government that’s supposed to be protecting is working hard to eliminate you. You try to communicate and your children get killed, you tried peacefully protesting within the laws of the land but if you’re lucky you get arrested brutalised and thrown in jail for exercising your legal rights & if you’re unlucky you catch a bullet.?unfortunately the only language white American understands is violence so it’s violence until the systemic racism is purged from the system and replaced with legislations that serve every citizen equally.

    • Really? If stealing property, burning down buildings and attempted murdur are your idea of a peaceful protest, I’d hate to see your definition of a riot. And if you really want to claim the government is trying to “wipe you out” I suggest you read up on south american dictators, and yes the holocaust, to see what systemic genocide really looks like! And if you want to really drive it home, buy a ticket to someplace like Venezuela and try running from a government kill squad.

    • Thats not true, just like you cant lump all cops as bad or all blacks, you can not lump all whites as racist or against blacks. Yes something has to be done to stop the hatred. I was upset at taking a knee, but now I understand that it was a peaceful way of demonstrating against the hatred. The majority of demonstrators are just people trying to be heard, but the ones that are rioting, beating people are wrong. I understand their frustration but this is not the way to fix the problem, it makes it worse not better. We need leaders to stand up and lead and communicate and resolve the issues for all of us, not black not white, for all our children our families our friends. Stand up and stop the craziness. Be kind to one and another. Listen to each other and care about each other. I just watch the video tattoo shop owners getting beaten by two by fours in Rochester New York. The man was trying to protect his wife and they beat him. I cried. It didn’t matter whether they were black or white it was wrong.

    • No! This is vile, disgusting behaviour!
      This poor poor man!
      Black lives matter! But so does this man’s life!
      How can you condone this!!!
      This is sick sick sick!
      Mob behaviour!

    • police go after criminals, many of whom happen to have darker skin. police of all shades sometimes overstep and all need to be held accountable. in this case, they are. don’t want problems with police? then don’t commit crimes. maybe “white Americans” understand that. these are not peaceful protests, but antifa coordinated attacks. we need to target these terrorists; they have already done more damage than 9-11 and have hurt many innocent people and destroyed property. if police can’t/won’t protect our lives/property/society, them they are useless and it will turn to martial law… especially in DC, a federal district. the mayor of dc,like most democrat slum lord mayors and governors, is a complicit coward. why do people tolerate democrat “leaders” that exploit them and entice them to stay as welfare slaves? people deserve better. stop leeching off people, get a job, and maybe you will realize why law and order is important; it protects us all.

  4. You really don’t want to go down this path. Violence will be met with violence. if you think you scored a victory by almost killing one man and more violence will fix it, you will be starting a war you can’t win.

  5. Hello! I think the government is too blame, not the people! It is very sad we are still disgenerated against human kind. It comes down to the fact if you got money, you got ways! I think this is people acting out from being told what to do, another problem with society. Which, don’t get me wrong, we live in America, but what matters more? Killing a small town buisness that has nothing to do with anything, or a white cop killing a black man? We need to get the purpose straight! You are not helping no one, only raising havok! Please stop, breath, and get a hold of yourself! This is not the solution!

  6. No comment for these so called protesters turned CRIMINALS. Times like this is were society must learn to be self sufficient and prepared at all times to protect their families and themselves. And it causes anger that others around the victim not being attacked did nothing to help or prevent the escalation of this CRIME!!!!!

  7. I would like to see the young men one dressed in a Red coat and Hoodie, really stood out! They were trying to vandalize a Woman’s business and she (Was tiny)and they walked away and the red hoodie got mad went back and slapped her about her head hard over 6 times, nearly knocking her off her feet, she was so brave, she stood her ground! A tiny defenseless woman, surrounded by Evil! It made me afraid! It makes me cry! Please find him! I am sure by now the police have the video!

  8. sad to say but they didn’t attempt to murder him, i believe this is now they SUCCEEDED in murdering him.

    Message to Biden,
    THIS is why you need 100 round mags, and SEVERAL of them.

    had he been properly armed, there might be one or two bleeding out, but the owner trying to protect his way of making a living, and his business would be fine.


  10. Search Youtube for riot footage and you’ll get a million hits with titles like “Peaceful BLM Protesters Beg White People to Stop the Violence,” or “BLM Protester Rescues Far-Right Agitator.”

    The lengths the media will go to protect blacks is embarrassing.

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