Preparedness Alert: Racist Black Power Group Threatening More Attacks across Country

An organization  connected to the radical activist group Black Lives Matter and The Nation of Islam is taking responsibility for the mass shooting in Dallas last night. The Group is warning they have shooters stationed throughout the country ready to attack.

“More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days! Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper” read a post on the Black Power Political Organization Facebook account.

The Facebook page, which has since been taken down by Facebook, posted a series of messages claiming responsibility for the police shootings in Dallas and warning that they have “Snipper Assassins” ready for war. The group, which had over 300 radical activist followers before it was removed from Facebook, posted messages in the days before the shooting warning of their intentions.

One of the messages read: “Don’t worry my people! Justice will be served for Alton Sterling!” A message referring to the convicted felon who was shot after resisting arrest and going for his gun during a struggle with Baton Rouge, Louisiana police.

The group posted a photo of a sniper rifle with the caption, “Black Knights Sniper Assassins!”

Facebook photo of BLM activists

Screenshot of their Facebook Page Before it was Removed:

BPPO Facebook PAge

Police Confirm that one of the Dallas Assassins was a Black Power Activist

This morning Dallas Police confirmed the identity of one of the shooters. The Gunman who was killed by police last night during a standoff, was named as Micah X Johnson, aka Micah Xavier Johnson. He is pictured below throwing up the “Black Power” fist.

According to the killer’s Facebook profile, Johnson identified as a black nationalist. He followed a number of pages related to the Nation of Islam, including a page dedicated to Elijah Mohammed , the group’s deceased founder. Johnson also liked several militant and black separatist groups such as The New Black Panther Party and the African American Defense League.

The African American Defense League is one of the hate groups calling for the death of not only the police but also Firemen who they claim are the same thing.

The African American Defense League posted on Facebook after the Massacre in Dallas: “ATTACK EVERYTHING IN BLUE EXCEPT THE MAIL MAN, UNLESS HE IS CARRYING MORE THAN MAIL.” The message has since been removed by Facebook.

The sick demented leader of this group, a terrorist calling for bloodshed, has been allowed to organize on the Facebook Platform.  Facebook refuses to take down this guys page despite the fact that he is calling for the Crips and the Bloods street gangs to unite so they can kill cops.

Threats from the AADL

In another post, he encouraged people to also kill firemen because “they are on the same side” as the police.

“Peaceful Protests” Not so Peaceful!

While them mainstream media would like you to believe these protests were peaceful, and that this shooting was some kind of anomaly, the fact is that even after 12 police officers were shot, groups of so-called peaceful protesters looted a convenient store and then taunted police who had just lost their brothers.

This video was taken after the shootings. The mainstream media is refusing to show it because it doesn’t fit their political agenda that these activists are all peaceful.

Black Lives Matters Supporters Celebrate Murders on Social Media

In the aftermath of the Dallas Massacre, Black Lives Matters supporters took to social media to celebrate the murders.

Sadly this is only a very small fraction of the sick tweets that are out there, but they should give you a good idea of what the threat is and how these groups don’t care about human life.

BLM Tweets

Cop Car Shot

Warning: Graphic Language in this next video but it’s a good look at what police are dealing with. Also, take note that these groups are going after black cops as well!

#Mood #fuck12👮🔫

A video posted by Foldgaz (@mr_foldgaz_dripdeck_smg) on

PREPAREDNESS ALERT: Sickos Planning More Attacks!

Hours before the events happened in Dallas, Texas we posted a preparedness alert warning that trouble was coming. This information wasn’t particularly hard to come by; the mainstream media knew people were making threats, but they choose to ignore the threats because it didn’t fit their political agenda.

These groups are not peaceful; in fact, many of these groups have been making threats for months now on social media. Facebook, a company that routinely censors conservative news outlets allows these groups to use their platform to organize and threaten civil society. And Twitter, only hours before the Massacre, used their main corporate account to tweet out “These tragedies must lead to action. We join the voices demanding racial justice now.”

Odd that two social media giants that routinely censor conservatives not only allow radical terrorist organizations to use their platforms to organize but apparently like to stoke the flames of anger as well.

Stay Alert: Beware of your Surroundings

In the aftermath of Dallas, people need to be especially careful. These groups are not only targeting the police but anyone who stands up against them and their agenda. These animals are looking for large body counts, and they are looking for easy targets.

If you are attending any large event or Rally, you are at Risk: High-profile sporting events, political rallies, and social justice protests are all a cause for concern; these domestic terrorist groups, and those looking to create chaos, are increasingly looking at these types of events.

  • Be aware of Large Events Happening near Your Home: Even those who avoid large events may not be able to avoid the dangers associated with them. Make sure you know what’s going on in your town, and be prepared for large-scale attacks that may force you to evacuate.
  • Be aware that Gun-Free Zones are always on the top of their list. These sickos are preying on the fact that our idiotic politicians try to limit where we can and can’t carry a firearm, they know that gun-free zones mean they will be able to get away with their sick acts without meeting resistance.

Prepare for Martial Law: Should these types of attacks continue, you need to be prepared for the aftermath. There are some in government that will use it as a pretense to clamp down on the public first. In fact, the Obama administration is already using this as another excuse to go after guns.

Expect a large-scale attack on your civil liberties.

  • Curfews and travel restrictions will be put in place.
  • City, State, and National borders could be sealed.
  • Constitutional freedoms will likely be suspended, especially your 2nd and 4th amendment rights.

Have a Communication Plan: Emergency Communication is one of the least talked about parts of preparedness, but it’s probably one of the most important pieces of the preparedness puzzle. It’s something that you can’t afford to overlook.

You need to take Self-Defense Seriously! There is no substitute for real-world self-defense training. Check out these articles to get started:

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  1. I love how the media is now claiming this guy was the only shooter even though police on the scene last night reported being shot at from multiple directions. I also watched your videos from yesterday and you can clearly hear the gun fire coming from multiple locations when it started happening.

    Why are they covering for these people? This wasn’t a lone shooter it was a terrorist organization that is discussing itself as a civil rights group. What a sham! And funny how Loretta Lynch immediately came out and said the Obama administration will not be investigating this as a hate crime. WHAT???

    I also saw the posts on social media in the lead up to this where these groups declared war on cops and whites.

    • It’s only a “hate crime” to that bunch of losers if it fits their agenda, which this clearly doesn’t.

    • As a retired LEO my advice to the prepper community is simple, 870 Tactical. It is often the best way to communicate with the “radical murder community”.

      Best of luck!!

  2. I’ll tell you something as a BLACK man, these “Black Lives Matters” people are terrorists. It’s just to bad more blacks won’t come out and condemn them. It’s also too bad that the media portrays these police officers who help protect innocent blacks in these communities as thugs. Wake up, come on over here to Chicago and tell me how peaceful these gang members are!

    This is not a race problem, it’s a culture problem that has invaded the black community thanks to Democrat policies that have held down an entire race. That culture problem is now bleeding over into white youth communities who for some reason think it’s cool to be “ghetto.” It is not, most normal older blacks avoid these people at all costs. We are never shown on the news or by Hollywood who celebrates gang culture.

    • 100% agree. More of us older men need to start addressing the problems in our communities and the root cause. We need fathers back in our homes and to stop electing democrat politicians who do nothing but keep us down and promote this type of behavior for their own political power.

      In my day my dad would have whooped my ass for going out there and inciting this. These people aren’t protesters, 5 hours to get home on the Oakland freeway yesterday because they wouldn’t pick these little bastards up off the highway they were blocking. Actual working black folks not able to get home because of this crap.

    • Sir, God BleSS you for your clarity of thought and putting forthem an intelligent conversation and reasonings.
      As my Fiancée and I were discussing earlier today, it isn’t just Blacks that can act out. Hispanics, Whites, Asians, ALL ethnic groups have bad actors willing to get ignorant when it suits their agenda!
      Those who disagree have their heads in the sand or up their butts. If they aren’t part of the solution, they are part of the PROBLEM!
      Be safe out there and hope that cooler heads prevail and calm is restored.

    • You GP should be a role model for all youth of all colors. You Sir are a smart intelligent man who deserves much respect. Thank you!

    • I feel bad for black people. As an aboriginal person I too have had to endure racism, hate, poverty etc just like you people have had to. The symptom of the problem is the white race, they think they are the superior race, they take everything, they hate anyone who is not white and this problem has been going on since the beginning of time. The white race are the greediest, selfish evil savages that walk on this planet. If this is what it takes to wake the white people up with all this terrorism, shootings etc then so be it. They don’t care or listen to anyone but themselves. What’s going on in the world today is a wake up call. Long overdue.

      • Lol. Oh are you confused.I’M A PROUD WHITE WOMEN
        I HAVE GOTTEN NOTHING HANDED TO ME. I HAD TO PAY FOR MY PH.D, MY HOME, CARS, ECT. So go grant about how ignorant we are . Lol. I guess I am ignorant because I work hard forever thing while black lives matter tries to destroy our great city of chicago. Wake up whoever you are. Not all white people are well off or think they are superior. Your a joke.

    • You’re absolutely right sir. The sad thing is that the innocent are the once that will pay for this. We are all Americans and must stand as such.

  3. An update to this alert: Since I posted this today we have learned about three separate ambushes in three different states that the media is refusing to cover.

    1. A Ballwin, Missouri, police officer is clinging to life after he was ambushed during a traffic stop. “Make no mistake, we believe that Ballwin officer was ambushed,” St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told the local newspaper.

    2. A Bristol, Tennessee, police officer was shot by a man who was allegedly targeted whites in what the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says was revenge attacks for recent police shootings of blacks. He killed one other person and injured two others.

    3.A Valdosta, Georgia officer was shot while responding to a call, NBC11 reported. The suspect called 911 reporting his vehicle had been broken into. When the officer responded he was allegedly ambushed by gunfire.

  4. Can’t these be considered terrorist threats, resulting in the ARREST of those posting rather than the simple termination of their FB accounts????!!!!!!

  5. I am convinced that the government will not protect law abiding citizens because it does not fit the current agenda. I firmly believe that every citizens need to be prepared to defend their family and themselves with whatever force is necessary to neutralize the situation. If you don’t have a firearm, get one, take a basic firearms class to learn how to use it if you don’t know and lastly be loaded and ready to go when the need arises.

  6. Do people not realize that their just playing into the governments game so they can rid us of our 2nd amendment right and try taking our guns.

    Do your hands on research and look at how many states have made national headlines recently with cops shooting a citizen of a different skin color.

    Though we are different by color, we have something stronger connecting us together, we are the American race.

    Yes, black lives matter, so do white, asian, Mexican, native American, so on and so forth.

    We as Americans need to band together and tell the politicians, that enough is enough.

    Our Constitution was assembled so the government didn’t have to much power, and we citizens have slipped on enforcing them to do what they are supposed to do. For decades they have been doing what they wanted to, mostly for personal gain.

    Band together for, UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.

    And as per Thomas Jefferson:

  7. If a Black is 25years old and has a T.V. He has been programmed to become violent. This is part of the globalists destabilization agenda and can be traced to documented files on the communist platform which was a Zionist plot and part of an extension of the Trotskey Bolshecick revolution in Russia. Civil rights, integration and the destruction of all family life, morals, and culture is a prelude to disarming the population and enslaving them. This is no exaggeration. Bolshevics murdered tens of millions. Around the world 100’s of millions have died to empower these Zionists Globalists and these ignorant, gullible, delusional gangster rap fools are playing into the hands of people who are using them. They are what the communists call useful idiots. Zionism, Socialism, Communism all just tools of these Globalists. The media is a Zionist propaganda tool. The Courts, the Government, the Schools, Entertainment and Hollywood are all Zionist. These Black Lives Matter were paid by George Soros for the Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve and the Warburgs and the many rich Zionists who believe they benefit by destroying Western White Culture so they can make slaves of Black people. These Black kids are playing into the hands of the enemies of both Black and White. Damn it BLM. Let it go. Wise up.

  8. I don’t know what to say! Just want to make sure my family is took care of and those who are preparing. I hate to see my grandchildren grow up in this mess.

  9. Kind of difficult for the BLM-BPP-NewBlackPanthers to hide from discovery. Their own mouths (rhetoric and speech) are dead giveaways that what and who they are.
    This isn’t like the Mau-Mau Emergency in Kenya.

  10. It’s going to be a long, hot, bloody summer. All these nice boys and girls are going to burn down their ghettos, kill law enforcement officers, and any other white folk who might be near, and then bitch because the government s not rebuilding fast enough.

    These people need to be rounded up and shipped off to Africa if they think it’s so bad here. Let them mingle with their brothers and sisters in the Dark Continent since they are so happy being called Afro Americans, and hate this country so badly.mNo matter where I was born or the color of my skin, I am an American, period.

  11. Want to see who these people are??? Search the #fuck12 hashtag that many of the posts above have on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! This will show you that Offgrid’s post is spot of!

    Appreciate the work you guys are doing, this is why we need independent media because the mainstream is either too scrared to report the truth or they support these sick bastards you decide.

  12. Thank you OGS. And don’t let those sick liberals on your Facebook page who are harassing you get you down. As a black American ( I wasn’t born in Africa so I’m not African American like the liberals like to call us) I understand this article is not about the entire race and I find it a tad bit funny that the people calling you racist on your page are all white. Note to white liberals, you’re not scoring points by pretending to be for us just wait till nightfall when some of the gangsters are out there and see how much they respect you.

    I would have posted in your defense over on your facebook page, but to be honest it’s actually pretty scary as a black man to even admit you are a conservative or to talk out against these clowns. I don’t feel like putting my name or face out there because believe me these groups are after blacks who don’t bow down to their bull crap.

    Just look at the last video in this article how that human piece of garbage goes after the black cop calling him a traitor. Also take note on how the cops don’t beat this piece of garbage or shoot him. This is not a black problem it’s a black youth problem. They, just like today’s white youth, have grown up being told this is acceptable behavior. You have movies, rap songs, and entire network television channels dedicated to pushing this sick and twisted ghetto lifestyle.

  13. As long as government protects blacks they can get away with this crap.

    But take that protection away and blacks (11.5% of the population) will not do so well against the rest of the population as the numbers don’t favor them in a battle.

    I work part time (to get free ammo) at a friends gun shop and most blacks (not all, but 90%) buy small 22, 32, or maybe a 9-mm, easily concealable handguns. But most white people buy much larger more powerful handguns and also shotguns. Also blacks normally only buy a box or 2 of ammo to go with the popgun they have, most white people (other then woman who also don’t buy much ammo) buy a LOT of ammo (enough to keep Obama up at night) and several extra mags to go with the gun and also go out and regulatory shoot and that means they are likely a better shot.

    What happens in a person with a small gun with very limited ammo comes up against a guy with a 357 Mag and a shotgun or a 3006 or AR? It will not end well for the guy with the popgun. Yes he can get in a few shots, but over the long haul 100 rounds of ammo isn’t going to go far.

    So any black person that wants a race war, be careful what you wish for as the numbers are not on your side.

    And killing white cops is going to take away the cops willingness to protect you as it has been in the past.

  14. You should all take a class on history, critical thinking, and logic. Most of the supposed “facts” here are spurious at best and downright incorrect at worst. You’ve brainwashed yourselves into believing things are as simple and plain as you beleive them to be. I’m not saying everything is wrong here and correct on the other side. But good lord, consider just for a second what you might actually discover if you look at the nuance of the situation. Some of your premises may be correct but your conclusions are narrow, aggressive, or even literally insane. You will encite the kind of violence and hatred you condemn here through rhetoric riddled with racist and socioeconomic-centered thinking. Be careful.

  15. How about a 50 BMG sending a message back to your snipers, you SCUM!

    I wonder what all this shit is doing to the current FBI statistics and CDC counts of firearm deaths?

  16. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if these BLM thugs weren’t in talks already with ISIS to help bring this country down since they are already calling on gangs to unite and help them.

    Be ready my brothers and sisters, we are the last line of defense for this country.
    If you see a cop or fireman shake their hand and tell them thanks for their service.

  17. Black people asked racist white cops tp stop killing their men, women and children, now Black lives matter is a “radical activist group”? Who in hell is the real radicals here. Killing of black people have been happening for 400 plus years. White racist people enslaved blacks, killed Indians, banished Mexican and you call yourselves “White Supremacist”? What is supreme about any of this. Do you people not see the error of your ways. Leave us alone, and I know we will leave you alone because we want nothing to do with you. You people are sick in the mind. You are so afraid we will unite and rise above you is your real fear. Y’all are going to bust hell wide open come judgement day. There is a God.

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