BLM Federal Thugs attempting to steal another Rancher’s Land in Texas

After failing in their attempt to steal a Nevada Rancher’s land last week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now setting their sights on ranchers in other areas of the country.

Tommy Henderson, a lifelong rancher in Texas, is locked in a vicious battle with the BLM who is trying to seize his 90,000 acres or land. Unlike the showdown in Nevada – where BLM officials claim Cliven Bundy has failed to pay them, what in my opinion are illegal land fees to begin with – Henderson has faithfully paid all federal fees, taxes and even has a legal deed to the disputed land.

But that isn’t stopping the BLM from going after the rancher.

In an attempt to steal this rancher’s land, and claim it for the Federal Government, the BLM is attempting to redraw the Texas/Oklahoma state line, so they can nullify the rancher’s legal deed to the land. Because the Red River splits the boundary between the two states, and that river has eroded some of the Texas land over time, the BLM is attempting to use that erosion to say the rancher’s land now falls inside of Oklahoma.

Tommy Henderson, who is facing the very real possibility of losing his ranch, commented on his battle with the BLM:

“How can BLM come in and say, ‘Hey, this isn’t yours.’ Even though it’s patented from the state, you’ve always paid taxes on it. Our family paid taxes for over 100 years on this place. We’ve got a deed to it. But yet they walked in and said it wasn’t ours. Originally, here the river was out there where it is now and it eroded and accreted up to here, and then it eroded and accreted back. Well, their interpretation is that it eroded up to here but avulsed back. So when you listen to them it is always erosion to the south because the property line follows it then, but it’s always avulsion when it goes north. So the boundary can move south but it can never move back north.”

If the BLM is able to use this bogus legal maneuver, and redraw the state’s line, Henderson could find himself without a legal Texas deed to the land that will now fall inside Oklahoma – at least according to the federal government.

As we noted last week while covering the Bundy Ranch saga, the federal government has laid claim to much of the Western United States. In fact, in Nevada where the Bundy Ranch is still under siege, the Federal Government has claimed ownership of 84.5% of the State’s land.

As the map below shows, Federal intrusion into the Western States has created an environment where these States have very little power over their own land.

Federal Land Grab Map

Here is what the federal government claims they own in the Western states:

Nevada: 84.5 percent
Alaska: 69.1 percent
Utah: 57.4 percent
Oregon: 53.1 percent
Idaho: 50.2 percent
Arizona: 48.1 percent
California: 45.3 percent
Wyoming: 42.4 percent
New Mexico: 41.8 percent
Colorado: 36.6 percent
Washington: 30.3 percent
Montana: 29.9 percent

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  1. Fucking bullshit. This shit wouldn’t fly with any Texan I know. And of course the mainstream media’s handlers won’t allow the beginning of their fall to be broadcast on nationwide television. Before long we’re gonna hear some bullshit they cooked up to distract the masses. Guaranteed things are coming to a head and I pray all of you reading this are preparing for the fight.

    • Did you hear about why the NV landgrab failed? Because the protesters in support of Bundy were armed! And the BLM cited “safety concerns”. ‘Nuff said. Time to lock & load TX!

    • They had better bring more than a few tugs. When they strike here, that is when they will have an all out war. They better believe when we say don’t mess with Texas, they had better not mess with Texas. As we speak 1,000’s an 1,000’s are on their way to that land. Come on people lets defend our State. See you there

  2. Ya know TX law says that you have the right to protect your property in any means possible. This means they can SHOT THE FUCKERS.

  3. The 90, 000 acres is not totally comprised of Tom’s land, but instead some 100 land owners, myself being one of them! As Paul Harvey would say “wake up amurica!”

  4. I find it kinda funny that they are saying its not his and that its part of Oklahoma. So does that mean Oklahoma is getting bigger Nope! When all this rolls out into place it won`t just be Texas Militas and residents fighting you`ve got some friends above. Rivers may change but land lines should always remain the same.Stand up America Don`t let the Goverment Bullies take What is Yours!!!!

  5. I’m glad to see that these are getting a little bit more exposure. In CA. there has been a fight with Drakes Bay Oyster farm also for as couple years. We really need to stand up and fight off the feds. Our wonderful EPA has finally admitted they can’t come up with the data to back up their stupid laws & regulations they enact.

    • That is exactly what I just told my better half. We are seeing Agenda 21 in every facet of our lives. Common core education is another example. Hillary Clinton said they are losing the information war and she was correct in her statement. The Jews never had the luxury of the internet to warn their people.

      • …and young liberals wonder why obama wants to give control of the internet away…if free people have a free internet, we can protect ourselves to a certain extent…with the internet in the hands of the UN, we would be isolated from truth and the ability to easily organize against tyranny.

  6. The river can change course, position, or dry up. That kind of stuff happens with natural boundaries. The man made boundary of in this instance, the state line, does not move.

  7. If this escalates(and I’m afraid it will) the after effects could affect all of us. Things were able to deescalate last week; now a reoccurrence today. There most likely will be more incidents like this in the future. Also, my opinion, the BLM is deliberately trying to start a fight (Reids’ comments the other day didn’t help matters any) Why? Those armored vehicles profiled here earlier this week.

  8. Also, pay attention to Rollover Pass in Gilchrist, Tx. This is a privately owned property and Historical Site is threatened with closure by the Texas General Land Office using false reports to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

    The owners, Gulf Coast Rod, Reel & Gun Club and Gilchrist Community Association have filed suit in 5th US District Court, Galveston to protect their and their neighbors’ livelihood on Bolivar Peninsula, and the health and fishery of East Galveston Bay. This Pass is crucial for fish spawning and wildlife. It is a national destination for fishers of all ages and is especially loved by handicapped and seniors because of easy access.

    Galveston County Judge and Commissioners have taken $1.5 mi from the state, against the will of the residents, to take this property by any means including eminent domain.

    More info at and they will appreciate your support.


  10. This country is lost. The people have waited too long and will never get the upper hand again. Thank God I only have a few years left.

    • I’ve only got a few years left, too, but I’ll be damned if I will give in to the bastards! It ain’t over ’til it’s over. The jews gave up and walked into the gas chambers. Not me.


  11. Do we need another regiment of militia in Texas now? It is getting to be pretty obvious that the federal government and it’s puppet agencies are completely out of control. The states need to get it together and act to put a stop to the aggression against their citizens now!

  12. This is one reason that we should eliminate ALL federal ownership of lands in the states and turn it all over to state control. The state can then use the land to the benefit of the citizens of the state. With the citizens of the state determining what the land shall be used for then representation would be much more fair than having a bunch of unelected bureaucrats and crooked politicians in DC ‘managing’ the land.

    • What is the purpose of the Federal Government? To provide for the common defense and to regulate trade between the states. That’s it.

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