Bloomberg on Texas Church Shooting: Citizens should not have guns; Only Cops should decide when to shoot.

If you had any doubt about what gun control really means to the democrat party, then Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has just helped clarify the fact that gun control is about controlling the American populace.

On Sunday, Jack Wilson saved over 200 people when he fatally shot a gunman in a Texas church, proving that the only way to stop mass shooting is to allow good guys with guns to carry them everywhere. Wilson, who headed up the West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement’s security team was able to respond and take out the shooter within seconds of the first shot.

While you would think this would once and for all shut the anti-gun left up for good, they have shown themselves for who they really are. None of this is about stopping bad guys with guns, they are only interested in disarming the American citizenry so they can have full and complete control over every aspect of our life.

Instead of praising the HERO, who saved over 200 lives,  Michael Bloomberg has doubled down on stupid and said it’s the job of law enforcement to have guns and decide when to shoot. He then said you DO NOT want the average citizen to be able to carry a gun.

This is not about stopping criminals, it’s about control. The facts are:

  • If Jack Wilson not been armed this would have been a slaughter beyond comprehension.
  • If Mr. Bloomberg had his way, the only person in that Church who would have been armed would have been the psychopath.
  • According to the National Sheriffs’ Association, when looking at mass shootings (in this case school shootings) the average shooting lasts 12.5 minutes, while the average police response time is 18 minutes.

Mr. Bloomberg knows this; he was the mayor of New York three times and runs Everytown for Gun Safety, one of the largest anti-gun organizations in the world. He has the data, has seen the data, and is fully aware that that police will never be able to respond in time to stop these mass-shootings. Yet, like most Democrats, he is still pushing to take guns away from every law-abiding citizen in the country.

So is this really about saving lives? Or is about one thing – CONTROL.

The Average American Gun Owner often has more Gun Training than the Police!

Over the coming months, the left is going to try to convince you that the security team at the Church had some kind of special training that makes them different from regular citizens. But the fact is most church security teams are made up of regular church members.

It’s also a fact that many gun owners throughout the country have far more training and range time than the average police officer.

While Bloomberg would like you to believe that only cops should be armed, the fact is, most police departments only train with firearms about two times a year, averaging less than 15 hours annually.

Besides the fact that the police do not have a legal obligation to protect you from criminal, Your average gun owners has more range time than the average police officer. And if you still think Bloomberg has a point, well then let’s look at police in his city while he was mayor. In the Great city of New York, his police officers had hit ratios below 30 of only 18 percent for gunfights and from only 23% from long ranges (more than seven yards away). Now toss in an average response time of 18.5 minutes and do you still think only police should be able to carry a firearm?

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  1. Bloomberg must look at South Africa where the citizens have been disarmed and the criminals have more rights that the law abiding citizen. Whe do not have right to carry for personal protection and that is why our country is in this state. America must not let it happen to them.

  2. Bloomberg is a communist dedicated to disarming Americans so his programs can be instituted without resistance. He is an apparatchik

    • He’s actually a super rich 5th column nazi. If any race that should be all for gun ownership is the Jews via their experiences from WWII. But this obvious nazi in sheeps clothing believes otherwise. His personal storm troopers are armed, were going to be armed too. He knows what he’s doing and its nothing good for Americans.

  3. I wish Bloomberg could buy his way to the Democrat nomination. I would pay to watch this five foot six inch tyrant debating gun control with President Trump on nationwide TV. It would be comedy gold.

  4. Typical arrogant, elitist asshat! I have said for a long time that has very little to do with crime, and everything to do with control of the American People! I am afraid we are headed for a civil war.

  5. ‘….this would have been a slaughter beyond comprehension.’

    And THAT, gentle readers, is EXACTLY what ALL politicians want; Tragedies – and a disarmed and subdued nation. It ain’t just ‘the Dems’, gang. If DC-conservatives were FOR the Constitution and the 2nd, they wouldn’t be violating said Constitution/Bill of Rights on a daily basis, AND speaking out bout this insanity.

    Figure it out, and you’re 1 step ahead of them.

  6. DAMN COMMUNIST! anti democratic prick_ does this guy really live in AMERICA?

  7. You may not like this, and I get it if you don’t. But I think it needs to be said.

    I’ve watched the recent church shooting video and it’s sad…very very sad. It hurts my heart. But it also reinforces the reality that there are three types of people in the world.

    There are the wolves. The wolf is the person who opened fire during the communion service, killing two people and intending to kill many more.
    Wolves are evil.
    All of them.
    Wolves have no conscious. Wolves are violent.
    Wolves are predators who prey on the second type of person….the sheep.

    The sheep are the people stalked by the wolves. They obliviously go about their day unaware that there are wolves eying them, waiting for a chance to pounce. Some sheep pretend that they can “coexist” with the wolves. That wolves just need a little love….a hug. Maybe it’s even their fault that the wolf is a wolf. Other sheep know that wolves are around. They know that wolves are dangerous. But they hope the wolf will leave them alone. You see the sheep diving under the pews in the video when the wolf suddenly bares his fangs.

    The third type of person are the sheep dogs. The sheep dogs protect the peaceful but helpless sheep from the wolves. Sheep dogs are acutely aware of the danger wolves pose. They see the wolves eying the sheep, and they keep a watch out for them. Sometimes they get into trouble for being suspicious that a wolf might be hiding in sheep’s clothing. But, when the wolf suddenly appears, the sheep dog jumps and stands between the wolf and the sheep. You see the sheep dogs in the video as well. One of them stepped between the sheep and the wolf and was tragically killed by the angry wolf. Another sheep dog stepped in and eliminated the wolf within seconds. Then you see a whole pack of sheep dogs approach the dead wolf as the sheep scatter and hide.
    Amazingly, once it was all over, sheep from other pastures started criticizing the laws which allowed the sheep dogs to even be there to protect the sheep. They blamed the sheep dogs, for the wolf.

    Let me be clear! Not everyone is a sheep dog! Not everyone has it in them. I AM NOT criticizing the people who dove for cover! What else could they do in the situation they found themselves in? They did exactly what they should have done, exactly what the sheep dogs needed them to do which was to get out of the way and allow the sheep dogs to do what sheep dogs do….kill the wolf.

  8. This is how to hurt the pro gun movement. By making claims that are exaggerated.
    “The Average American Gun Owner often has more Gun Training than the Police!”
    The police need armed citizens like Jack Wilson. And we (2nd Amendment supporters)need to always be honest without propaganda.

  9. Bloomberg’s tone would change if he had been one of those 239 people in that church! If he had been there and had that shotgun pointed in his direction when the good guys shot the killer, he would be thanking God, country and the 2nd amendment that a citizen was armed. I want all of those politicians who scream gun control of the people to have the security that protects them disarmed as well.

  10. if that was Bloomberg’s children or wife or any memeber of his family and a nut started shooting in his church & bullets were flying their way, you mean to tell me that ass would want the person to wait until the police got there??? In one minute by waitng a lot more could have been dead in that church. What a stupid thing to say !! So to me his family or any human being their life does not matter.

    • Bloomberg has no problem with Jews carrying guns. Only non-Jews. He fully supported Jews being armed in their synagogues and Community centers.

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