Bureau of Land Management planning to Remove 6,737 wild horses from Land in Nevada

Wild Horses in Nevada

The federal government is yet again targeting the vestiges of the Wild West, as the Bureau of Land Management plans to remove one of the most iconic symbols of the American West from land in Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management plans to remove 6,737 wild horses from Land in Northern Nevada, and wildlife horse advocated say the ultimate plan is to sell these horses to slaughterhouses.

Earlier this month, the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee voted to let the BLM begin euthanizing the horses when they stripped language from the Department of Interior’s 2018 budget that federally prohibits the slaughter of America’s federally protected wild horse and burro herds.

The 1971 Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act permits the sale of older, unadoptable animals. But for years, Congress has approved budget language specifically outlawing the sale of any wild horses and burros for slaughter. The new amendment, put forth by Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) and passed by a voice vote, allows for the destruction of healthy wild horses and burros that Interior Department bureaucrats deem to be surplus.

Suzanne Roy, executive director of The American Wild Horse Campaign, the nation’s leading wild horse advocacy organization, issued a strong statement condemning the Committee’s vote.

“Let’s be clear: the House Appropriations Committee members just signed a death warrant for America’s mustangs, and it will lead to the wholesale slaughter of these irreplaceable national treasures,” said Suzanne Roy, executive director of the American Wild Horse Campaign. “The Stewart amendment is a mass slaughter amendment, and its proponents are trying to hide that fact from the American public.”

BLM insists that the land cannot sustain the current population of Wild Mustangs, but fails to mention how the government’s policies of eradicating wolves and other native predators across the West is what caused the so-called overpopulation to begin with.

Wild Horses Roaming the desert in Nevada

Since 1971, BLM has removed almost 300,000 of these wild horses from western public lands and has eliminated wild horses and burros from over 20 million acres of public land. After the current roundup, BLM plans to geld up to 50 percent of the stallions who remain on the range and then fix the sex ratio of these wild horse populations to 60% male, 40% female.

The plan will reduce the wild horse population to extinction levels.


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    __ Besides our traditional love of horses, these wild horses could be sacrificed to slaughter if there was a food shortage emergency. If we slaughter them for food when we are not starving, what will we eat if we are starving?

    __ In Europe, there is a love for horses but they are also eaten. I ate a steak of horse meat. But I was not allowed to know what it was until years later. If needed, horse meat is perfectly fine as food. The people who want to kill off the horses may need to be taken out and hung. Or, at least tarred and feathered, put into a board with their head and hands in a hole, and throw rotten tomatoes at them.

    • It’s a horse. You greedy so-and-so, you’re going to reap the wind. Your lack of appreciation of this magnificent animal is disgusting. I rode horseback as a child. Friends of mine owned race horses and I knew some of the best jockeys in America. A few years ago, I was going to buy a horse ranch. I wish now that I had. Maybe I still can. I would gladly adopt and care for a couple hundred horses. I might even send one of the grandkids to veterinary school.

      • Big deal! I have owned and trained horses for 30+ years. You better plan on hiring someone that knows something about how to handle wild horses. A wild stallion will kill you.

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  5. Give the horses and burros back the land that was taking from them, Cattle ranches were meant for one thing to raise cattle on, stop turning the land over to the ranchers.

  6. How many horse’s will that range support? 1,000? 10,000? 100,000? If it’s overstocked, what happens to the pasture plants that they feed on, or the limited water resources? As to horse slaighter facilities, name one operating in the US before you start inventing a story.

  7. They are FERAL HORSES NOT WILD HORSES !These horses and all other horses are an invasive species brought here in the late 1400’s – Early 1500’s …. They are not Native to North America… Unfortunately emotion not science is the primary way most wildlife is managed.. Bring them to extinction ? NIMO …. Control there numbers ? certainly… When the Bust of ’08 hit 100’s of horses were dumped on the Red Desert of Wyoming by their owners who could no longer afford them. Are these “Wild Horses ” ? Of course not …

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