Government efforts to Demonize Paper Money – Are we moving toward a cashless society?

From the FBI circulating memos warning business owners to be on the lookout for people paying with cash, to governments around the world pushing for a cashless society, it looks like your paper money may soon become a relic of the past.

But what’s up with the sudden push to demonize paper money?

In my opinion it’s 100% about having the power to control and track every move you make. The government seems obsessed with controlling every aspect of your life, pushing for a cashless society makes it that much easier for them to track your every move.

The Demonization of Paper Money

Banks and governments around the world have both been very successful in their efforts to end paper money. Slowly but surely they’ve managed to convert people away from cash and into digital currencies.

From banks pushing their customers to convert to online bill pay, to internet giants like PayPal aggressively promoting their digital wallets, the move towards a cashless society seems inevitable.  According to a recent Rasmussen poll, over 43% of Americans regularly pay for products without using cash or coins. The most recent figures from the Bank for International Settlements, an umbrella organization for the world’s central banks, show that bills and coins make up only 7 percent of the U.S. economy.

But apparently the campaign to end paper money isn’t moving fast enough.

Lately the government seems to be upping the Ante. The newest gimmick in the war on cash is to convince the public that using paper money helps promote terrorism and other criminal behaviors.

In a report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a group made up of bankers, high-ranking government officials, business leaders and academics, the group contends that “Money’s destiny is to become digital.” They argue that the “events of September 11th, 2001 give additional salience and urgency to the accelerated introduction” of this digital currency, and they are actively trying to “reduce the place of cash”.

Growing number of companies will not accept paper money

Can you imagine what might happen in a cashless society?

In my opinion these digital currencies are all about power. In a cashless society, the banks and the federal government will be given an unprecedented amount of control over your life. Without cash, banks will be able to charge whatever fees they want, and will even be able to dictate what electronic payment systems you can or can’t use.

An even scary thought is what the federal government will do with the power. In a cashless society your money becomes invisible. Without being able to physically hold your money, what would prevent the government, a hacker or any other organization from wiping out your account with the flip of a switch?

And for those that think the government can do no wrong, what happens if a major disaster disrupts the electrical grid? How would you access your paperless currency?

We are in the process of converting our monetary system into one that will require all payments to be made electronically. Your ability to pay with cash, coins, checks, or other physical currencies is fading fast. The cashless society seems to be just around the corner, and I don’t think many people realize the dangers.

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  1. I know a lot of you don’t believe….The bible said in the end you’ll have to have a number to make purchases…… know my mother warned me of this 45 some odd years ago….

  2. im 16 i mow yards for money what am i soposed to do? say checks only? there is no way that there can be a cashless economy

    • Austin. You make a good point. But money is the problem with the world. Imagine old times when a kid offers to do a service on a man’s property. In exchange, the man offers the boy to choose between many different things he has to offer. Now he doesn’t offer for the boy to take absolutely anything there. Only one of a limited number of things. Its like cashing in tickets at a child’s arcade prize room. You can only get certain toys for the amount of tickets you have.

      But in old times, usually a man offered to give a boy a chicken. Why? Because that chicken would feed his family. So there was no temptation for the boy to exploit the situation by rewarding himself. Taking money is a temptation. Taking a chicken is not. That’s the different between a want and a need.

      Today, everything revolves around WANT. Because of money. If people began doing trades exclusively, and without money, the world would be better off. Not only would we recycle more, but we would constantly shift resources to go where they are needed. Instead of people hourding things they don’t need. Society has become selfish because of money. And money needs to DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. We all need to be working to support our families instead of ourselves.

      • What is wrong with having things that you want? If all you get from working is your needs, there is scarcely reason to work. There is nothing inherently evil about working toward a goal and saving money to acheive it. There is nothing inherently evil about having personal property. Those who complain about wealth have none and see no possibility of acheiving wealth.

  3. I advise you all to read up on Bitcoin and it’s purpose. It was invented to fight something like this from happening.

  4. The statement “…what happens if the grid goes down in a major disaster …access to money?” That so true. I have often thought of this. If a person can’t use their credit card or …the banks have declared a bank holiday or….worse the bank bldg itself is damaged (like what happened in my town ten yrs ago this month in my town due to a tornado.” No back up money at home…BIG problems. As a side note, I commented to my mom this a.m. that I find that approximately 75 per cent of the people pay with a credit card whenever I shop. Even at the dollar store.

  5. the truth is: a world-wide cashless society is coming, just how close it is is the issue… these seem like baby steps to a planned end and they are… there is but one major event to occur in order for the nwo to fully manifest and exercise itself and that is what some believe to be the “rapture”… before you poo-poo it, think about it this way: if we’re right, you have so much to lose; if we’re wrong, we’re guilty of bad timing at best and false doctrine at worst… i’ll err on the side of caution and say it’s going to happen and that soon… not saying it’s a “pie-in-the-sky” escape from trouble because there’s no guarantee that we’ll be removed before things get much worse than we’re experiencing presently… i just believe in well-rounded “prepping”…

    • No need to defend your faith here or anywhere for that matter. I doubt there are any libtards here anyway.

  6. we must begin praying and asking for Christ to come, from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep unceasingly from now on. as it written at the end of the book of Revelation. Come Lord Jesus!!

  7. When argentina collapsed, the banks kept the money and people lost most of what was in banks. No cash would have killed them all.

  8. We’re supposed to be the BODY of CHRIST! He will show up through a banding together of the righteous! We are our salvation! We are collectively stronger than any wicked government.

  9. This is getting scary, if we move towards a cashless society, then the government has pretty much won and we are being totally controlled. I hate that. I thought we were born free, i guess not. We need to fight this. Why do people (government) have such a need to control the rest of us? Do they not realize that they are mortals like everyone else? All thier power and control isn’t going to keep them alive either.

  10. It doesn’t matter what scheme you come up with to combat the crash of currency. Resources are resources. And you have to think about the reason why many people have what they have. It isn’t always based on honesty. Rich people are ruthless thieves that would steal or kill to get what they have. And there are even lower classes that cheat the government and/or deal drugs to have money. So when money becomes worthless. what happens? You begin seeing crime that’ll make you want bars on your doors and windows. A very large ghetto. The wrath against the world is just around the corner. I say to all. You better get your act together. Don’t be one of the fools that ignored Noah. It may not be a flood that’s coming. But don’t think it won’t be just as bad. You think millions won’t die? Obama has proven to be the worst leader in all history. And I voted for him regretfully. No more will I take part in politics. GOD’s will is what I will follow from here on out. You cannot trust the will of those guided by money and power. Those things are an abomination and will be destroyed. And anyone who uses them as a lifeline will no doubt lose their life!! Off the gridders are preparing. You think all that algebra, science, chemistry, and other nonsense made you smart?? You are about to find out where wisdom truly comes from.

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