New Law Restricts California Residents to Buy only 1 Gun a Month

In the latest stupidity out of the People’s Republic of California, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 61 into law, a bill that will limit Californians to only being able to buy one gun a month.

Senate Bill 61, sponsored by Anthony Portantino, D-La Cañada Flintridge, adds to a 1999 state law that limited the purchase of handguns to one a month. Portantino’s bill extends the restriction to long guns. It also prevents people younger than age 21 from obtaining firearms like semi-automatic centerfire rifles.

“Limiting bulk purchases of guns, in this case the type of high capacity weapons that are the gun of choice for many mass shootings, will keep these guns from falling under the radar and getting into the wrong hands,” Portantino said.

“This was one, internally, we struggled with,” Newsom said. “There’s a sense that if you feel like someone has a right to access something, you can restrict it but with certain limitations. We’ve done that with other types of weapons and used that model of one a month for those types of weapons, so my thinking was, ‘All right, this is at least consistent with previous established efforts.’ But it’s a legitimate and open-ended question of what’s that appropriate number.”

The California Rifle and Pistol Association has already signaled they will be challenging the bill in court.

“You can expect us to fight this in court,” the group wrote on Facebook minutes after Newsom signed the law.

The latest bill is just one of over 15 anti-gun bills signed into law in California over the last week, including Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws which allow the California government to start confiscating firearms based on allegations. Under that law, the State can take away a person’s Second Amendment rights, not based on criminal convictions or mental health adjudications, but based on third party allegations that a person may be dangerous.​ 

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  1. NRA are you listening?
    Oh they must be off on another $30,000.00 dollar vacation to Italy again?
    Maybe LePierre is buying another another expensive suit for $10 Grand.

    GOA or FPC fight for your rights NOT the NRA.

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