California Mass Shooting: More Anti-Gun Idiots use Tragedy to Push Agenda

Despite overwhelming evidence showing that more people owning guns directly leads to less crime and violence, opportunistic lawmakers across the country are looking to use the tragedy in California as another chance to push their gun control agendas.

Personally, I’m sick of the media giving these wackos attention; since in my opinion attention is exactly what they want, but I will point out the fact that over half the people in the California killing spree were killed with knives or a car. So where are all the people calling for a ban on knives and cars?

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said on “Face the Nation” this weekend that he wants to push some kind of updated version of the Manchin-Toomey bill that would expand background checks, among other things. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.). While this may sound all warm and fuzzy, the fact is, what this Senator is talking about is restricting mass amounts of law-abiding people from owning a firearm.

Under the guise of “keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill,” these gun control advocates are really trying to setup an environment where they can label almost anyone mentally unfit to purchase a firearm. In fact, and as we reported earlier this year, these same anti-gun nutjobs started pushing their plan to use metal health as a way to ban guns in New York.

Earlier this year, the State of New York used mental health regulations to classify anxiety as a mental health issue. Because of that, anyone who has ever talked to their doctor about feeling anxious about anything could be at risk of losing their 2nd amendment rights. While some may say this sounds like a conspiracy theory – which has also been labeled a mental illness – the fact is there are a number of cases making their way through the court system in New York, where people actually lost their rights because they were prescribed anti-anxiety medications.

Since 1 in 4 people are now taking an anti-anxiety medication, that’s a pretty large group of people who could be at risk of being labeled mentally unfit to own a firearm.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration quietly passes yet another unconstitutional executive action that defined who can buy a gun based on mental health issue. The restrictions, which are being enforced as regulations through the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services, allow the government to get around ignore medical privacy laws and give them direct access to your private medical records (and they said Obamacare was about helping people get insurance).

A note to those who think more gun control laws are the answer:

Last week’s California Killing Spree happened,

  1. After a background check was performed.
  2. In a state that has a 10 round magazine limit.
  3. In a state with an Assault Weapons Ban.
  4. In a state, and especially a community, which essentially does not issue CCW licenses.
  5. In a place where it was illegal to carry a gun in any fashion, and in a marked “Gun Free Zone.”
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  1. For the crazies out there, a gun free zone is prime hunting ground for as they know no-one around has a gun to stop them.
    If more ccw permits are issued instead of restricted the crazies and bad guys would stop and think,,,,hmmm does she have a gun in her purse or does he have a gun in his briefcase….just a split secound delay can make a big differance in the outcome .

  2. The gub’ment obviously watches Mythbusters-‘I reject your reality and substitute my own’ where facts are not required.

  3. What about Canadian mass murder by a knife.
    It’s the evil intent not the tool.
    Same story all the time. That’s why you Americans have 2nd amendment.
    Maybe the time is now?
    Why you have it if you don’t use it?

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