California Officials declare Ham Radio no longer a benefit; Demands Ham radio repeater infrastructure to be Removed

Ham Radio

The People’s Republic of California is at it again; through unelected state officials, California is severing ties to ham radio repeater owners throughout the state, jeopardizing the lives of millions of Californians who depend on these repeaters  to operate during emergencies.

Last month, repeater operators were sent emails telling them the State would no longer allow them to operate repeaters on public land without paying substantial rental fees. In the letter sent by CAL FIRE, the state claims Ham operators no longer provide a benefit to the state or public safety. They claimed that “constantly changing technological advances” has made Ham radio obsolete during an emergency.

Keep in mind; this is a state that is currently shutting power down in 34 of its counties because its infrastructure cannot handle 20-30 mph winds without risking wildfire breakouts throughout the state.

What is a Ham Radio Repeater

An amateur radio repeater system is a two-way radio system that takes weaker or low-level amateur radio signals and retransmits them at a higher level or higher power so that the radio signal can cover longer distances without degradation. It is a vital part of the local emergency communications system, and Ham Radio operators have been using them for decades to provide support during disasters that take out local communication infrastructure.

Why would they remove something that is the last line of defense during a disaster?

What is infuriating here is people are going to die because of this decision. It costs the State of California nothing to allow these repeaters on public land; in fact, Ham Radio Operators pay for the equipment and maintain the equipment at their own cost. Ham Radio operators also make nothing from running these radio repeaters; they do so as a service to the public to help ensure the public’s safety during natural disasters and emergencies.

Here is a good explanation of what’s going on from a Ham Radio operator in California

While paying billions of dollars a year to cater to illegal immigrants and welfare bums, California is now targeting hard-working Ham operators who provide critical and vital Disaster Emergency Communications. These people have absolutely lost their minds!

There is a nationwide effort to Kill Ham Radio

My off the grid ham radio

Even most Hams haven’t taken notice, but in 2012 the federal government launched FirstNet, a public safety nationwide broadband network that many in the government think will make Ham radio operators obsolete. In reality, its nothing more than a $47 Billion Federal Cell Phone Network that itself is already obsolete. In fact, it needs LOTS of infrastructure to function, and it creates multiple, single points of failure.

The real story here is Ham Radio is a threat to the government. We make them look stupid! They spend billions on infrastructure that breaks down, while we can literally take a hundred bucks in equipment, some random wires, and in minutes set up a radio system that can communicate with anyone in the world. Hell, I’ve used my kid’s slinky, some Television Coax Cable, and a solar battery system to build a mobile rig that I’ve used to talk to people around the world — You can check out the Radio Rig Here.

They don’t want the public to realize that we can take care of ourselves, and do a much better and cheaper job doing so! To learn more about Ham Radio, and how you can become a ham radio operator check out our article here.

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  1. The minute I heard about FirstNet, I knew they would be coming for us. The system is a joke, but I knew it was a pretext to shutdown ham radio.


          • People with good sense are starting to depart CA. Which is fine but please leave your Kalifornia values behind.

            The state is now just circling the drain and will at some point rapidly fail. When it does there will be chaos like the US has never seen before.

          • .

            I’ve got an order of inflammatory name calling and a side of garlic knots.
            Spicoli ?…. inflammatory name calling…
            Spicoli ?


          • The ONLY inflammatory words I ever hear is on 3840 kilohertz by a bunch of filthy mouthed OM that have no respect for our motto and certainly no respect for other operators. I’ve reported them to the FCC and out local reps. Someone must have shut them down for not giving their call every 10 minutes as required or found them and fined them THOUSANDS of dollars for interference. We have a code to live by as h as hams and these creeps must have FINALLY been caught by directional antennas and or someone slipped up and gave their call. I heard a call and that’s when I reported them. Haha hi hi!! It’s just something we DO NOT DO. Interfere, swear, or be totally childish since it reflects upon us all in our hobby…that help others in times of need! I’m a national traffic handler and do my duty to community and anywhere my talent is and can be utilized. I’m an AEC with ARES at our local hospital, am one who can take and receive traffic proficiently and am professional in my duties. I say don’t mess with our ham bands or try to act like a 3rd grader because like I said, it reflects on us who are professional and dedicated!! 73 to all!!

          • Problem is only one side could discuss as adults. The other side is still floating face down in the swamp sucking up all the gas produced.

          • Now we know the limits to MJ type of persons intelect. Staying on topic is my preference. Those affected should move their repeaters on private property and stop relying on the government

        • Agenda 21
          Goggle it. You will see the plan to take over America.
          It’s been in the works for 75 years.
          Turn America in to a dust bowl.
          We the amercian people arr standing in the way of global government.
          Ran by a few elets from Europe.

          • Bloody unlikely, as the purveyors of this plan—the UN—don’t have enough money to pay their employees

          • At this point in time California is just looking to grab money from any type of place it can to fund money for their pockets and use it for other things as they are allowed too with whatever they tax. People need to wake up and stop supporting these people and do whatever they can now to take back their state. I would go even as far as slashing tires of any person running the state currently to stop them from going to work to delay or halt them destroying california. These people NEED to be taken out of this office by any means necessary before this goes too far. We have given up so much and it’s now just making up anything and everything to grab money from its citizens.

          • Actually, the Titanic had more lifeboats than required,by outdated, regulations. Also the Titanic’s crew didn’t have time to launch all of the lifeboats that she carried. Any more and they would have gone to the bottom with her.

          • Titanic was a plot by bankers to make sure certain key people in the way of their plan to financially take over the US were killed. It was done intentionally.

        • Look at the big picture, beyond California. I agree with one person that the Radical Left’s end goal is to run everything in the U.S. like China.

      • They aren’t making them shut down. They just aren’t allowing repeaters to sit on public land, like on water towers or public building roof tops, without paying heavily. If someone has one like that they have to move it, not “shut it down”.

          • Any off grid two way radio system in emergency use, is the only lifeline for saving many lifes. Like Earthquake Event.


          • Believe me all liberals in California are that stupid but hey want the government for n our homes and minds but not theirs. This place is a cesspool that’s why we are trying to recall the Governor here.

          • Because if they can remove everyone’s means of communication, make us dependant on their network too communicate they are that munch closer to martial law. If no one can get the word out or call for help or organize resistance points they stand a better chance of winning.

        • I guess Ham’s will need to use HF frequencies to communicate as they are less dependent on repeaters. I think they should leave them alone as it’s not costing California anything to let repeaters stay on a water tower or building. The Ham community raise the money and maintains the repeaters so this redundant emergency communication network is essentially free to the Tax payer.

          • Short-sighted thinking on CA official’s part. All one has to do is check historical data on public comms during disasters….usually fail outright, especially cell and land-line networks, on which most people rely

          • Cali wants the rent. Or worse, to stifle the ability to communicate outside of ‘legal’ read as approved means. Want to disable a potential opponent? Interdict his communcations.

          • Everybody acts surprised about this but you people in California have been bending over for decades letting government encroachment seep into your lives one regulation at a time. It might not have affected you at first just your neighbor. Then they pass another one. You don’t agree with it but it’s not enough to get to you. This is how socialism works. It creeps up on you and by the time you get pissed, it’s too late. WAKE UP PEOPLE, this isn’t a democrat thing, it’s not a republican thing, IT’S AN AMERICAN THING! Government is going to keep pushing until they control every aspect of your life.

          • Today it’s public land. Tomorrow it’s any repeater. It’s called incrementalism….something libs are very good at.

          • Problem is FirstNet is built by and run by people who get paid, ham radio is operated free of charge. Hams do not claim overtime, or sick days. If Ham repeater or antenna system is not working, a bunch of Hams will gather, via repeaters, and go tackle the problem. The California decision by an unelected official, is disgusting, and is a slap in the face to over 700,000 licensed Hams in the US. Next they will go after model Railroaders, or RC plane fliers that might use public land for their hobby.

          • Excuse me, isn’t public land,OUR LAND??? What the hell right does government have to tell us what we can or can’t do with OUR LAND???

          • The decisions by elected officials there are not much better. In 2015 one state senator got a gift for his reelection of $95,000 and without discussion the state senate passed a law making all 69 (now 72 vaccines recommended by the CDC for ages 24 hours to 20 years) to be mandatory. I would have moved out of the state before I would allow this to happen to my children as some of these vaccines are illegal in move developed countries where people live much longer than the USA. Oh, that’s right. The following year in 2016 when the law was implemented some 142,000 more did move out of California than moved in. When I was a child I got about 3 vaccines and a few more when I joined the USAF and I seem to remember getting a flu shot about 35 years ago. In California the MMR vaccine is mandatory for very young children but in Japan, one of the longest lived peoples on earth, it has been illegal since 1992. What to they know that we don’t? A lot apparently!

        • Oh, is that it!? So just more money to the state that they shouldn’t force American’s to pay. Pack up and move out of California.

        • Follow the money! No chance that the cell phone providers are looking for new prime locations without any chance of potential interference?
          Boot off the amateur radio leeches (in the greedy government’s eye) and start collecting from the deep pocket cell operators. Just a thought.

          • No, amateur radio frequencies are allocated by the FCC and international treaty. Just removing a few repeaters won’t change that. Even with no repeaters we could still operate in simplex. But the operating range would be greatly reduced.

          • Hello. Regarding a spectrum grab, my cell phone carrier is trying to encourage me to use wifi for calls within my home for “better quality”. It doesn’t sit right with me, and this is the first place I’ve seen where people might care about that info, so there you have it. Upper midwest region. Calls and texts are failing in this area among multiple carriers.

        • Hams need to immediately begin contacting city and federal officials where access to towers might be available. Or even private land owners. In Texas there are hams who have made arrangements with telephone companies to use space on their towers so if you could locate a private tower on city, federal or private land you might find a home. Good luck. It is going to be a mess for a long time out there.

          • In CT. We use water towers and many clubs own the repeaters and pay for the power that they use. They also get grants from Homeland Security to stay on the air.

          • The problem is, these repeaters are on mountaintops and are on public land. There are no private properties up there. Water towers? We have mountains here – No water towers.

          • I worked for a small radio station and we rented out space on our towers as long as it did not interfere with broadcasting. Check radio and tv station towers. There was also a man in the neighborhood who ran more power than the station and we “politely” asked him to keep it down until our peak hours were over for the day.

        • Thank you, that’s what I was wondering. If this just applies to public land can’t the repeaters be relocated to private land?

          • The problem is, these repeaters are on mountaintops and are on public land. There are no private properties up there. Water towers? We have mountains here – No water towers.

        • “They aren’t making them shut down. They just aren’t allowing repeaters…without paying heavily…they have to move it, not ‘shut it down'”

          ‘Moving’ a repeater from it’s geographical location is NO DIFFERENT than shutting it down. They work as being a midpoint between 2 radios. If it can’t be between those 2 radios with enough elevation to see both, it IS effectively ‘shut down’.

        • Not all of are commie liberals. We are trapped in this insanity because the ruling party plays dirty politics to win elections. Cannot wait to leave this place, not a native.

        • It seems ludicrous to blame the liberals for policy being made by the present conservative government.
          Once the inept current occupant of the oval office is replaced by an individual qualified to hold that office, that person being a democrat, republican or independent, sanity will once again reign in Washington.

          • Hahahaha it’s your liberal state government that is doing this. Put the blame where it lies. Also the last I seen your liberals held the purse strings and the house. Again put the blame where it belongs Komrade. Our president is doing just fine. Hang on to your hat because it’s going to be a rough next almost 6 years for you Sunshine.

          • A Doctor of what???? You dont seem very intelligent to be a doctor of academia perhaps a doctor of liberal education?? So yes I’ll take fries with that

          • You missed the point. This has nothing to do with the Feds or the oval office. The FCC issues the licenses and volunteers with their own equipment and collective dues to clubs or HAM organizations mount equipment on public infrastructure for the benefit of the community at large.

          • It seems ludicrous to totally destroy any credibility you might have otherwise enjoyed with your “Piled higher and Deeper” by suggesting that President Donald J. Trump is “inept.” If the guy who has reduced the unemployment rate overall AND the minorities’ unemployment rate to the lowest in recorded history is “inept,” then clearly that word doesn’t mean what you think it means.

          • You’re really stupid for being a Dr. of anything. It’s Cali gov’t that’s doing this, not Federal Gov’t.

          • It’s Trump’s fault! Whatever it is. This is the only way that I can calm down my psychosis… at least until the next bout of watching CNN.

          • Right. Everything is Trump’s fault, even when it has nothing to do with him whatsoever. Are you really so deranged to believe that once The out of office we’re all going to Disneyland and the world will be healed? Since you’re a Dr you might want to find a good psychiatrist for that TDS

          • Your an ignorant liberal no doubt, Dr my ass, Washington has been a cesspool of corruption for a century at least, although being a Doctor you fit right in ! Pushing big Pharma & Reaping the benefits of kick backs like most politicians.

          • The State of California (liberals) is doing this, not the current President. “FirstNet” started in 2012, during the Obama Administration, not Trump’s. Either you didn’t read the entire article or you’re easily triggered against all things “Trump” and look for any/all excuses to blame him for the Nation’s woes, even though it’s obvious it’s the liberals/Democrats making the mess. It’s ludicrous to think otherwise.

            Seek help with your case of “TDS” (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

          • Wow, what planet are you on? The occupant of the White House couldn’t be farther removed from the politics of California. Grow up!

          • The POTUS does not rule California, the liberals do. That’s why after fifty years of living in my home state of California, I can’t wait to leave. It’s embarrassing to be from such a state.

          • Dr. Howard, the FCC policy was made by the Obama administration in 2012. Just another failure to bad-mouth the President.

          • I’m pretty sure his screen name refers to the show the Big Bang theory. Not this actual intelligence or title. What an insult to Sheldon!!

          • The Democrats have held at office for years and look where we are today it all just didn’t happen in three years guys

          • No where else in the country is this happening. Only in Commiefornia. Stop whining about the conservatives. It makes you look foolish.

          • Just because you got a Fortune cookie that said you are now a Doctor doesn’t mean it’s true. Get over it snowflake his here for another term.

          • Um we are talking about california, not the whole US. As far as US goes the libs have invaded the bueracry a long time ago since they think goverment should be in charge of everything, note leaks to newspapers and how easily obama evaded scrutiny during several scandals.

          • Dr Howard, this was a decision made by California state governmen which happens to be controlled by Democrats. It’s based on the state’s need for revenue. I would expect someone with “Dr.” in front of their name to at least be able to read, have some critical thinking skills, and understand those elements. But not to blame an entity that had nothing to do with the decision.

          • Really? Did you actually read the article? This is a California state policy, not federal. The last time I checked, the California state government is liberal.

          • It’s the liberal government in commiefornia that is pulling this crap and the current administration is the only thing keeping it from going nationwide.

          • Read the article again. This isn’t coming down from the federal government, it’s a particular state pulling this stunt. California hasn’t had a Conservative controlled government in decades.

          • Drink more of the Kool-aid that Newsome is giving away. The liberal left has ruined Commifornia and working pretty dang hard on the rest of the country. Because we do not have a lifetime politician in the White House, your feathers got ruffled.

          • The federal govt’s “FirstNet” is a $47B waste & flop *and* was started before Trump was even ran for POTUS. But that’s irrelevant as this article is centered on the CA state govt’s attempts to shut down citizen run ham radio systems for emergency use. That action smacks of totalitarianism.The land belongs to the People of America and CA – not to the govt. Ham repeaters on *public* lands are a good thing for the People and only a bad thing for government wanting to suppress citizen solutions for communications.

          • You don’t blame Trump for Cali’s state governments screwed up laws. You blame the Governor and of California and the your corrupt politicians. People with your mindset is the problem in America and will be the cause of her demise. The truth is in plain sight and Washington democrats are out to destroy America with California and New York in the forefront because of their large population. I’ve seen the freedoms being lost by Americans in California, New York, and other states being governed by far left Democrats with the same agenda as their comrades in our Federal government. If you really understood what is on that agenda you would definitely have a more intelligent reply regardless of your political party preference. I could care less what they call themselves I call them and all who support them traitors. Those that follow a are sheep being led to the slaughter. That’s why there is a BIG “WalkAway Movement” within the Democratic Party. I walked away when they ran Hillary for President and I more than happy to vote for Trump and will do so again. After that four year term you may very well get your wish. And you will still blame Trump instead of the far left politicians you seem to support. Trump is not now nor never has been America’s political problem. What is playing out in Washington has been a 20 year plot to take over our government with Hillary ushering in the final stage. Trump stands in the way and is a threat to their success. And the Democrats are pissed off and mad about it. Their out for blood and they’ve made it public knowledge every since Hillary lost. But the political coup is going full steam ahead and to hell with public opinion to the point of threatening Trump and his supporters outright. Yet you still blame the innocent voter with the same same voter rights as you to vote for who he or she wants to. Hillary lost, get over it. America is better for it. Be smart and walk away from any power hungry party hell bent on America’s demise. That includes Cali’s corrupt power hungry politicians. If you don’t know what it means to be an American read the Constitution and the Bill of rights before they no longer exist in their original form and America is not the land of the free anymore.

          • This is local California policy enacted by the state government; a government I might add that has been Democrat controlled for decades, and has shown rampant internal corruption and authoritarian tendancies. This was not handed down by the federal government, there was no exexutive or even congressional order (the latter of which about half would be democrats) so Trump had nothing to do with this, and if he did, then please indicate how.

          • Hardly, there is corruption on both sides of the political spectrum. This is nothing short of removing a critical piece of emergency broadcasting.

          • Great sarcasm, Dr. Sheldon Big Bang. Next time kindly put \s at the end of your comment. Thanks! Have a nice day!

          • Dr you are the one insane. I cant belI’ve an educated man, if you are indeed a. Credentialed dr., would bI’ve the garbage you are spewing. You must be a fake and a hired trouble maker

          • This has nothing to do with Trump in WA. This is California STATE government at work. As a DR., you should be smart enough to know the difference. If you are medical I would hesitate to seek your advice. If you are academia, well there-in lies the problem. You’ve swallowed too much of the kool aid, either way.

          • Your lack of reading comprehension leads me to suspect your doctorate status.

            The article clearly states State of California bureaucrats are kicking the repeaters out. There is nothing even remotely resembling a conservative government ruling California.


          • Gavin Newsom is “Conservative government” lol, okay if you say so. Are you to stupid to realize that the “occupant of the oval office” has nothing to do with California’s policies?

          • And please tell me what connection this article has to do with the President??? This is a decision made by the California government, they are in desperate need of money because of their liberal support for illegals, along with a whole raft of other socialist agenda items where they take from the successful working class and redistribute the wealth to the lazy no account blood suckers, but only after the steal their cut! Wake up man, if your toilet backs up is Trump going to be to blame for that too! Incredible the stupidity I see on the internet, no wonder this country is falling apart!!! Rampant stupidity.

          • California is led by Democrats. Not Republicans. This is a state issue not a federal one. You are a Doctor. Use that brain of yours.

          • You do realize that we are talking about California, a state run almost entirely by Democrats. Trump has absolutely nothing to do with this.

          • What qualifies someone to be president? Community organizing, Peanut farming, Acting, being first lady? Give me a break. At least Trump has experience in executive management and foreign deals which is a president’s job. He is certainly more qualified than most part president’s.

          • Boy You’re all ass backwards you sound really ignorant.

            [“It seems ludicrous to blame the liberals for policy being made by present conservative government”]

            I hope you see the err of thinking you possess please see that soon.

            See Denial is the first step in recovering from your insolent cognitive dissonance.

            Then Anger even to the point of Rage.
            You then flexuate between Anger & Denial until you begin to bargain….

            The final step is to accept the Truth.
            So your at the beginning now you’re in denial.

            We observe that by your words.
            See Man…. You Think President Trump did this….?
            He is not perfect just the opposite In fact you are so wrong. Trump can’t even fly in to do a ralley In California.
            Millions of us Would Love him to.
            Newsome is Signing Executive orders to adopt new policies. Trump cant interfere in State Governance.
            But He can Wirhdraw Federal Tax Dollars from this Rogue Governed State!
            The titles “Liberals” “Progressives”
            Are all codified Overly Fancy names
            For Democrat Socialists aka the New Communism!
            Take it from me an ex Democrat Voter.
            Research Legal Analyst Legal Wrighting Journalist.
            U.S. born Citizen With A Law Degree.
            I read watch and research Everything happening. Because I love The People of this COUNTRY. My State Sacramento California is In A huge mess.

            You’re Calling President TRUMP an Inept current occupant in the Oval office you Say…

            You state that want him replaced by a more qualified Candidate… Like who Joe Bidden?
            Oh Or Hillary Rottenham Clepto perhaps???
            Do some more research on Current Democratic Hopefuls, You bumbling fool. Like dig into their political History. From when they were in college to now. Really Son You can’t be trusted to Vote wisley for the greater good. Why would you vote your kind doesn’t believe it works any way. So prove it, don’t vote ever again.

            In the meantime School is in…
            Learn from the Rest of The last of the Wise Ones.

            Chew on this..
            When It was Rothchilds causing The Fires that burn down entire Californian Cities.
            With Live people trying to escape from the Inferno surrounding them. They were burnt to Ashes trapped in their Cars!
            Think Fool Find your Logic…. Stop smoking that gonja and clear your logical thought process.
            Dude Newsome is related to Pelosi….
            Wake the hell up already times wasted on the Young idiots like you.
            PG&E Google who Owns that Monopoly Boi…
            Keep Googling the new Owners Patsy who was put in charge….
            Keep going down this rabbit hole Go deeper and go long…
            It all points out to a few 1% Billionair Men Learn who runs these corporations. That You bottom feeders religiously pay hommiage to Monthly.
            Go ahead I dare you to red pill yourself… I did.
            Don’t be fooled by the Fake Streem News either they are Owned…
            Stop all T.V. Brainwashing Turn it off unplug boy. Start de MK ultraing yourself.
            Please wake up….
            Trump Is deregulating Those Beaurocratic Slave Owners!
            Google that..
            Trump Is Chasing China out of our Shipping Containers…Google that
            You Want more Democrat Ran Government?
            That is who you vote for?
            Candadates who tell you They Want to take your Guns Away.
            Because 1 few lunatics who inhaled some bathsalts Lost their Brain Cells.
            You really sound Retarded Friend…

            Here is your words:

            [{Once the “inept current occupant”
            of the oval office
            “is replaced by an individual qualified to hold that office”,}
            (“that person being a democrat”,) (“republican or independent”,)

            “sanity will once again reign in Washington.”
            This is the reality of your statement Man.
            You are a Brainwashed Lunatic.
            Where did your Cognitive Dissonance begin?
            Only God knowes.
            It’s People like you who have gotten us into this Wierd Hell on earth.

            Ill tell you Right here and now.
            TRUMP has zero power to enforce policies being Made in Commiefornia.
            Newsome Governs and allows Petulant ignorant fools to dictate new policies.

            You apoarently do Not Know How the State and Federal government is designed to Function.
            Therefore You are now being schooled by the People.
            TRUMP can Take away The Billions Of Federal Dollars that Gruesome Newsome And his Mafia Relatives so badly crave..
            At the Peoples aka our Citizens demise
            Homeless Masses Twacked out on Heroine and Meth…. Left to a perpetual death.
            No body escapes seeing them wondering the streets Arguing with themselves.
            There is no comming back from their insanity…No help for them at all.
            Who’s idea was it to give them needles??? Google that chump…
            Trump is trying to Set The People free from Tyrannical Government Like the Democrats!
            But Voters like you the uneducated who believe everything that they Tell you on TV news.
            You are the Main Problem you can’t see the err of your own thinking.

          • Wow do you not understand this a state mandate and not a federal one. Did you mean to imply that California had a conservative government.

          • You’re a doctor, and you’re that stupid? Do you not realize the massive amount of money that has been recovered, therefore lowering the National debt? Do you realize that millions of jobs were created in the first 2 years alone? How about the now existing trade policies with countries that formerly wanted us dead? Every single American cried out for YEARS about wanting a president that wasn’t afraid to put our great country first, for a president who wasn’t afraid to say or do what needs to be done, for a president that won’t back down, and for a president that doesn’t babysit the other countries of the world by solving all of their problems first. Along comes Trump, says..”I’m going to give you EVERYTHING you’re asking for, and I cannot be bought by political agenda.”, next thing you know, libtards and democraps are freaking out because Trump’s cabinet is UNCOVERING CRIMES that were committed by the very people who are trying to impeach him. So go hide in your safe space, because the storm is coming. Trump2020!

          • Except? This decision was made on a STATE level, with a very liberal state Government. This did not involve the President in any way. Quite possibly, prior to making yourself look small and uneducated, check your advanced case of Trump Derangement Syndrom at the door.

          • He’s upsetting the apple cart and the status quo and the criminals are retaliating like crazy! President Trump is playing them like a fiddle and it is a little satisfying, I must say. This is a
            glorious operation being played out so git yer popcorn and enjoy the show!

          • This was a California decision. Not a Washington decision. Obviously you may be a doctor but an inept one that can’t read.

          • For a DR. you re are pretty stupid. Kokafornia as we call it on the east coast due to all of the liberals forcing there agenda on people who never wanted them there is the first place. Ohh, I got it now, you are a butt hole Doctor sewing up the assholes of people who the government screwed.

          • What does Trump have to do with what the OverLords are doing in Commiefornikka?
            Sounds like someone has Trump Derangement Syndrome.

          • CALIFORNIA folks- A liberal blue state! I don’t think that the federal government has any say in what’s happening in CA. Also… allowing the utilities company to shut off all electrical power due to potential 20 to 30 mph winds? How on earth has that been allowed? Used to be if there was a major power outage, it was considered an emergency situation! Scary, to say the least. I’m glad that I left CA 3 years ago!

          • It’s not the conservatives making this policy and it’s not federal. It’s the liberal government of Cal. You’re got this all screwed up. I’m not surprised though. It seems you liberals can’t keep anything straight in your heads as is proven by your backwards comment.

          • Dr. Howard:

            It is the State Of California’s government making this change…not the Federal Government.

          • Dr. Sheldon, you must be a Professor somewhere and as such, in most of the U. S. have no creditably. So shut up and stay the hell out of the conversation.

          • Being a “doctor” it seems you would be able to recognize your own obvious symptoms of TDS. Seek help, comrade.

          • What do you call someone who made “C’s” in med school… Dr…its ludicris to listen to someone who lacks critical thinking skills. Once the inept,currupt,and ignorant cretins are burned out of CA, sanity and prosperity will return to the state

          • President Trump has nothing to do with policies enacted by the State of California. It is the Democrat government in California that is responsible for this mess. The repeaters are on mountaintops that are under state control.

          • A non-elected “CALIFORNIA official” is responsible for this new ruling. It’s not a federal thing and it’s most definitely not a conservative or Republican or presidential thing. Tell me, what’s it like having Trump living tent free in your brain 24/7?

          • You are obviously deceived and brainwashed! Remove the MSM Kool-aid IV and stop killing your brain cells! President Trump is the best POTUS in decade and Obama, the king of partisan, identity, devise politics was the worst! Hillary would have extended the DemonRat’s tyrannical reign! We the people had enough & said Hell to the NO to the liberal, diabolical, globalist agenda!


        • “They don’t want the public to realize that we can take care of ourselves, and do a much better and cheaper job doing so!” Not the first time, and unfortunately, not the last.

        • Liberals, Democrats … makes no difference at all – behind them is a permanent government that will carry on pushing the agenda regardless if you vote blue or red. All of that stuff is a pantomime. There will always be wars, less for the people, more for the corporations and tighter and tighter control.

          • Lets be realistic. Trump is the devils advocate. He is a lier. Womanizer. A racist. A undercover Rusdian mole for putin. He has started kaos sll sround the world. If you truely belive in God. And in God we trust on our money.Then you know the truth. Trump is the worse individual human on our planet and in our country. I pray every single day for his downfall. Either your good or bad. Im sure you can take off your blinders to see the truth. If you care about America. Then trump neefs to ne dumped.

          • The article has nothing to do with the federal government or who’s in the white house. It’s referring to the state of California, which has been driven into the ground by liberals for decades.

          • RGT. You are the bigest IDIOT. Spouting meaningless words. Just plan name calling that is your trobled mind’s opinion and has no source to back it up

          • Rgt Your intelligence really shows itself. Not even spell check can keep up with you! Put down the kool aid. Not one thing you said, is true. Not one. You are spewing lies and if you really believe in God and if you really want to see our country succeed and YOU care about America, then pray for his success. Pray for your Country’s success and then put your trust in God and see what happens. You are praying for the wrong thing! You never pray for something negative to happen to ANYONE! You always pray for positive solutions. If you are praying for negative, you are really following the wrong one.

        • My hope that there is never a disaster, but there will be. Amateur radio operators train for emergencies at no cost to tax payers. And the government knows our systems work. The more complex things become they are more prone to fail. Government, save tax payers money! Use amateur radio!

        • We’re not all libtards, there’s still some HAMs in this state that believe in democracy and free will. I am ashamed to live in this state – it’s disgusting what is happening here.

        • I live in NJ, and wonder what craziness will occur in our state capital. If you google and examine the Communist Manifesto from beginning to end you will discover the destruction the Socialists Communist have planned for us. They want to destabilize all socially stabilizing organizations so government (theirs) will be left in total control all and everyone.

      • Wait until they really need us to provide free life saving communications. We don’t need power most are solar powered or Battery. Lives will be lost because of a bad decision just like California they don’t think out anything another very bad decision. ARRL HELP US. David N7BFE

          • The ARRL is an association of ham radio operators and anyone interested in ham radio. The ARRL is the least controversial organization there is! It helps disseminate information among hams, and advocates for ham radio.
            There is no koolaid at the ARRL!

        • Name the last time this actually happened? LOFL
          “ Wait until they really need us to provide free life saving communications”

        • As a comment from a UK citizen, (not the EU) I must ask what’s it got to do with the Federal Government and your President, if the state of California decides it is pointless using the facilities of Amateur Radio. I pity you people in California. We are afflicted with the same type of idiot in the UK. We are trying to break free from the anti Anglo-Saxon EU.

      • I think we should not go and blame the government for these mess but instead they should be partners in the development of these mass oriented communication infrastructure. If there is/are somebody to be blame on these, none other than the bureaucratic capitalism existing in. Let us avoid helping the (BC) by blaming other sectors – that’s their way of diverting away the real issues.

          • Exactly we the people are who they serve not the other way around public property is whose? The US citizens. They serve us the have forgotten their place. Time to remove from office any politician who dies not serve the interests of the citizens of the United States.

        • Public land is owmed by whom? Cell phone batteries are no match for what radio operators use
          They will not last more than two days
          Then what?

        • They? Your talking about US citizens oh you forgot that didn’t you public property is owned by the US taxpayers otherwise known as the citizens.

          • You haven’t been to California recently?

            The land and government is owned by illegal aliens and welfare recipients.

      • Pretty much the same way they let pot be legal, pot is still a schedule 1 drug and Federally illegal. Looks like our elected and non elected can walk on our backs after we put them in office.

      • Well, CA also allows non citizens to vote,,,,amongst other things. They just do what they want. Daring the Feds to stop them.

      • Simple, declare it to be obsolete and the general public, who has no clue about the system will ignore the issue. And once the firearms are confiscated they will come fo HAM operators and confiscate their radios. To those who resist will be killed or kailed as some sort of criminal. This scenario has been talked about before, many years ago.

      • The can make you remove the equipment from public land. If you can put it on land that you privately own, I don’t see how they could do anything

      • Good point. The state probably can regulate what happens on public state owned land, but I seriously doubt the state can regulate and tax activities on Federal land.

      • They are not shutting it down. They are wanting the repeater operators to pay rent for using state property. Repeater operators are free to move their repesters, instead of paying rent.

      • This is another control tactic. I am a licensed ham in California. I think the government is like Microsoft dealing with Linux. Microsoft wrote Windows, a clunky behemoth of an operating system, Linux which is maintained by the public is a much higher performing operating system that can run on a majority of computers on the planet, even ones that also run windows. My point is the government can’t do it right themselves, so instead of improve to standards not set by them, they just step on the competition to save face. Remarkable……..

      • Pick and choose which jurisdiction serves the PURPOSE of free speech. It is your retained right to use that jurisdiction.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if New York state is next. I thought N.Y. was the most liberal aggressive progressive state but California seems to take the cake. Truth is these two states do not care, and just because they dislike Trump, conservatives, and even moderates they have no respect for the federal government. Also two states that loathe the citizenry being able to take care of themselves.

      • The state officials that back this horrendous legislation do so as an agreement with those moving toward the destruction of their own country. They pander to corporate & foreign interests who wish to encroach on American land and freedom. This ultimately because they value comfort & security – and will end up with neither. Worthless (yet clever) cowards.

      • By charging an outrageous amount of money to allow them to use “State land”, and creating a regulatory environment where it would be impossible to put up the antennas needed to operate on private land

      • It’s not a radio station. Its individuals that use their own equipment ie tower, two way radio, antennas to just talk to other ham operators.when power is down or cell service is knocked out phone service. Basically these guys have a suped up cb radio. It’s more then that but that’s the jest of it. They do have to be federal licensed to use the air waves n use more power then 4watts to transmit on. But that’s the only fed part of it

      • The same way they legalized pot and declared themselvesa sanctuary state. They just do it. What are you going to do about it is their attitude.

    • I got my ham radio liscence at age 8 and it has already saved me once. Shutting down ham radio who would be horrible it’s fun and helpful.

    • Oct 17th is CA shack out. I urge all hams shut radios down in protest. Let Red Cross, Salvation Army, CERT, shut it all down and let these groups fight the state.

      • No show the state on the 17th how much we are need by shutting down on this date. I know of several groups who are going to participate and I say no.

    • It could be a pretext to recover spectrum for those with deeper pockets than most hams. Follow the money…

    • They shouldn’t ham radio communication is the only safest way for the environment. It’s how military bases around the world from many countries check gases in the atmosphere and how several speciesif animals migrate. Emergency departments use it to help elminate gas containmention and to keep responders safe. It shouldn’t ever be tampered with.

    • Ya good job. Make a fake story to sell your junk. People do your do diligence and search for other stories to confirm this. Guess what. There isn’t.

    • Hint: They don’t want off-the-grid two way radio stations. In my estimation, he ultimate goal, should the SHTF, is to shut down all “unofficial” sources. Here in Illinois, under the guise of “ARES”, participants were asked to fill out a form that indicated bands, equipment capabilities, emergency power sources. This is probably might a prelude to confiscation.

    • First the hams, Next the CBers. CB and Ham Two standalone two way comms that can be up and running very quickly in a disaster.

    • Here in Florida the state is cutting funds to provide power and internet
      Service to all Ham radio repeaters using the state microwave system that connects a net of 30+ repeaters thru the major highways. They did annouce this just before a hurricane. Check SARNET in Florida.

      • It’s quite baffling that nearly everyone can’t see it. I guess they’re too occupied with the their Netflix, porn, and Heroin.

    • Can’t really blame them, have you seen what ham radio has become lately ?

      At one time ham radio was a very Progressive liberal Hobby, most hams were either engineers or worked in the Sciences. That was back when ham radio was Forefront in technology and pushing the limits.

      Ham radio today is nothing more than glorified CB it’s been overrun with radical right-wing extremists most of whom couldn’t tell you the difference between an ohm and a coulomb without Googling it.

      Nowadays we have extra class hams who have to Google instructions on building a simple dipole. I’d Venture a guess that nowadays less than 1% of hams could actually calculate the resonant frequency of an RLC circuit.

      At one time a ham radio was considered to be a technically Advanced Hobby ready to assist in emergency with a fully qualified Communications engineers and technicians. Nowadays is primarily filled with radical right-wing extremist and resembles more of a domestic terrorist organization than a technically advanced Hobby.

      One of the issues is that repeaters require significant skill and training to build and operate and properly maintain the vast majority of hams nowadays when to know how to tune a tank circuit if their life depended on it as such ham radio repeaters are getting kicked out of commercial installations on a regular basis because they are interfering with other systems.

      What’s really sad is nowadays your average CBer i more knowledgeable in Radio Electronics than your average ham

      • Speak for yourself. HAM operators have always been at the forefront of preserving Libe3or fighting tyranny. As late as the First Gulf War HAMs relayed intelligence information about enemy troop movements. During the time of Lithuania’s break away from the Soviet Union HAM operators relayed critical sitrep reports to the Western powers. Heck I have even communicated with a Russian fellow by Code who was in the military and stationed above the Artic Circle. My communications were up front but his had to be done in secret.

        So to say HAM operators are right wing nut jobs is to reveal your ignorance of which you speak.

    • Dunno if anyone has read the history of communications but in the very beginning when the only mode of operation was morse, the FED tried to shut it down in it’s infancy. Since the cat was out of the bag, the FED created the FCC to regulate it. Now of course that monster is much bigger and maybe they are trying to put the cat back in? Governments hate it when they can’t control something. Look what’s happened to the Internet since it’s inception.

    • Democratic leadership has destroyed the great state of California. With ill-regard to the good honest hard-working people of this state they have passed “socialistic based” bills,laws policies etc that deny,infringe upon our constitutional rights, jepordize the safety of our families and force compliance and acceptance through fear if consequence. They blatenly disrespect and discriminate against our local law enforcement. Our state is the “butt” of the joke now referred to as “The republic of California”

    • This is absolutely the stupidest law i have seen what happens when a atomic bomb hits and the electronic pulse takes out communications it will be the ham operator that will keep things going.

    • Think outside the box. Do you think Pelosi & Shifty have & likely are receiving $$$$ from China?? Isn’t the CA Gov really Socialists?? Short skip and hop to Communism.

      High on my list of why is CA is being set up for a Military Invasion from China. Don’t think this can’t happen; think the UN & NATO is with the US ??
      This is globalism at it fineness. They want everyone to think they are dumb; however, their smart like a fox.

      I’m not from CA; however, it’s time for the CA government to BE changed. NOW before it’s to late. Remember Germany under Hitler & the Jews waited, and waited until it was to late. Read the tea leaves……..

      • I assure you that MOST Canadians did not vote for the current power structure. It is all fixed just like the USA. We are all under the same spell.

    • Call it what you may but what about the big rig drivers they are the eyes on the road safety for themselves and everyone else without it theyll have to use cell phones that dont have half the power or distance

    • We are all immigrants! This is another example of the ignorance. Quit crying over what California government is doing. If it hurts your feelings go to Texas or Arizona there is plenty of land there.

      • We are not all immigrants. We were born here. You’re obviously incapable of comprehending history and how the world has changed over centuries. The illegal immigrants are just that. Illegal. They were not born here thus they are not American citizens. There are legal ways to come here and those that think they can just do whatever are wrong. And you’re a moron.

      • That is THE problem. Californians crapped all over their state, refused responsibility, then bailed! NO DIFFERENT than all the other 3rd world refugees. Idaho is FLOODED with people escaping from the self-imposed Californian rubble

    • I have been in radio since 1963. An engineer with Motorola Government Research in Scottsdale. This does not make sense to anyone that understands the value on communication when it is needed. Looking at California and similar decisions made, I understand the thought process

    • Who is the man who wrote the story,and how can you keep Ham Radio without corrupted corporate acting government —-also looking for a partner who loves simple life-49 yr.old female.

    • Who is really paying any attention to what the government says anymore. Everyone follows their laws like against drugs and guns. We will all just run pirate stations on the move and run the government fools crazy.

    • I think that possibly the whole point of this “decree” has been missed. I IMHO I do not think that anyone in state government can issue such a decree because they really do not have any authority to do so. The Federal Government is responsible and in charge of radio communications. Not the states. If any state “offical” were to physically take down a FCC licensed radio system (ham radio of other wise) they would be braking a Federal Law, and I hope that they would be charged tried and jailed.
      Just my two cents worth.

    • Doesn’t matter, Trump is going to win again. Pirate radio is well. If it takes that to communicate, so be it. The worst people to screw with is people that know about communication and electronics. They have the capacity to cause trouble.

    • GUYS! DON’T YOU GET IT??? OF COURSE THEY ARE AWARE OF US!!! We are one of the very few things standing between the people and total CRASH of our whole civilization. They don’t WANT any possible form of com left out there. TWO SECONDS after taking down radio waves, the whole first world will begin to crash. I am wondering what they will do with our little mobile units. We built a little fold up emergency 30 foot tower that stands up with a vehicle’s tug. May have to hide it yet! Of course, we are ALL dutifully licensed, so they should have no trouble finding us. Interesting that a few years ago the big pooh bah of the Mormons put out a bull that they get licensed and quite a few families in our small town suddenly jumped right to it. They are inept and UNLIKELY as amateur types, but yep, got 2 meter rigs! Interesting to note, too, that the CIA and USA gov’t security are mostly chosen out of BYU. 64 & 100 ve7dxi

    • Recently I met a guy in Florida has a long history with electronics. In short they were fighting the government to get airway legal rights for UHF. The company he spoke of has a history of making money. Moreover, essentially this new device uses UHF “aka marine radios” this new UHF smartphone will eliminate the cell phone companies monopoly. You heard it here first!!!

    • This is my state’s version of protecting my rights. Tell the folks in NYC during 911 that amateur radio was no longer a valuable service/resource.
      I hesitate to comment some times because the left has shown the willingness to abuse power and target. When you target in college football or the NFL, you are thrown out of the game.

    • Somebody as Gov. Newson this; how the 5th largest economy in the world be so bankrupt that the have to tax an infrastructure they don’t own?

    • This article isn’t about liberal vrs conservative, it’s about stupidity. Up in BC (Canada),our socialist provincial Govt provides money to expand ham radio and the repeater infrasturcture as part of our Provincial Emergency Preparedness Plan. I donated a land site for our local Govt (think large county) to set up an NVIS antenna, complete with watchman, and we have a robust weekly vhf net on our Island Trunk System, a series of linked repeaters on Vancouver Island. The small rural valley where I live has graduated 15 new HAMs this year, out of a population of 1200 people. The instructors volunteered their time, myself included. The BC Govt has mandated amateur radio to be the comm lifeline for all major emergencies after it was discovered communications broke down during our 2016 and 17 wildfire seasons. Govt was reduced to dropping off satt phones in rural areas, by helicopter, while fires were raging. Every small community in our large regional district is now building an NVIS antenna system, and Govt is installing a $12,000 dollar radio system for voice and packet comms at each site. Socialism at work. In fact, I just obtained my Advanced certification (paid by Govt) which allows me to operate to 1,000 watts DC, all bands, plus build and maintain equipment as needed. Oh yeah, our electricity is also a public utility offering residential electricity at 9 cents per KW hour. No PG&E, here. The problem isn’t your Govt, it is your divided country by ideology. In our Ham emergency workshops no one ever asks about policy or comments on politics. All we talk about is emergency communications and Ham radio. Just set up your own repeaters on private land, if necessary. The main issue is maintaining comms in time of need and we do that for each other; family and friends. This is the definition of socialism, imho.

    • Only one reason to shut down Hams, they are planning something they dont want everyone involved to be able to say whats going on, like saying whos starting these fires, im in Oklahoma, nothing about California weather comes close to ours. We just set a new tornado record for the year, and we still have 2 months left (146), and we hold the highest wind speed anywhere on earth @318) mph. So dont tell me its the wind, no other state is dealing with such fires, and yhe grids are all the same,or they couldnt swwitch power from other places

    • During times of emergency, a ham operator is lucky to save his own ass. Leave emergency communications to the professionals.

    • The government wants ham gone because it’s the only way we can organize Militia. They can cut off cell phone. It all starts in Cali and ny

    • I am not the least bit surprised- Amateur Radio is no longer a viable resource for emergency communication . Racist Rants, vulgar language, and sophomoric CB behavior has ruined the hobby. This all started when they started dumbing it down. Now anyone with a pulse could get a license. It’s went to hell ever since. I have sold all my gear and moved on to more enjoyable hobbies.

    • Ham Radio has been on the decline – it is no longer a reliable medium for emergency communication. The powers that be have basically dumbed the license requirements down whereby any halfwit can get on the air. The Ham bands are no filled with racist rants, disgusting remarks, and CB radio antics. I have sold my radio gear and moved on to more rewarding hobbies.

    • The powers that be have dumbed the requirements down whereby any moron or halfwit can get a ham license. The hobby had gone down hill ever since. In short – the ham radio bands have been taken over by CB idiots. Things have gotten so bad that the deptment of homeland security & the National Weather service no longer consider Amateur Radio a reliable resource during an emergency situation.

    • Since the arrival of the internet, cellphones & CB morons the Ham Radio hobby is doomed. Basically Old fat white men talking about their various health issues, like irregular bowel movements and care & maintenance of colostomy bags. Nothing of value or substance to be heard. Ergo Dumb- waste of time & money

    • Hurricane Agnes 1972. All emergency, police. National guard, Phone lines down for up to 60 miles in all directions. Only communication was ham radio for several days. Even then the military had to drive to our farm on hill top to talk 20 miles. Only hiltop repeaters would have survived, but only if someone provided power. Power was not available for weeks, just emergency generators. The few hams that were not flooded were totally self sustaining. Even after some emergency com was restored the hams provided health and welfare checks, because there was no non emergency phone service.

    • Yes no doubt they want us to be totally dependent on them for any news or disaster updates or help. It’s one more step in the takeover to ensure that we the people would have no ability to take care of ourselves.

    • They don’t want us to be able to communicate when this country is invaded by its enemies – its not our Government that you need to worry about anymore…

      • How? They are only disallowing free hosting of repeater locations on public property. It’s a stupid move but hardly Rights violation.

        • Agreed! Think about the implications but be smart and relocate the repeater. Think of the positive PR that some buildind or billboard owner could get by hosting a local repeater!

      • Hello.

        Texas has done much the same.
        TEARS, the Texas Emergency Amateur Radio Service is no more.
        Now, the DPS site lists Amateur Radio clubs.
        The Cactus network is now on the internet, not radio linked.
        The problem was that some hams were cooperative with the Zeta drug cartel.

        • Cactus is the largest RF linked ametuer radio system in the nation, with a few IRLP hops to include states to the east and northwest.

    • The government of California no longer serves the interests of the people If you had enough it’s time to stand up stand stand with the state of Jefferson movement because that’s the only solution that’s address to this overbearing government and they’re cutting the communication lines because before you make war against the people you begin disarming the people and then deprive them of resources

    • Just like when they eliminated phone booths for the same reason, using the BS that “drug dealers only use them”. Boon to the cellphone companies and a huge loss for the rest of us.

    • I worked with ham radio operator s when I aS involved with the M.A.R.S. station at 29 Palms Marine Corps base as an operator there. They were great to work with whether it was radio communication or teletype. They do A lot of good work when an emergency arises.

    • That is exactly what my thought was. I don’t operate a ham, but I know how important they are. The government wants to control everything.

  2. Just another move by the government to subvert and control the populous. Fricken Communistic Marxism at it best….& then some.

  3. Unreal. Even today in earthquakes and power outages the hams are handling much emergency traffic…often travelling to the areas in need in their radio equipped cars. In the 60’s I was the first line of communication in the Alaska earthquake..until they could set up other means of communication. Fires destroy their repeater locations for cell phones and other emergency equipment but ham radios can send signals all over the world without repeaters! Gimme a break government!

  4. remeber the movie POSTMAN they dont want you to communicate with anybody komifornia has stolen more from the people than any other state in the union they are alao more responsible for damage to the peoples homes because of neglicted forest conditions and spying on its own people with the use of pg&e copters komifornia has become a true shithole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!@@@@#$%%=×+@!!!!!
    Always wonder what if question ????
    what if TRUMP had went in and arrested the komifornia goverment from the lowest of mayors to the govenor and had them replaced with decent people ??????

  5. In 1968 while serving in Vietnam I could talk with my wife back home by means of a ham station in Saigon and a ham operator in Oklahoma who, at his own expense, would patch me into my home number in Colorado. Only alternative then was snail mail.

    • That’s an amazing story. Thank you for your service and thank the Oklahoma operator for his kindness in keeping you connected to your wife.

    • That was back in the day where Ham Radio was still a very Progressive liberal Hobby and ham radio operators were educated and knowledgeable in Radio Electronics.

      Nowadays you have extra class ham radio operators who need to Google instructions on building a dipole. The hobby has been pretty much overrun by radical right-wing zombie apocalypse peppers most of whom couln’t build a dipole without Googling it.

      Basically nowadays without the internet ham radio operators are completely useless and if the internet is up then who needs ham radio operators.

      The bottom line is ham radio has deteriorated to the point where it’s pretty much worthless nowadays. Gone are the days highly educated and trained radio technicians oh, they’ve been replaced by radical right-wing extremist making the hobby more of a domestic terrorist organization then anything else. Seriously have you listen to the conversations on two meters.

      in fact the crazy right-wing conspiracy theories being promoted in this thread by ham radio operators proves my point

      • This posting is totally spot on- the ham radio hobby has been invaded by disgusting lame brain foul mouthed idiots. No longer reliable – sad but true

  6. “jeopardizing the lives of millions”? Please. A bunch of old fat white guys have probably passed a few semi useful messages over the last ten years.

    • I’m old, I’m white, but far from fat. I’ve handled some messages in the last 50+ years. It’s still useful today. My family members in other areas still get a kick when the get a call from a fellow Ham with a message from me. I don’t NEED to do it that way, but it helps to stay in practice, gives new Hams a little experience, and my family knows to send a return message. I worked here in Texas to assist during hurricanes. I’ve helped during heavy flooding. The FD I’m retired from, has a shack in it just for me. They want me on hand and going at the sign of any disaster nearby or across the State or continent. California is the State that costs the REST OF US!! Everytime their people decide they have found a better way, whether it works or not, they find a way to IMPOSE it on the rest of the Country. I’ll continue to handle emergency and non-emergency traffic, as long as I wake up, and have a request.

    • You have no clue Paul, why be an ass for no useful reason? You don’t know who has sent what messages. Leaving this capability in place costs the state nothing.

    • Amateur radio operators have passed all kinds of messages in every single disaster you have been alive to see. They are typically some of the first to set up, and operators from all over the country travel to disaster locations to volunteer. here is a link to what we did on 9/11.
      You are highly ignorant of the topic you chose to comment on.

      • You’re a perfect example of the dumbing-down of amateur radio and why emergency services around the nation are severing ties with us.

        The Liberals you disparage are actually the ones who built this Hobby. At one time amateur radio was a very Progressive liberal hobby at the Forefront of radio technology it was propagated primarily by educated radio enthusiastic, Electronics engineers and scientists.

        The liberals who built this hobby abandoned it when it start getting overrun with right-wing radical zombie apocalypse Preppers. The hobby today more resembles a domestic terrorist organization rather than a technically oriented hobby based on math and science.

        Like I keep saying nowadays ham radio is no more than glorified CB your average extra class ham couldn’t build a simple dipole without Googling it on the internet, let alone tune an RLC circuit or calculate its resonant frequency..

        Besides I thought you right Winger’s were all about the free market and opposed socialism.

        Asking the taxpayer to subsidize your hobby is the very epitome of socialism.

        If you want to install ham radio repeaters in government-owned communication sites then it’s time to put your big boy pants on and pay your your own way just like everyone else is expected to.

        • Hey Dipshit, how exactly does the government OWN public land? It’s people like you who fail to recognize that “WE THE PEOPLE” are the true owners that have destroyed the country. But keep pretending to be a Doctor, and keep pretending to be Mr. Smart guy… you look like a dipshit to the rest of normal society!

        • And as to your idiotic statement that amateur radio was invented by liberals, you may want to pick up a history book. Hell, the founder of the ARRL was Hiram Percy Maxim. Hiram Percy Maxim was also a huge firearms guy and the inventor of the first commercially available suppressor — you know those scary “silencers” that you liberals hate.

          And if you want to blame someone for “dumbing down” the Ham requirements, you can thank a liberal ( Bill Clinton) who killed off The Advanced Class, Technician Plus Class, and Novice Class licenses.

        • All of your political comments aside, I would be inclined to agree with you about paying rent in order to maintain a Ham radio repeater on public owned property, however those sites provide the backbone to civil emergency infrastructure and firstnet is a serious failure.

          Skywarn continues to pay dividends in non emergency situations as well.
          All of these community programs are available to the government at very little cost or even no cost aside from the use of an unused corner in a communications shelter and about 15 feet of space on a tower leg.
          As for Radio being “obsolete”, we still use radio. your cellphone is a simple FM transceiver. Radio is the only way we communicate on the planet earth, aside from Microwave transmissions…so I’m still wondering how the state of California came up with the idea that Radio was obsolete.

          can you help me out with this?

        • Dr Dan – I formerly was a licensed ham for over 50 years- everything you said in you post is spot on. The ham radio hobby is nothing like it was 50 years ago. Disgusting racist rants , vulgar profanity & sophomoric CB nonsense. No longer worth your time or effort- & to think back in the day I had to work & study so hard to get my license- now they just give it away to any meat head that comes along.

      • i don’t know how the ham operators will talk about their sore back or doctor appointments or constipation or liberal conspiracies without their freeloading repeaters using public infrastructure at no cost. Most HAM installations have shitty grounding practices, cheap duplexors spraying RF all over and a bunch of zip tied, duct tape junk. This will probably reduce fire hazards more than shutting down the power grid.

      • From every account I heard ham radio operators were more of a hindrance than a benefit. It was like they use these events as photo ops to try to convince people that taxpayers should be subsidizing their Hobby by allowing them to place Communications equipment in government own Communications sites.

  7. I’m afraid the truth is a lot more sinister. They want to kill Ham Radio so that when this country is invaded by our enemies the Patriots will not be able to communicate with each other…

    • You are a perfect example of the dumbing-down of amateur radio.

      First of all amateur radio is suspended when there is a declaration of war. The military becomes primary on amateur radio frequencies and only Aries members are allowed to transmit in the course of their duties.

      Of course if you are a real ham you might know this.

      Amateur radio is not a viable tool for “Patriots” or in your case more likely “domestic terrorists” to use..

      Amateur radio is extremely easy to monitor rudimentary to track and locate basically worthless for any type of military or defense use.

      I’m a hand myself I have a cargo trailer that’s been converted into a Mobile Electronics Communications lab.

      It’s loaded with, service monitors, oscilloscopes, Spectrum analyzers, signal analyzers ( Google the difference)

      It’s completely self-contained with its own power source I could easily use it to decode encrypted Communications and triangulate you and your boafang the moment you key up.

      Of course I come that generation of liberal Progressive hams who actually studied Radio Electronics, Communications and electronics engineering..

      So I’m capable of Designing and engineering things like a high-altitude GPS guided drone carrying a wideband receiver with a 5 gigahertz downlink.

      This thing has a 6-foot wingspan is electrically powered and when sunlit can stay aloft indefinitely when or for 6 hours at night before I need to land it and swap batteries. But never fear I have four of them so when the battery dies on one I simply launch another one.

      Since it’s constructed primarily of foam it has no radar signature and at 2000 feet is invisible to anyone on the ground. but the moment you key up your baofeng I’ll know exactly where you’re at…

      I guess what I’m saying is that using an amateur radio for tactical military Communications is about one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

      • You may know something about electronics, but little of the law. ARES (not Aries) is ARRL; RACES would remain on the air. Communications requires transmission AND reception, so your cargo trailer is useless without someone on the other side to communicate with. AND, local law enforcement as well as fire and other first responders are fully integrated in many places with local hams / ham organizations. HF is usable right now because of the low sunspot activity, but few are equipped compared to VHF & UHF, especially through repeater systems. –former WB6MQV, first licensed in 1964, publisher of the Westlink Report, announcer / writer of the Amateur Radio Newsline (Bill Pasternak’s), producer / announcer at the Patriotic Remnant podcast (Tim DeVolve’s).

  8. The response from California is very interesting. Fema is currently scheduling auxcom classes in Ct and Vt to better integrate government based communications with amature (ares style) com. Appears that Fema is aware of the shortfalls of Big-Comm. Lee N1QZL

  9. Tell the state of California suck your dicks. They cant take away shit. Stand up and fight this. Dont be a bunch of pussys and lay down

    • you can’t ask them to do that. you will get too many takers.
      Ex california native and glad to be gone!
      My call sign no longer has “6” in it.

  10. Yes one of these days they’re going to need ham radio operators but. I Don’t want to sound too blunt but they can go pound sand. I really hope something can be done about this.

  11. Sort of like how they dont want Boring company building tunnels in CA cause they desperately want the sheep to keep believing in the delusion of Kalifornias high speed rail… Even though it will never operate and the only thing high speed about it is the rate at which it wastes tax dollars.

    The government of CA is a literal laughing stock… The companies in that state generate so much wealth and so much tax revenue that ot should be like playing the game of government on easy mode and yet they consistently do worse than the poorest states at ANYTHING their government touches. Pathetic.


  12. As a California native, I am dumbfounded how once such a beautiful and clean state has ended up at the bottom of the shit pile. The decision makers here are so far “left” that they have created a new category of working below plant life. The public are in for an eye opener when the next major disaster occurs and they can’t figure out why their cell phones do not work. Ameritech radio is a long time proven reliability system. One has to wonder why the middle class is moving out of California. The only people left will be the wealthy and the homeless. Time to move to a “normal” state. KN6BAU

    • This is the New World Order (UN Agenda 21/2030) being implemented. California is just the proving grounds for all the policies that will be rolled out to the rest of the country. Run but you can not hide!

    • Lord knows if there are any “normal” states left, so many changing because the progressives have moved in and begun to take over…look at the state of Texas, it used to only be Austin, now it’s Houston and Dallas, and Beto is from El Paso…I am married to a Cali native, our kids are 3rd generation, and we are stunned at what’s happened to this state! Common sense and decorum are gone, most of our citizens belong in all those mental institutions that were closed down years ago!

    • They have done nothing but cover for California. It’s yet another organization run at the top by liberals or people who are too scared to take on the communists in government. The ARRL has yet again screwed Hams

  13. I have been a ham for 35 years. I was a storm watcher in PA. Worked a few tornadoes. Where I live now the hams have better coms than the government agencies. Ca. Can fall into the ocean and the states would be better off.

  14. Do not, I say again, do not sell or junk out your radios and equipment. You will need it down the road….and sooner than you think. We’ll have to communicate with encryption. And keep our rigs mobile. It’s come to that.

    • You anticipate using encryption. Who is going to be the key manager? How do you securely pass key material without the government intercepting? What percent of radio operators have common language encryption capabilities, like 256bit AES.

      • I have been a licensed Ham for almost 60 years and I can tell you the hobby has gone to hell. The powers that be (FCC & the ARRL) have dumbed the license requirements down to the point a special needs person or someone with severe brain damage can get a license and get on the air. Now the air waves are filled with racist rants, vulgar profanity, and CB idiots. Sad but true. It is no longer reliable or viable. Hams ops these days spend more time fighting amongst themselves- envious of one another and full of glory jockeys & ego mongers aka Whackers) fighting for & seeking recognition and prestige. I just said hell with it all and sold my gear. There are more enjoyable hobbies out there.
        btw- the CB radio bands (with exception of a few truck drivers) are noticeably quiet. So go figure- wonder where all the C W McCall idiots went?

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