California to cut power in 34 counties for up to 7 Days!

California has literally turned into a third-world nation, not only do they have medieval diseases running rampant in their major urban centers but now they can’t even guarantee their citizens will have electricity in their homes.

Two California utilities are warning almost a million customers that starting Wednesday at Midnight; they will start turning power off in 34 counties throughout California.

Because the state has been so mismanaged over the last couple of decades by liberal politicians, the utility companies can no longer guarantee that their power lines can withstand a windstorm, thus they will be voluntarily shutting down hundreds of miles of power lines throughout the state to avoid triggering wildfires during a windstorm over the next week.

You really can’t make this shit up!

Apparently, California utilities can no longer withstand 20 – 30 mph winds. The power shutdowns are expected to start in northern areas of California soon after midnight Wednesday, PG&E officials said and will occur in stages in so-called danger areas during the day.

Of course, mentally ill liberals refuse to admit they are the ones who caused the infrastructure problems, and instead are blaming…

wait for it…

Yep, you guessed it, CLIMATE CHANGE!

Never mind the fact that California’s infrastructure is falling apart, and for decades Californians have had to deal with rolling blackouts. Nope, 20-30 mph winds are now caused by climate change and are somehow powerful enough to take down the states power grid because of climate change…


Prepare for Up to 7 Days without Power!

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo warned residents and business
in east and south San Jose that they should prepare to be without power for up to seven days.

Areas to be impacted by PG&E power shutoffs include:

Napa County — Power shutoffs to start Wednesday morning, expected to last five days or more.

Danville — Power shutoffs start Wednesday at midnight in Danville in areas surrounding Sycamore Valley, east of Alta Vista Drive and Camino Tassajara and the southern portion of town in the Fostoria Way and Crow Canyon neighborhoods. Power will likely be restored by 12 p.m. Thursday.

San Jose — Mayor Sam Liccardo said east and south San Jose should prepare to be without power for up to seven days.

Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda — According to the City of Lafayette, power shutoffs will occur in the three surrounding cities beginning at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday. The city says once fire weather conditions pass, power will be restored. The shutoff will impact approximately 21,421 customers in the region with 7,500 in Lafayette.

These area MAY be impacted by PG&E power shutoffs:

El Cerrito — Potential power shutoff in city limits beginning Wednesday, lasting until Thursday.

Berkeley — Power shutoff likely to impact parts of Berkeley.

Sonoma County — Region is under a “Public Safety Power Shutoff Watch,” according to the county. Sonoma County and Santa Rosa have declared local emergency proclamations to improve response times in case of power shutoffs.

Other counties possibly impacted: Alameda County, Alpine County, Amador County, Butte County, Calaveras County, Colusa County, El Dorado County, Glenn County, Lake County, Mariposa County, Mendocino County, Nevada County, Placer County, Plumas County, San Joaquin County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, Shasta County, Sierra County, Solano County, Sonoma County, Stanislaus County, Tehama County, Tuolumne County, Yolo County, Yuba County.

Southern California Edison is considering cutting power to customers in eight counties. The utilities haven’t said how many people the outages will affect in all.

In addition, ATMs, grocery stores, cell phones, and gas stations may be out of service during the outages so prepare accordingly.

Liberalism at it’s finest…

Grocery stores are already starting to run low on supplies, but these images from Oakland really sum up the brainpower of many in the state. Ahead of a prolonged POWER OUTAGE, many grocery stores frozen and refrigerated sections have been stripped bare! Not sure how these geniuses plan on keeping all that frozen food good for 7 days, but hey at least they are trying to be prepared…

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  1. My state being the gem of the republic again I see. Best thing I saw was that Berkeley is going to get some lol. They are why we keep rerouting funds away from our infrastructure over environmental concerns and our roads are crumbling. Getting out of here asap

  2. Okay good story fellas now I want the truth because I am a former US Army Intelligence officer and I will get what I want regardless of what it implies.

    • Jed, the power from the wind generators don’t stay in the area that they are produced. They are shipped off the same way the Hydoelectric, Cogeneration, Thermal and the rest are. Thought the grid – or power lines that are from the existing electric providers. To send power you need to use the existing lines, which is difficult if say PG&E decides to turn off the lines to prevent a massive fire.

      Of which is the result of not maintaining your equipment, but that is besides the point when you look at the State of California as a whole.
      My knowledge of this comes from a father who’s worked in the creating power business his whole career, and waited for PG&E pull the plug on the cogeneration plant for years before getting hired at the windmills.

  3. It’s due to their lines are made from aluminum. When electricity moves through aluminum lines the lines get longer and can spark at junctions. This caused a billion dollar fire and the state is making the power company pay. This is why the rolling blackouts are on during dry weather.

  4. CA under attack again by DEWs and the deep state infrastructure. How do you have 2 explosions showing up on weather radar in the fire area at exactly the same instant 35 miles apart? PGE is owned by Rothschild.

  5. Bet Maxine and Ba-Ba’s mansions won’t be shut off. Also bet that when the time comes for the counties further south to get their turns, Beverly Hills and La Jolla won’t have any trouble either.

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