California Trying to Ban Bullets through Environmental Regulations

Shotgun ShellsIn the latest attack on your second amendment rights, California, who has been trying to enact a bill that will criminalize most of the state’s law abiding gun owners, is now looking to go after bullets through passing environmental regulations against lead ammunition.

California State Assembly Member Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, is in the process of finalizing a bill that will ban all lead ammunition in California. The bill, which has the backing of three major environmental groups — Defenders of Wildlife, Audubon California, and the Humane Society of the United States, has a good chance of passing through the State legislator.

If the bill doesn’t pass, the States Fish and Game Commission are threatening to take action and pass their own statewide ban through their environmental regulatory powers.

The tactic is actually nothing new; in fact, the EPA has been pushing for a national ban on lead ammunition for years, which is why we need to keep an eye on what happens here. The anti-gun nuts in California have a good chance of banning bullets through passing these environmental legislation. If that happens, it would make it impossible to buy or shoot most commercially available ammunition.

California the Testing Ground for a Nationwide Ban

The Anti-gunners are keeping a close eye on what happens in California, and some are saying this is the blueprint for a nationwide ban on lead based ammunition. One of the bills supporters, Kim Delfino of Defenders of Wildlife, said, “There really is no question that lead ammo is a threat… To pass a bill in California would set the stage for this happening throughout the country, the way low-emissions vehicle standards changed the market nationwide.”

If you thought it was hard to find ammo now, what do you think will happen when they ban about 95% of the commercially available ammo?

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  1. Well if the ammo is that bad then I think all law enforcment, police,dhs,feds,state agentcies should lead the way immediately by not using any more lead ammo. They can sell back that 1.6 bill of rounds and go green.

    • That’s right. I’d hate to think that the federal government was harming the environment when they start mowing down lawful citizens. Maybe the dhs just bought those rounds to keep that much lead out of the environment.

  2. Well, I suppose we could always make bullets out of gold. That’s almost as dense as lead. Nah. Way to expensive. Mercury? Nope. Toxic, and a liquid. Thallium? Toxic. Then we get back to lead. Going past lead we have Bismuth. Brittle. Polonium? Toxic and, I think, radioactive. Astatine? Toxic and radioactive. Radon? A gas and toxic. Maybe if we go above and below lead on the periodic table, instead of left and right. Tin is above lead. Unfortunately, it’s about half as dense so it would be slowed more by air resistance and wouldn’t carry as much impact force due to its lower inertia (compared to an equal sized lead bullet). Flerovium is below lead and is created in laboratories. To my knowledge, only 1 atom of flerovium has been identified. Not gonna make many bullets from that. Yeah, so make lead bullets illegal. Then we’ll just shoot…um…well, those kids got suspended for making guns with their fingers, paper, and pop-tarts. I guess we’ll do that since it is apparently so very threatening.

    • If this state wants to substitute gold for led and supply the gold then fine, but they’re already over-taxing us as it stands now. What amount will they tax us poor taxpayers if they buy this alternative (like that’s ‘gunna’ happen).

    • Hey Steel or Tungsten in a 1.5mm copper jacket? Oh yeh we do that already, CALLED ARMOUR PIERCING I’m cool with that. FYI, our local skeet trap range dredges the soil every 3 years to pick up the lead, the recycle helps to pay for the range.

  3. How about lead pencils? How many of then end up in landfills or as school projectiles? Save the children from lead pencils Lord Feinstein!

    • Well, that’s really graphite, but you’re point is right on. You know, old buildings could have lead based solder on the water pipes. Better make it illegal to live in a house with old plumbing. And we should probably make the sun illegal so it doesn’t give us skin cancer. And breathing oxygen produces free radicals that damage our DNA. Gotta outlaw oxygen now, before it’s too late.

    • you can write with a good old lead bullet, pencils are grafite. But never put a pencil in the barrel with just a primer. Or a AAA battery. I got a +sign in my huch. ALL HAVE FUN, JUST USE SOME SENSE

  4. Leave it to the tree huggers. This kinda seems like when the didn’t like us using lead sinkers. Tungsten seems like it would work but you’d have to be rich to go to the range. That’s what they started making some sinkers from. Now lead is great but seems to me if they’re trying to take our bullets away I don’t think they’ll like the outcome. A tungsten bullet would likely do twice the damage of lead.

  5. I have said for years that the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, but says nothing about ammo. What good is a weapon without ammo?? A interesting hammer and a pretty cane!!

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